List of dog sports

44 Dog Sports and their description

Do you like dogs? And, sports? Then this is the right place for you to be. Because this article contains a list of sports that dogs participate in. Not just participating with being cute, they are, in...[Read More]

Are dogs colorblind? How do they see the world?

When people talk about dogs, in most cases they assume that they are colorblind. It is true that they don’t see things same as we do. But, that doesn’t mean that dogs see only black, white...[Read More]

Cat Drooling – Why do cats drool?

I remember a time when I got my first little kitten boy. At first, he was hiding everywhere he could. My family and I couldn’t even reach him for a moment. After a day or two, he started to feel...[Read More]

Why do cats roll around? Find out here!

Why do cats roll around? This is a question I asked myself on the day I moved from my old apartment to a new one. Together with my two cats. Firstly, it was quite a struggle to move them. They are jus...[Read More]

cat vision

Cat Vision – How cats see the world?

Have you ever wondered how cats see the world? How does cat vision work? Eyes are very important for your cat. Cats are natural hunters. They domesticated themselves from wildlife. And, while hunting,...[Read More]

cat hair loss

Cat Hair Loss – Cat Alopecia

Cat hair loss, also known as cat alopecia is a condition in which your cat loses more hair than it is normal. Actally, cat alopecia is quite a common problem for cats. Because of that, if you have a p...[Read More]

Why does my cat lick my nose

Why does my cat lick my nose?

I have two cats. And, while one of my cats like to sit back and relax while I cuddle him, another cat can’t stop licking my face. Especially nose. I never understood why is that the case. Becaus...[Read More]

introducing a dog to a cat

Introducing a Dog to a Cat – How to do it?

In most cases, people are either a dog person or a cat person. But, there are some people who love dogs and cats equal. And, they want to have both of them as pets. Like I do! But, these kinds of peop...[Read More]

Cats and Easter

Cats and Easter – What to do and what not to do

Hello to everyone and happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it! Including your cats! But, do you include your cat/cats in the happy holiday of Easter? Many people don’t. The reason for that is...[Read More]

Zoomer Meowzies or Zoomer Kitty? What is your choice?

Maybe this is an old news for you, but for me, it is a new thing! I have never heard of Zoomer Meowzies or kinda similar version Zoomer Kitty. Until a few days ago. I was searching something on YouTub...[Read More]

Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko (Fortune Cat)

You love cats and japanese culture? Then this is the right article for you. In this article we are talking about Maneki Neko aka Fortune Cat. Maneki neko has been a part of Japanese culture for a long...[Read More]

what do cats do all day

What do cats do all day?

I bet all the cat-owners are wondering what do cats do all day? Or, they are just assuming that they are sleeping most of the time because they see it that way. But, sometimes, what we see when we are...[Read More]

best cat litters

Best Cat Litters

Sometimes, cats really are complicated, picky creatures. But, we love them anyways. That’s why we want best for them. We want them to be happy and satisfied. And, if we manage to do that by care...[Read More]

Cat Home Alone

Cat Home Alone

Have you ever asked yourself if it’s a good thing to leave your cat home alone? You have a busy schedule? You want to go on a vacation? Or, you have some other things to do away from home? The t...[Read More]

cat affection

Cat Affection

We give our cats attention and love on a daily basis. But, in cat owner lives there is always a question: Does my cat loves me too? Every person and every animal have their own way of showing love. So...[Read More]

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