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50 Best Korean Mature Adult Webtoons (Manhwa) For Webtoon Lovers




Updated on: 10/08/2023

Online Korean manhwa, simply referred to as webtoons are increasingly getting popular. As they come in color compared to the manga, the appeal is not surprising. Check out the best places to read webtoons or manhwa in English articles to find webtoons that you can pick up. To make this process easier, in this post, we have listed out about 50 best mature adult webtoons (manhwa). These adult webtoons easily qualify as hentai and kindly note it. Some of them have a decent plot, while others can completely lack it. We will do our best to bring out similar lists on action and romance webtoons. Be sure to look forward to them.

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Best Korean Mature Adult Webtoons (Manhwa)

50. Young Boss

  • Art: Bokko
  • Story: Gonghagyong

Not only this webtoon has mature scenes, but it also shows how adulating is difficult, and hence it is a fit for the list of adult webtoons. Seung Ho lives it with his girlfriend. His girlfriend is slightly older than him but is very sexy. However, their frequent fights making him tired with his girlfriend. In the midst of all this, he secures a full-time job after searching for employment for a long time. Seung Ho is finally working on his full-fledged dream, but the problem starts when he gets closer to a female co-worker. Now his feelings swing between the two women, as he develops feelings for one and another one is his only girlfriend.

49. Stepmom’s friend

  • Art: Red-A
  • Story: Mokbegae

Seok Oh is 26 year old boy who born with a golden spoon in his mouth. He lost his mother at a young age, leaving him and his dad to live together with each other. His dad let him live a life without worry because he wanted to ease his pain. One day, Seok’s father introduced him with his young secretary, he decided to marry. Seok initially thought that the girl is behind his father’s property, but seeing her loving his father sincerely, he began to accept her in the family. However, things will change very soon.

48. The Perfect Roommates

  • Art: Andromeda11
  • Story: Andromeda11

Jay Kang is the only son of his father, who is a rich man. His life takes a weird path when his father’s to-be-wife and her daughters enter his house one day. From the first day Jay meets them, they act unusually. They were excessively outgoing and unsophisticated. Jay initially thought they are just after his father’s money. And true to his belief, the three girls were gold diggers in a group.

47. Touch To Unlock

  • Art: Zimtigee
  • Story: Zimtigee

Chiho was the victim of school bullying for many years. He has been unlucky his whole life, but he was born with a rare, most auspicious destiny. It’s just that his mother, who is a shaman, decided to share his energies with seven girls in their neighborhood to help them overcome their cursed fates. But now that Chiho has become an adult, it’s time for him to retrieve his energies. And the way to do that is through a nasty touch.

46. Silent War (My Kingdom)

  • Art: Yansae
  • Story: Tharchog

This adult webtoons contains action, fights, and the bottom of the illegal world and trade. In this, our protagonist Hyun is a timid and pushover boy. He lives under the order of a gang leader Gunner, who runs many illegal businesses. Hyun always wanted to work as a hardworking and honest adult, but even after school, he somehow stuck in this ‘parasitic’ world. Making things worse, one day, he gets too close to someone he should not have ever got closed with. Will he ever going to get out of his current situation? Or things will become more dangerous for him?

45. Dog on Patrol

  • Art: C.Dyce
  • Story: G-goon

Dog on Patrol has some beautiful artwork, comedy on point, and smut scenes, making it a great fit for the list of adult webtoons. Mejong De Vally is a luxurious share house on a hillside where four girls live together. One time they find out that some man was stalking them and trying to trespass their property illegally. On reporting the matter, the house owner selects a bodyguard, Detective H, for its security. But not only did he guards the house, he is also fulfilling his adult life very well.

44. The Desire To Kill

  • Art: ButcherBoy
  • Story: ButcherBoy

Lee Si-ae has a dark past, full of lust and indecent premotions. Despite her lustful past, Lee Si-ae met and married her elite husband, Cheol jin. Even if sometimes she wants to satisfy her sexual needs from a man other than her husband, she’s managed to live a quiet and peaceful life. But when Park Ki-jin, a significant man from her dark past, appears in front of her, life becomes unsure for her.

