Cat Drooling – Why do cats drool?

I remember a time when I got my first little kitten boy. At first, he was hiding everywhere he could. My family and I couldn’t even reach him for a moment. After a day or two, he started to feel more and more comfortable with us. Probably because of the food (he likes to eat,

Cat Vision – How cats see the world?

Have you ever wondered how cats see the world? How does cat vision work? Eyes are very important for your cat. Cats are natural hunters. They domesticated themselves from wildlife. And, while hunting, they rely on their sense of smell, their hearing, and their vision. And while most people think that cats see in a

Cats and Easter – What to do and what not to do

Hello to everyone and happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it! Including your cats! But, do you include your cat/cats in the happy holiday of Easter? Many people don’t. The reason for that is the fact that many people think that cats can’t celebrate Easter. They say holidays are for people. I mean, cats whole