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Updated on: 02/11/2023

Today we take a look at 8 Light Novels receiving an anime adaption in 2018. This is a more simple list so don’t consider it a list recommending anime to you. Think of it more as a list that informs you which light novels currently has an anime ongoing and which will get an anime next season. If you do happen to find an anime on this list that has gotten your attention and makes you want to check the anime out or avoid the anime like the plague. Then this list is doing its job correctly.

So before we jump into this list. Let me just make one thing clear. This list will only focus on new light novels that will get an anime or has an anime which is currently ongoing. The focus will be this season of anime Summer 2018 and Next season. So do not expect Light novel anime that came out in previous seasons to be on this list. Also, we will be focusing on the new light novels receiving there first anime. There will be no sequels, OVA’s or prequels on this list. So DO NOT expect Overlord Season 3, Sword Art Online Season 3 or A Certain Magical Index Season 3 to be on this list. We will only be looking at the New things. So let us start the list of.

8 Light Novels Receiving An Anime Adaption in 2018

Oh, one more thing, it should be noted when I added my little notes on some of the anime. Talking about the ones airing this season. It should be stated I only watched the first episode of those. When writing this article. So I’m only talking about them from first episode experience and nothing more after that. So opinions might change if I continue it and the anime I called trash now becomes better later. Which that being said let’s get started with Number 8.

8. The Master of Ragnarök & Blesser of Einherjar

The Master of Ragnarök & Blesser of Einherjar Visual

The Master of Ragnarök & Blesser of Einherjar Anime Visual

Series Summary

Some urban legends are best left untested! Yuuto Suoh gets more than he bargained for when he joins his childhood friend Mitsuki Shimoya in testing out an urban legend. When he uses his phone to take a picture of himself with the local shrine’s divine mirror, he is whisked off into another world – one heavily steeped in the lore of the old Norse myths. Using his knowledge gained from school and from his solar-powered smartphone, he has the chance to bring the Wolf Clan, the same people who cared for him, to prominence, all while earning the adoration of a group of magic- wielding warrior maidens known as the Einherjar. (Source:J-Novel)

8th in the list of Light Novels Receiving An Anime Adaption in 2018

Thoughts on The Anime

I was not planning to start this series. I was just going to avoid it and try not to pay attention to it. But since it started airing this season (Summer 2018) and since it’s on this list. I thought I might as well try it. I actually ended up regretting doing that. This anime had one of the worst starts this season (summer 2018). The anime didn’t even take time to explain the world or setting. It just jumped right into things. Normally I’d be okay with this, But for this series especially an Isekai. You digging the series its own grave.

None of the events in episode 1 made any sense. The series seems to think you just have to magically figure out whats going on and why we suddenly in the middle of a war, Why the MC is being called Father and why he is making new girls call him big brother(Though to be fair they explained the big brother thing later in the episode but even that made no sense).  But because they don’t explain this thing the first episode feels like the 6th episode into the series and the MC comes off as someone with a little sister fetish.

The Plot isn’t the only thing bad about this anime

On top of nothing making sense story-wise, The animation in this anime is god awful. Half the time it looks like animators didn’t bother to fully draw any of the characters. The effort in the animation is so low effort all the characters suffer from Same face syndrome. Everyone seriously looks the same. Once you notice this you can’t unsee it. It’s horrible. On top of bad animation, the 3D CGI is even worse.   Even the damn opening song is just bad. Honestly, I got nothing good to say about it. If this was a review article about this anime. I’d be recommending nobody watch this anime. You can’t even find any Guilty Pleasure watching this anime. It’s just bad. Probably one of the worst Is Isekai’s I’ve watched recently

Anyway Sorry for the rant. Wasn’t planning to do this here. This was meant to be a simple list discussion but god damn did this anime leave a bad aftertaste I had to express how bad it was somewhere. So I choose this list. I’ll stick on top with the other anime on this list.

So speaking of other anime on the list. Let us move on the next anime on the list of 8 Light Novels Receiving An Anime Adaption in 2018.

