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50 Best Gay Anime Worth Checking Out




Updated on: 27/08/2023

Today we have a rather peculiar topic at hand, and that is gay anime. From my experience, this can often end up being a controversial topic when brought up in a group of people. However, there are still a lot of viewers who have expressed their desire to see a list of the best gay anime there is.  Some anime in the list are simple shounen-ai (boys romance), while some are pure Yaoi.  I will try to keep the anime descriptions spoiler-free and only explain the basics. And I will also put tags for Shounen Ai and Yaoi next to the score so you can find what you’re looking for easier.

Disclaimer: I am sure you will find some anime on this list to either be boring/bad. Therefore I would recommend skipping those and going on to try some else, one of the main reasons I am adding this many anime to the list is to make it easier for you to find a good anime for yourself. Everyone has different tastes so some anime you like others might hate and vice versa.

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50 Best Gay Anime

50.Tasogare Outfocus

In front of a camera, roommates Mao Tsuchiya and Hisashi Ootomo make three promises: Mao must not tell anyone Hisashi is gay and in a relationship with another man; Hisashi must never fall in love or make any advances on Mao; and one must not disturb the other’s “personal time.” Thus begins their second year of cohabitation.

49.Ten Count

In the story, Shirotani Tadaomi, secretary of a company president, meets Riku Kurose, a counselor. After he gives Shirotani a diagnosis for mysophobia, Shirotani ends up attending his counseling sessions.

48.Requiem of the Rose King

The Wars of the Roses grip medieval England as the houses of York and Lancaster vie for the throne. Richard is the third son of the Duke of York, who plans to take the crown. Richard wants nothing more than for this to happen, but this innocent wish will plunge England further into the chaos of war. Meanwhile, Richard is struggling with a battle far more personal

47. Hirano to Kagiura

Hirano, a second-year in high school, lives in a dormitory on his campus and has recently become roommates with Kagiura, a first-year. Kagiura is a hard-working student on the basketball team, though he does have difficulty getting up in the morning, leaving Hirano to be his support system in that regard. They get along great, and Hirano is very fond of his earnest, straight-forward roommate. What he doesn’t know? Kagiura is pretty much head over heels in love with him.

46.Sasaki and Miyano

Miyano spends his days reading Boys’ Love manga and worrying about the soft features of his face. His world of fiction becomes reality when a chance encounter leads him to high school senior Sasaki in the middle of a fight. Now, Sasaki wants to spend every opportunity he can to get to know Miyano. And what was once admiration quickly turns into affection.

45. Boku no Sexual Harassment

Score: 5.9/10 (Yaoi)

The story follows Mochizuki who is a young businessman. One day while he was at work, his boss came in and started fondling him. The boss explained to Mochizuki that he should not hesitate it and that this is the best way for him to climb the ladders in the business world. After that Mochizuki starts sleeping with a lot of men so he can rise to the top. This gay anime is pure Yaoi and sex scenes, so if you enjoy that you should definitely check it out.

dramatical murder - gay anime series

44. DRAMAtical Murder

Score: 6.3/10 (Shounen Ai)

This anime is inspired by a Yaoi game, however, the anime itself does not have sex scenes and only slight Shounen Ai stuff. The story follows Aoba Seragak who is a normal guy that wants to live a normal life. Until one day he gets dragged into a game called Rythm. Rhythm is a virtual reality game where you can battle your opponents.

Upon getting dragged into this game, Aoba finds out that there have been a lot of unexplained murders lately. After finding out about it he slowly dragged himself deeper into the dangers of his town. Although some would not even put this show under gay anime category, but seeing how the game it was inspired from had a lot of Yaoi scenes, I thought it deserves to be on this list.

Papa to kiss in the dark - gay anime series

43. Papa To Kiss In The Dark

Score: 6.3/10 (Yaoi)

The main character of this gay anime is Munakata Mira.  The story about this anime might be a bit confusing, but follow me on this one.  Mira is in love with his father, who is a famous actor. The father and son are secretly lovers, however, upon entering high school, a boy of Mira’s age falls in love with him.

Mira also then finds out that he is adopted and that his father has decided to marry a famous actress. And the son of the famous actress also has a love interest in Mira. So yeah, by now you probably get what I was saying earlier.

togainu no chi - gay anime series

42. Togainu no Chi

Score: 6.4/10 (Shounen Ai)

The story sets place in a post-war Tokyo. Tokyo has been overtaken by an organization called Vischio. The organization renamed Tokyo to Toshima. Vischio designs a game for the citizens to play called Igura. Igura is a deadly game where the last man standing wins. However, it is not the only game, another game which prohibits murder and weapons called Bl@ster rises.

