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Magi Watching Order

What is the Magi watching order? Anime FAQ

Hello there, so lately we have started answering FAQs for the readers of the blog. We got some requests in the emails, so we decided to answer them for other users to see as well. Today we got an inte...[Read More]

Hellsing or Hellsing Ultimate – Which one to watch ?

Hello there, so recently, I was asked by a user about whether he should watch Hellsing or Hellsing Ultimate? And if he needs to watch both, in what order? Since his questions were quite interesting to...[Read More]

Megalo Box season 2

Megalo Box season 2 – Will we ever get a sequel to Megalo Box?

Hello there, we’ve had an interesting discussion on Megalo Box ending. Ever since Megalo Box finished, there have been talks of Megalo Box season 2.¬† There is a lot of possibilities that it migh...[Read More]

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