43. Tie Me Up

  • Art: SeungMon
  • Story: Cheese Milk

Tie me up is an adult webtoons where the main characters do not know each other, but their lives take similar changes. Both work in the adult industry, yet both suffer performance issues. Namgeun is an adult toy company worker, but his poor performance in the bed leads his girlfriend to dump him. Meanwhile, Yeorang is a sex columnist, but a leaked video reveals her inability to orgasm. Separately, they visit the local hardware store to purchase a rope to take their lives. But not only do they fail to die, but the rope has also magically cured their sex issues.

42. Family Adjustments

  • Art: Ttam
  • Story: Ssome

Eva was Bob’s stepsister. He met Eva at the age of ten after his father remarries Eva’s mother. Although they become a family, Eva was always Bob’s first love. Years passed, and Bob lost touch with Eva and one day he gets her death news. He visits her funeral where he saw Eva’s daughter between the eldest one looks exactly like Eva. Now can this be his second chance in love?

41. The Inheritance

  • Art: Team Celebration
  • Story: Team Celebration

Hero Kim’s father disappeared three years ago. After three years, a day before Hero Kim turned 19, his father sends him a letter telling him about the inheritance. Now, as he suddenly becomes rich, everyone wanted to get close to him. Especially many ladies now have their eyes on him.

mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

40. Queen Bee (The Landlord’s Daughter)

  • Art: Andrew
  • Story: Active Volcano

Junie studies in the same school as that of his landlord’s pretty daughter, Darla. While she is trying to throw him into a game for her amusement, he cannot help but bow down to her wishes. They have known each other for a long time now. But Junie is a young teen now, and he intends to be more than a friend to Darla. Will Junie be able to touch Darla the way Darla affects him?

mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

39. Seductive Uniform

  • Art & Story: Durufix

The seductive uniform is an adult manhwa that focuses on various alluring dresses people would encounter in daily life. Every chapter is filled with explicit scenes with the same concept, in the end, sex. After a couple of chapters, the type of uniform will change, from policewoman to stewardess, and so on. Enjoy!

mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

38. She’s The Girl

  • Art & Story: Farduck

Twenty-year-old innocent man Young-soo meets his ideal girl, Soo-min, while being dispatched from work. The girl disappears after a night of teasing. With the pain in his heart that he would never again meet her in his life, he heads towards his friend, Ho-cheol’s house. He was to stay with him for a while and unexpectedly meets Soo-min again.

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37. The Fiancées Live Together (Cohabitation with My Fiancée)

  • Art: LEE Soo Hyun
  • Story: IM Dal-Young

His fiancee lost her parents. Therefore she ends up living with the Hyeons. But Sang-Won is a middle school student, and the fiancée is a 24-year-old adult!? Sang-Won tries to deny that his fiancée is 9 years older than him. As she does not act her age, he begins to feel comfortable around her. His fiancée seems kind and innocent on the outside, but on the inside…she is not so innocent after all.

mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

36. Soojung’s Comic Store

  • Art: Standing Jeok
  • Story: Cocodore

“My first love from high school suddenly disappeared… but 5 years later she comes to my store!”

mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

35. The Stand-up Guy

  • Art: 464
  • Story: Dolphin

“Lovelyn is a company where all the employees are underwear models… I thought this was my dream job, but why are these girls looking at me like that?”

mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

34. Wife Training

  • Art: DALCHUN
  • Story: MC-HALO

“I’m a helpless virgin. But who needs to know that? Online, everyone thinks I’m a sex god… enough to offer me his wife. Could I really tame her?”

mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

33. Wet Women

  • Art & Story: Sperm King

Hye Juri works as a delivery driver for one reason: to find a man who can satisfy her!

mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

32. My Friend’s Dad

  • Story:  KOI

“I fell in love with my friend’s dad. One night, I gathered my courage and went into his room. Does he not see me as a woman?”

mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

31. The Good Manager

  • Art: Mingu
  • Story: Papa Johnson

“I’m a celebrity manager, but I’m different. Anyone, even the top celebrities, and actresses take their clothes off with my glance. Want to see how it works?”

mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

30. The Spot Master

  • Art: Handler
  • Story: Kim Heung-gun 

There’s a special spot… This special “spot” changes Chiwoo’s life!

