30 of the most Solid Bone-Chilling Horror BL Manhwa




Updated on: 13/07/2024

Some of the most terrifying BL Manhwa

True horror BL maniac? Are horror stories your jam? But want the jam spread on the BL genre? Whether it’s your first time stepping into this realm or you are a connoisseur horror reader looking for your next read, this Horror BL manhwa list will surely keep you up shivering at night for many reasons and will haunt you forever! So, make sure to lock your doors and check under your bed!

I narrowed this list down from the ghostly streets to the twisted gasping edges. From mild to extreme horror BL manhwa, we gathered the best of the best. The following horror BL Manhwa delves into many sensitive and heavy topics. Ps. The ranking is heavily based on the content and quality of horror in the manhwa and not on the manhwa as a whole.

So, track down these horror genres hovering above the BL Manhwas. Stick with us until the end to get a hold of the most traumatizing yet disgustingly interesting horror BL manhwa! Make sure you have a bible and a cross next to you because it’s time for some spooky shit! 

It’s time to stack up your reading list with these manhwas.

Warning | Not for the faint-hearted!

Reader discretion is advised! Before diving into any of these horror BL manhwas, WATCH OUT for the Trigger Warnings(TW). TW manhwas are for those who have the stomach and mindset to handle them. Not suitable for sensitive readers or readers with a weak stomach. If you are sensitive, give them a hard pass! As those are not palatable for everyone. And are intended for mature audiences only.

What is the Horror genre?

The horror genre can be interpreted in many different ways with suitable settings and themes. 

The horror genre includes supernatural elements with its exploration of the unknown. But! It can also include psychological thrill elements and symbolisms, dark fantasy, gothic, comedy and science fiction. It focuses on elements that will scare, jump, frighten, and disgust, and gives a shiver to the audience or the readers. It’s a piece of fiction that evokes fear and necessary tension with disturbing imagery. It builds suspense through the roof while feeding on human emotions and fears while driving terror into their minds! 

All in all, the common objective and the primary goal is to EVOKE FEAR.

It will keep you on the edge of your seat in anticipation. It seeps through the cracks and hits you with a great impact while you are on the adrenaline ride in an eerie atmosphere.

Now let’s dig deeper into some of the best Horror BL Manhwas! Without further ado, I present you with the top scariest. It’s time to face your deepest fears!

30 Spine Chilling Horror BL Manhwa that will haunt you forever!

30. Individual Diet Preference/ Gagjaui Sigsa

  • Genre: Horror, Psychological, Romance, Supernatural, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Ongoing, 15+ Chapters
  • Creator: Hojin

Set up in a world where zombies exist.

Ian Jeff, 37 years old, a former middle school teacher, recently turned into a zombie. On a rainy night, Jeff, after being assaulted, wakes up wrapped up and finds himself in captivity. There stands a young guy with a bright smile offering him a meal and who wants to live with Jeff.. happily… Now living in a morgue room in a huge mansion, what type of relationship will a zombie and a creepy guy who always wanted a corpse will have?

With a hint of comical element and a cute art, this Horror BL Manhwa lays a decent storyline.

Kind of necrophilia though. Soft recommend.

29. Oblivious

  • Genre: Drama, Romance, Smut, Supernatural, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Completed, 10 Chapters
  • Creator: Cheol Jung-i

Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault

“Do you know how long I have been looking for you? Remember!”

On a rainy Halloween evening, Jiwoo stumbled upon a strange guy drenched in water. Soon after that, Jiwoo wakes up in ripping water having sex with the same strange guy. Who’s this man? Confused between dream and reality, stuck in middle is Jiwoo.

Story of a ghost and a guy who doesn’t remember him.

This Horror BL Manhwa was laid well with a dash of mystery and angst. It had potential but ended up with an abrupt and rushed ending. Also, it has hot characters with quite pleasant to view character design. Just plain out creepy steamy scenes in a hot way! Overall, a disturbing yet interesting manhwa.

28. Game (Dodam)

  • Genre: Adult, Supernatural, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Completed, 3 Chapters
  • Author: Dodam, Artist: Jonghu

From the creator of “Woman’s Best Friend” and “Growth”

Trigger Warning: Rape, Violence, Blood, Tentacles and Domestic Abuse

“Do you know how much I have waited for this day?”

On a snowy winter evening, I was stabbed by my own father. On the verge of death, appears a man in front of me. He was a God from the darkness… The death God..an immortal vampire. I didn’t want to die so I begged him. He made me experience the ultimate catharsis by turning me into a vampire. Thus I became his faithful dog and he my beloved master, God and my life.

But I still wanted to kill him. Begins the game between the two of us for God’s heart.

I would recommend this horror BL manhwa who are into short but intense yet sick manhwa. Sadist X Masochist. Art is some high-quality stuff with captivating character design. This manhwa had potential but sadly wrapped itself up in 3 chapters.

All in all, a very short rushed snack. So, give this a whirl.

