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Updated on: 08/01/2023

What is your opinion about dolls? Do you find them cute or creepy? Dolls have been a part of human history for a very very long time, especially as a plaything for children. But what if there were children that used living dolls to express their emotions? That’s the concept the series Shadow Hunter is based on. Shadow House is a mystery horror series revolving around a unique clan and their living dolls, that is both cute and creepy.

Shadow House is an anime adaptation of a Japanese manga with the same name written and illustrated by So-ma-to, which premiered in 2021 and now the second season is being premiered in 2022. The story is about a faceless clan who lives like nobles in a mansion deep inside a mountain, far from a human establishment. These shadow-like nobles live with living dolls that work as their personal attendant and face to express their emotions. Emilico is one of such dolls who is assigned to Kate, a young noble whose personality is quite opposite to her living doll. Despite their different personalities the two become close friends; and discover and weather the dark secrets of the shadow mansion together.

Shadow House is a horror mystery with a fabulous mix of unique plot, adorable characters, and aesthetics, that takes you in its grip and leaves you wanting more. So, here are some anime similar to Shadow House that you can watch while waiting for the premiering episodes of season 2.

Here are 20 Anime Similar to Shadow House

1. Rozen maiden

Similar to Shadow House

Rozen Maiden, similar to Shadow House, is another mystery anime revolving around dolls with their own personality, free will, intelligence, and ability to talk. The series orbits around a schoolboy Shakurada Jun, who is a shopaholic. Jun spends most of his time staying in his room ordering and returning things online.

His life changes out of his monotonous schedule when one day a mysterious note appears on his desk, asking if he would like to wind something together. Thinking it to be a prank he replies yes and leaves it there. After a few days, he receives a package containing the body parts of a doll. And as soon as he assembles the doll, it starts moving like a normal human being. The doll introduces herself as Shinku and starts treating Jun like her own personal servant. Shinku tells Jun about the battle she needs to win with his help and meet her maker to acquire a fully human state.

And so, this is how Jun’s whole reality changes with the entry of a living doll he could have never thought even could exist. If you want to watch another anime similar to Shadow House that revolves around living dolls, then this one might be what you are looking for.

2. Pandora Hearts

Similar to Shadow House

Pandora Heart is another anime similar to Shadow House. Both series are set in the Victorian era with Dark magic power, Gothic horror, and supernatural elements. This series similar to Shadow House also revolves around the coming-of-age of a young noble who suddenly finds themself in the deep-rooted mysteries of his family.

Oz Vessalius is a fifteen-year-old heir of the Vessalius Duke House, whose life changes completely on the day of his coming-of-age ceremony. He is cast into Abyss by the malicious Baskerville clan, a prison he thought was nothing but fiction, only to be helped by a Chain Alice, infamous as the Bloodstained Black Rabbit. Now instead of luxuries, he is surrounded by dreadful Chains and fighting against the mysterious organization known as Pandora.

Similar to Shadow House, Oz also acquires a companion who assists him in day-to-day life and figuring out the mysteries and secrets surrounding the world he lives in. If you enjoyed watching Shadow House, try Pandora Heart, you might come to like it as well.

3. Another

Every school has a class that is always surrounded by troubles. But the class 3-3 of Yomiyama North Junior High crosses all the stereotypes you might have had of a troublesome class. Another, similar to Shadow House is also a mystery series with a creepy plot that will keep you wondering how things are going to end. Although there are no moving dolls in the series, there sure is a connection between Mei Misaki and her uncanny ability to see when there is going to be a death.

Mei Misaki is a girl in class 3-3 of high school who doesn’t exist, according to his classmates. But Kouichi Sakakibara, a transfer student meets the strange girl during his hospital stay before starting school. After starting school, he comes to know about the strange deaths of his classmates, but no one is ready to tell him what is actually happening and why. Unable to quell his curiosity, Kouichi starts talking to Mei while trying to discover the ominous secrets revolving around his class and the strange happenings.

Just like Shadow House, Another also engulfs you and keeps you sticking to your seat until the very end. Similar to Shadow House, it is not only mysterious with supernatural elements but also creepy and dark. If you enjoyed Shadow House, you must give it a try.

