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25 Best Psychological Anime That’ll Scramble Your Brains!!

Not all thrillers and horror stories need disposable tricks like jump scares to be successful. Some anime achieves that sinister, disturbing feeling by influencing your mind instead of your heart rate. Other anime choose drama over the thrill, telling an affecting tale that you can’t forget. These are the best psychological anime out there. Psychological

Best Gambling Anime That Will Keep You Engrossed

Do you love anime as much as getting a royal flush at Texas Hold’em? Then, welcome aboard. It is time to catch some great gambling anime to take a break from your normal Casino games. However, even if you’re completely new to gambling, don’t rush to close the tab just yet. Give these shows a

Volleyball Anime That Will Make You Love The Sport

Let’s talk about some volleyball anime, shall we? Sports anime have always been quite popular. They bring you the thrill of sports along with the entertainment value of anime. Today, we are going to focus on one particular sport – volleyball. You would be surprised to know that there are quite a few volleyball anime

Top 20 Best Assassin Anime That Will Make You Want To Be An Assassin

Today we talk about the best assassin anime. Tales of Assassins have a history, a lineage from which they have developed. The modern-day assassin is a compilation of identities, muddled in part from its actual history. The early definition held a religious connotation, correlated to an Islamic sect that battled during the Crusades. However, as

Best Fantasy Movies Ever Made That Will Blow Your Mind!

What makes a movie take a spot in the best fantasy movies list? Hollywood has always loved the fantasy genre. Some of the first movies involved monsters, swords, and magic. Even before the advent of sound, it was easy to convey those classic themes on film. Of course, it also didn’t take the movie industry

Best Horror Movies That Will Surely Make Your Body Shiver

The best horror movies aren’t just scary. Sure, that’s their main goal but the best horror movies are the ones that stay lurking in your grey matter indefinitely. The ones that even a good marmalade sandwich can’t fix. These are the movies that sidle into your brain just as you fall asleep, trying not to