37 Action BL Manwha to Give You an Adrenaline Rush Punch




Updated on: 20/09/2023

Hello Fellow BL Readers! Do you fancy ACTION BL manhwas and running out of good ones to read or want to get acquainted with the action genre to broaden your BL horizon?? Fortunately, we offer 37 Action-packed BL manhwas recommendations lined up for you to Indulge in reading that can surely meet your interest while giving you a sense of unwavering excitement.

Two Popular Genres Into One!

BL genre encompasses an extensive range of genres within and alongside it with its increasingly diverse storylines. And over recent years, with the market being populated by BL manhwas along with its surging popularity, the staunchest legions of fans demand something new wrapped in the realm of BL. Action, being a staple of manga, is certainly one of the demanding genres in BL. So, get ready to discover BL manhwa with an action meter on its radar. From ordinary street fights to fiercely close combats and chases by gunslingers to high adrenaline demon attacks to orbital escapades in space-faring settings to intense bloody bath fight sequences overland to mafia action. It’s all here for you to discover!

GET STARTED with this exciting niche! Transport far away to the unfamiliar and uncertainty

Ranging from R18+ Hardcore to vanilla to soft, wholesome and cutesy to toxic romances to detective thrillers on dangerous missions to darker, grittier BL manhwa flavoured with action elements. Listed here, are some of the Action BL manhwas that will hook you in from the get-go! So, after searching high and low, I present you with a good whole stack of thrilling action BL manhwas to make your soul content with these characters in combat and their thrilling confrontations.

Some of these are acclaimed by fellow Fujoshi/Fudanshi while some are underrated while some are freshly minted action BL manhwa. This summation list has been independently curated and put together by me after going through various readers’ reviews and is also subject to personal preference. Also, every manhwa comes along with a dedicated “What Should You Read It?” section with my insightful commentary on each. So, stock up your TBR shelf with this action BL collection! And if you have already read some, time to refresh your memories. So lay down back with a cookie and enjoy the action. Happy Reading Folks to Find Your Next Great Read!

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Action-driven BL Manhwas: Our Ranked Top Picks

37. Jang Gun’s Butcher Shop

  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Ongoing, 11+ Chapters
  • Creator: Gaet Saeng

From the creator of “Swapping” and “Goja Dang!”


The stage is centred in a rundown shopping district. Here the local goons coerce other shops to do business with their butcher shop. Things change when Choi Jang Gun establishes a new butcher shop in the neighbourhood. And every single day, he is getting a regular customer (Dae Jang Gun aka Baek Mi Ri), who buys all the meat. 

Welcome to the Jang Gun’s Butcher shop that sells delicious meat, beef, pork, and chicken in the neighbourhood where danger is lurking everywhere.

Why should you read it?

*Incoming masculine hawt men with sturdy physiques*

This atmospheric action BL Manhwa heads off with a really good start with a nice plot idea with goons and murders. It is painted with a cute dialect, nice dynamics and hilarious elements. And the art was a joy to look at. I have high hopes for this one. However, the points of criticism are the weak implementation and the somehow chaotic-confusing later plot. But it still makes us look forward to future developments for us to follow.

Other than the flaws, it’s a “You can give a shot” BL manhwa.

36. No Reason

  • Genre: Action, Drama, Psychological, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Ongoing, 36+ Chapters
  • Creator: Salty

Extreme Trigger Warning: Disturbing Imagery, Gang Rape, Confinement, Abuse, Drugged, PTSD, Violence


Jeonghoon is a merciless yet promising executive in the organization. He decides to directly discipline the newly scouted maknae, Hyunjae, who is causing trouble. Hyunjae is a hot-tempered suspicious guy with a pretty face. Jeonghoon fell for Hyunjae’s looks and they became pretty close. Jeonghoon thought everything was in control when it wasn’t…

Soon they solidified a bond. The plot kicks into gear when one year later, Hyunjae disappeared without a trace. Things got even worse when later Jeonghoon’s organization was attacked and annihilated. The attacker turned out to be none other than Hyunjae who has joined hands with the opposing organization. The one he loved came back as a member of the rival.

Why should you read it?

Dew-dripping beautiful character design with crazy overly toxic hot yakuza characters. The action scenes are nice but not prominent. On the downside, this manhwa dishes out trauma-inducing elements in the storyline with a toxic, trashy and distorted seme and a warped relationship. In general, a so-so action BL manhwa to try out.

35. Sharpe and Rabbit

  • Genre: Action, Adult, Drama, Mature, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Ongoing, 51+ Chapters
  • Creator: VVBG

Another work on the shelves by the creator of “Born Sexy Tomorrow” and “Thick as Thieves”

Trigger Warning: Drug Addiction, Abuse, Racism


AJ, otherwise known as Rabbit, works in “The Warren” (a famous roadside strip club) as a prostitute. He struggles to survive and tries to save up, enough to leave the town. That is, until one night Mr Sharpe walks into the club as a customer. All that AJ knew is that Sharpe was his math teacher in high school. But in reality, he was a retired undercover agent for a covert organization. Sharpe starts working again for them and needs AJ’s help as an inside eye on this dangerous mission.

Presented with a proposition for a new identity in the desired country with money, will AJ agree to help Sharpe on his mission?

Why should you read it?

This manhwa presents you with a somewhat accurate Western setting and a nice build-up idea with strategic action that keeps reeling you in with every passing chapter. This action BL manhwa can be dark, tragic and absolute heartbreaking and depressing at times, thrown in with unrefined visuals. It has a simply adorable AJ, with loveable characters exposed in nice chemistry to march along. The issue turns out to be short-lengthed chapters, art and minimal action events.

All in all, quite an investing slow-burn piece to read, in my opinion.