4. Hell girl

Some wrongs and misdeeds are so heart-wrecking and tormenting that one can’t help but want their tormentor to feel a part of their pain too. But grudges and hurt however strong, can’t give one power to avenge a wrong when the person cannot even be brought to justice for one reason or another. That is when Hell Correspondence Website comes to aid. Even tho it might not exist in reality but in the anime Hell Girl, anyone with a grievance against an antagonist can send them to the literal hell.

Hell Correspondence is a site that becomes assessable only at midnight. And once a request is made Ai Enma, the hell girl visits the person to let them know about the consequence of their request. Once the request gets clarified, Ai drags the antagonist down to hell. The downside tho is that the requestor will also go to hell after their death if their request is fulfilled. But maybe it’s better than the hell they are living right now.

Similar to Shadow House, this series also has creepy elements orbiting around children or child-like characters, living in a world surrounded by supernatural elements that one can not expect to be even real. So, if you are looking for an anime similar to Shadow House, then you must give it a try.

5. Made in Abyss

Another anime, similar to Shadow House with cute child-like characters living in a world full of mysteries. The story is centered on an orphan girl Riko who goes into the Abyss, a giant hole in the middle of the town of Orth, filled with mysterious creatures and valuable artifacts. Although the series is filled with adorable characters, beautiful art style, and amazing world-building, it has a very unsettling and dark storyline.

Like any other child, Riko also wants to be like her mother Lyza, a legendary Cave Raider with the title of White Whistle. But after her disappearance in the Abyss, Riko has to live in an orphanage. But one day she decides to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a cave raider by exploring the Abyss with a few of her friends. In the first layer of the Abyss, she discovers a child-like robot boy who she names Reg and includes in her group of friends. And with Reg, Riko goes on an advantage to discover the lowest levels of the abyss.

If you are looking for a seemingly adorable series at first glance, but with a disturbing and horrifying story progression when you get into it, that is also similar to Shadow House then this anime might suit your taste.

6. Inu x Boku

Similar to Shadow house Inu x Boku also depicts a story of companionship between a supernatural being and their personal servant. Although Inu x Boku is not a mystery horror series it still shares several similarities with Shadow House. Just like Kate, Ririchiro is also a supernatural being who is aided by a companion with special abilities outside of their own unique clan.

Ririchiyo Shirokin, belonging to a renowned aristocrat family is an Atavist, a human who has supernatural powers due to their linkage to youkai ancestors. Ririchiyo decides to move out of her parent’s house and live in Maison de Ayakashi, a high-security complex that specifically houses Atavists. Due to their powers, Atavists tend to attract high-level dangerous demons, and to prevent any harm, the residential provides an agent from the secret service to every Atavist Resident. Ririchiro receives Soushi Miketsukami, a nine-tailed fox whose personality is the exact opposite of that of Ririchiyo, making it a change for her to get along with her bodyguard. But it’s not like Soushi is giving up that easily.

So, if you are looking for an anime with a romantic premise similar to Shadow House that presents a story of a master and servant but with less creepiness and dark mystery, then you must give this one a try.

7. Machine Dolls

This is another anime similar to Shadow House dealing with living dolls that work as servants or subordinates to people with magical powers. And similar to Shadow House, this series is also placed in a European setting. In an alternate early 20th century, ways to mix magic and technology have been developed known as Machinart, and are often used in the military. Machinart can give life and intelligence to machinery dolls called Automaton, which is controlled by the Puppeteers during fights.

Raishin Akabane is one such Puppeteer who has come from Japan to Liverpool to study at the infamous Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart. But after failing the entrance exam he decides to participate with his Automaton Yaya, in the Night Party, a competition organized by the Academy where puppeteers fight each other to get the top position and receive the title of The Wiseman. But why is Raishin so intent on joining the Academy? What secret is he actually hiding?

It is an action-packed mystery series. And if you enjoy action series based on historical settings, then you must give this one a try. Especially if Dolls fascinates you and looking for an anime series similar to Shadow House.

