Best Websites to Discover and Read Korean Webtoons (Manhwa) in English

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Comics have always been popular for the simple yet powerful way of storytelling. Korean webtoons are gaining a lot of popularity especially since they come in color. Many look forward to discovering and read Korean webtoons and this post will assist you in doing just that. Now, if you were a manga reader you should have found some Korean webtoons or Manhwa on manga websites. Some of the popular manga websites do have some titles so surely check those websites here. Do let us know your favorite website to read Korean webtoons.

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Websites to Read Korean Webtoons in English

While there is a lot of manga out there Korean webtoons availability is pretty limited. Korean Webtoons Wiki currently lists around 366 webtoons. Which is a small number! We do have some websites like Mangahasu providing over 1000+ webtoon titles but there is no guarantee that the updates would be consistent. For whatever it is worth it if you love to read and find some interesting Korean webtoons you can check the following official English websites. With the growing popularity of the webtoon format, we can hope that in the future we will have a lot of websites offering the webtoons in English. Do check them out individually and dig up your favorite ones.

Unofficial Webtoon and Manga Websites

In addition to the list of paid webtoon websites above we have a few unofficial webtoon and manga websites that offer webtoon titles. In the genres section, you can choose the ‘webtoon’ or ‘manhwa’ category to find the title you wish to read or use the native search function itself. A lot of these websites host adult/mature titles so, caution is advised.

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Finding Raws for the Webtoons

Well, if you wish to know more about webtoons and like to check out webtoon raws you are generally out of luck as those websites are often taken down fast. But, here are some places where you can find the raws for the webtoons.

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Finding new Webtoons to Read

Baka-Updates Manga, Anime-Planet and MyAnimeList are some of the best websites to discover new webtoons to read. Some of them might not be translated so, there is nothing much you can do about it.

As of today, it is tough to find out good webtoons to read. Well, we will try our best to give you lists of mature, action, school life and romance webtoons that you can check out. Do let us know if you wish for any website to be included here.

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