Official Translation: https://tapas.io/series/sharpeandrabbit/info

34. Chess & Jack

  • Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen Ai, Supernatural, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Completed, 29 Chapters
  • Creator: Han Eun-joo


The story of this action BL Manhwa is set in the far distant future where technology has advanced to a greater extent. In a world where humans and android robots co-exist with androids being acknowledged as an independent existence. 

Chester works in a cleaning service company and is barely hanging on. One day, his life did a total u-turn when he received a call, being informed that his older sister Esther (a rich AI researcher) committed suicide. When Chester, being the only living blood relative to his sister, arrives in the city he gets to know that all her legacy is inherited by her sister’s husband Jack Srag, an android robot she made.

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But did she really commit suicide? How will this new relationship play out?

Why should you read it?

Yaoi Manhwa made it to serialization from a web novel. Chess & Jack thrives off as a full-scale mystery thrill-inducing and suspenseful futuristic action BL with a sci-fi-ish vibe. The plot’s wasteland setting, the cohabitation of the two and the secrets to unveil will surely pique your interest. The concept in which the creator developed the premise and world construction along with plot details is intriguing, with the presence of a good character setting.

Don’t be misled by the cover quality because the art has a visually appealing level in its simplicity. The style of painting with neat panelling and the minimalist colour palette is a great accompaniment to this manhwa creating a good suction power and a zip-along read.

Official Translation: https://inkr.com/title/381-chess-jack

33. Your Devotion Is My Salvation

  • Genre: Action, Romance, Smut, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Completed, 21 Chapters
  • Creator: Nam Taeryeong

From the creator of “Counter Offensive”

Trigger Warning: Rape


Reinholt is a workaholic, valiant and honest police detective in the organized crime task force. Rewarded with a 3-day vacation bonus, he goes to a five-star hotel. There he stumbled into the charming Milo, who was totally Reinholt’s ideal type. Milo claimed to be the hotel manager of the hotel. Following one passionate night stand and feelings developed. But Milo isn’t what he claims to be… but Reinholt still proceeds to pursue him.

Drawn into the affairs of the mafia, will Reinholt be able to help Milo get out of the dangerous organization he was wrapped up in? It’s either a Kill or Get Killed story of a forbidden relationship in an action BL.

Why should you read it?

This manhwa endows with little action component and no unnecessary dramatic developments, to drive a simple generic cliche plot. Also, it has plain laid-out visuals that are heavy on smut. And the characters are brushed charismatic and adorable with the relationship structure escalating with jet pacing.

It showed great potential and could have been longer. But it advanced with lightning speed and wrapped up in the blink of an eye. It lacked plot elements and development. The end result of this action BL manhwa is a nice cute squished short-ish noir respite, that reels the readers in.

32. Trap City

  • Genre: Drama, Romance, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Completed, 34 Chapters+ 2 Extras
  • Creator: Team JT

Trigger Warning: Drug Abuse, Gang Violence, Strong Language


“I obtain my freedom, you obtain your revenge”

Set in a dystopian crime city called Trap City, run by small gangs acting as a giant trap. Here scoundrels can roam, deceive and betray anyone. A city for you where you need to beware of people.

Inferry Group maintains its pre-eminence in the city. Noah, a member of the Inferry group, is Kahliya’s lover (his boss). One night, Noah betrayed the obsessive Kahliya and ran away with his money. The plot kicks in when on a run, he runs into Rex, the boss of Inferry’s rival organization: Caelum organization. Rex returned to exact vengeance on Inferry and resurrect the Caelum group while Noah wants freedom. In the midst of this war, Rex and Noah forge a desiring connection while using Noah as bait to lure Kahliya out. Anything to survive and not be killed, are two unlikely companions!

Why should you read it?

While reading, you will run into chucklesome moments with quite a local, fluffy at times and no heavy or deep plot with a warm fuzzy sweet ending. To top it off, this action BL manhwa has inevitably attractive character design coupled spiced up with lotsa delish NSFW scenes. Action scenes are limited. Likeable subject matters with cute relationships and nice character dynamics with a badass seductive uke.

The angst and mystery will keep you turning pages. But it felt a little incomplete and could have been explored more and built upon with more explanations. Also, it was rushed in some parts. On the whole, a decent product and a sweet level of quick binge-read.


  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Psychological, Romance, Sci-fi, Tragedy, Shounen Ai, Yaoi
  • Status: Ongoing, 9+ Volumes
  • Creator: Jinha Yoo

By the creator of “Totally Captivated”:

Trigger Warning: Abuse, Violence, Murder, Graphic Scenes


The scene is set in a dystopian future world where Earth gained independence from Revro. And Earth is secretly training an army of child soldiers to preserve Earth’s independence.

Thrown and left to undergo brutal training in a dehumanizing military training base “AEGIS” were two orphans: Izare and Jino. Izare silently makes efforts to keep the weak Jinro safe while sacrificing himself. But soon Jino manages to escape the violent camp and goes into hiding. While Izare is left behind in the camp. In the end, the two had to go their separate ways. But…

Warfare and angst-full action BL manhwa unfolding around the lives of Jino and Izare and their fight for survival where they align their complex relationship in the midst of intense suffering and tragic nightmarish pasts while being in mortal danger.

Why should you read it?

Unlock the mysteries that surround this dark, gritty and unpredictable plot with intergalactic wars. The plot is incomprehensible at times due to the time skips/jumps and jumbled storytelling sequences, making it a hard-to-follow slow-progressing yet layered plot. But the heart-pounding cliffhangers and the intense fast-paced battle scenes will make you bite your nails, leaving you craving for more. 

What follows is a decent and unique art that adds to the mysterious vibe. But no BL moment is yet to be seen. I would recommend reading it slowly to grasp things better and to fully imbue the story.