8. The Promised Neverland

The title of the anime ‘The Promised Neverland’ depicts the whole concept of the series perfectly. The plot of the series surrounds children living in an orphanage who plays a vital part in fulfilling an agreement called ‘Promise’ between humans and demons. Similar to Shadow house the plot of The Promised Neverland also revolves around children finding out the dark secrets of the people around them that they were never supposed to.

Emma, Ray, and Norman are the smartest kids in Grace Field House Orphanage. A beautiful place where every child’s need is met, they are well fed and taken care of, their caretaker Isabelle cherishes them like her own children and their education is never compromised. But unknown to any of the children, the orphanage is actually a farm in the demon world, and children are the food for such demons under the treaty of The Promise. But one day, Emma and Norway find out the truth and decide to save everyone from their ill-awaited fate.

If you are looking for a series similar to Shadow House with adorable and smart children living in a place surrounded by creepy mysteries, The Promised Neverland just fits the box. Even though the premise and setting are different, the delivery of a sinister plot through a light-hearted setting and cute character is the same.

9. School-Live

School-Live also known as Gakkogurashi, similar to Shadow house is an anime series revolving around mystery, horror, and supernatural genre. Just like Shadow House, this series also seems chubby and light-hearted at first instance but the more you proceed into the series, the more psychological horror and mystery knitted into the series becomes apparent. It is a school-based zombie apocalypse series subtone with comedy and drama, but the melancholy is not lost.

The story revolves around a girl named Yuki and three other club members of the School Living Club. Unable to cope with the sudden Zombie outbreak, Yuki has a mental breakdown and lives in a delusion world where everything is normal. Her three friends, Kurumi, Yuuri, and Miki play along with her delusion, all the while fighting zombies and trying to survive. They have separate roles in the team and as much as they are free to do anything to survive the outbreak, the only rule is that they can’t leave the school premises.

If you enjoyed watching Shadow House, then you should give this psychological horror a try too. Who knows you might come to like it as much as Shadow House.

10. Junji Ito Collection

If watching Shadoe House inspired you to watch more horror anime series, then you might enjoy watching Junji Ito Collection. Similar to Shadow House it is also a manga adaptation. But unlike Shadow House, it has no cute element; this is much creepier and dark.

The anime is a collection of stories from Junji Ito’s horror manga collection. It is an episode-based series with a new and horrifying supernatural tale of terror in each episode.

If you are looking for an anime similar to Shadow house with a cute and lovable character then this is not it. But if it’s the horror and creepy aspect of the anime that you are searching for, then this series might entertain you well. Just keep in mind that this series is much more creepy and pure horror; not for everyone.

11. Haibane Renshi

A world where you know no one and no one knows you can be scary. The prospect of being a single entity without any prior connection to hold onto is not only lonely but also dreadful. But this is the life of Haibane, creatures similar to angels, living within the walls of Grie. A story of angels with Halo and wings sure does sound fascinating and nice but similar to Shadow House, this series is also very unsettling and creepy.

Rekka is a newborn Haibane in the town of Grie. After coming out of the cocoon, the only thing that she remembers is her dream of falling and else about her previous life. In a new world and strict rules, the only thing she can do is adjust, but adjustments are not always easy, especially if you have an unending curiosity. Soon she realizes that the town they live in is surrounded by walls that should not be touched or crossed. And along with all of this she also has to prepare for her Day of Flight, which she still isn’t sure what is about.

Similar to Shadow House’s Emilico, Rakka’s curious personality also helps her find the mysteries surrounding her. It’s an interesting and thought-worthy series that you should give a try if you enjoyed watching Shadow House.

12. Shinsekai Yori

Curiosity is as much associated with intelligence and invention as it is with danger and disaster. And children are curious by nature, nothing can be hidden from them if they set their minds to find it out, but that doesn’t mean the consequences are always good. And the concept of curiosity and mind control elements in Shinsekai Yori is similar to Shadow House.

The Plot of the series revolves around a girl named Saki, who acquires her psychic power at the age of 12. Knowing how important it is to have psychic power in the utopian village they live in, she rejoices and goes to attend the same school as her friends. And as she starts learning and sating her curiosity regarding her psychic powers, she starts questioning the fate of the children who don’t have any power. And Saki and her friends start uncovering the dreadful truth surrounding the village.

