Japanese Mythology

Kawa Akago

Kawa Akago (River Baby)

Today, you’ll be reading about yet another one interesting and, for me, kinda funny, but sometimes deadly yokai creature. Kawa Akago is, when translated, river baby. And it belongs to trickster ...[Read More]


Wanyudo – Japanese Yokai Figure

Today I introduce to you another Japanese Yokai member. Wanyudo! The earliest reports about Wanyudo go all the way back to the Heian period. Wanyudo is an evil and dangerous spirit. When we translate ...[Read More]

Ashinaga Tenaga

Ashinaga Tenaga – A Pair of Yokai Creatures

Entering a world of Japanese mythological creatures, Yokai creatures to be exact, I came across many interesting figures. One of them is Ashinaga Tenaga. Ashinaga Tenaga is an interesting pair of Yoka...[Read More]


Gashadokuro – The Japanese Mythological Creature

Japanese mythology is rather interesting. You can find a lot of monsters, spirits, and demons in them (which belong to Yokai class). It makes you wonder how could someone come up with such creative an...[Read More]

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