A bit chaotic where this story is heading by itself. Yet it will manage to put you through an ocean of different emotions as you try to piece it all together. Worth a go sitting in suspense, a non-stop thrill and a fun read of action BL.

Official Translation: https://www.netcomics.com/comic/6

30. The Weight of Betrayal

  • Genre: Action, Adult, Drama, Mature, Psychological, Smut, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Completed, 5 Chapters
  • Creator: Cheok Kong

By the creator of “Our Future”


“You are in trouble. You still love me”

President Seok-hyun is the boss of the Baekho group. Moo-young was Seok-hyun’s lover while being the faithful executive of the Baekho group since childhood. Suddenly one day, Moo-young betrayed the organization and joined hands with the Viper group. Enraged Seok-hyun sets out to track Moo-young down to kill him but his love for him makes him change his plans which is far from killing him. Seok-hyun starts meeting Moo-young secretly. Thus, a secret affair begins.

Boss leaching off a traitor….Once lovers, who wanna kill who? Witness an action BL in the style of a love-hate relationship.

Why should you read it?

Smell the angst 10 miles away while you read this thrilling solid noir action BL with some great visuals and brutally attractive muscular beefycakes buff men in yakuza.

This manhwa is criminally too short although I hoped for a long serialization from this fascinating manhwa. It has nice, toxic, violent content with middle-grade yet vicious action set pieces tossed here and there. Talking about the smut, it’s a blessing and bliss to the eyes while scenes being on intense fiery smut with a side of gun-play.

Despite how messed up the relationship they have, you can’t help but keep turning the pages. That being said, come for the smut and leave with a confused yet sad ending that comes together tearing at your heartstrings. 

29. Mad Dog

  • Genre: Action, Drama, School Life, Shounen Ai, Webtoon
  • Status: Ongoing, 38+ Chapters
  • Creator: Haribo

Another beautiful creation carved out by the author of “At the End of the Road” 


It follows Hamin, heir to a yakuza family. He despised the unwanted label that followed him around everywhere and was fixated on living a normal life. For this, he relentlessly started working part-time and saving and kept a low profile. Years later after many hardships, he finally was able to cut ties with his family. But his difficult past life emerges crippling from the shadow when he gets kidnapped by a rival gang on his way home. Ergo he ends up being under the protection of Sehyuk, Hamin’s father’s confidante and his right-hand man. 

Haemin’s ordinary life is distorted by the entry of the crazy mad dog, Sehyuk, who is everything except being ordinary.

Why should you read it?

Dabble into the creation by Haribo Sama who spins a manhwa with a character design that exudes bursting charm. You can never get enough of these hawties and their sexual tension and chemistry.

This action BL lures us in with an interesting enough storyline and leads us in its depth garnished, featuring a fair share of amount of action scenes and comical aspects down the line. The progression of events in every chapter keeps on getting better and better. No unnecessary dragging to fluidly present the story while keeping the pace tight. Needless to say, taste this pleasurable read because we believe in Haribo Sama Supremacy! Don’t pass it up!

Official Translation: https://www.lezhinus.com/en/comic/mad_dog_en

28. Stakeout

  • Genre: Action, Adult, Comedy, Drama, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Ongoing, 34+ Chapters
  • Author: Wan Dong Sib-o/ Artist: Cheong Dam


This is the story of Detective Jeongyu (a prodigy) and Detective Seojoo (a quick-witted guy with a rough personality). They work in the special investigations and violent crimes unit. With their excellent skills, they are indispensable partners. They were on an undercover investigation to arrest people who were illegally selling drugs to couples in a club. Amid the investigation, blinded by the winning prize of 3 million won worth of luxurious watches, they participated in a special couple event by pretending to be a couple. The task was to share passionate thick kisses with each other for the longest. Sounds simple…. Right?

But after some batches of certain incidents they both got into, including the kissing contest, not-so-simple mutual feelings steadily permeated between them. And like that, begins an exhilarating and refreshing action BL romance of coworkers turned lovers whilst them solving cases.

Why should you read it?

Yaoi Manhwa adaption from a novel. The plot orientation is simple and non-complex yet a bit disoriented and far from realism. Also, there will be no shortage of comedic moments that will make you crack up. The undeniably intriguing set-up and the characters scorching in rawr hotness will make you white-knuckled to read this one. 

But it doesn’t have a satisfactory length of smut and lacks enough characters’ emotions. On top of that, the action scenes in this action BL are quickly curtailed. Though at times the plot feels a bit jumpy and rough with jet-paced relationship development, the manhwa itself is a fun read, throwing in sexy and muscular couples having sweet buddy cop romance.

27. Specters: Karma

  • Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-fi, Shounen Ai, Supernatural, Webtoon
  • Status: Ongoing, 37+ Chapters (Hiatus)
  • Author: Musaek/ Artist: MAXI


Stage set in the year 2030 in Neon city. The world is surrounded by high-tech electronic devices with certain people possessing special abilities. The possessor of ability is awakened as a “Knocker”. Every knocker has a destined partner called “Karma”. Physical contact with their Karma amplifies each other’s abilities. But finding karma is tough.

Xian Yu is an *ESPA special agent and a knocker with a wind-manipulating ability. He has a strong sense of justice and is known as a “criminal catching machine”. Criminal hunter Maestro is a morally grey psychic with a mind-controlling ability. Maestro is known as the dark hero of the era as he journeys down to decrease the crime rate. What will happen when these two men with polar opposite personalities turn out to be destined partners? Above all, they are forced to team up as a special team to fight against Monarch, a knocker-run mafia group.

Why should you read it?

It has a decently put-together plot with humour on the tip stick that will leave you much to be desired for more while maintaining the proper tension. This futuristic action BL mediates with legit simple, nothing over-the-top art, and a pretty colour scheme. Additionally, it has characters with contrasting strong charms and embossed personalities with unique chemistries.