27. God’s ID Card (Manhua)

  • Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Shounen Ai, Webtoon
  • Status: Ongoing, 3 Chapters
  • Author: Ni Sansui / Artist: DJun

A new BL webtoon horror from the creator of one of my favourite manhwas “I will be waiting for you in 1999” and “Here U Are”

Wei Ruo-Xuan and Lu Lanqiao were brothers but were not blood-related. Years later, Lanqiao became the top forensics student. But overnight he also became the biggest runaway criminal suspect for the murder of his old brother Ruo-Xuan. The last words Ruo-Xuan said to Lanqiao before his death made Lanqiao embark on a different path of escape and vengeance. Fucheng was Ruo-Xuan’s classmate turned chief inspector/leader.

Lanqiao along with Fucheng sets on a mission to find the serial murder culprit who also killed Ruo-Xuan.

An intriguing premise with an air of mystery, suspense and thriller with a hint of horror elements. It feels like it has a unique way of pulling you deeper into the story. Gravitate towards the vivacious and adorable character design which is expressive. Also, it is layered with warm elements.

It holds a lot of promising attributes for the future. So, savour the suspense of this manhwa. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

26. Name

  • Genre: Horror, Tragedy, Yaoi
  • Status: Completed, 2 Chapters
  • Author: No-e, Artist: Bori Flower

“Mr Ghost, won’t you tell me your name now?”

The story revolves around the relationship between a doctor and his patient who died and became a ghost. 

The textured art style and the colour palette used are deadly mesmerizing and really wow-ed me. This creepy messed-up Horror BL Manhwa is summed up with only two chapters. It’s like a very short horror treat. It was entertaining in all of the wrong ways. Thus, a quick spooky read.

25. Radio Storm

  • Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Smut,  Supernatural, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Ongoing, 34+ Chapters
  • Creator: Lee Seon-Ui

Another great piece by the creator of the manhwa “Moritat”

The story is set in an apocalyptic world. The world is at war. It has people possessing an ability known as the core. Sak, a possessor of a core, attends a Research facility where people study core possessors and their special abiltiies. But Sak has been suffering every day studying there. All because of his unique and different core ability.

One day the world is infected with a contagious life-threatening plague infecting people to be zombies. Forced out of school, Sak wandered in pursuit to find his caller to save everyone, including himself. And thus began the adventure of Sak with his caller.

A unique and engaging storyline and interesting world-building unfold in this Horror BL Manhwa. Action, mystery with angst with a bit of graphic violence. Art is hella fine with a gorgeous character design. Also, likeable characters. Overall, an exciting read.

24. Sin Flower

  • Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mature, Psychological, Romance, Smut, Supernatural, Yaoi
  • Status: Ongoing, 27+ Chapters
  • Creator: TAFFY

Creator of “Truth or Dare”

Father Haesoo Jung is also an Exorcist. He has been taking care of Park Dojin after he lost his parents to an evil spirit. The grown-up Dojin now works as a father alongside Haeso. But Dojin’s head is full of obscenity and desire for Haesoo. What will happen when evil creeps into Dojin when he discovers Haesoo’s darkest secrets?

Graphic depictions of rape, sexual violence and manipulation. This horror BL manhwa comes up with a dark storyline with exorcism along with hawt characters.

Disclaimer: Soul cleansing might be needed after you are done reading this.

23. Fruit of the Tongue

  • Genre: Horror, Mature, Psychological, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Completed, 7 Chapters + 3 Side Stories
  • Creator: Money

Trigger Warning: Depiction of rape, gang rape, abuse, violence, confinement, assault, torture, Stockholm syndrome, religious cult and brainwashing

“In the name of God’s will, let’s go to paradise together and let’s find salvation. Shall we?”

Father Agatho, neglected and abandoned by his parents, was adopted by the church. Agatho met Noah in an orphanage, 6 years ago and since then Noah has been following Agatho. The gentle-hearted Agatho only wants Noah to lead the right path. Agatho firmly believed that Noah changed for good when Noah became an invaluable member of the church.

But what happens when the thin line of mad obsession and blind trust breaks? 

Here comes a horror BL manhwa with a disturbing yet interesting storyline along with hot yet toxic characters. The setting is extremely dark. The character design is really pretty and well-drawn. And it is heavily based on sex with hot uncensored smut scenes.

Though the manhwa was rushed and a bit more development was needed. But overall, a short psychologically spine-tingling manhwa. Messed-up shit awaits you….

22. The Spooky Love Tale of Gongchan Seol

  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Horror, Romance, Shounen Ai, Supernatural, Webtoon
  • Status: Completed, 56 Chapters
  • Creator: YSE

Gongchan Seol is a guy who gets scared easily. Yet he became a horror novel author with a wild imagination creating in his head. His horror story comes to life when he meets Youngmin Woo, a guy who is been haunted by ghosts! But there’s more to the story! It all started when Youngmin started reading Gongchan’s horror novel. And that the ghosts depicted in the novel started showing up, as described!! And now Gongchan has become part of the haunting session!

Experiencing the events in the work together, what type of relationship will this experience bring them down to? Begins the spooky love tale of a horror novelist and his neighbour…

This manhwa comes up with a unique and original concept. A good dose of lovable characters with good dynamics, and a fairly simple yet satisfying plot structure with a simple art style. And a dash of horror infused with looots of comical with romance weaved in! Thus, this manhwa emits cuteness.

