Best Horror Movies That Will Surely Make Your Body Shiver

The best horror movies aren’t just scary. Sure, that’s their main goal but the best horror movies are the ones that stay lurking in your grey matter indefinitely. The ones that even a good marmalade sandwich can’t fix. These are the movies that sidle into your brain just as you fall asleep, trying not to

Best Series Available on Netflix – Binge Watch on Netflix Right Now

Wondering which shows to watch on Netflix? Don’t worry we got what you need. Here is the list of best series that you can binge watch on Netflix right now. If you like superhero movies, we got this nice Marvel movie recommendation list. Best Series Available on Netflix Stranger Things Genres: Sci-Fi, Thriller, Horror, Teen Seasons:

Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga is reaching its end

Hello everyone, today we got some exciting news for you. This Tuesday Kodansha’s weekly magazine revealed some very interesting information that I think you might want to know. Ryo Suzukaze and Satoshi Shikis Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga is about to reach its final arc in the July issue. They also announced that the manga

Tezuka Osam’s Supernatural Historical Manga ‘Dororo’ Gets A New Anime Adaptation

The official website of Dororo just announced a second anime adaptation of the ‘Dororo’ manga series written by Tezuka Osamu. Furthermore, studios MAPPA and Tezuka Productions will be collaborating on this project. Twin Engine will be producing this supernatural and historical themed anime. Also, Amazon bought the exclusive rights to stream the anime in Japan and overseas. A 26-episode black-and-white anime