So, get ready for some attractive men in suits engaging in lavish superpower battles with gag cuts in an enjoyable rhythm. The shortcoming is that, for now, we are only served with spoonful depictions of BL elements with slow relationship development.

*ESPA- Extra Sensory Perception Alliance

26. Penthouse XXX

  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance, Smut, Supernatural, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Completed, 44 Chapters
  • Creator: Bacong, Jipadak


Siyeon is a top professional contract *esp killer. He has declared a boycott on all men on Earth after his ex left him hung out to dry after putting him in a crippling 8 figure debt and went into hiding. But things didn’t go as planned when he moved into a luxurious penthouse, sharing it with the charming-looking penthouse owner Taekyung.

But there’s more to the carefree party animal Taekyung and also to the aloof and collected Siyeon than meets the eye. Romantic tale sprouts and unexpected secrets await us desperate to be revealed. A clingy annoying obsessive seme X an absolute badass sassy uke.

Why should you read it?

Here plot itself is average, easygoing with little lacking of drama and real depth with decent writing. But it is sure to make you burst out laughing with its hysterical bouts of laughter scenes and facial expressions in almost every chapter. Get meme-worthy on-point expressions in this action BL. The striking visuals including the witty back-and-forth chibi banter align perfectly with the panels. It takes off with some juicy smutty shit level and stinking cute scenes.

It has characters with feisty and crazy behaviour with little character growth and relationship progress with funny and rather chaotic dynamics with saucy chemistry.

The plot wrestles due to certain plot holes, offering only sips of action scenes which could lower its likeability. Also, it had room for improvement, exploration, coverage and plot development. Regardless, it is a surely funsie, fluffy to read and easy to digest manner lighthearted manhwa for good laughs.

*esp: extrasensory perception

Official Translation: https://www.lezhinus.com/en/comic/penthouse

25. The Contractors of Pandora

  • Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen Ai, Supernatural, Webtoon
  • Status: Ongoing, 56+ Chapters
  • Creator: WOOJU


Scene set thousands of years after the destruction of the Earth. The world is rebuilt as Pandora, a bustling new planet home to various species. However, another impending apocalypse is looming on the horizon in Pandora, threatening all countries. People everywhere across Pandora unwittingly have made a contract with the devil and bound their souls to demons which amplifies their demonic powers. Consequently, this is triggering off unexplained natural disasters, throwing the whole world into disarray. 

Detective Hector, one of the contractors, is known as “The detective that brings misfortune/hoodoo” to people or in the areas closely related to him. Enter Eustino, who is a mysterious vampire priest with sacred power. The two joined forces and took on the task to track down other contractors and break their contracts. Will they be able to find the “Black Book”, subjugate the cult’s evil doomsday scheme and save the world together that has already been destroyed once?

Why should you read it?

This action BL manhwa has a well-worked, easy-to-follow plot with good directing and a unique setting. The comedic relief moments keep the mood from getting too serious. The achromatic colour scheme with a little bit of colour tone makes the manhwa more immersive.

Art is meticulously drawn with chibi versions here and there. It has an interesting character setting and a fatally attractive and dizzying character design. Also, it blends some cool flashy action scenes that are drawn quite well, which adds some charm.

It has a thick quick paced out development throughout but is not rushed. What I would point out as a minus is that there barely are any BL elements till now but has more of a good chemistry bromance. Despite the inconsistencies, this is a series with dazzling visuals. 

A breath of fresh air with more puzzles yet to come and trickles out to unravel in this drama, fantasy, occult, action BL and mystery venture.

Official Translation: https://tapas.io/series/the-contractors-of-pandora/info

24. Outburst

  • Genre: Action, Romance, Smut, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Completed, 25 Chapters
  • Original: Park Si-ang/ Author: Chaeo/ Artist: Hami


“My dear, I can do anything for you”

Murder Inc., a notorious assassination syndicate, is run by the greatest hitman of the org: Eugene. Simone is an undercover police detective who infiltrated Murder Inc. by working as a third-year wheelman for them. But the closer Simone gets to his potential target (Eugene) for arrest, the more his heart pounds for him. Things heat up when besides the revenge, he feels the thirst for…

This is an action BL story of a guy who walked into the murderer’s lair voluntarily, living a detestable life. All in order to seek revenge for his sunbae, or at least it started out that way.

Why should you read it?

This noir action BL manhwa is based on a web novel. It slides in with a little cliche yet fascinating storyline with insanely charming visuals. The characters are smouldering hot with a tanned uke emitting Levi vibes.

Nice Action, deception, revenge and betrayal. Although there were some flaws, needless to say, it was a worthwhile read with surprisingly worthy ideal components.

23. A Declaration of Revenge/ Fucking Great Revenge

  • Genre: Action, Drama, Shounen Ai
  • Status: Completed, 8 Chapters+4 Side Stories
  • Creator: Pharmacy

The creator of “Unlucky Mansion” is back with the creation of a Manga drawing-style action manhwa


“I need you to help me find the person who took my finger”

Ki-tae, a once-rising journalist, now runs a Detective Agency. One day, a man named Jung-Yool appears at his agency. Jung-Yool holds Ki-tae hostage and threatens him to find President Wonchul who years back kidnapped Jung-Yool and severed his finger. But Wonchul is no easy find as he is a person who operates under the shadows of his underlings. He’s a key player in the world of finance and politics and organized crime, loan sharks and drug-related activities. 

Sharing the same goal, will Ki-tae and Jung-Yool manage to dig Myung Wonchul out? Mutual feelings seep into this perilous atmosphere… Started with revenge, guilt and regret, the story of two characters bound by a painful common past. What will be their twist of fate? Or will this lead to a bitter end?

