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Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 257 manga review

Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 257 – Seven Deadly Sins Latest Chapter is Out Now So, the latest chapter of the amazing anime series the Seven Deadly Sins has finally come out. Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 257 is going to be phenomenal. At the end of chapter 256, fans were very worried and didn’t know what

Review: Kuzu no Honkai

Kuzu no Honkai intro Kuzu no Honkai is a seinen anime about Hanabi and Mugi. They are a couple but they only share time with each other because they both have the same pain. Being in love with people they cannot be with. The troubles of unrequited love and the struggle. Replacing this love with

Fruits Basket Season 1 Detailed Anime Review

Hewwo, I’m Panda! I’ll be writing a Fruits Basket Anime Review, and I hope I can convince you to watch it.  Fruits Basket has many genres. Slice of life, Romance, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, and Shoujo. Usually, animes like this are 12 episodes or so. However, the anime is 26 episodes long. I’m always annoyed at