It had a bit rushed and abrupt ending with some plot holes. Nonetheless, an adorable, cute and heartwarming horror BL manhwa. I wholeheartedly recommend this to you.

Horror BL Manhwa

21. Obey Me

  • Genre: Drama, Horror, Mature, Psychological, Smut, Tragedy, Yaoi
  • Status: Completed, 39 Chapters+ 3 Side Stories
  • Writer: Rusena/ Artist: Milknono

Trigger Warning: Depiction of violence, kidnapping, imprisonment, bullying, abuse, rape, bondage and self-harm

Cha Jinyoo has been living a serious hell of a life having past trauma. Used to be severely bullied at school. Became a recluse and had shut down himself for one year in his apartment where he is living with his abusive father. Chaos ensues for Jinyoo when he went to a convenience store to buy instant noodles and gets abducted by an unknown man. But wakes up being tied up and locked up with a guy (Yoo Gyuh-wool) standing in front of him…

The only way to survive Gyuh-wool’s extremely twisted obsession and madness is by obeying his orders.

A story of a bullied guy who doesn’t remember his past and a psycho kidnapper who wants him to remember their shared past.

[A parody of “Warehouse” and “Killing Stalking”]

Buckle up for some mentally traumatizing and tormenting experiences. You will feel uncomfortable at times while reading the smuts with its visually disturbing scenarios. And disguised to the point you will feel sick to your stomach.

I find the story premise a little basic and clumsy with a lot of plot twists and unrealistic scenes. It had many plot holes. Despite heavy content matter, the characters lacked depth and needed more personality and had no character development. Many questions went unanswered and it skipped necessary developments which should have been addressed. This Horror BL Manhwa is cringy, creepy, dark, and gritty with hardcore weird stuff yet you just can’t stop reading it.

It started off strong and had a lot of potential but fell short. As the plot was all over the place and was a bit confusing.  I would say do give it a try.

20. A Dead Crow’s Stare/ Dead Crow’s Gaze

  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Horror, Smut, Supernatural, Yaoi
  • Status: Completed, 44 Chapters+ 2 Side Stories
  • Creator: N.BOB
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Horror, Smut, Supernatural, Yaoi
  • Status: Completed, 44 Chapters+ 2 Side Stories
  • Creator: N.BOB

Trigger Warning: Non-con

“Kid, have you ever killed a zombie”

In a world full of zombies lives Yoon Jinwoo, a coward weakling. A world of survival of the fittest where it is to die or let others die. Some tend to use others while some protect others. In the midst of all these survival, fun and desire, where does Jinwoo stand at? Things change for him when two guys come into his life…

Scary and crazy shit ahead! Serving you with an adventurous zombie apocalypse-themed horror BL manhwa. A good trio (3p) with a good threesome with funny dynamics. A wholesome trouple with character development and cute moments. It got a comic art style. It felt a little flat with a rushed ending. But it’s quite a fun enjoyable read.

19. The Man That Was Buried Alive/ The One Who Was Buried Alive By Me (Manhua)

  • Genre: Drama, Horror, Psychological, Romance, Shounen Ai, Webtoon
  • Status: Ongoing, 30+ Chapters
  • Creator: Shenyu Man Society

“I once HAD a lover. I am a very bad person and lied to him completely. But I didn’t kill my lover on purpose!”

Scene set in Al bin Psychological Clinic. There works Dr Ling Chennan, a psychological counsellor. One Friday afternoon, a special patient named Shen Yanchuan was for counselling walked in. Shen at first glance seemed like a handsome well-mannered but weak gentleman coming from a rich family. But during the session, he confessed to beating his lover unconscious and burying him alive in the courtyard of his house. A true and false confrontation started…

At what lengths do strong jealousy and possessiveness drive a person for his partner? Who’s the victim and who will become one and who will fall into the trap by whom?

Twisted and disturbing plot with great twists along the way! BL webtoon horror adapted from an intriguing web novel with terrifying developments. This horror BL manhwa serves us with a well-laid-out plot, interesting content with elements of psychology, and plot reversal. Also, it depicts multiple personality disorders. Twisted-looking characters and decent art adds up to the creepy setting. Thus, a whimsical read.

18. The Pawn’s Revenge/ The World of Chess Pieces/ Chess Pieces

  • Genre: Drama, Horror, Mature, Psychological, Smut, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Ongoing, 36+ Chapters (Hiatus)
  • Creator: EVY

From the creator of “Behind The Desk”

Trigger Warning: Contains violent scenes, sexual assault and explicit language

Working as a prostitute in the crumbling red light district is Je-oh. Je-oh is an orphan whose father left him in debt. He is been pushed like a pawn among the pawns and is struggling to survive. That is changed when one day he is kidnapped by a serial killer, Seong-rok, who also turned out to be his rescuer on a mission.

Now that Je-oh has entered the game. He switches sides with the serial killer. The willing kidnapped and conniving victim ( Je-oh) will use every move carefully to get the revenge that he needed and checkmate his opponents.