Why should you read it?

This action BL unfurls with a profound, solid plot direction with moderate tension burgeoned with impressive directing skill. Emotional lines, warmth and comical elements flow nicely in this unique atmosphere. And hands down to the story-driven hard-boiled events with other elements meticulously intertwined.

Coming to the art, it shines with its rough charm and detailed expressions. A vintage hand-crafted delicate pen workmanship. Moreover, it has distinct personality character profiles with dynamic, developing nicely. Although, a little cleaner was needed and it lacked a bit more explanation due to its rapid development. But it finishes off leaving us with a lingering lasting impression.

All in all, a speedy noir action BL manhwa that drives a thrilling and compelling narrative and a pithy plot. So, read it all in one gulp!

22. Killer Crush

  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shounen Ai, Webtoon
  • Status: Ongoing, 39+ Chapters (Hiatus)
  • Creator: eresemo

Trigger Warning: Gore, Violence


Taeman has been a cold-blooded pro-killer for 14 years and has the ability to disguise himself and act in and out of emotions when needed. That is until when one night he was working as a part-timer at a convenience store and he came across Dahyuk, Korea’s favourite romance actor with a face meant only for the romance genre. Taeman instantly got bewitched by Dahyuk’s beauty and smile. It turns out that Dahyuk has been looking for someone to help him master the art of controlling expressions and help him exude a murderous aura to act in his dream genre noir. And coincidentally Dahyuk notices that Taeman is a living noir himself. 

Will Taeman be able to control his feelings to continue doing his job properly or will it get the better of him? A killer who leads a double life and an actor who wants to improve his noir acting skills. From this point on, the story of Killer Crush begins.

Why should you read it?

Don’t be deceived by the misleading cover art and title as this is one wholesome rom-com noir! Get ready to crack up in almost all chapters because each chapter that passes, brings the hysterical and ridiculous pure comedy. Immersed in a nice setting and a feast for the eyes illustrations, this manhwa has adorable cute characters with distinct looks making absolutely hilarious facial expressions, for your meme collection. 

It is a bit of slow-burn fluffy manhwa with an action BL atmosphere that is the driving basis of the plot. The plot in itself carries lovely dynamics with hilariously cute misunderstandings that will keep you interested the whole time. In essence, a refreshing comfort light-hearted read.

Official Translation: https://www.lezhinus.com/en/comic/killercrush

21. The Summit

  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Mature, Romance, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Ongoing, 48+ Chapters (Hiatus/Discontinued)
  • Creator: Lee Young Hee

Another work by the creator of “You’re so cool”

Trigger Warning: Rape


Screwed over by a girl is Han-Sae, a tall, dark and attractive gangster-looking, high-school dropout student. But just when he thought life can’t get any worse, dejected Han-Sa was pickpocketed in a subway by Moto, a frivolous, chaotic and brazen scam artist with an innocent charm and effeminate features. To get back his wallet, Moto gives Han-Sae a rushing headlong chase down the street until he gets caught. But even after catching him, something about Moto didn’t make Han-Sae angry at all. 

Soon Moto barges into Han-Sae’s life showing no indications of leaving. And thus Han-Sae and Moto began their sometimes happy, sometimes messed up living together. As Moto moves into Han-Sae’s house, strange emotions begin to arise in Han-Sae’s heart… Met under unfavourable circumstances where will it all lead for these two who’re bounded by an undeniable temptation?

Why should you read it?

Plot: Unconventional and draggy in places yet engaging on many levels that will make you wildly interested in its unusualness. Incomprehensible and tedious at times, full of intricacies with underlying thick sexual tension with a hard-hitting angsty eventful past. It has plenty of humour and drama with mild action BL and a hint of sadness to go around. Also, smut is very thin. and is more of a manhwa with intimate/platonic scenes with a sensual appeal and juicy kisses.

Art: Unusual yet bewitchingly beautiful character design with strange proportions and distinct looks. Also, it undergoes significant changes in art with each chapter. The art is gestural and detailed with sharply drawn faces.

Characters: Well-crafted, deep and stylish characters. They are downright dazzling with varying personalities that make them interesting in their own way. It has a love polygon.

Despite the fact of its incompleteness, event jumps and overwhelming heaps of information, it’s a dramatic edgy manhwa with subtle undertones. It keeps the reader on tenterhooks that they couldn’t tear themselves away from. A wild delight read with a sea of wild emotions while creating an immersive experience. 

20. Open Board/ Miscreants and Mayhem

  • Genre: Action, Adult, Drama, Mature, Psychological, Romance, Smut, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Ongoing, 15+ Chapters
  • Creator: Brothers without a tomorrow

The creator of “Mania” and “Blood Link” is back to slay us with their new work.

Trigger Warning: Abuse, Trauma


From childhood, Pilgyeon’s personal obsession and insanity turned towards Nanmu, his so-called beloved second father and his mother’s former lover. Grown into an adult, Pilgyeon’s desperation to find Nanmu again, made him commit heinous crimes and step on perilous paths, regardless of the risks or guilt. And when he finally reunites with Nanmu, Pilgyeon is willing to do everything possible to conquer him and stay by his side, even if that requires reckoning his own biological father, Hwang Wooseong.

What kind of end will they meet where only sweet lust and crazy obsession await them in the abyss? A turbulent yet intoxicating relationship between two unusual men that begins with a dark/tragic past, misery and suffering with a revenge plot gradually laid in this action BL.

Why should you read it?

Emotionally and Physically Battered Gangster (Uke) x Adorable Psycho Puppy (Seme) with a sizeable age gap *sniff**sniff* TOXICITY! 

