Dead or Alive 6 new character revealed!

Dead or Alive 6 new character has been revealed. In fact, KOEI Tecmo and Team Ninja are the ones who revealed it. The new characters name is Diego. In addition, one character from Dead or Alive 5 is coming back. The character we are talking about is Rig. KOEI Tecmo is also streaming the Dead

WarioWare Gold demo out now on Nintendo 3DS eShop!

WarioWare is a mini-game compilation series deveoped by Nintendo and Intelligent Systems. Nintendo recently released their demo for the upcoming WarioWare Gold title on Nintendo 3DS. This is the first title in the series since 2013 (Game & Wario). Moreover, this is also the first titled WarioWare game since 2009’s WarioWare DIY for Nintendo DS.

Did you get your copy of Sonic Mania Plus yet?

Sonic Mania Plus Earlier this week, Sega released the newest, paid DLC upgrade to Sonic Mania – Sonic Mania Plus! Featuring two new characters, an Encore mode, and 4-player multiplayer, Sonic Mania Plus features a world of new changes to last year’s hit release. Known as the highest-rated Sonic game in over 15 years, Sonic