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Ashinaga Tenaga – A Pair of Yokai Creatures

Entering a world of Japanese mythological creatures, Yokai creatures to be exact, I came across many interesting figures. One of them is Ashinaga Tenaga. Ashinaga Tenaga is an interesting pair of Yokai creatures. But, unfortunately, I couldn’t find much data about them. Nevertheless, I find them quite interesting and unique. Because of that, I decided

Spring 2018 Anime Worth Checking Out

Hard to believe that we are already 2 weeks into Spring 2018 anime. I have to say though, this start of the new season is really unfair. Unlike many other seasons before this, there was no 1-week seasonal break for Spring anime 2018. Normally before a new season starts there is a 1 to 2-week

Kirby: Star Allies Review

Kirby: Star Allies review. Kirby: Star Allies is the latest title in Nintendo’s illustrious Kirby series. Spanning over 25 years, Star Allies is the first Kirby title to be released on Nintendo Switch, as well as the first mainline title to be featured in HD. Boasting beautiful graphics and the fun, platforming action the series

List of the Best 5 Websites To Read Manga Free and Conveniently

If you are someone who is broke but wants to read a manga, then you have probably wondered where you can read manga free of charge? Well, we have all probably come to that point, and I have. It all started when I stopped watching anime, and the reason for that is there were no

Why these SAO characters ruined the story with their appearance

Today we will be talking about a very popular topic which is Sword Art Online. SAO characters are often criticized as bad and unsuitable for the plot.  I have seen many characters get badmouthed and get negative feedback. And with some, I agree, while with some I don’t. But that does not really matter. What

The Handmaiden (Ahgassi)

Something led you to this movie. A picture, a title, the very fascination for the Eastern culture, so many reasons I can think of but personally, I had just one. History. I had to feed my hunger for their rich background, and Ahgassi aka The Handmaiden gave me just that. Two and a half hours