Killing Stalking characters are back but with a twist in their personalities but not the plot and neither the creator. Plotwise it’s a thriller dark manhwa with a dash of horror along with mind games. But felt short in proper story development. Twisted characters with toxic and unhealthy relationship. It has cute dynamics between the two characters whom you will constantly be rooting for. The hot art appeals the most with unworldly hawt seggsi scenes.

17. Ghost Gate/ Ghost Door/ Phantom Gate: Kill

  • Genre: Adult, Fantasy, Horror, Mature, Mystery, Smut, Supernatural, Yaoi
  • Status: Ongoing, 10+ Chapters
  • Creator: MEL

Trigger Warning: Non-con, blackmail and bullying

Another creation by the creator of “Freezing Point” and “A Week of Lust”

Lee Giyoon is an employee scared of ghosts and finds rumours of a wandering ghost circulating in the office. Giyoon and Director Jung Yitae aren’t on good terms. But life can always be worse than it already is.

Working overtime alone in the office, Lee Giyoon accidentally witnesses Director Yitae jerking himself off to one of his subordinate’s desk. Giyoon attempts to secretly record Yitae masturbating caught in the scene but sometimes things don’t go as planned… when Yitae catches Giyoon recording him… The situation turns against him.. “You are not my taste, still, take responsibility, blow me”

But Is it really Director Yitae or some unknown supernatural entity pushing Giyoon. Begins a dizzying dark relationship between a senior and a subordinate.

It is a spooky horny ghost story with erotic scenes. The character design in this Horror BL Manhwa is pretty and clean and neat. Plus the scenes are disturbing and creepy as fuck that will literally give you chills.

16. Fate Makes No Mistakes

  • Genre: Adult, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Smut, Supernatural, Yaoi
  • Status: Ongoing, 73+ Chapters (Hiatus)
  • Creator: SHIN

Trigger Warning: Addresses topics like psychological trauma, depression, suffering, death and rape

Joo Eunjae is possessed by a ghost who has been attacking (raping) him every night giving him sleepless nights. While his days are filled with strange occurrences and memory lapses. On one fated night, a man in a mask accidentally saves him right before an accident. That masked man turns out to be a goblin (San) who tells him that according to the world of the afterlife, he’s officially recorded as deceased.

The only way to protect his body and soul from disappearing forever is by being close to a Goblin because Ghosts hate Goblins. What awaits a goblin and a human who is facing the fate of death? A story unfolds between these two inseparable people who go against fate.

Enters an Oriental fantasy BL with a compelling plot with plot twists and secrets. It keeps getting better with enough tension to keep the readers engaged throughout. The artwork is full of charm with a pretty character design. Realistic and well-thought-out characters with slow burn but engaging relationships. Also, it has an adorable main couple.

Horror elements (demon scenes) are very limited. It has more fantasy elements: Grim Reaper, Goblin, Ghosts, Human and Yama.

Come for the smut but stay for the story. A smooth dark and fascinating Horror BL Manhwa ride.

15. Interview with a Murderer

  • Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Tragedy, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Completed, 53 Chapters
  • Creator: KJK

Creator of “Long Time Red Mall”

Clark Kang is a reporter. He has been offered to interview Alex Suh, otherwise known as the triage killer who has shaken the entire city. A killer who kills in three and is still at large. Clark accepted the offer to know about his methods, processes and criteria for victim selection. Alex only demands one thing in exchange for the interview: Clark himself.

Little by little, Clark will learn why the mentally unstable Alex kills and in the midst, Alex will realise that Clark is not as innocent as he acts to be. And their relationship starts to become something more… Watch their relationship grow. Let the game of manipulation begins…

Here begins that type of criminal thriller manhwa that will give you chills. It has an unusual, realistic storyline with levity and psychological elements. No unnecessary extra information or characters. Sizzling spicy bed action is available in this Horror BL Manhwa. The ending was appropriate and bittersweet. Also, it has twisted, compelling and intriguing characters giving off mysterious auras. The characters have interesting dynamics that come into play with a toxic relationship.

It was thoroughly enjoyable and very fresh. A worthwhile read. In short, a psychological mess.

14. Moritat

  • Genre: Drama, Mystery, Psychological, Sci-fi, Shounen Ai, Thriller, Webtoon
  • Status: Completed, 52 Chapters
  • Creator: Lee Seon-ui

Creator of the manhwa “Radio Storm”

“I am your lover whom you completely forgot”

Jesse Brown is the sole heir of the Brown family. One day, he wakes up in a hospital with his memories wiped out of his former life. There stands in front of him is Law Chester, who proclaims to be his lover. But his fragmented and scattered memories tell him that he was left for dead in a snowy empty field after being pushed from a cliff by the very same self-claimed lover…

With his blank state of mind, Jesse tries to figure out what’s the truth and who’s the truth. What’s reality and what’s virtuality? Unravelling the truth from the memories begins. Because not everything is what it seems to be… 

Moritat is a mind fuckery and mind-bending strong psychological thriller-horror BL manhwa. The story concept is very creative and psychotic with plot twists and turns. It has clean, simple art following minimalism using coloured pages and specific tones. It’s a tale of two dysfunctional and unpredictable characters in an unhealthy relationship. The flashbacks, backdrop and revelations are intriguing. Most of the characters need therapy. 