The main character of this gay anime Akira is one of the top contenders of Bl@ster. Until one day he is convicted of murder and forced to play the deadly Igura game in order to prove his innocence and survive.

okane ga nai - gay anime series

41. Okane ga Nai

Score: 6.5/10 (Yaoi)

Yukiya Ayase is an innocent and kind university student who one day gets sold by his relative. His relative Tetsuo was in debt, and in order to repay his debt, he sold Ayase to the highest bidder.  During the auction, Ayase is bought by Somuku Kanou for 1.2 billion. Somuku Kanou bought Ayase in order to “save” him and apparently knows Ayase from somewhere.

However, Ayase cannot remember who he is. Somuku Kanou tells Ayase that he must repay the 1.2 billion that he spent on him, and offers him 500, 000 per night. At first, Ayase was reluctant, but then they started growing to like each other.  This gay anime can serve as a great lesson to you not to get yourself in debt unless you want something like this to happen.

40. Close The Last Door!

Score: 6.6/10 (Yaoi)

Nagai Atsushi is the best man at his friend’s wedding, however, he feels a bit sad as he has some romantic feelings for his friend Saitou. Drown in sorrow that he is getting married, Nagai gets drunk so much that he barely controls his actions.

Seeing him drunk. Honda (brides best man) takes advantage of Nagai and they have sex. After that night, Nagai can’t stop thinking about both Honda nad Saitou, it’s a real dilemma for him. However, unlike some other gay anime, the characters in this anime feel very realistic and the story is set well.

fake - gay anime series

39. Fake

Score: 6.6/10 (Shounen Ai)

Dee Laytner and Randy “Ryo” Maclane are Ney York police detectives who have decided to take a vacation. They travel to England in order to relax a little bit and take a break from solving murders. During the vacation, Dee sees his chance to seduce Ryo who he has very strong feelings for. However, Ryo is uncertain how he feels about his partner Dee.

Although everything was going well, while on the vacation, strange murders begin to happen. The murdered victims are all Japanese, and so Ryo and Dee set out to solve these cases in order to prevent Ryo (half-Japanese) from being the next victim. A great murder detective gay anime for you to check out.

38. Gakuen Heaven

Score: 6.7/10 (Shounen Ai)

Itou Keita is an average high schooler who has suddenly received an invitation to an elite and prestigious school. Upon arriving at the school Keita wonders why he was invited to this school full of talented and beautiful young man. Perplexed with finding a unique talent that he is good at, he develops intimate relationships with almost everyone at the school. However, there is one student that mysteriously attracts him and that is his classmate Kazuki Endou. A gay anime full of hot guys, what more could you wish for?

finder series - gay anime series

37. Finder Series

Score: 6.7 (Yaoi)

Takaba Akihito is a 23-year-old freelance photographer who has been in the wrong place at the wrong time. He took a scoop of business deals of Asami Ryuichi (crime lord). Asami then kidnaps him and brutally rapes him. This event creates a sadomasochistic relationship between them as they tend to feel a sexual attraction towards one another. If you are looking for a pure gay anime with a lot of sex scenes, this is the anime for you.

36. Mirage of Blaze

Score: 6.7/10 (Shounen Ai)

Takaya Ougi is what you would call a normal high schooler, Takaya only wanted to lead a normal peaceful life, when one day he encountered Nobotusunae Naoe. Naoe is the incarnation of Lord Kagetore, upon meeting Takaya, Naoe awakened his spiritual powers. After that, they fight the evil spirits of the Feudal Underworld and slowly uncover more about Lord Kagetores past and his connection to Takaya. Mirage of Blaze is a really interesting gay anime for you to check out.

Hyperventilation - gay anime series

35. Hyperventilation

Score: 6.8 (Yaoi)

This is a new gay anime adapted from a Korean webtoon. The story follows  Myeongyi who during winter comes to his high school reunion. The main reason Myeongyi is going there is to see Seonho. Seonho is Myeongyi’s crush for a long time, however, Myeongyi has had trouble confessing his true feelings because he is very shy. During the high school reunion party, Myeongyi sneaks out for a smoke. Unexpectedly Seonho gets up and follows Myeongyi and they reunite once again. Hyperventilation is a new gay anime that has just recently come out.

embracing love - gay anime series

34. Embracing Love

Score: 6.9/10 (Yaoi)

Kyousuke Iwaki and Youji Katou are two young men struggling in the film industry, and they will do anything to become successful. On an audition for a new popular movie, Iwaki is accepted as the star actor of the movie over Katou. While spending time together, Katou believes to be in love with Iwaki. However, Iwaki refuses to accept that he has feelings for Katou. All of that changes when a Japanese gay actor comes and co-stars a movie with Katou.  This gay anime is pure Yaoi and if you’re a Yaoi fan you will love it.

sex pistols - gay anime series

33. Sex Pistols

Score: 6.9/10 (Yaoi)

The story follows an average boy named Norio who one day falls down the stairs into the arms of a handsome stranger. Norio did not know that this encounter with the stranger would change his life forever. Afterward, Norio discovers that he is a special breed of humans that has not evolved from a monkey. And so he enters a secret society of elite people who have all evolved from all kinds of animals, but not monkeys.  One of the most interesting things about this gay anime is that it actually has a female cast unlike most Yaoi out there.

