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9 Best Things about Living in Japan




Updated on: 06/07/2021

I’m a total fan of Japan and Japanese culture. In fact, my wish is to go and live in Japan. At least for some short period of time to see how things really work there. Because, like every other country, Japan also has some good and some quite bad sides.

But, in this article, we are going to focus only on the good sides of living in Japan.  There are many things I found out while researching. And,  aside from bad things, all these good things about Japan made me fall in love with it. So, if you have the same wish as I do (living, or just visiting Japan), you came to the right place. I will show you what are some things you can really look forward to when going to Japan.

Note: If you are planning to live in Japan for a longer period of time, I would advise you to look at all the bad sides of this country. This way, you will know if living in Japan is really for you. Or, you’ll know how to prepare yourself better for that adventure. You’ll also know not to expect perfection, but to be realistic.

Best things about living in Japan

living in Japan
9 Best things about living in Japan

1. People in Japan are polite, kind and friendly

While going through numerous sites and forums about living in Japan I saw many posts full of good words about Japanese people. Apparently,  they are very polite, kind, and friendly towards others. In fact, many people reported that it is not rare for Japanese people to give you any random act of kindness.

For example, they like to share food. It is also common to see youngsters helping elders with anything. They will give their best to give you directions if you are lost, although they don’t speak English that well. Basically, they tend to give their best to help someone, While living in Japan, you don’t have to worry. If you fall, someone will definitely come to help you get up. They won’t leave you hanging like in some other parts of the world.

But, on the other hand, some say that this is all just an act. I guess I’ll have to go and see it for myself.

2. Food is absolutely mesmerizing!

Food in Japan is mesmerizing. It is like beautiful art full of colors on a plate. And, in addition, it is quality and very healthy. It’s no wonder Japanese people have such a young and healthy look. When looking at their food I feel sad that someone has to eat such a beauty. I would like to frame it and look at it forever! But, I’m sure no one can resist it! Especially when you can smell it.

Japanese cuisine has some quite popular and unique meals that you should definitely try!  If you are planning to live in Japan, get used to raw fish. Their sushi and sashimi are part of everyday life. And although I don’t like anything raw, by the way, it looks, I think I would definitely go for it.

Another very popular food is Ramen! If you watch anime, you saw it like a hundred times in Naruto (which name means fish cake roll from ramen).  While living in Japan, you will also come across these foods: Tempura, Onigiri, Kare Raisu (Rice with curry, yum!), Okonomiyaki, Shabu-shabu (Japanese hot-pot), Miso soup, Yakitori (Japanese brochette),  etc. And, don’t forget their famous green tea!


3. Japan has the lowest Crime Rate in the World!

Based on a report from 2018., Japan is currently the safest place on earth. Their crime rate is the lowest! To be exact, their crime index is 12.69 and their safety index is 87.31 (in the United States, for example, the crime rate is 47.01). And, it is important to mention that the crime rate in Japan is still decreasing. Seeing this, deciding to live in Japan is even easier. 

But, how did they manage to come to such a low crime rate? There are many assumptions about that. Firstly, anger and aggression are acts of shame in Japan.  Also, unlike other countries, it is rare for Japanese people to possess a gun. Furthermore, Japan has a very efficient legal system, although some people say (and I agree to some part) it is too strict and rigorous.

Are you interested in other countries’ crime and safety rates? Or, you want to compare other countries with Japan? There is a great site for that. Check it out here.

4.  Technology is out of this world!

This is another thing in which Japan is the best. Japan is the most technologically advanced country in the world. And, can you the impact of that in everyday life? Living in Japan is like living in another era. I mean, they invented bullet trains. They enabled us to travel through bigger distances in a shorter time, and with bigger comfort. Japan also has parking garage elevators!

They take up less space and cars are much safer that way. Capsule hotels are another great thing in Japan. This is a cheap, but modern stay for people who just need a place to sleep. Now, these are the good ones: High-Tech Toilets and Toilet Paper Making Machine (recycled from office paper waste)! They also have amazing arcades! Gamers dream! That’s not all, they have many more great things that they also use in everyday life. Living in Japan really can be great.

Convenient stores in Japan
9 Best things about living in Japan

5. Japanese lifestyle can be really convenient

Japan has plenty of convenient stores and streets full of vending machines.  Because of that, shopping is much easier. Convenience stores offer a wide variety of things. There, you can buy different kinds of meals (even freshly cooked meals), snacks and beverages.

They also sell cosmetic products, instant ramen,   manga, etc. Basically, anything you can think about. Furthermore, in convenience stores, you can pay your bills, buy tickets for different kinds of events, drop off and pick up deliveries and print different kinds of pictures from your camera. Best part? They work 24/7! Popular convenient stores are 7-Eleven, Lawson, FamilyMart, The Staples, Onigiri, and many more.

Vending machines are also great! And Japan is full of them. It has more than 5 million vending machines. You can buy juice, snacks, beer, cigarettes, hot coffee, a hot meal, rice, milk, videocassettes, magazines, and many more things. Today, they even have some more advanced vending machines. For example, they offer drinks after earthquakes for free and offer fresh sushi. Anything you need is just a few steps away from you. Available at any moment.