Heavy psychology and layers of mystery through and through. I suggest you read this in one sitting to get the gist else you might lose the interesting flow. And things might get a little hard to understand. The near you are to the end, the more things will get clearer, which will leave you flabbergasted. The mystery is what will keep you hooked!

An underrated real mind-screwing convoluted psychological manipulation manhwa. It deserves much more recognition.

13. Ventham/ BENTHAM

  • Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Psychological, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Ongoing, 26+Chapters
  • Creator: Saui

Trigger Warning: Depiction of murder, foul language, paedophilia, rape, violence, abuse, gore, child prostitution and torture (Not for the faint-hearted)

Priest Peter Simon has been taking care of orphans from the war. “Ventham” is about an orphan, Johannes who was sentenced to death but was saved from the gallows by Father Peter. It’s about the dark side of a psychopath killer and a Priest and their complex and manipulative relationship.

Welcome to the read of an enjoyable horror mess. Here you get a reincarnated version of Sangwoo from “Killing Stalking”. Along with that comes a black-and-white gothic vibe art style that looks frighteningly beautiful. The horror aspect is quite prominent in the manhwa. It has a severely messed up plot and characters as well as a toxic relationship. The plot is a bit confusing and can be traumatizing with its hardcore elements. Give this horror BL manhwa a whirl.

12. Sura’s Lover

  • Genre: Historical, Horror, Psychological, Romance, Smut, Supernatural, Yaoi
  • Status: Ongoing, 34+ Chapters
  • Creator: Shin Yuri

Another creation by the creator of “Incidentally Living Together”, “1866”, “Juanmuqi”

Trigger Warning: Depiction of murder, rape, sexual assault, gore, psychological and physical abuse

Living in a remote small town, deep in the mountains, with doctors is Cho-Ah. Cho-Ah wished for a peaceful life while learning medicine there. But one day, the tide turns for the worst when he meets a severely wounded and injured mysterious guy, Mujin and ends up saving him. However, after Mujin appeared, the peaceful air in the village began to drift…severely…

“Sura’ Lover” package comes up with a fucked up and disturbing plot, breathtaking and detailed character design art with a pretty blue colour palette along with a perfect portion of heavenly smut. Do not look for innocent romance here. Because it has toxic, abusive and manipulative relationships displaying obsession and unhealthy possessiveness of a crazy yandere. It has a lot of plot holes and a lot of drama. But overall, it’s a decent horror BL manhwa with a dark thriller.

11. Defective Lovers/ Unsound Relationship (Manhua)

  • Genre: Action, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Tragedy, Shounen Ai
  • Status: Ongoing, 69+ Chapters
  • Author: Xiyan/ Artist: Dengsa

The hot-tempered and grumpy Chief Detective is Qian Cuo. The cold-blooded, aloof detective who is also a Soothsayer is Teng Ruiyu. Two years ago, the two of them partnered in solving countless queer cases. Until they get entangled in a string of bizarre serial killings related to soothsaying art. Where the killer started leaving a weird symbol with a note inside the victim’s belly and the corpse’s mouth and eyes sewn together. That case left Teng Ruiyu in an unconscious state in a wheelchair and the murder case unsolved…

This manhwa comes up with a murder and mystery-based plot. The plot is creative and intricating. In the midst of complex cases and creepy scenes, romance is built up nicely.

This Horror BL Manhwa has a depiction of a character with severe mysophobia and OCD. The character design and appearance of the chibi art style are pretty that will keep you in a daze. The downsides are the unexplained plot holes and short chapters. Apart from that, you get charming characters with character development. All in all, a stimulating read.

10. Warehouse

  • Genre: Adult, Drama, Mature, Psychological, Tragedy, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Completed, 70 Chapters+ 5 Side Stories
  • Creator: Killer Whale

Trigger Warning: Kidnapping, Imprisonment, Rape, Abuse, severe Stockholm syndrome, Violence, Trauma, Self-harm and Suicide

“Do you remember?”

Kim Dohyun, a 28 years old guy, is relentlessly working to survive as a mobile phone scammer and longs to return to his carefree high school life.

His life turned topsy-turvy when one day he woke up tied up in an artificial warehouse. In front of him stands his kidnapper Sungho Jung, with an expressionless scar-faced face. Sungho is ready to go to any extent to help Dohyun revive his memories of the past long hidden away. But Dohyun’s memory only has people with blurry faces… A twisted and manipulative relationship driven by a crippling obsession with the past. Will Dohyun be able to collect the puzzle pieces of their shared past?

Welcome to a bumpy and wild ride.

Brace yourself up because this emotionally invoking manhwa will make you cry buckets. It shows how the past and its traumatic experiences affect the present.

Story-wise, it’s well-constructed, dark, edgy and confused with an unrealistic yet satisfying ending. Simplistic clean art with minor details complemented the story along with nice saucy scenes. It has messed up, destructive and psychologically wounded characters with toxic co-dependency. This represents a dysfunctional relationship where they both need therapy.