Kirepapa - gay anime series

32. Kirepapa

Score: 6.9/10 (Yaoi)

The story of this gay anime follows Chisato, a 35-year-old writer that looks like he is 18 years old. He has a son that he loves named Riju. Riju is 15 and very attractive, he also has a lot of friends who come over. One of Chisato’s hobbies is to drive away all of Riju’s friends as he believes they want to take advantage of him. So Chisato puts on a fake smile and treats Rijus friends well while poisoning the food that he serves them.  Until one day a guy named Shunsuke comes along and reads through Chisatos plans.

sensitive pornograph - gay anime series

31. Sensitive Pornograph

Score: 6.9/10 (Yaoi)

Sensitive Pornograph follows the romantic story of two gay couples. The first part follows the story of two mangaka artists. Seiji Yamada and Sono Hanasak are two artists who have been working together but have not met until recently. Upon their meeting, Seiji is shocked that Sono is a man after their encounter love starts growing between them.

The second part of the story follows Koiji Ueno who is one day hired to take care of a pet from an unknown client. Koiji goes to the client’s house but does not find a pet, instead, he finds a gagged man bound down in the closet named Aki. Aki tells him that if they don’t make love, the unknown client will get upset at both of them.

maiden rose - gay anime series

30. Maiden Rose

Score: 6.9/10 (Yaoi)

Maiden Rose is a gay anime that follows the story of two soldiers who are bound by a master-servant pledge.  The master is Taki Raizen, also known as Mad Dogg for his brutal temperament, however, despite his angry nature, he is quite attractive. He is followed by his servant Klaus. Klaus has sworn loyalty to Taiki and follows all of his orders. Although they have a deep bond, the war between the countries interferes with it.

Dakaretai Otoko Ichii ni Odosarete - gay anime series

29. Dakaretai Otoko Ichii ni Odosarete

Score: 7/10 (Shounen Ai)

Dakaretai Otoko Ichii ni Odosarete is a shounen-ai gay anime that follows the story of Saijou Takato. Saojiou was considered the “most huggable person”. However, his title was snatched by a newbie actor Azuyama and his charming smile. One day, Azuyama caught Takao drunk and bribed him for silence. While Takao was drunk Azuyama took him to his apartment and videotaped him naked. In order for him not to tell everyone of Takaos shameful night, he asks Takao if he can hug him.

Vassalord - gay anime series

28. Vassalord

Score: 7/10 (Shounen Ai)

The story follows Charley who is a cyborg vampire following the orders of the Vatican. His partner is the local playboy Johnny Rayflo. Johny and Charley fight a lot between each other, but they also hunt vampires together.  Unfortunately, there is only one episode (OVA) of this, and I would recommend it to you that you read the manga if you want to understand the story better. However, the OVA is really well animated, dramatic and action-filled, which makes this gay anime worth checking out.

27. Monochrome Factor

Score: 7/10 (Shounen Ai)

The story revolves around Akira Nikaido, a high school kid and a typical slacker living a normal life. Shirogane, a mysterious man, suddenly appears to him and tells him that they have a destiny together. Akira does not believe in him even the slightest and goes on to live his life. One day when he goes back to school to help his friend, he gets attacked by a shadow monster. Shirogane explains to him that the only way to restore the balance between the human and the shadow world is for Akira to become a ‘Shin’ – a creature of the shadow world. Something to note about this anime is that it has shonen-ai themes completely absent from the manga.

26. Seiyou Kottou Yougashiten: Antique

Score: 7.1/10 (Shounen Ai)

What happens when you meet your crush again? The series follows the story of Ono, who is now a world-class pastry chef. In high school, he confesses his love to handsome Tachibana and gets turned down. This has not stopped him from reaching great heights and being a gay playboy. In his new position, he is to work under Tachibana, who seems to be the only man who can resist Ono’s charms. Throw a middleweight boxing champion and a lot of cake into the mix and you have an amazing comedy shounen-ai series that will leave you in smiles.

25. Ikoku Irokoi Romantan

Score: 7.1/10 (Shounen Ai)

The series follows the spectacular story of Ranmaru, the heir to a Japanese yakuza clan, who marries a girl to keep his family happy. But things are not as easy as he hoped. The lavish cruise ship comes to the rescue as here he ends up spending the night with a sexy ship captain after getting drunk on the wedding night. They meet again in Italy and the full-blown love story blossoms. This short anime is a good watch if you are into yaoi.