Japanese apartment
9 Best things about living in Japan

6. Apartments in Japan are quite cheap

When I say that apartments in Japan are quite cheap, I don’t mean about those in the middle of Tokyo. I also don’ t mean that you can buy a modern and fancy apartment for little money. Don’t go there expecting that you’ll see beautiful spaces and furniture like in the movies (or, the picture above). If you want something like that, you’ll pay much more.

Nevertheless, you can find some cheap apartments that are enough for a decent living. And, it is important to mention that Japanese apartments are usually smaller and very minimalistic with furniture. North and south of Japan have the cheapest apartments. On average, they cost around 300 dollars (in Tokyo, the average cost is 700 dollars).

7. Public Healthcare is also quite cheap

Do you know what people say? Health is the most important! That’s why the state of Japan regulates the bills od public healthcare so they can be affordable to everyone. But, it is not free! Japanese people pay 30% of their medical bills and monthly premiums!

The cost of Public health insurance is 5% of your salary. Nevertheless, coming to the emergency room costs only around 100 dollars. And, you’ll pay only about 50-80 dollars in the clinic. It is not free, but it is cheaper than in most countries. And, don’t forget that these are average prices, and the amount you’ll pay for a doctor also depends on your health issue.

8. Japan has all 4 seasons!

In Japan, you can see all 4 seasons. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter. And, they all bring beautiful, interesting, and memorable seasonal attractions. Because of the 4 seasons, living in Japan is beautiful. You get a change of pace, temperature, and sight four times a year!


In my opinion, Japan has the best spring! Their parks are filled with cherry blossoms in bloom. Famous parks for this time of the year are Ueno Park (Tokyo) and Kiyomizudera (Kyoto). This is a perfect time for a picnic under the blossom tree. In spring, you can also see Kawachi Fuji Gardens filled with fuji blooms. Many say that it is unforgettable. In addition, there are plenty of flower festivals at that time.


Summer in Japan is hot but also very fun. There are plenty of festivals that occur at this time. Most popular ones are Aomori Nebuta Festival, The Akita Kanto Festival, and The Sendai Tanabata Festival. But, there are many, many more of them. In the summertime, you can also see beautiful fields of lavender. And the best field is in Hokkaido. Furthermore, there are beautiful beaches in the islands of Okinawa, scuba-diving, beer gardens (that’s right!), climbing Mount Fiji, and plenty of fireworks!


Autumn in Japan is absolutely beautiful. It is a perfect time to take a walk through nature. While you’re walking, you’ll notice colors of green, brown, red, orange and yellow. Basically, other attractions are not necessary. Nevertheless, in autumn, you can go to Takayama Autumn Festival.


After the colorful autumn, there comes an amazing white winter. In some parts of Japan, you can see streets full of snow.  But, there are also many attractions following this season. Winter brings us snow monkeys in hot springs, snow monsters (frozen trees) around Zao, and drift ice at the shores of Abashiri,  There are also, like always, many unique festivals. In winter, you can attend Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival, Sapporo Snow Festival, Asahikawa Winter Festival, Sounkyo Ice Waterfall Festival, and many more. Let the fun warm you up!

9. In Japan, it is really easy to travel through the whole country and visit amazing places

Japan has very efficient and convenient public transportation. That’s yet another reason why living in Japan is great. Basically, you don’t need a car! Because their subway, train and bus systems can take you anywhere! And, they are all accurate and cheap. You can buy a subway ticket for the whole day which costs around 8 dollars. Tickets for one direction are even cheaper of course.

Trains are the main traveling system in Japan. Because they are a great way to travel through the whole country. And, they drive every 5 to 10 minutes. You can choose whichever suits you the most. Buses are also an easy and available way to travel. Although there are many ways to travel through cities and countries, at night you will probably have to rely on a taxi. If you don’t want to rely on public transportation, cars are also cheap to rent.

While traveling through cities and countries you can see many amazing things and places. We already mentioned seasonal attractions and festivals, but that’s not all. On an everyday basis, you can see plenty of beautiful and unique castles and temples. You can also visit historic places like Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Head down to Okinawa beaches or Fuji mountain. Enjoy yourself in Kyoto, Nara, Takayama or any other place, With such easy transport there are no limits. Your every day can be a new adventure!

9 Best things about living in Japan

Final Words

Seeing all this, I think we could say that living in Japan really does have some advantages. I mean, look at their beautiful climate and all those beautiful places to visit. While in Japan, you can see plenty of unique and great things. Hot springs, Cat Island, Maneki-Neko stores. Ghibli and Ramen Museum, Bamboo forest, Vampire and Kawaii Monster Cafes, Robot Restaurant, Yokai Street, Clone Factory, Pokemon Center, Tatami rocks, and many more interesting places. 

Aside from all these amazing places to see in Japan, Japan is a fun but also a safe place to be. They have beautiful streets full of nature, festivals that bring people together, moral and respect, mesmerizing and healthy food, convenient stores and great technology. The more I read about Japan, the more I want to go there.

What is your stance on living in Japan? Is it good, or bad place to live? Have you ever been there? Please do share your experiences and knowledge about living in Japan in the comment section below.

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