It will give you mixed emotions and conflicted feelings. Terrifying and heartbreaking yet tragically beautifully twisted manhwa. An underrated sheerly mediocre but good lowkey psychological horror BL Manhwa.

9. Psycho

  • Genre: Adult, Drama, Horror, Romance, Shounen Ai, Webtoon
  • Status: Completed, 90 Chapters
  • Creator: Wuya

Another terrific creation by the creator of “I Was XXX By My Idol”, “No Doubt in Us”, “Star-crossed Lovers”, “First Crush” and “Summer Never Ends”

Trigger Warning: Depiction violence, emotional abuse, physical abuse, illusion, extreme yandere mental suffering and obsession

An agreement of exchange murder that will lead to Zachary’s downfall.

Zachary, a college student, unexpectedly meets Jason Ye with the alias Hare online. Zachary reached an agreement with a psycho. The agreement was that Zachary has to murder Ye’s mom’s former colleague in exchange for killing Zachary’s dad’s abusive mistress. In the midst of this twisted relationship Zachary, who’s unable to escape, falls in love with the psycho…

Begins the twisted love story of a cold-hearted college student and a mysterious scheming tsundere psycho. No one is who they seem to be…

Buckle up for a heartbreaking and crazy plot twist that will mess up your head. It will make you cry a river and will break your Kokoro. A very fast-paced, well-executed and well-planned manhwa. The plot was unique, dark and distorted, sweet and sadistic. Comes up with light-coloured illustrations with pretty character designs. Intriguing characters with toxic relationships.

Began with a tragedy, and ended with a tragedy. All in all, an immersive read.

Horror BL Manhwa

8. Sun’s Blood/ Blood of the Sun

  • Genre: Adult, Horror, Smut, Supernatural, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Completed, 62 Chapters+ 2 Specials
  • Author: FALI-FALI/ Artist: Salaman

Trigger Warning: Rape, manipulation and blasphemy

Father Gabriel has been living in guilt of being responsible for the death of his childhood friend aka his first love, Saliou. To overcome his childhood trauma, he becomes a priest. But things are not as pure as they seem to be….

Paulo Albertini is a hypocritical philanthropist who sponsored the church event and came to the church disguised as a devotee. Albertini offers Gabriel salvation. But in return, he must offer his soul, his body and his blood to Albertini in order to satisfy his vampiric lust. But in the midst of ravaging his body and soul, Gabriel reunites with Saliou again, who turned out to be a werewolf.

Vampire X Priest X Werewolf(Love Triangle Alert!).

An Intriguing premise with creepy scenes but a somehow confusing one. Depicts interracial homosexual couple. Also, it has a very pretty and distinctive character design along with tasty uncensored scenes. No lightsabers!

Initially, this Horror BL Manhwa was plot focused. But felt a little dragged and forced towards the end and got concluded with a rushed ending. Also, it lacked characterization and dynamics. And went with a fast-paced plot with undeveloped characters. (Diazepam online)

All in all, a good one-time read. Amen.

7. The Beast Must Die

  • Genre: Drama, Maure, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Smut, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Completed, 60 Chapters+27 Specials
  • Creator: Lee Hyeon-sook

From the creator of “Savage Garden”, “Flowers of Evil”

Trigger Warning: Depiction of rape, gangbang, foul language, gore, murder, suicide, trauma and violence

 Lee Kirin’s idea was simple. To use Kang Moo, become his posing partner and gain access to the secret club. A secret club whose members are sons of the upper class and where the identity and nature of the club is a tightly wrapped secret amongst themselves. All this is in order to find the perpetrators who drove his little sister to suicide. But soon he realizes that everything is not as simple as it seems to be… Will he have the steel resolve to fulfil the requirements to become the partner and the member of the secret club? The closer he gets to the truth, the more twisted his relationship becomes with Kang Moo….

*Incoming thriller!* Not for the faint of heart as it might fuck with your brain.


This cleverly written manhwa is one of the best manhwas I have come across. It will stir your emotions. You will end up wanting more while you question your morals. Though the horror element is low but the fucked up, the intricate, detailed and well-executed plot will be enough to reel you in. The creator did a great job in portraying the strong and right types of human emotions, which too were well-researched. 

Very well constructed work in all aspects, especially in psychological and criminal aspects. It got cliffhangers and many unexpected and unpredictable plot twists and turns.


The art is decent but the heavenly smut is intriguingly dirty. The art style lends so much power to support the personalities and behaviour of the characters.


It got layered and complex characters, character development and toxic relationship. The characters are dark and manipulative with a fatal charm.

It’s Dark, Deep, Heavy, Scary and Informative and will keep you on your toes. All in all, an underrated yet great psychologically twisted read with romance. Re-read worthy twisted yet beautiful in its own way Horror BL Manhwa.