24. Yami no Matsuei

Score: 7.1/10 (Shounen Ai)

The story follows the story of Tsuzuki Asato who is a dorky shinigami (god of death). Because of his careless attitude, his partners (since shinigami work in pairs) never stay long. This comes to change when a 16-year-old smart-mouthed and defensive boy, Kurosaki Hisoka becomes his latest partner. As the shinigami work together to make sure that the dead remain dead, they come closer to the conspiracies of the serial killer Dr. Muraki Kazutaka. Although Tsuzuki’s personal relationship with Hisoka continues to get stronger, Tsuzuki’s dark past continues to limit him.  For all these reasons, this fantasy, horror, supernatural gay anime surely worth checking out.

loveless - gay anime series

23. Loveless

Score: 7.1 (Shounen Ai)

This gay anime has a really funny concept behind it. In Loveless people are born with cat ears and tails, however, if they have sex, their tails disappear. Due to this, they worship innocence and virginity.  They also have a concept called “fighting” which is only done by fighting couples. In the fighting couple relationship, there is a sacrifice and the fighter. The sacrifice is on the receiving end of the damage, and the fighter is the one damaging the receiver. (Very innocent)

Gravitation - gay anime series

22. Gravitation

Score: 7.2/10 (Shounen Ai)

The story follows Shuichi, a young man who has been inspired by Ryuichi Sakuma (famous pop idol). His goal is to become like Ryuichi and so he creates a band with his best friend Hiro. After struggling for a bit, they get signed by a big label. However, they get a short deadline and struggle meeting them. To make matters worse, Shuichi is having trouble writing new lyrics for songs. One day when walking through a park, he meets a man that changes the path of his story.  This is a pretty good Shounen Ai anime and as such definitely deserves to be on this gay anime list.

21. Hey, class president!

Score: 7.2/10 (Yaoi)

This gay anime revolves around two guys, Chiga and Kokusai. Chiga is an intelligent guy, smart, wise and athletic and yet he is the vice president of the student council. While Kokusai is a “dumb country boy” as described by Chiga. However, Chiga is perplexed about his feelings, it seems that Chiga is attracted to Kokusai. This anime is pure Yaoi, so if you enjoy that, you will love this.

ling qi - gay anime series

20. Ling Qi

Score: 7.2/10 (Shounen-Ai)

Yang Jinghua is a poor man who has recently died in an accident. However, after his death, he wakes up 10 years younger. At first, he thought that he was reborn, and so he decided to restart his life. However, before Jinghua could restart his life a white rich man appeared in front of him. Telling him that he is actually dead and not reborn. Shocked to what the stranger said Jinghua had no response. It was then that the stranger offered a strange contract to Jinghua. If you like Shounen-ai then this is the gay anime for you to check out.

tight rope - gay anime series

19. Tight-Rope

Score: 7.3/10 (Shounen Ai)

Tight Rope gay anime follows the story of two young boys. One is Naoki Satoya who has been friends with Ryuunosuke Oohara since they were 5 years old. Until one-day Ryuunosuke fell in love with his best friend Naoki. Although it would have been alright for them to be together, Ryuunoske is supposed to take over the Yakuza family as the fifth boss. And the Yakuza family he is in is one of the most influential in Japan.

Ai no Kusabi - gay anime series

18. Ai no Kusabi

Score: 7.3 (Yaoi)

Ai no Kusabi takes place on a planet called Amoi, in which the society has become so advanced they created a computerized city called Tanagura,. The city is ruled by the supercomputer named Jupiter.  As expected of most gay anime, the populace in Tanagura is filled with males only. And they have a certain rule too that determines their way of life. Everyone is ranked by their hair color on birth. Those born with silver or blonde hair are the elitist. On the other hand, those with brown or black hair are the pets for elitists.

Uragiri Wa Boku no Namae Wo Shitteiru - gay anime series

17. Uragiri Wa Boku no Namae Wo Shitteiru

Score: 7.4 (Shounen Ai)

Yuki Sakurai is a person who does not remember his past, however, he can see other peoples painful memories by simply touching them. Yuki is questioning the reasons why he is alive and why he has this strange ability.  Without being aware of it, Yuki is being constantly watched by those who want to harm him, and those who want to save him. One day, when his life is in danger, he is saved by a mysterious stranger. Upon meeting the stranger Yuki’s past is revealed and he realizes his true reason for living.  If you like Shounen Ai then this is the gay anime for you.

super lovers - gay anime series

16. Super Lovers

Score: 7.5/10 (Shounen Ai)

One day Haru Kiado receives word that his mother is on the verge of dying. After hearing this terrible news, he quickly flies to Canada to visit his mother. However, upon arriving he finds out that his mother tricked him into coming. And forces him to take care of his adoptive brother, Ren Kaidou.

The two brothers spend the summer together and slowly bond, they promise to meet 5 years later when Ren finishes high school.  One Haru returns to Japan he gets into a terrible accident and forgets all of his memories that he spent with Ren. 5 years later Ren comes to Japan and meets Haru, however, Haru can’t remember who Ren is. How will their relationship go from this point? This is a nice Shounen Ai worth checking out.

