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Top 11 Horror Webtoons Which Will Send Chills Down Your Spine




Updated on: 23/11/2023

Hello everyone (✿^‿^)

Today we are going to talk about the top 11 horror webtoons which will send chills down your spine.

If you are also a horror fan like me, then this list is for you. Who doesn’t like the rush of adrenaline they get when they read or watch horror stories.

Here is a meme for you.

horror webtoons

But I never understood these characters, be it from movies or horror webtoons, who always follow weird sounds or shadows at night. From where the hell do they get that much courage? Don’t they know curiosity kills the cat? (www.secolarievoo.com) How can someone be so dumb? Well, of course, you won’t get the story if they turned around and ran away, right?

Let me clear this thing first. I don’t consider stories with monsters or zombies as horror stories. Monsters or zombies have never sent chills down my spine as ghosts did. Yes, I accept some of the stories have scary art and all, but I don’t think I ever skipped sleeping at night because of them. So I usually like to consider stories with ghosts as horror stories. And stories with zombies, vampires, monsters, etc., as thriller stories. So sorry, but in this horror webtoons list, you will not find any vampires or monsters. But ghosts only.

Then are you ready to get spooked? Let’s start our top 11 horror webtoons list.

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Top 11 Horror Webtoons

1. Melvina’s Therapy

horror webtoons- melvina's therapy

Melvina’s therapy is one of my favorite horror webtoons. Its art is unique and terrifying at the same time. Some scenes are so scary and disgusting that you won’t be able to forget them in your whole life even if you want to.

Melvina is a beautiful psychologist who treats her patients in her clinic. You might think, what’s the big deal about a psychologist treating her patients? But as I said, it’s horror webtoons. So her patients are not normal either, and they deal with problems like nightmares, monsters, ghosts, and whatnot. Plus, Melvina abuses her unknown powers and drives her patients insane.

The most amazing part about this webtoon is the details and hidden hints in them. As the story progresses, you will find that all stories are related somehow. And each of them is hinted at in another. It’s enjoyable to spot those hints and find meaning behind them.

At first, we will get short stories about people Melvina is treating. But all those stories will come together and reveal the main story in later chapters. So be ready to get the great turn of events during stories and get your mind blown.

You can read it here- Melvina’s Therapy.

2. Unknown Caller

horror webtoons-unknown caller

I don’t know what to tell about this one. In my whole life, there were only a few series that have almost given heart attack while reading. And one of them is the unknown caller.

The unique thing about this series is that in this webtoon, they have used augmented reality technology. Yes, you heard it right. I am sure all of us have played the PokemonGo game, which was based on augmented reality. This webtoon is the same. The only difference is in the game, you caught pokemon, but in this webtoon, ghosts will catch you. Now imagine some creepy ghost running towards you at full speed and saying, Gotta catch them (humans) all. What will you do? The answer is simple. Yeet that phone out of the window.  That’s what I did while reading this webtoon. (ಠ益ಠ)

And I am still too scared to reread this webtoon to write this review. So nope, I am not reading that thing again. Just know that this series has only three chapters, and you need to download the webtoon app to read it because those augmented reality effects are only available in the app. And yes, it has a sound effect too. And last warning, don’t read it if you are a weak-hearted person, pregnant woman, or elderly. I don’t want to go into jail. (ಠ_ಠ) I hope you understand. This totally deserves its spot on the list of horror webtoons.

3. Rotten

horror webtoons- rotten

This webtoon is a daily pass webtoon which means you get one pass each day to unlock one episode. It’s a pretty good deal to kill you by overwhelming suspense, and that’s why binge readers like me hate the daily pass series. But believe me, some of these webtoons are gems and worth killing yourself over suspense. And rotten is one of them.

Jaeshin is our main character who lives in the apartment alone. For a few days, a rotten smell has been coming from the apartment below where he lives. He decides to ignore it. But one night, when he was sleeping, the door of his room opened up slightly, and through the slight crack, a bloody severed head was looking at him. He freaks out and thinks it’s just a nightmare until it happens again. He calls his friend, Junhwan, to give him company, but his friend goes missing. And so, our mysterious horror story begins.

Later it was revealed that Jaeshin has the power of seeing dead people, and only he can see them.

Another major character of this story is officer Han. He has a special power. He can sniff the intentions of the next person and can also tell if the next person is lying or not.

Both will cross each other’s path, and Lots of mysteries will unravel as the story progresses. I really enjoyed this story, and I hope you will too.

4. Chiller

horror webtoons- chiller

This is another webtoon that has the power of making you throw your phone away. Yup, you guessed it right. In this webtoon, too, ghosts are going to dive towards you with a creepy smile on their faces. The only difference is that this is not augmented reality like an unknown caller; instead, it has animation and SFX to freak you out.