Official Translation: https://www.lezhinus.com/en/comic/beast_en

6. Love Murder Basketball

  • Genre: Action, Adult, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Smut, Yaoi
  • Status: Ongoing, 16+ Chapters
  • Author: Kurutta Hito/ Artist: Tsunderuuu

Trigger Warning: Complex themes like bullying, abuse, violence, human trafficking, Stockholm syndrome, child trauma, sexual abuse, rape, strong language, murder and mutilation

Shoto Tanaka, an outcasted boy is also the son of one of the most infamous Yakuza bosses in Japan. He’s been in a complicated relationship with Goro Nakamura, Japan’s star basketball player. Goro has been constantly in the public spotlight as Japan’s top athlete abounding in riches and fame. But he hides under a mask with a dark secret. A secret that Goro is also Japan’s notorious “Animosity Serial Killer”. How will the strange relationship between these two continue with their unique ideologies affecting their relationship?

It’s Dark, it’s suspenseful and definitely not for the faint of heart with an intriguing plot and decent art. Do give this Horror BL Manhwa a read!

5. Blind Play

  • Genre: Adult, Horror, Mature, Psychological, Yaoi
  • Status: Ongoing, 54+ Chapter
  • Writer: YD/ Artist: Like

Trigger Warning: Depiction of murder, corpse, blood, gore, graphic sexual violence and abuse

Ah In, an orphan, is successfully able to earn a handsome amount of money quickly by working as a gay masseur. The only twist to that is that he pretends to be blind as well. All in order to gain high-profile clients who want absolute confidentiality. His smooth sailing life gets a halt when his paths cross with a famous mystery novelist, Seo Ilmo. The game of cat and mouse begins when Ah-In visits Seo’s house for an appointment.

Single-step away from death, Ah In can’t defy Seo while he struggles to avoid being caught pretending blind. Let the dangerous game begin but with a serial killer…

If you are okay with reading downright disturbing yet exciting bl then you are welcome to Blind Play. It has a suspenseful and intense plot with a lot to discover. The art is lush with attention to detail. Characters are drawn with a lethal charm with devilish developments. And hold on tight because the sex scenes are going to be a hot mess… Literally…

Addictive horror BL manhwa that will keep you with bated breath with excitement. So get some thrilling experience in this fucked up yandere type manhwa with devious yet strong characters.

Official Translation: https://www.lezhinus.com/en/comic/blindplay

4. Welcome to the Nightmare Game (Manhua)

  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Shounen Ai, Supernatural
  • Status: Ongoing, 37+ Chapters
  • Author: Zhang Yue/ Artist: Kuang Sheng

Qi Leren’s laptop crashes while he was playing a game called “Nightmare Game”. On his way to get his laptop repaired, Leren gets into an accident after the bus he was riding collided with a speeding truck. The injured passengers were sent to the hospital. But he wakes up trapped inside a game along with other players who were sent to the same hospital, including a doctor and a serial killer on the loose….

Trapped inside a virtual reality, the only way to survive is to complete the missions while fighting the demons.

Based on a novel. This horror BL manhwa got a decent art with a generous dollop of mystery concepts. BL element is minimal and it has more adventure, angst and survival elements. Also, it has a slow-burn realistic romance. If you are eager to know ahead of the BL webtoon horror story, I would suggest reading the web novel which has multiple volumes. The novel has a great detailed world-building which deepens later with good characterization with considerable development.

Horror BL Manhwa

3. Black Mirror

  • Genre: Adult, Horror, Psychological, Smut, Supernatural, Yaoi
  • Status: Completed, 62 Chapters
  • Author: Muhwa/ Artist: Sugeun

Trigger Warning: Depiction of amnesia,  emotional and psychological abuse, childhood trauma, murder, gore, blood and mirror phobia (Not for the faint-hearted)

A dark haunting past reveal awaits you through a mansion full of mirrors with a locked black room… where some secrets are better left untold…

Seyeon Taejun: an orphan, the perfect student who is training to become a police officer. He has a lot of friends and has been in many romantic relationships but he still feels something lacking. As a kid, Taejun suffered a past traumatic incident which led him to lose his childhood memories.

The past comes to chase him again when he accidentally stumbles upon Yeon-Woo Jeong, who claimed to be his childhood best friend .. A mysterious scar on his hand and a childhood he doesn’t have memories of and is haunted by strange hallucinations, nightmares with fear of darkness. 

Everything will lead him to sink in more into the darkness with secrets than he is currently in… Recurring nightmares await of multiple decapitated disembodied bloody hands groping him and giving him unfamiliar pleasure…

Welcome to the dark madness with bone-chilling scenes. It’s enchanting that will hook its claws into you and won’t let you down. The tension is real here in this Horror BL Manhwa that will fuck you up mentally.


The plot is well-executed and nerve-racking. It is intriguingly scary and creepy, shrouded in mystery with a touch of fantasy. Very well built-up tension and suspense with good pacing with a few plot holes. Also, we get tons of plot twists in an eerie and ominous atmosphere.

Unsettling psychological horror at its finest than one can anticipate. It’s extremely creepy, mysterious and suspenseful.


The art is rough yet beautiful and detailed. It also has delectable and kinky smut on the plate.


A hot, twisted, well fleshed and incredibly complex and grim cast of characters. Also, they come up with character development.

A supernatural thrilling ride from start to end. It is messed up but in a good way. A great anxiety inducer that will give you the real creep.