Koisuru Boukun - gay anime series

15. Koisuru Boukun

Score: 7.5 (Yaoi)

Tetsuhiro Morinaga falls in love with his upperclassmen Souichi Tatsumi. After some time Tetsuhiro manages to confess his feelings for Souichi, however, Souichi’s response was negative. Soucihi is a homophobe and does not like Tetsuhiro. Consequently, one day an unfortunate accident with an aphrodisiac drug brings the two-man together. This gay anime is pure Yaoi, so if you like Yaoi check it out.

14. Love Stage!!

Score: 7.6/10 (Shounen Ai)

Izumi Sena is born in a famous people, his mother is an actress, his father is a producer and his brother is a rockstar. Coming from such a famous family, everyone expected Izumi to be in showbiz as well. However, aside from one small commercial when Izumi was a kid, Izumi had no interest in showbiz. He wanted to become a manga artist. On the 10th anniversary of the commercial, the company calls original actors back to do another commercial.

Izumi is then reunited with Ryouma Ichijou, his old acquaintance who is now a famous actor. However, Izumi did not know that Ryouma was in love with him. Izumi has a feminine appearance and a unisex name so Ryouma did not know he is a guy. Although he discovered that Izumi is a man when they reunited, he could still not stop having feeling for him.

Hitorijime my hero - gay anime series

13. Hitorijime My Hero

Score: 7.6/10 (Shounen Ai)

Masahiro Setagawa plays the role of errand boy for the neighborhood bullies, however, he is one day saved by Kousuke Ooshiba. Kosuke also known as “Bear Killer” is a popular man who takes down neighborhood gangs.  A year later, Masahiro and his former friend Kensuke Ooshiba attend high school together.

As a result, they find out that their high school math teacher is no other than Kousuke. Masahiro considers Kousuke his hero and they start to grow a bond together as Kousuke believes he has to protect Masahiro. This is a very good Shounen Ai for you to check it,  it definitely deserves the 12th spot on this gay anime list.

12. Owari no Seraph

Score: 7.6 (Shounen Ai)

Owari no Seraph is Shounen Ai? Yes, it actually is, even though the story it self-does not really focus on the Shounen Ai aspect of it, it is still considered to be Shounen Ai genre and hence deserves to be on this list.  This anime is quite popular, so I would assume most people have seen it already, however, for those who have not seen it yet. I will write a short synopsis.

A virus broke out that kills everyone who is older than 13, due to this, a shadowy society emerges from its darkness. Vampires who used to stay hidden, take a chance of this opportunity and enslave the survivors of this virus, promising not to hurt them if they donate their blood regularly. Yuuichirou and Mikaela Hyakuya are one of these survivors who are held captive by the vampires, until one day they decide to escape.

11. Yarichin☆Bitch-bu

Score: 7.7/10 (Yaoi)

A first-year high school student Toono transfers from Tokyo to all-boys boarding school (Mori Moori Private School) located deep in the mountains. There Toono meets a friend called Yaguchi that invites him to join the soccer club. However, Toono is not really good at sports, so he decides to join the photography club. Unaware that there he will find his first forbidden love. The anime is full of hot guys so if you like gay anime then this yaoi is definitely for you.

no.6 - gay anime series

10. No. 6

Score: 7.7/10 (Shounen-Ai)

The story follows a post-war world where the survivors of the catastrophic war take shelter in utopian cities that are built inside of walls. The concept kind of reminds you of Attack on Titan, except there, is no Titans.  The story follows Shion, who one day meets a guy named Nezumi.

Nezumi has been living in the wastelands outside of the city. Even though Shion knew Nezumi was a fugitive he stool took him in. However, that resulted badly and got Shion and his mom in trouble. They lost their “elite” citizen privileges and were forced to live on the darker side of the city. This is definitely one of the better gay anime there is.

fuyu no semi - gay anime series

09. Fuyu no Semi

Score: 7.7/10 (Yaoi)

Fuyu no semi is set in the Meiji period and follows the story of Akizuki Keiichirou and Kusaka Touma, who are two man in love separated due to their different political sides. Their political sides forbid them from seeing each other. However, they struggle to see each other, the story has a twist of romance, tragedy, sacrifice, and love. You can say that this is the Romeo x Juliet in a Japanese Yaoi version. Although it’s a Yaoi, the story is very good unlike some other Yaoi on this gay anime list.

Hybrid Child - Gay anime series

08. Hybrid Child

Score: 7.9/10 (Shounen Ai)

Kuroda is a skilled craftsman who has managed to create an artificial human being called Hybrid Child. Hybrid Children are neither human, doll nor cyborg, they are very similar to humans, but yet very different. And, they require love in order to survive. One day, Kotarou Izumi takes in an abandoned Hybrid Child into his household. However, Kotarou is the heir to a noble family, and as such, the family throws out Hazuki (the Hybrid Child). The story follows their struggle and love for each other.

junjou romantica - gay anime series

07. Junjou Romantica

Score: 8/10 (Shounen Ai)