Shinsekai Yori is another anime similar to Shadow House set in a mysterious world that the characters don’t know much about but find out through their adventure. If you enjoyed watching Shadow House, you must give this a try, you will realize how it is similar to Shadow House.

13. Dantalian no Shoka

If you enjoy books and libraries, then you might come to love this anime; the series is based on books and mysterious libraries packed with rare and ancient books. And similar to Shadow House, it is also based in an early European setting. Although this series is also a supernatural mystery, it is not as creepy as Shadow House.

Lord Hugh Anthony Disward, after the death of his grandfather, inherited a mansion, but with a rider that he will have to take the guardianship of his personal library known as Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian. And even the rider comes with another rider, as he will also be taking care of the mysterious keykeeper of the Phantom Books in the Library, Dalian. Phantom Books are magic books that contain forbidden knowledge regarding magic, demons, and everything in between, which are now being misused with tragic consequences. Now, Hugh with Dalian is on a mission to find and seal the power of these Phantom Books that are being misused.

If you are looking for an anime similar to Shadow House but that is less creepy and horror based you can try this one. Dantalian no Shoka is an action-adventure-based supernatural mystery, presenting a fabulous mix of all genres.

14. Ghost Hunt

Similar to Shadow House

There is a developing branch of science called Parapsychology that uses scientific instruments and methods to investigate para-physical events and abilities. Abilities such as clairvoyance, psychokinesis, precognition, post cognition, psy, etc, along with paranormal events or any other extrasensory perception through the sixth sense, can not be studied completely, but efforts are being put into discovering the extent of their existence. And this is what the basis of the series Ghost Hunt is. Similar to Shadow House, Ghost Hunt is also a horror mystery that will engage you from the very first episode.

Shibuya Psychic Research is a paranormal investigating agency headed by Kazuya Shibuya, also known as Naru, that investigates and solves the basis of paranormal incidents. Kazuya meets Mai, a high school student who accidentally destroys and injures his assistant. And so, to make up for it she starts working with Naru and develops a love-hate relationship with him all the while trying to stay in one piece while fighting the ghosts.

Ghost Hunt is a horror supernatural mystery similar to Shadow House. Although, unlike Shadow House, it is set in a modern setting with science fiction elements. But by no means does it 2nds the Shadow House, only the premise is different.

15. Shiki

Shiki, in literal terms, means corpse demon, similar to what people generally associate with Vampires. Similar to Shadow House, Shiki is also a supernatural horror series, only this one is based in a modern setting and the former in a victorian one. It depicts the story of a remote village in Japan called Sobota, where mysterious deaths start happening after a strange family moves into the abandoned mansion on the hill.

Megumi Shimizu, a young girl is found dead in the forest presumably returning after meeting the new residents of the Kanemasa Mansion. Unbackoned to everyone this is just the start. After Megumi’s death, many other people are found dead like her. Doctor Toshio Ozaki, the director of the town hospital suspects that it’s an epidemic but after further investigation, he realizes that it’s the work of Shiki, vampire-like creatures who are making the town people their meal.

If you are a fan of vampire horror, then, you are sure to like this one. Similar to Shadow House, Shiki is also a horror mystery series where the horror starts at the mansion just out of town.

16. Houseki no Kuni

Houseki no Kuni is an action fantasy series set in a futuristic world where the earth is destroyed by meteors, bringing humans to extinction. Now instead of humans, it is inhabited by immortal humanoid forms made of crystals known as Lustrous or Gem. But life is not easy for them either. Even though they can survive the toxic environment that brought humans to extinction, they now have to fight the predators, Lunarians, who hunt them for their gemstone bodies. These Lunarian hunts Lustrous to turn their body into decoration.

To survive all gems are assigned a particular task such as fighter, medic, etc. Phosphophyllite is a young gem that hasn’t been assigned any job yet. Pho wants to be a fighter but due to inexperience and immaturity of age, she is given the task to create a natural history encyclopedia.

The series at first glance looks like a simple light-hearted advantage of a young gem Pho, but it is anything but that. Similar to Shadow house, it has beautiful artwork and childish and curious characters living in a world they don’t know much about. But it is also similar to Shadow house in the sense that it also depicts a very serene and unsettling story with cute and easy-going characters.