Taking daddy kink to a whole new twisted level. Here the art overwhelms the eyes by showing the essence of hunky heartthrob characters bursting with crazy charms enough to sweep anyone off their feet. It’s a toxic stew simmered with lustful stormy smut and light action elements. It’s weaved in a tangled web of love, survival, revenge, brotherhood, immorality and torment.

With all the right kinds of sweet to cute to dark vibes along with lighthearted banter breaks along the way, this manhwa is an interesting mess. Plunge into this noir-themed action BL manhwa, while feeling uneasiness with ethical conflicts and questionable morals.

19. Roses and Champagne

  • Genre: Action, Drama, Mature, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Ongoing, 52 Chapters+5+ Side Stories
  • Author: ZIG/ Artist: Ttung gae

Another creation by the creator of “Kiss Me, Liar”

Trigger Warning: Rape, Kidnap


Leewon is a poor Korean-American lawyer working in Russia. He took charge of a factory dispute case of Nikolia, to prevent his factory from falling into the hands of an unscrupulous city councillor/senator. The plot sets in motion when in the midst of working on the case, his path crosses with Caesar (nicknamed Tsar), the next head of the Sergeyev mafia group, one of Russia’s largest mafia organizations. The more they meet, the more they keep getting caught up and attracted to each other… Met and contend with him as an enemy but can become…

Why should you read it?

Adaptation from a web novel. This manhwa has minimal action scenes but radiates an action atmosphere with chucklesome moments to witness. The plot in this action BL is propelled through its super promising and intense start with a nice flow with a backdrop of the Russian mafia. But suffers from improper implementation and lack of realism whilst fitting cliches and stereotypes.

Savage Fierce Reckless uke x Obsessive Mafioso loaded hunk seme with a commanding and intimidating aura in a fierce relationship. Hawt zaddy material with batshit crazy presence, good dynamics and sexy grinding scenes adds a nice touch to the whole delirium.

Dive headfirst into this toxic plot of noir action BL manhwa with spice, lusty romance and violent clashes. For a work that is far from boring or too deep, you can try this medium lengthed one.

18. Passion

  • Genre: Action, Drama, Smut, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Ongoing, 65+ chapters
  • Author: Hound/ Artist: GangJak/ Original Novel: YUUJI


Unlike my twin brother (Jaeui), I, Taeui had no luck. Jaeui is a terrifyingly elite brainiac and used to work as a researcher at UNHRDO but disappeared without saying a word. UNHRDO, an organization that is not governed by usual law, aims to disseminate competent human resources. In contrast, I am just an average-brained unemployed former soldier possessing quick-wittedness skills with a gregarious personality and living a happy ordinary life.

One day my Uncle Chang-In suddenly showed up at my doorstep with a job offer. And at the request of my uncle I, in lieu of my brother, reluctantly ended up working at UNHRDO for 6 months. I quickly adapted to life in an unfamiliar environment without difficulty. And there I came across my ideal type with pale peach skin: Ling Xinlu. 

But my life of ease is intruded upon by the dark wave named Ilay, a sexy murderous psychopath with unusually fine hands. Everyone told me to avoid Ilay at all costs but there’s more to him than meets the eye and I keep getting entangled up. Connected by a common past, what have I gotten myself into?

Why should you read it?

Web novel visualization as an action BL manhwa. It comes with quite an intriguing and unique plotline with a handful of training action shots and lighthearted breaks along the way. Harmoniously tuned with a fairly developed worldview. And savour the meticulously drawn hot characters that will overwhelm your eyes. Also, it has visually well-expressed yet SUS characters.

The flaw is the subtle moving pace of BL development with tiny bits of steamy stuff. And also the huge build-up plot that is oversaturated with underling mysteries. It starts off incoherent but gets better as the plot progresses. So, get ready for some thrilling lethal angsty chemistry with exhilarating sexual tension.

Official Translation: https://www.tappytoon.com/en/comics/passion-m

17. Dear Benjamin

  • Genre: Action, Drama, Romance, Smut, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Ongoing, 45+ Chapters (Indefinite Hiatus)
  • Author: Id/ Artist: TopJung


This action BL is set in omegaverse. It centres on the handsome dominant alpha, Felix, who is an infamous notorious arms and illegal weapons dealer. And then there is the cold reserved florist, Isaac, who runs a small flower shop and also is a recessive omega disguised as a beta. One late night, Isaac’s shop is visited by Felix to order a bouquet of flowers. But for some reason, Felix is instinctively and strangely drawn to Issac and couldn’t help but want to get to know him.

But one can’t outrun their past. Embroiled in a relationship from their unknown/forgotten shared past to meet again in their present. What will become of these two? 

Why should you read it?

Adaption of a web novel. Before you proceed to read, I would like to warn you that this action BL Manhwa probably won’t be continued as it is put on hold due to the artist’s controversy for drawing highly inappropriate, disturbing art.

Here the story itself is predictable and cliche yet immerseful and smooth, sprinkled with gag moments and lots of intense action. We can easily sense the terrible angst, high tension and fluff. The main pairing has an amazing off-the-charts chemistry meter where the sexual tension is just bonkers. What follows are utterly hot and instantly likeable characters with plain artistry with clear lines. The smuttylicious scenes are a complete delicious delight interspersed in between the action and character drama. 

And how can we forget the freaking adorable angelic child with chubby cheeks: Benjamin!

The only drawback is that they left us hanging on the worst cliffhanger yet on the most intense note. Check out its beautiful novel with a trilogy/of three volumes. All in all, a sweet fun fine mpreg read with an interesting setting.