Misaki Takashi is just another regular high school student struggling with regular problems. He is having a hard time dealing with his college entrance exams. In order to ace them, he asks for help from his older brothers best friend. Akihiko Usami is Misaki’s older brother’s best friend and also a famous author. When Misaki and Akihiko meet, Misaki realizes that the books Akihiko is writing are very naughty. Hence he also discovers that he has some naughty feelings too.  Junjou Romantica s is a very good Shounen Ai. (

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi - gay anime series

06. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

Score: 8.1/10 (Shounen Ai)

Ritsu Onodera is a prideful editor at his father’s company, however, working for his father, made his co-workers question his abilities as an editor. Therefore, Ritsu decides to quit his father’s company and gets employed at Marukawa Publishing.  Assigned to a certain program, he meets Masamune Takano who is in charge of the project. Ritsu realizes that Takano is his high school love, and the two reunite again. Takano vows that he will make Ritsu say that he loves him again. And so the Shounen Ai begins.

Banana Fish - gay anime series

05. Banana Fish

Score: 8.1/10 (Shounen Ai)

Banana Fish is more of a gang and mafia related anime than it is a gay anime, however, it still has elements of Shounen Ai added and as such, it deserves to be on this list. Personally, it’s one of my favorite anime of all time. The story follows Ash Lynx who is the leader of all gangs in New York City. One day, Ash Lnyc meets a dying man in a back alley who on his last words tells him “Banana Fish”.

Intrigued by what it is, Ash starts pursuing the meaning behind Banana Fish without knowing that it would change the course of his life drastically. These events lead him to meet Eiji Okumura, and they slowly start to bond as the story progresses.  Eiji and Ash show signs of love towards each other that might grow to more than just friendship.

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Yuri on Ice - gay anime series

04. Yuri on ice

Score: 8.2/10 (Shounen Ai)

Yuri on Ice was really popular when it came out, so if you have not seen it yet, then what are you waiting for? The story follows Yuuri Katsuki who is a 23-year-old Japanese figure skater at the end of his career. He is not doing so well and is thinking about quitting figure skating for good. One day when he was in his hometown practicing, he copied a skating routine from Victor Nikirof.

Victor is considered a legend in figure skating and has won five consecutive world championships.  While copying Victor, someone filmed Yuuri and posted it online. Victor saw the tape and fell in love with his skating, so he decided to quit skating and join Yuuri as his personal coach. After that, a story of friendship., love, and struggle starts between Yuuri and Victor.  This is a really good Shounen Ai to check it if you have not already.

03. Given

Score: 8.24/10 (Shounen Ai)

Given came out in 2019 and already found a place in the top 5 best Shounen Ai. Something must be very great about this anime, right? The Shounen Ai tag might turn you off from checking this anime out but give it a try and it might leave you surprised.

Given follows the story of the high school student Mafuyu Satou discovering his potential and making friends. A chance encounter with fellow student Ritsuka Uenoyama makes him realize that he can learn a lot from him when it comes to playing his guitar. Satou pleads him to teach him how to play and eventually, Uenoyama agrees. He invites Satou to a jam session along with the team – bassist Haruki Nakayama and drummer Akihiko Kaji.

Finding Satou’s voice strikingly beautiful, Uenoyama moves to make him the lead singer of the band. With support from his new friends, Satou must not only learn to play the guitar but also uncover the mystery behind the guitar.

02. Doukyuusei

Score: 8.4/10 (Shounen Ai – Movie)

Rihito Sajou is an honor student and a very hard working person who got all good grades in his high school entrance exams. One day he meets Hikaru Kusakabe. Hikaru is a guitar player and is also very popular among the girls. Their high school is having a chorus festival soon. Therefore, Rihito asks Hikaru if he could help him practice for the festival.

As they meet up after school to practice, they slowly become friends and sing together. However, they did not expect that their friendship would grow slowly to love. Doukyussei is a really beautiful movie about Shounen Ai, so if you like to watch movies, then you should definitely check this gay anime out.

Mo Dao Zu Shi - gay anime series

01. Mo Dao Zu Shi

Score: 8.7/10

Wei Wuxian is the grandmaster who founded the Demonic Sect. After forming it, he roamed the world and was always on the run. Many people hated Wei Wuxian for the chaos he had brought upon the world. One day, he was betrayed by his closest shidi and killed off by powerful clan members. However, that was not the end of Wei Wuxian.

Wei was incarnated into a body of a lunatic that was banished from his clan. He was then forcefully taken by his archenemy Lan Wangiji. As the two spend time-fighting monsters and going on adventures. Wei realizes that Lan has secret feelings for him.

With this we have come to the end of the best gay anime list. Do let us know if you wish for any series to be considered here. Do check out 45 Best Romance Comedy Anime That You Should Definitely Watch and the 25 Top Manhwa (Korean Webtoons) That You Should Check Out (2019), Top 100 Hot Anime Guys That Can Make Your Heart Skip a Beat.