7. Shichisei no Subaru

Shichisei no Subaru Visual

Shichisei no Subaru Anime Visual

Series Summary

In the popular MMORPG world ‘Union’ there existed a legendary party named Subaru. This party, made up of a group of childhood friends and elementary schoolers, exceeded the limits of the game with their various senses. However, due to an incident which resulted in a death, ‘Union’ ended its service and the group of childhood friends went separate ways. Six years later, highschooler Haruto logged into the new ‘Reunion’ and reunited with a single girl. Asahi—one of old ‘Subaru’ party members, and his childhood friend who should have died six years ago. Is she a digital ghost, or…? (Source:MAL)

7th in the list of Light Novels Receiving An Anime Adaption in 2018

Thoughts on the Anime

Shichisei no Subaru another anime airing this season(Summer 2018). I gave this anime a shot simply because I was curious about it in a way. And all I can say about it is. Well, it’s at least better than the previous anime above. It has a better more colorful art style and the series is at least nice to look at animation wise.

It has bad 3DCGI but that’s nothing new in nowadays anime. At least this anime tried to blend the 3D CGI with the series animation style so I’ll give that a plus. Other then that, This series feels like an Isekai’s. But it would make more sense to compare it to Sword Art Online. Because it covers the exact same themes. Honestly, I’d love to talk about what I liked and hate and maybe try to summarise the first episode. But I can’t do that, “Why” you might ask well the answer is simple.

I’d Recommend you not read the Summary of this anime

The damn summary of this anime just straight up spoils the WHOLE first episode. I did not realize this until I actually watched the anime. If you read that summary above you’ve basically seen the first episode of the anime. Which means you can just skip the first episode and start episode 2. And you’d of missed nothing. So that leaves me with nothing to talk about here.

Well, I think that’s for the best. Let us not drag this out and move to the next anime on this list of 8 Light Novels Receiving An Anime Adaption in 2018

But before I move on to the next. Let me say this. Do I recommend this anime? No…no I don’t. I don’t feel like it’s worth anyone’s time. BUT if you looking for an anime similar to Sword Art Online. I’d recommend you try this. I’d at least be something to keep you busy until Season 3 of Sword Art Online starts. And while we on the topic of Sword Art Online. Check out this article for more information about  Sword Art Online Season 3.

Sword Art Online Alicization Reveals New Promo Video

6. How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord

How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord Visual

How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord Anime Visual

Series Summary

Takuma was just another awkward gamer, but a twist of fate sees him summoned to another world–in the body of a demon lord! And no one’s more terrified of the prospect than Takuma himself. He may have power, but he’s in way over his head. So he decides to pretend to be the monster he looks like, and accidentally winds up with a pair of gorgeous slaves: a voluptuous elf and a cat girl. It’s not what any of them wanted, but they’ll have to figure out how to work together if they want to survive! (Source:MU)

6th in the list of Light Novels Receiving An Anime Adaption in 2018

Thoughts on The Anime

The anime adaption of the light novel by the same name. By author Yukiya Murasaki and the artist Takahiro Tsurusaki, The novel has been ongoing since 2014 and the anime is currently ongoing in this summer season 2018 of anime. I sat down and watched this over a weekend and well I don’t really know what to say other than, Well it’s another isekai but that’s nothing new. We got a lot of those nowadays. Anyway, I can’t for some reason insult this series. It is what it is and it owns it. A basic ecchi isekai with fan servers popping out of every single fiber of this anime. I can call it trash but then I’m reminded of the anime I watched above which was horrendous anime.

So I can’t help but give this trash a pass. I can see this anime being a guilty pleasure watch.  It is technically a guilty pleasure watch for me too this season to be completely honest here. Would I recommend it though? No, never best to avoid this one and only go to it when you desperate to watch another isekai and believe me you ain’t going to be desperate for new isekai’s anytime soon. You got a lot of those coming out still.

