Manga Similar to Liar Game

List of Top 5 Manga Similar To Liar Game That You Should Surely Check

Liar Game is a widely praised psychological manga by Shinobu Kaitani. It is probably one of the best manga in the ‘battle of wits’ genre of anime and manga. And those who have read it keep craving for...[Read More]

Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga is reaching its end

Hello everyone, today we got some exciting news for you. This Tuesday Kodansha’s weekly magazine revealed some very interesting information that I think you might want to know. Ryo Suzukaze and ...[Read More]


One-Shot Love Comedy BURN THE WITCH From Bleach Manga Author Will Release on July 14

The official website for Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump earlier today made an exciting announcement. It conforms that Bleach manga author Tite Kubo’s newly drawn one-shot love comedy manga ...[Read More]

New Manga GIGANT

Gantz Author Hiroya Oku’s New Manga GIGANT Releases First Volume

Hiroya Oku’s New Manga GIGANT First Volume is available for purchase as of 30 May 2018. Hiroya Oku previous works include Gantz and Inuyashiki. Both of them have succeeded in getting an anime adaptati...[Read More]

It is Official Now, The Promised Neverland Receives An Anime Adaption

The newest issue of shounen jump,  Issue #26. Revealed that The Promised Neverland will be receiving an anime adaption. The announcement was placed on the cover of the newest issue of Shounen Jump. No...[Read More]

Straw Hat Pirates new bounties

What is the current bounty of the Straw Hat pirates? And Luffy’s new shocking bounty

In the recent chapters of One Piece manga, it has been revealed that Luffy has a new bounty alongside other new One Piece bounties. But before that, I’d like to tell you a bit about how it came ...[Read More]

Dr. Stone Chapter 2 – Fantasy vs Science (Manga Review)

First off, I would like to apologize for the lack of articles on Dr. Stone lately. I was looking forward to them, unfortunately, laziness got the best of me, so I went down the hill with it. Either wa...[Read More]

Manga similar to Tales of Demons and Gods

10 Amazing Manhua Similar to Tales of Demons and Gods

If you’re reading this article, Manga Similar to Tales of Demons and Gods, then that means you were amazed by the great story of Tales of Demons and Gods and now want to explore more manga’s sim...[Read More]

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Split-Cour (Tokyo Ghoul:re Season 2) To Air October 2018

Surprisingly this news was not really covered much so far. It was recently announced that Tokyo Ghoul:re Season 2 will be airing later this year in October 2018. Well, it wasn’t really announced...[Read More]

Noragami Manga

Noragami Manga to Resume in June After 14 Months Hiatus

Kodansha, the publisher said that they will be resuming the Noragami manga in July this year. The manga will get a full magazine cover by Kodansha in the company’s shonen magazine on July 2018. Accord...[Read More]

Brand New Goblin Slayer Manga Adaptation Announced

The latest issue of  Square Enix’s Monthly Big Gangan magazine announced a new Goblin Slayer Manga adaptation of the Goblin Slayer Novel that will launch on May 25. Also, this new Goblin Slayer ...[Read More]

Kingdom Chapter 556 1

Kingdom Chapter 556 ‘Ousen’s Defence’ Review

In the last chapter, Ouhon comes up with a strategy and everyone approves it. Now on the 9th day according to the plan, Shin and Ouhon units are responsible to take down Gaku’ei. The Qin aims to...[Read More]

Dr.Stone: Chapter 1- Stone World(Manga)

Before starting, I’ll explain the reason as to why I’m doing this, that being reviewing each chapter of Dr. Stone. So I had free time between articles and general stuff and decided to pick...[Read More]

Kingdom Chapter 555

Kingdom Chapter 555 ‘Piecemeal Targeting’ Review

In the last chapter, we have seen Yotanwa taking command of her forces to give a decisive blow to her enemies. Kingdom Chapter 555 shifts its attention and updates us on the situation at Gyou and Shuk...[Read More]

Kingdom Chapter 554 review

Kingdom Chapter 554 ‘Offense and Defense of the Heki Army’ Review

In the last chapter, we find General Heki taking responsibility and ending up leading one of the three wings of the ninth day battle with assistance from the Mera tribe. Kingdom Chapter 554 focuses on...[Read More]

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