17. Uzumaki

Uzumaki is a horror mystery anime adaptation of Jingo Ito’s manga of the same name. Just like the name of the anime, the series is based on spirals. Weird incidents related to spirals affecting the town of Kurouzo-Cho. Similar to Shadow House, Uzumaki is also a very creepy and unsettling anime.

Kirie Goshima is a normal high school student living a normal life in her town Kurouzo-Cho, but it gradually starts changing after she notices her father’s weird behavior. Kirie tells about this to her boyfriend Shuichi who tells her that he also feels like the town is infected with spirals. Soon her father’s weird obsession with the spiral shapes becomes crazy and deadly. But this is just the beginning of the horrific incidents that bring the town into madness.

For people who love horror stories and are searching for an anime similar to Shadow House, this series is a must-watch. Uzumaki is a short black and white series but as creepy and unsettling as Shadow House, if not more.

18. Kamisama no Memochou

Also known as Heaven’s Memopad, Kamisama no Memochou is an anime series revolving around solving dark and dangerous mysteries by a private detective agency NEET. The series is set in a modern setting depicting a well-balanced story plot with light-hearted and dark elements. Similar to Shadow House, this series also orbits around children living with mysteries surrounding them.

Narumi Fujishima is a high school student who because of his father’s constantly transferring job, has to change schools very often and so has no close friends. But this changes, when on the insistence of his classmate Ayaka Shinozaki, he joins the Garden Club. Narumi meets Alice, a childish anti-social genius hacker who lives above the noodle shop Hanamaru, where Ayaka works at. Alice runs a private detective agency called NEET, which he later joins after finding himself entangled in a criminal case.

And since then, Narumi’s life hasn’t been the boring monochrome it was before. Although it’s not a horror series like Shadow House, it has mystery and suspense elements similar to Shadow House. And even tho it’s not a horror series it still gives you a creepy and unsettling feeling as the plot progresses.

19. Gosick

Similar to Shadow House, Gosick is also set in the Victorian era with beautiful medieval attires and aesthetic scenes. It also shares the same genre of mystery, horror, and suspense similar to Shadow House, tho it lacks creepy elements.

Kazuya Kujou, son of a high-ranking officer in the Japanese Imperial Army, is a transfer student at St. Marguerite Academy situated in Europe. But due to his black hair and popular urban legend about a traveler who brings death to the town, he is stunned by his classmates with the nickname ‘Black Reaper’. One day trying to find ghost stories in the academy library, Kazuya comes across a doll-like girl known as Victorique de Blois. Victorique is a genius who can predict the future with her exceptional deducting skills and claims that they should stay together. And so the two start solving murder mysteries and demystifying supernatural events together.

Gosick is an amazing mix of mystery, gothic horror, a political thriller, and suspense. Similar to Shadow House, it also revolves around the children of nobles and their attempts to solve the mysteries surrounding the world they live in.

20. Higurashi: When They Cry

Higurashi is another anime similar to Shadow House. It also focuses on the mystery and horror genres. The story revolves around a teenager Keiichi Maebara, who has just moved to the quiet village of Hinamizawa. But unknown to him, the town is engulfed in deadly mysteries and darkness that lurks under the simple mundane life there.

Keiichi moves to Hinamizawa in the summer of 1983 and becomes close friends with four girls in his class. As the annual festival of the town nears, he discovers some unsettling information. Apparently, every year for the last four years one person is killed and one disappears just before the festival. Strange events start happening in the village, making him wonder what dark secrets is the village hiding. And why are his new friends acting so strange?

If you enjoyed the horror mystery that was Shadow House, then you must give it a try too. Although the two series share the same genres, Higurashi is more bent on the horror and gore side rather than supernatural horror. It is also more creepy and unsettling than Shadow House as well.

So, here is the list of 20 anime similar to Shadow House. If you are a fan of the horror and mystery genre, you might have come across at least one series from the list. Is there any anime in this list of anime similar to Shadow House that you have watched before? And which is your favorite anime series in the horror genre? Share with us by commenting below.

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