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mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

29. Uncle

  • Art: Kyungseok
  • Story: Captain Hong 

Seongjin, an unemployed amateur writer is suddenly involved in an unexpected romantic relationship! But 7 years later…his niece visits him all grown up.

mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

28. Lady Long Legs

  • Art & Story: Zilpung Studio

Pathetic loser Ji Hyunwoo gets a chance to turn his life around after signing a slave contract with a rich and powerful woman!

mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

27. The Sharehouse

  • Art & Story: serious

A 34 year old man ends up marrying a 20 year old girl, whose mother is… his teenage crush?!

mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

26. Close as Neighbors

  • Art: Rodong
  • Story: Semni 

Theo has always been close with his next door neighbors, the Min sisters. But what happens if they decide to get… even closer?

mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

25. My Stepmom

  • Art & Story: Andromeda11

My stepmom’s 10 years older than me, but she doesn’t look like it… Is she… trying to tempt me?

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mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

24. Club Sodom

  • Art & Story: Heo YiWon

A love and hate entanglement between a cheeky female journalist, a wise beautiful female parliamentarian and an assistant, brings up the ultimate thrill of pain and pleasant.

mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

23. Lightning Rod

  • Art & Story: Ggamja

Ki Wang Jung is 20 year old electrical engineer who is studying in the Sungsoo university. He is still a virgin as his manhood is not normal –  he has four balls. He just hopes to meet an understanding woman who can over look his condition. One day when assisting professor Do Na Shin, he gets an erection. One thing leads to another and he ends up climbing a lightning rod where he receives a shock. When he wakes up, he finds himself in a hospital and doctors tell him that electricity is flowing in his manhood. What can he do now, will he be able to ever have sex?

mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

22. Solmi’s Channel

  • Art: Cigarette Head
  • Story: Dabble 

Jinsoo, an engineer specializing in augmented reality, has always dreamed of using the technology in creative ways. So when Solmi, a camgirl, asks him to develop adult content for her live stream show, he’s presented with the opportunity of a lifetime. He finally has enough money to research and design at his will, whether it be holographic clothes that allow people to walk around naked in public, or gadgets that boost orgasmic pleasure. Tune in to Solmi’s channel for some hot, high-tech porn.

mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

21. Secret X Folder

  • Art & Story: Lee Hyunmin

Every guy on Earth has a secret folder filled with sensitive material, don’t they? See what’s inside this “Secret X Folder”.
The creator of the highly acclaimed “Drug Candy” has come back new and improved with more mature graphics, enhanced drawings, and more laughs to go around!

mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

20. Rental Girls

  • Art& Story: Studio Wannabe

“Welcome to Daughters Adult Video Rental Store! We have just the kink you’re looking for. Like it in a public place? What about on a bus? Maybe with a stranger? Or a student with his teacher? Nothing is too crazy for this place. My sisters and I are in charge of this shop. And we’re always willing to give you the perfect recommendation that suits your taste. So, what do you like? We know the best video to make you come again and again!”

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mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

19. Redemption Camp

  • Art& Story: Ramjak

Da-ae’s past and present is filled with dirty little secrets. It was about time someone noticed. The only problem is Gitae, the minister’s son is not your ordinary someone. He gathers all the people that suffered from Da-ae’s dirty acts and starts the road to her redemption.

mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

18. Pheromone-holic

  • Art: Rozer
  • Story: JIO, over.J

Hyunwoo is, for all intents and purposes, a loser. Grade A. Freshman year of college was horrible and his sophomore year’s shaping up to be more of the same. But, things take a turn for the weird when he saves the life of an old snake-oil peddler on the way home. As thanks for his good deed, the old man offers Hyunwoo a special potion guaranteed to make all his dreams come true. Now, to this, add in an apartment building made up of hot chicks, including his college crush. Hyunwoo is about to have his hands full!

mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

17. Love Parameter

  • Art & Story: Gyuo

Young Hoon, a nerdy guy who always failed when it came to love. He has a problem in understanding a woman’s feeling, that’s what makes him always getting dumped by his girlfriends. But one day a mystery guy appears in his life and gives him special glasses. These glasses will change his life forever.

mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

16. One-Room Hero

  • Art& Story: Yoogeukjo

After spending his entire life in an all-male school until high school, Mingu finally enters college which is co-ed. What is more exciting is the fact that he’s in the Food and Nutrition Department which has a male to female ratio of 1 to 9! A virgin and single since birth, this is his opportunity to date girls and enjoy his romantic campus life. But one wrong lie during a drinking party turns his life upside down and now he’s been branded as a sex beast all over the school!

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mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

15. Lilith’s Cord

  • Art: Juder
  • Story: Dummy Mandoo 

Most people commonly believe that humans are the descendants of Adam and Eve. But not everyone can come under that category. These people are the descendants of Lilith – the first Eve. With unmatched powers and tastes like no other, they prosper by sucking the life out of humans. But there’s one human, unlike others, that cannot be conquered…

mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

14. Lady Garden

  • Art& Story: Zilpung Studio

A UFC hopeful, Kang Doo, gets banned from competition and finds a job as a security guard in the luxurious mansion by the name of Lady Garden; a mansion only allowed to the hottest women. As beautiful as these ladies are, various dangers lurk, and it’s Kang Doo’s job to protect these lovely women. Oh yeah, and saving women in need always comes with a hefty reward!

mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

13. A Pervert’s Daily Life

  • Art & Story: Alice Crazy

Seyoung has no idea that she will be sharing her room in the company dorm with another person. When she barges into the room, she catches Jinwoo in the middle of his pleasure time. Embarrassed and nowhere to hide, Jinwoo’s life was headed towards misery. However, little did he know Seyoung was no ordinary rookie. She had her own dirty little secret…

mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

12. Sports Girl

  • Art & Story: Gamang

The women’s sweat is beautiful. A beautiful and healthy physical body when trained with exercises like martial Arts, swimming, athletics, muscle training is sexy too. Checkout the lives of these Sports Girls.

mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

11. Bastard’s Dead Man

  • Art & Story: Gyuo

Shin Lee is the wealthy CEO of a company who should be able to get any woman he wants, but he has a problem: he can’t maintain an erection. Hyonggi is a charming deliveryman who will answer any call within a few minutes. The two cross paths when Hyonggi unexpectedly rescues Shin’s daughter from a dangerous situation and Shin soon discovers that Hyonggi himself might just be the mystical solution to his penile dilemma!

mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

10. Aharoo (Yahalue)

  • Art & Story: Ban-Jang Hong

After acquiring the crème of the crop slave, an unimaginable adventure begins. This is the birth of a sexy-fantasy series that will rock your world!

mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

09. Household Affairs

  • Art & Story: ButcherBOY

Si-Yeon Hong is a neglected wife who ends up committing adultery with the delivery boy Yeon-Woo Ha. As if that wasn’t bad enough, unknown to either of them is that her extremely cold husband Ha-jin is secretly an assassin! Despite marrying the woman to maintain a cover, the husband is starting to get attracted to her and that is affecting his work. As desire and loneliness close in on Si-Yeon Hong and Yeon-Woo, what will the fate of these individuals be?

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mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

08. Sunggi’s Study Group (SStudy)

  • Art: Edge-Edge
  • Story: Husky-nom 

When Sunggi joins a study group to prepare for the government service exam, the study must have been the top priority. After all, study groups are for that very purpose. But the people in the study group keep themselves busy with things other than studies and find them selves busy in love triangles, things get out of control. Meet this study group that just does not study.

mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

07. Lust Awakening

  • Art: Dokuhaku
  • Story: Heung-Keon Kim

Emma plans to leave his city and his girlfriend Sonya to work as a care giver at another city. His girl friend will is worried that he will become a changed man. When he reaches the hows he realizes that the owner of the house is a woman who distrusts men. He was hired by mistake as his name sounded feminine. He is given one week time to prove his worth or get fired. There is also one condition, at no cost, he is to make any contact with her two precious daughters. They have lived a life without seeing men so far. By suddenly meeting Emma, can they keep their sexual drives in check? Will the lust awaken?

mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

06. Sneak A Peek

  • Art: Lee eul
  • Story: Tareucho

Is there anything more fun than peeping to the life of a total stranger? What about their secrets? The series centers around a woman living along with her husband and father-in-law, who is suffering from dementia often privately mistakes her as his wife. Her husband seems to have lost interest in her. And unknown to her, a young male records her life while watching it on a screen. How worse can things get? The art is good and the story is interesting. Do give it a try.

mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

05. H-Mate

  • Art & Story: Turtle Feet

Miro and Tae have been friends for 15 years. One night, they end up sleep together. Consequently, things get complicated. Their friendship is repeatedly put to the test as they each seek different relationships. Are they really just friends with benefits or do they have feelings for each other? Read this romance-drama series where the two friends struggle to find answers.

mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

04. Drug Candy

  • Art & Story: Lee Hyunmin

Seunggu has always been a hardworking diligent person. But those qualities do not save his life when it begins to fall apart. He is demoted at work and his marriage is failing apart. Seunggu’s life is at an all time low. At this point, he meets a smart and sassy girl by the name of Han Yura. She takes him on a ride, an irresistible one at that. This does not come without complications for him. As he becomes more addicted to her, he starts to drift apart from his life. He also gets into deep and messy stuff. Will he be able to make it out…alive?

mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

03. Brawling Go! (Stand Up!)

  • Art & Story: Warren

Jaejin is a kind and hardworking guy. He has many good qualities but has been unable to live his life to the fullest. This is because he is impotent (a.k.a. GOJA in Korean). That is as he cannot get his manhood erect. On a trip up a hill, he undergoes a great transformation. He is now able to erect his manhood. But now, he faces another challenge; once erect, he has to struggle to get the erection down. Not to mention, he constantly finds his manhood erect. How is he going to deal with this, especially when women keep entering his life?

mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

02. He Does a Body Good

  • Art: Park Hyeongjun
  • Story: Lee Wonsik 

Hosang has always had zero luck with women all his life. He feels he is kind of invisible to them. But things take a turn for the good when an unexpected thing happens to him. When he gets electrocuted by an electric mat he bought from his old college friend Gahee, he finds himself having a newfound ability. An ability that will allow Hosang embarks on a life that he had never even dreamed of living. The webtoon has great art and captivating story. Be sure to check it out as the plot keeps getting deeper.

mature adult webtoons (manhwa)

01. Perfect Half

  • Art & Story:  Luv P

Welcome to the world of wolfs and foxes. When the foxes break free from the wolfs (men), they establish their own kingdom – Crimson Fox. Now, they are no more ruled by men and are standing up as equals. Moreover, they are ready to fight to protect their freedom. Now, in a land that is equally divided up between man and woman, the battle of the sexes is on! What is going to happen now? Will the two kingdoms come closer or move further apart? Is there a savior? Check this interesting adventure drama series set in a fantasy world. This series is sure to impress you.

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    let me give you a portion of things that made fans quit reading this piece of shit of a manhwa: (believe me, im being kind right now for only saying this manhwa is garbage. others are saying all kinds of shits about this manhwa that i cant even explain )

    its always the main guy who gets caught, then his dumb retarded main girl always misunderstands it every single fucking time then its always the guy who needs to crawl to her to apologiza as if he’s always the one who’s in wrong when his dumb prideful girlfriend always doesnt trust him and easily looses to negative thoughts whenever she catches him with another girl. and instead of letting him explain. she leaves. she gave up even though the event she saw is an accident. and because the author of this manhwa is a girl, yes, you guesed it right. the main guy will always be the one realizing his mistake instead of the girl and he will apologize to the girl, the main girl will play hard to get sometimes then eventually forgives him. then the process will repeat.

    the main girl never realizes in the series how WEAK she is. HOW PRIDEFUL she is. she always gave herself up to negative thoughts, instead of facing the fight in front of her like how the mc did, SHE LEAVES cause she is weak. then when the guy tries to explain to her, negativity awlays takes her over and leaves the guy standing there.

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