Romance Light Novel Series Seishun Buta Yarō Gets TV Anime, Releases 1st Promo Video

5. Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto Ja Nai

(The One I Love is My Little Sister But She’s Not a Little Sister)

The One I Love is My Little Sister But She's Not a Little Sister Visual

The One I Love is My Little Sister But She’s Not a Little Sister Anime Visual

Series Summary

Suzuka Nagami is a beautiful third-year middle school student who has excellent grades and is the student council president. She wrote a novel about a little sister who dotes on her older brother, and the novel wins a light novel award. After they discuss the matter, Yuu is the one who debuts as a proxy light novel author instead of Suzuka, under the pen name Chikai Towano.(Source:ANN)

5th in the list of Light Novels Receiving An Anime Adaption in 2018

Thoughts on the Anime

An anime adaption of the light novel by the author Seiji Ebisu. The novel has been ongoing since 2016 and the anime is set to air next season Fall 2018. It’s another one of those little sisters type anime it seems. Been a massive resurgence of these types of anime as of late. It seems the little sister fetish will never die in Japan huh. Heck, we had a little sister themed anime that basically had the same themes as this anime air just a couple seasons ago titled Ero Manga Sensei. I am not really into these type of anime. But I guess I can understand why people like it?

Well anyway, I may be comparing it to other little sister anime but when it comes down to it. I know nothing about this series so I don’t watch to judge it at all at the moment. Plus unlike other little sister themed Novels, Anime Or Manga. This one has an oddly high rating. Which has me curious if it might be good. Well, only time will tell I’ll for sure try it. And for other people who are into these type of little sister anime. This might be worth a recommendation.

4. Seishun Buta Yarō wa Bunny Girl-senpai no Yume wo Minai

(The Young Pig-Rascal Isn’t Dreaming of a Bunny Girl Upperclassman)

Seishun Buta Yarō Visual

Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai Anime Visual

Series Summary

There’s a rumor about a mysterious phenomenon call “puberty syndrome.” For example, Sakuta Azusagawa is a high school student who suddenly sees a bunny girl appear in front of him. The girl is actually a girl named Mai Sakurajima, who is Sakuta’s upperclassman who is also a famous actress who has gone on hiatus from the entertainment industry. For some reason, the people around Mai cannot see her bunny-girl figure. Sakuta sets out to solve this mystery, and has he spends time with Mai, he learns her secret feelings. Other heroines who have “puberty syndrome” start to appear in front of Sakuta. (Source:ANN)

This anime seems interesting and maybe people must check it out but I will have to skip talking about it as I have nothing much to say on it.

3. Ulysses: Jeanne d’Arc to Renkin no Kishi

Ulysses: Jeanne d’Arc to Renkin no Kishi

Series Summary

The story is set in the 15th century, during the Hundred Years’ War between France and England over the succession to the French throne. Montmorency, the son of a noble, immerses himself in the studies of magic and alchemy at a royal knight training school. However, following France’s crushing defeat at Agincourt, the school is dissolved. Having lost everything and now a wanted man, Montmorency, who had just become an alchemist, encounters a mysterious village girl named Jehanne.

3rd in the list of Light Novels Receiving An Anime Adaption in 2018

Thoughts on the Anime

Well, I don’t really have much to say about this anime, in fact, I’m not looking forward to it at all. I will say though that the summary and things I’ve read about the story sounded really interesting. When I did not know or see anything about this series it seemed so damn interesting. But the moment the first Visual/Poster of the anime came out. It kind of just ruined it. Because It ended up just looking like your generic everyday ecchi harem, Which is disappointing because without looking at the art of characters for this series and just reading the summary alone. It really seemed like it could be a good anime. To put it simply the visuals ruin the interesting setting.

But meh I am not the type to normal Judge by its cover. While I’m not excited for it at all. I’ll still be checking out the first episode when it airs to at least form a proper opinion on the series.

Then again that’s just what I think. This is one of the light novels airing in 2018. And it it’s the type of anime you into then it’s worth getting excited about. There is also some news that came out about it recently so if you interested in that be sure to check out this article:  Ulysses: Jeanne D’arc anime 2nd promo video.


2. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Anime Visual

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Visual

Series Summary

Living alone and never having had a girlfriend, 37-year-old Satoru Mikami is dissatisfied with how his life has turned out. But after dying at the hands of a robber, he awakens to a fresh start in a new world…as a slime monster.(Source:ANN)

2nd in the list of Light Novels Receiving An Anime Adaption in 2018

Thoughts on the Anime

You know I completely understand why people are becoming sick and tired of Isekai’s. It’s honestly understandable, The anime, manga and light novel scene. Has been plagued with this Genre over the last couple of years. The is even two airing this season which I mentioned above.  It’s honestly become an overused Genre. So overused you see it more then Ecchi nowadays. But even though the market is plagued by this genre. You can sometimes hit gold and find something really good in an overused genre. And this Isekai, in my opinion, is one of them.

Though there are some better ones out there like Mushoku Tensei. Which is currently my number 1 Favourite Isekai, or the currently ongoing anime of Overlord and the Comedy Konosuba, But Sadly that’s pretty much it. After that, a lot of bad isekai’s received anime adaptions. Until now where it seems like something good is actually getting an anime. And there is another good Isekai receiving an anime. But we shall talk about that one in another article.

I just hope more good Isekai’s receive anime adaptions. But then the question is. Is it too late to save the genre by adapting the good ones now? Has the genre already run its course? Is it too late to adapt the good ones after adapting all the other trash ones? Has all the trash adaptions made it so that people can’t even be bothered to take the genre seriously anymore? It makes you wonder.

But back to the topic about this anime. I have one worry.

A Good Series Adapted By A Bad Studio?

For now, this is the good isekai. That needs to get peoples attention and show them that the Isekai genre can be good. And It’s not all bad. My only worry though is the studio that’s adapting this anime. 8bit studio, Looking at all the previous anime they have worked on. You’ll see they haven’t exactly produced anything….well….good. They have worked on popular ecchi anime. But they haven’t really adapted a good story driven series before. And when they did that was still an ecchi series and it didn’t exactly turn out great. So I’m a bit worried how they going to handle this anime. I mean I can praise this series all the time. But when it comes down to it. It depends on the studio adapting it if the series will end up good or not. I just hope this ends up good.


1. Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer Anime Poster

Goblin Slayer Anime Visual

Series Summary

A young priestess has formed her first adventuring party, but almost immediately they find themselves in distress. It’s the Goblin Slayer who comes to their rescue–a man who’s dedicated his life to the extermination of all goblins, by any means necessary. And when rumors of his feats begin to circulate, there’s no telling who might come calling next… (Source: Yen Press)

1st in the list of Light Novels Receiving An Anime Adaption in 2018

Thoughts on Series

Goblin Slayer Orignal Light Novel created by Author Kumo Kagyu. The series has been ongoing for nearly 3 years. In that 3 years, the series became really popular which is quite amazing when you think about it. (Tramadol) The popularity of the series has spawned 3 manga adaptions.  The first Goblin Slayer manga adaption. Adapting the evens of the Light Novel in Manga Form. The 2nd Manga adaption titled Goblin Slayer Gaiden: Year One. Which are a prequel/side story to the light novel and The 3rd manga adaption titled Goblin Slayer: Brand New Day. An adaption that does not follow the main character of Goblin Slayer but instead following the side characters in the world of Goblin Slayer and their interactions with the Main character of the series and how it has effected there lives.

Honestly, Goblin Slayer is a series I personally love and this animation adaption got me excited. It’s one of the anime I look forward to the most this year. With Wit Studio adapting it I can at least have a little faith this will be a good adaption. I would go on talking about this series nonstop if I could. But I’ll hold my self back from doing that. Instead, go check out these articles for more info on the series.

Dark fantasy goblin slayer anime releases a 2nd promo video for the upcoming premiere

Brand new Goblin Slayer Manga Adaptation Announced

Wrapping up the article

And that pretty much wraps up the list. Well for now anyway. So far these are the only light novels getting an anime that has been recorded for 2018. Since we not yet at the end of the year and there is still 1 more season of anime left. In the next couple of months before the next season starts. There might be an announcement of another light novel receiving an anime.  But for now, though we work with the info we got. If something new pops up I’ll try to update this list.

But anyway is there anything on the list that has gotten your attention? Are you looking forward to a certain Light Novel adaption airing later this year?  Or maybe you watch some of the light novels adaptions I mentioned on the list from this season of anime? If so, Do you like them or hate them? Be sure to let us know in the comment section down below.

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