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  14. Hey ALL! I Have A Question About A[n] Yaoi I Saw A Few Years Ago [But Saddly I Lost The Website [and] Name Of The Anime. I Believe It To Be Only A Webtoon [The Show Was On The Recommendation Of Another Liked-Soul [Anyways], The Scene I Saw Involved A Young Statements Having A Meal With His Wife[??] Upon Returning To His Chambers Expecting To Bed His Wife, A Beautiful Courtesan Is There Instead–This Woman With Her Beautiful Kimono [and] Long Flowing Hair Proceeds To Seduce This Exciting Young Buck [Only] To Have Things Turn Sexually Adverse. He Is Violated When He Is Kimono Fu*Ked [and] Finds That The Beautiful Courtesan Is Actually A Man [Who] Proceeds To Fu*k Him Fasted With The Kimono [and] Ends Up Planting An Orb In His Butt! The Male [Courtesan] Tells The Young Statesman That He Has 7Days To Find Him Lest He Will Die! [and] That’s Where I Ended: 7Days After With The Satesman Searching For His [Lover] At The Required Place Of Meeting—-Any Help Would BE Appreciated Thank You ALL!

  15. and I was worried that I ran out of bl animes to watch.

  16. and i was worried that i ran out of bl anime to watch

  17. I think you can add berly and sapphire as Mini boys love

  18. Dakaretai Otoko Ichii ni Odosarete had a lot of segg scenes, not gonna lie.

  19. There is also another fantastic BL anime by the same author of Mo Dao Zu Shi called “Heaven Official’s Blessing” which is another amazing historical BL anime. It is currently showing on Netflix. I have seen it 3 times and a second season will be released this year (2021).

    Also Mo Dao Zu Shi will be having it’s final season 3. It already has trailers on YouTube. Should be released 2021.

  20. It is just I only watch MoDaoZuShi before so I try to find more yaoi anime since my favourite type of anime is really hard to find…

  21. Given came out in 2019 and already found a place in the top 5 best Shounen Ai. Something must be very great about this anime, right?

    • Loved it. It is on my top 10 BL list. The movie was great too.

  22. I am so glad Mo Dao Zu Shi placed first on this list, its animation really deserves more recognition

  23. I love these animes I checked them out cool

  24. Thanks for letting me better understand this. good and useful topic.

  25. i like gay/bl/yaoi anime i don’t know why i just like watching it.

    • Me too, i watched so many that i have to only list one when i am telling my friends about the animes i watched or else they will think i’m weird T-T

  26. You should definitely put links to we can watch these anime’s or else how can we watch them if we can’t find them!

    • You can watch animes for free at anime frenzy and anime haven

  27. Spiritpact has to be the best one for me :DD

  28. seraph of the end definitely fits in here.

    • it isn’t exclusively yaoi/shounen-ai (not sure about the manga), it just has a lot of shippers

  29. im so glad that given is GIVEN is included, i fcking love that one.

  30. The News and Announcements you share are very up to date. I would love to read this news.

  31. I am soooooooooooooooo gay it makes me so happy just doing anal if ya know what i mean 😉

  32. lol same lunar

  33. How is Saezuru Tori Wa Habatakanai not on this list?!?

  34. Lmao I’ve watched almost every single one of those and I’ve read a whole bunch of yaoi too I’m running out of stuff.

  35. Wow, that is a great list.

  36. actually 1st to 5th are my fave list ♥️ and i cant be more agree than this
    Mo Dao Zu Shi is the bestest for me

  37. This is not a bad list and has a love of rrally good ones on here but im curious about your understanding of the category shounen ai. Becuase most of the ones you have list you listed as shounen ai but a lot of those are in fact yaoi anime.

  38. This page has not let me down I watched given two days ago and mo dao zu shi yesterday and both were really great I even read the novel and manga of mo dao zu shi last night and today and will be watching the

    • Papa datte shittai deserves to be on this list. Maybe top 20

      • Where can i watch the animes

    • If you like mo do zu shi, I would highly recommend you check out the author’s other 2 novels, especially tian guan ci fu (heaven official’s blessing)! The anime is coming out in 2020 and the trailer is gorgeous 🙂

  39. I love Gay anime so much

    • I meant to say the untamed lol not just the anyway I also wanna say it was really nice I found both very easily on YouTube

    • yes <3

  40. Cant believe Valkyrie Drive is not on this list!

    • Valkyrie Drive is a lesbian anime. This is yaoi.

    • I know right

  41. Couldn’t agree more with 01. Mo Dao Zu Shi…it totally deserves to be #1. I 100% recommend it, and if you liked it watch the live action adaptation and the manga.

    • I also saw that MDZS was number one and thought yes, a place where the king of BL belongs!!!!

    • Do you have the link?

  42. Just want to let you know I appreciate you all for making this list! It’s nice to see new shows to watch. Loved Given so I’m happy to see it be so high on the list <3. Need a second season already!