Plus, if you keep sound effects on your phone even vibrates at some scenes. This webtoon has a series of stories that will send chiller down your spine. In this webtoon, each chapter has a different author. It’s collaborative series that was made for the Halloween event. So you will get to enjoy different art styles in each chapter.

5 Ghost Teller

This webtoon, as the name suggests, is about ghosts who tell stories. Those stories are about how they died in their previous life and became ghosts. Instead of horror, I will call them dark stories. These stories show the dark side of humans. Some stories will spook you. And some will break your hearts.

These stories force you to think that are ghosts really as terrifying as we think? When humans betray, hate, kill each other for their own selfish desires. Then doesn’t that make humans more frightening than ghosts?

Let me give you a glimpse—stories about killing their husband and kid out of jealousy. Then online bullying which makes victims kill themselves. Some stories about killing others for respect or love. Some are about to get killed because of their own greed. And some about revenge.

This webtoon points out that everyone, even ghosts need to be loved. So don’t be racist. It’s one of my favorite webtoons to date. Do give it a try, and you won’t regret it.

6. Shriek

horror webtoons- shriek

The next one in our horror webtoons list is Shriek. This is another webtoon that almost gave me a heart attack and made me flip my mobile. (Alprazolam) (⊙_◎)

This one also has 3D moving pics and sound effects, which will make the story terrifying. Plus, stories are great and unique. This has 17 chapters. And almost all of them have jump scares. Jeez, I’m not too fond of jump scares. But if you like it, this webtoon is for you.

You might wonder why I am so obsessed with this 3d technology and sound effects system? Well, read those stories, and then we can have a talk.

But again, I would like to warn, and this webtoon is not for faint-hearted people and pregnant women.

7. Tales Of Unusual

As the name suggests, this webtoon has unusual and strange stories. Some will scare you to death. Some will make you laugh. And some will make you think what the hell is wrong with the creator. For example, beauty water. By using this water, you can reshape not only your face but also your whole body, just like we shape mud into a pot. You need some artistic skills. Doesn’t it sound wonderful? Well, no. (눈‸눈) Not after seeing its side effects.

You will get to read stories about the gallery of damned in which you just have to hang a photo of the person you want to kill. Then there is a reset elevator where you can reset your life. It also has heartwarming stories like memories of a wife and creepy stories about a magician and his otherworldly magic. But is it really magic, though?

Stories about ghosts, demons, and everything you can think about. I really appreciate the creativity of the writer.

8. Witch Creek Road

This webtoon is for gore lovers. This has some of the best gore scenes and blood baths.  This story is pretty thrilling but a little complicated at the same time.

In this webtoon, three girls take the wrong turn to the witch creek road while going on the trip. There they meet three sexy witches who literally slaughter all of them, including their remaining friends who came to rescue them. And believe me, those scenes are not for weak-hearted people.

Then they turn one girl named Sara into a freaking spider-women. You will get to read stories of other characters too. Some people do end up surviving through that hellish night. But It is not the end, guys. That night was just the start of the story. And we still have a long way into the story and get answers to questions like where witches come from? Who summoned them? Are there other worlds too? And what are the angles they keep on talking about?

The most important thing I learned from this webtoon is that you should always stay inside the circle no matter what happens, and that’s the safest way to stay alive in this world.

9. Horang’s nightmare

Here is another horror webtoons to scare the hell out of you. This webtoon also uses 3D technology, so now you can guess what’s coming.

Damn, these interactive 3D panels and creepy sound effects sure take horror stories to the next level. But one thing I would like to point out here is that like another webtoon, you can’t read this one in the webtoon app, and you need to visit the website to read it.

This has ten chapters only. Plus, Chapters are short. So it won’t take much of your time. So give it a try. Make sure to read at night for a better experience.

And the special thing about this is the hidden gems in some chapters. When you scroll chapters back, i.e., in an upward direction, you will get to see some hidden panels which were not shown while scrolling down the first time. If you want me to give me a hint, the first chapter has that hidden panel. Best luck finding hidden panels in the rest of the stories.

10. Nocturne

horror webtoons- nocturne

This one will give you Junji Ito’s feeling because of its amazing art style. This is canvas series, and I don’t know what is stopping webtoon from making it original. But it deserves to be in the original section.

Its art is the best thing about this webtoon. Especially if you like Junji Ito’s work, and you can see it in the above pic.

Do read it. Its unique art and spooky ghosts will surely scare you. Stories are also unique and terrifying.

11. The red book

horror webtoons- red book

After reading all these horror webtoons and scaring the hell out of yourself, you should read this webtoon to lift the mood. I will call it comedy horror. These ghosts will make you laugh in each chapter. And don’t forget to read all those comments below each chapter, which will make it even more hilarious.

It has only 25 chapters. So do read it to get a good laugh.


So this was our list of top 11 horror webtoons. This list is based on my personal opinion, and I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know which are your favorite horror webtoons? And also, recommend any other horror webtoons that are not added to the list in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading. ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ

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