Official Translation: https://www.tappytoon.com/en/comics/black-mirror-mature

Horror BL Manhwa

2. Haunted by Desire/ Ghost Child

  • Genre: Drama, Historical, Horror, Romance, Supernatural, Tragedy, Yaoi
  • Status: Ongoing, 82+ Chapters
  • Creator: PENGUIN

Another work by the creator of “Boarding House Number 5”

Trigger Warning: Rape in every other chapter, gore and blood (Not for the faint-hearted)

Jo Seong-jae has a secret. Every single night, Seong-jae is experiencing lewd dreams with a ghost who resembles Hong Dohui, his best friend who is also his unrequited love interest for 15 years. Every night he gives his body to Dohui-looking ghost who pushes him down and makes his body writhe in pleasure. Who’s the man tormenting Seong-jae’s dreams? Are those really dreams or something more than that?

But Seong-jae is not the only one with secrets… Dohui holds a birth secret…

Depicts reincarnation, genuine love and suffering.


It has an unusually unique storyline with a good amount of horror and plot twists. It’s sometimes beautiful sometimes horrifying and sometimes emotional that might squeeze your heart in a thousand different ways. Some horror scenes in this Horror BL Manhwa might be disturbing and can give you the creeps. Even if you feel lost and confused, don’t drop and keep going. 


Features a vivid band of well-written and loveable characters. Three couples.


Breathtaking character design with panel scenes portrayed beautifully complements the historical setting. Also, it has mesmerizing watercolour painting art style with soft colour and orientalism. Annnd we have the sizzling steamy scenes lined up for you!

An underrated hell-creepy roller coaster. This is a good horror soup!

Official Translation: https://www.lezhinus.com/en/comic/haunted_desire

Horror BL Manhwa

1. Killing Stalking

(This manhwa was awarded the Grand Prize for Lezhin’s 2nd World Comic Contest)

  • Genre: Adult, Drama, Horror, Mature, Mystery, Psychological, Smut, Tragedy, Yaoi
  • Status: Completed, 67 Chapters
  • Creator: Koogi

Here comes the top Horror BL Manhwa!!

Huge Trigger Warning: Strong depiction of rape, abuse, murder, trauma, self-harm, kidnapping, torture, an extreme case of Stockholm syndrome, gore, nudity, paedophilia, homophobia, mental illness, suicide, BPD, incest, etc and most of these are incorporated explicitly

Yoon Bum is a scrawny antisocial guy with serious attachment issues and was neglected and heavily abused his whole life.

He found solace in stalking his classmate: Oh Sangwoo, a popular, considerate, friendly, and charismatic extrovert. Yoonbum’s strong attraction and obsession take a distorted form of stalking when one afternoon he tried to snuck/break into his house. But it turned out to be the biggest mistake of his life when he makes a gruesome discovery inside Sangwoo’s basement… There’s more to Sangwoo than meets the eye. Bum cannot escape this deep dark nightmare anymore amidst the emotional storm.

One of the best psychologically mind-twisting horror thrillers. The story tells how irreversible trauma and abuse shape and affects a person for the rest of their life.


An unsettling, enthralling and well-structured plot with growing tension and anticipation along with a scary tone in the background. Character-driven story with storytelling and foreshadowing. Avoids cliches with unexpected plot twists and a tense pace. Bizarrely disturbing scenes delve deep into the darkest drop of human insanity.


Well-fleshed out complex, layered and heavy characters. Sangwoo is a charming manipulative and narcissistic deranged psychopath. These morally repulsive characters will make you question your morals.

Relationship of two mentally unstable, broken, scarred and severely traumatized characters. Extreme tragic backstories and flashbacks. Horrible toxic co-dependence.


The art style perfectly fits the story. It has visually stunning panels helping you feel the terror while evoking emotions through a fitting colour palette. Sex scenes are disgustingly well-drawn. The spiciness is real.

Final Verdict: It has more of a BXB relationship than a romance or Yaoi. It didn’t romanticise their relationship or Stockholm syndrome. This is no cotton candy. A terrifying suspenseful horror classic and the most disturbing masterpiece. Overall, a disturbingly beautiful manhwa.

My favourite Horror BL Manga

  1. MADK
  2. Hikaru Ga Shinda Natsu
  3. Notpia
  4. Gesshoku Kitan
  5. Color recipe
  6. Kami No Kodomo

Thirsty Fujoshis! Were you successfully able to gulp down these horror BL manhwas? Do you need some manhwas to enliven and warm your heart that will hopefully help you recover faster after reading these creepy yet gripping manhwas? If your answer’s yes, then we have got you covered!

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And if you are in the mood to experience some more shiver-down-the-spine horror that will make you feel more disgusted, then jump to the following:

Horror Webtoon: Horror Webtoons Which Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

The End.

Comment down your favourite BL webtooon horror which chillingly left a mark on you.

Found any interesting Horror BL Manhwa which is not on this list? Name it down in the comment section to help the authors connect those manhwas with the readers. We’ll make sure to add it to our Horror BL list. And don’t forget to share the horror madness with your friends and family!

Will meet you next time with a new list. Until then:

Spread Happiness, Spread Peace!

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