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Fall 2018 Anime Sequels Guide

Welcome people to the Fall 2018 Anime Sequels Guide. I’m sure you’ve noticed on the site a Fall 2018 Anime Guide. Has already been posted on this site. So why not put this list with that guide? Well, the answer is fairly simple. They are so many god damn sequels airing in this new season

Fall 2018 Anime Guide

Hello there guys, today I present you our Fall 2018 Anime Guide. I have researched some upcoming anime with Kuma. I am working together with Kuma (as the co-writer) on this blog post. And we have decided to bring you our top recommendations of fall 2018 anime. The new season is going to be very

Top 13 Anime Similar To My Hero Academia

Boku no Hero academia has taken one of the top spots in the shounen genre. And how couldn’t it? It has a likable main character,  superpowers, action, great animation, power scaling and let’s not forget the intriguing superhero society. However, what goes wrong with every great anime is that we run out of content to watch. 

9 Best Things about Living in Japan

I’m a total fan of Japan and Japanese culture. In fact, my wish is to go and live in Japan. At least for some short period of time to see how things really work there. Because, like every other country, Japan also has some good and some quite bad sides. But, in this article, we are