  43. WHY IS Dakaretai Otoko Ichii ni Odosarete NO 24 IT SHOULD BE ON THE TOP 3??????????????? WHYYYYYYYY??????//

  44. Why Given was not in this list?

    • I am planning to add it, it will be on there soon with some other titles as well

      • hey where can i watch hey class president eng sub?

        • 9anime

    • I have no fucking clue what your smoking but Dakaretai Otoko Ichii ni Odosarete, super lovers, and banana fish Arnt shounen ai

      • What would you call them then?

      • Yeah but some people still conside it as a gay-ish anime cause of their relationship, and ive only watched banana fish and super lovers so I cant say anything about the other one buuut, I’m pretty sure super lovers is a shounen ai

      • Uh are you good lmao There is clear relationship between two males and there’s multiple NSFW scenes that I won’t go into depth about but they’re definitely there, making them fall under the category of shounen ai or yaoi. I kinda see where you’re coming from in regards to banana fish, as it doesn’t focus on the relationship between Ash and Eiji. Tther then that, Dakaretai Otoko Ichii ni Odosarete and Super Lovers fall under this category fs, it’s kinda the point of those 2 animes

    • I have no f**king clue what your smoking but Dakaretai Otoko Ichii ni Odosarete, super lovers, and banana fish Arnt shounen ai

    • It’s 3rd place

    • Agreed

    • I agree Mo dao zushi deserve top 1 position ♥️♥️ WangXian for eternity

  45. Hmm 19 Days? Not that popular? I only read and watched few yaoi. But 19 days is in my top 5 tho.

    • Its list for anime, 19 days have no anime or animation
      its 40 best gay anime not overall best rating

    • 19 days is a manga not an anime

  46. Awww already watch them all :”) i hope there will be more of these gay babies in the future… so i can have many “bl anime” to watch, hahaha.
    I thought that Kyou Kara Maoh and 007 Ghost are in the list…


  47. I just love Hitorijime My Hero because tge story is amazing what I mean is its heart touching. Did you know i cried at the ending i mean Kousuke and Masahiro are destined for each other even if sometimes they fight at the end love still wins.

    • Warning: some of the listed Anime have SUPER sad endings, so if you’re like me and you only like happy, albeit kinky, fluff; make sure you check the endings of any stories set during a war of some kind, they like their Romeo Juliet classics!

  48. i mainly watch BL for the comedy aspect and the situations the protagonists get themselves in.
    ha ha haaaaa

  49. Seriously i LOVE gay/yaoi anime. The one that I love the most is Junjo romantica!

    • Great most of these are about sexual assault and exploitation of power…

      • If they weren’t, I bet their views would go down tremendously.

  50. Let me know if you ever need an editor or an anime review writer. The list itself was helpful, at least!

    • Please reach us at

    • Uhm- i watched Yarichin☆Bitch-bu but i can’t find episode three btw im still in middle school soooooooooooooooooo

      • Yarichin Bitch-Bu doesn’t have a 3rd episode. There is a 3rd volume for manga, but they were only issued to have 2 episodes released.

  51. Where can I watch ‘Finder Series’? I’ve been looking for it everywhere, but I can never find it.

    • Hi, you can read the ‘Finder Series’ here:

    • You can actually watch it on YouTube if you have an account. But I guess that depends on what country you’re watching it from though

    • What do u think hottest yaoi movie from all of this recommend movie?

  52. Thank you for the good articles..
    I know this is for the best list, just wondering how much they’ll score from you:
    -boku no pico
    -ikoku irokoi romantan
    -angels feather
    -shonen maid kuro-kun
    -legend of the four horseman of the Apocalypse

  53. I have literally watched all of these series and even some the corresponding mangas, cuz I liked them so much. I just wish there was a longer list. XD

    • I am planning to expand the list, do you know any particular anime that I might have not seen that you would recommend?

  54. You put a picture of Kaichou wa Maid Sama for Okane ga Nai. That’s a straight rom com

    • Thank you for pointing it out, I have corrected it.

  55. 2 things:


    MO DAO ZU SHI SCORE SHOULD BE 9999999999999999/10

  56. I’ve seen about 30 of these and love them all. Looking forward to see the next 10. Thanks for the list!

    • where can i watch the animes?

      • kissanime. ru (without the space)

    • The list is amazing. The given series is lit. This develops a strong respect for homosexuality in me. The love shown here is adorable and I just love it.

  57. this is probably the best article on the site

    • aww i wish Kyou Kara Maou was on here! it was a good one in my opinion even though the relationship was sort of taken like a joke. Nice list too!

      • It was indeed *cries* I watched all 100 something episodes (3 seasons?) and cried at the ending because it was one of my first anime ever from when I was in 4thth grade (I’m almost graduating). Yurifram forever sis *crying emoji*

        Kyo Kara Maoh represents my childhood so I definetly recommend it.

        • I was very pleased to search out this net-site. I wished to thank you for your time for this wonderful read!! I positively enjoy each little bit of it & have you bookmarked to take a look at new stuff in your weblog post

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