Official Translation: https://www.tappytoon.com/en/comics/dear-benjamin-m


16. Vampire Library

  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, Shounen Ai, Supernatural
  • Status: Ongoing, 40+ Chapters
  • Creator: Sun-Young Lee

Another work by the creator of “Song of the Doll”


“They definitely exist. It’s just that we’re not aware of them yet”

University student Manu is a feeble-looking guy with a personality saying otherwise. He attracts a lot of attention due to his albino traits. Looking for a less-interactive part-time job without being much noticed, Manu stumbles upon a dubious local vampire-themed library located in his neighbourhood which is built like an eye-catching medieval castle and decides to work there. But his wishful thinking spiralled out of control when he finds out that all the staff in the library are eccentric and obsessed with vampires and are otakus. They act, talk and dress like vampires and even worse, believe Manu is one of their own kind.

Manu’s patience reached its peak point when he met the head librarian (Carvel)… laying inside a coffin… But he had yet to realize that it was merely the lull before the storm. What followed was that Manu, unfortunately, became a resident of the library, a full-time librarian bound in a contract relationship,

Is the library just a vampire-THEMED library or a lot more? A strange library where strange things happen. Welcome to the mysterious castle, in the day operated as a library and in the night as….

Why should you read it?

This action BL Manhwa serves us with a slightly banal and crackfic yet immerseful plot.  And it well feeds us with flipping hilarious humour and banter for smoothing out serious situations that might give readers hysterical laughter attacks. Elaborative picture content is a real delight with a character design that has beauty and is a sight to behold on. Add on with a feast of charismatic likeable characters with well-developed arcs and their own mysteries and secrets, waiting to be unearthed.

Flaws? Short-lengthed chapters with subtle action BL fanservice moments and more bromance. Unique yet a bit of a weak setting but not boring or burdensome. In a nutshell, intrigue, roaring adventure, and electrifying action with a humorous take – that’s what awaits you while you enjoy the visual charm of this cutesy fun book.

15. Traces of the Sun

  • Genre: Action, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Shounen Ai, Webtoon
  • Status: Ongoing, 53+ Chapters
  • Illustrator: Merin/ Original Novel: Do Hae-neul

By the author of “Monster in the Midst”

Trigger Warning: PTSD, Trauma


“I’m here to scout Mr Yiseon and I can kill them for you”

Premise set where the people are awakened with hidden powers and the world is endlessly ravaged due to the appearance of strange dungeons which are causing heavy casualties while wreaking havoc. The damages caused by the dungeons are restored by the Restorers with their ability to restore and rebuild the affected areas.

One of them is me: Yiseon, the only S-Class Restorer and I have been living my life in seclusion. Until one day, I was approached by Hyeon, an S-Class Shadow Hunter/Awakener from the HN guild, one of Korea’s most powerful guilds, who wanted to scout me. One thing leads to the next and we ended up in a contractual relationship with a proposal I can’t refuse to. Could there be any more dynamics between us two? Yes! Because this is just the beginning….

Why should you read it?

R15 graphic novel version whilst the novel itself is R19! Manipulative ML with a yandere vibe, scary glares and creepy charisma X non-combatant MC with a traumatic backstory in a slow build relationship development, sharing the limelight.

This action BL manhwa is crafted with a well-implemented, occasionally scary plot with great directing and narrating power that structures the fresh and crispy concept well. Drawn into a fairly interesting worldview with a good level of immersion and emotional line. Well-conveyed characters with distinct abilities and personalities come out here. The dungeon battle choreography is greatly done. 

The vivid neat art with a lovely dominating shade of purple colour palette commands full attention and fits the story. Also, the characters are darn pretty and eloquent. And the manhwa expresses and captures the charm of the original work really well with its good visualization.

The BL elements haven’t come much in the clutch but the author heats up the atmosphere in some of the final chapters of season 1. Also, the event progression is quite predictable. That said, an overwhelmingly gripping modern game fantasy action BL work. So, follow the development of nicely flown events with excitement and anxiousness.

Official Translation: https://manta.net/series/1788

14. Necromancer Survival

  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-fi, Shounen Ai, Webtoon
  • Status: Ongoing, 58+ Chapters
  • Creator: Antstudio/ Original Novel: cm


Scene set in a world where after the sudden appearance of the Gate, people were divided into “Users” and “Regulars”. And the world ushered to form a whole new game-like system era.

Yikyung, a weakling, manages to be awakened as a rookie user. But just one fleeting mistake and a momentary misjudgment while choosing the class, ended up making him a Necromancer: The comrade of the dead and wandering souls (The weakest level of all classes). In search of enhancement materials, he along with his Skeleton Servant barely managed to participate in the reopened Tower of Spirits dungeon raid. But things turn out differently from what one wishes when he inadvertently stumbles upon Dawon’s vengeful spirit, who once was a top-ranked mage and a guild master but was stabbed in the back by his own teammate.

“I don’t want to die like this. Please make a contract with me and save me. I’ll do anything you want me to”

At a critical moment, they ended up entering into a vengeful contract. Tied by a special contract between a master (Yikyung) and his servant (Dawon). One wants protection while the other wants vengeance. Hence begins their cohabitation to fulfil each other’s wishes.

Why should you read it?

Vividly, neatly and smoothly adapted manhwa from the original. This action BL manhwa comes with a good mainstream with great story immersion and directing skills of the author and banger battle scenes. Plus the portion of each chapter is quite voluminous with a lot of content per chapter. Also, it moves with a reasonable yet fast tempo pace with interesting developments and easy to understand worldview.

It also has a heart-throbbing character design with unique personalities. backed up by dazzling artwork that preserves the original content. The setback was that it filtered out tons of details with toned-down gore and BL elements. Above all else, a fresh, fun fulfilling content with wacky humorous takes. A somehow cracking and swashbuckling tale of love and vengeance.

Official Translation: https://www.tappytoon.com/en/comics/necromancer-survival

13. Nevermore

  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Mature, Romance, School Life, Shounen-Ai, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Completed, 94 Chapters
  • Creator: Team Hitman

Trigger Warning: Drug, Rape


Scene set in a prestigious private high school that produces influential leaders. James is a top undercover agent working for Hawk, a Secret Intelligence Agency. He has been assigned a mission to protect the school’s principal from assassination attempts, by pretending to be a student there. Their bitter rival is Samuel, the principal’s ex-lover cum an undercover assassin of a mysterious organization. Thus to approach the target, Samuel infiltrated the school as James’ homeroom teacher.

Will they be able to face off against each other without getting their cover blown while abiding by the rules? Bound together by an undeniable attraction, will there be a place for the feeling of love in the midst of their respective missions and fight? Who will be the endgame?

Why should you read it?

A dangerous enemies-to-lovers trope with a love triangle. It has well-narrated likeable characters which harmonize well with an unpredictable plot, swarmed with unexpected edgy twists. The composition comes up with flashy action scenes.

With the central piece as love, this action BL promises sweet-salty chemistry with escalating sexual tension with touches of snarky humour. You get a good mix of everything embedded with trust, loyalty, revenge, manipulation and betrayal.

Creator grips the readers with its fairly minimalistic art as we scoop out for the truth from the piles of lies. Albeit it does get a bit puzzling and hasty at times and also winded up with many unsolved mysteries and revelations with burning questions left unsolved. Otherwise, an evocative intense noir action BL read in a winding tale, if nothing else along.

Official Translation: https://tapas.io/series/never-more/info

12. Zero at the Bone/ Dangerous Trial

  • Genre: Action, Adult, Drama, Mature, Romance, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Completed, 24 Chapters
  • Author: Jane Seville/ Artist: Son Gaepi

Another work by the creators of “Bongchon Bride”


Francisco is a young surgeon. Things went sideways for him when he unwittingly witnessed a contract killing. After agreeing to testify at the upcoming trial, Francisco is put under the care of the witness protection program. D, a hired hitman with a cold demeanour and emotionless exterior, has his own set of principles to not kill innocent people. But he was forcefully tasked to take a contract mission to kill Francisco. But when D locates Francisco down, he is struck by his conscience and principles which forbid him to kill an innocent man.

Left with no other choice, soon they both are on the run being the target of enemies and soon find themselves forced to partner up and work together. Became unexpected allies to each other and in the process gradually sparks started to fly into an unexpected penchant while uncovering the tragic past shrouded in mystery while trying to survive in the present.

Why should you read it?

Action BL Manhwa version of a novel which has more detailed and developed continuations. It has a trivial chic yet a bit banal plot with an okayish and fast emotional and romantic line which keeps it involving. A little is disclosed with spontaneous, chaotic and unexpected moments with witty lines.

Also, it has decently revealed characters with respective motivations and rich expressions. The artist’s distinct comic drawing style has a foreign and rough feel which suits the atmosphere in this action BL. And makes us feel like watching an action movie topped with a few sweet and seductive sensual moments of a switch couple.

It’s an endeavour involving chasing, shooting, internal struggle and healing. The setbacks are that manhwa being fit within one volume led to scraping off important moments and plot points. It also felt rushed with a fast-paced swirling development with a feeling of crumpledness. Due to the length limitation, it was harder to feel connected with their relationship and chemistry. On the whole, a stormy delight read for a short break.

Official Translation: https://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/books/zero-at-the-bone-manga-by-jane-seville-10659-b

11. Tale of the Yellow Dragon

  • Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Smut, Supernatural, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Completed, 70 Chapters
  • Creator: Brothers without a tomorrow

Exclusive work by the creator of “Blood Link” and “Mania”


Dojin’s only family members are his older sister and his beloved niece Myung Joo. His life reaches a turning point when one evening truck kun transports him into the mysterious kingdom of Yooguk, where he is being proclaimed the emperor. There he is told that the Yellow Dragon (Guardian God of Yooguk) along with the selected emperor protects the kingdom together. And to return to the mortal realm, Dojin and Yellow Dragon made a deal where Dojin agrees to share his “life force” with the Yellow Dragon for a period of time. And the only way to do that is by….

Their wheel of predestined fate starts playing its role as love and strong deep affection fosters amidst Yellow Dragon’s cold embrace. They must navigate mysteries and secrets from their heartrending shared pasts that come to the fore.

Why should you read it?

Storyboard lays out a heartfelt and profound yet heartache unconditional love story transcending time, space and dimension peppered with some angsty anguish-esque slow-paced developments and twists. It offers reasonably constructed and seductively sexy characters with a whole range of emotions which will make your heart giddy.

Get a generous amount of scrumptious erotic elements all the way around as an added bonus. The visual depiction is a bit weird yet majestic with colourful panels embroidered on every page infused with a mild level of dynamic martial arts battles.

Brace your tear ducts as this action BL manhwa might make you puffy eyed leaving you with streams of happy and sad tears. The gaps here are that this manhwa is sandwiched between reality, dream, illusion and inception which can be slightly perplexing and repetitive at times. Simply put an impactful re-readable material sweetly bitter manhwa.

Official Translation: https://www.lezhinus.com/en/comic/yellowdragon

10. Hell and High Water/ THIRDS: End of Hell

  • Genre: Action, Adult, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Completed, 28 Chapters
  • Author: Charlie Cochet/ Artist: Son Gaepi

Another great art piece by the artist of “Zero at the bone” and “Bongchon Bride”


Scene set post-apocalyptic. During the Vietnam war, the wide use of lethal biological weapons led to the spread of a virus, infecting millions worldwide. The vaccine for the same was made using animal DNA that activated a dormant mutation within the virus that altered the human DNA. This led to the birth of a new advanced species/race: Therians. And to prevent violence, promote harmony and restore social order between humans and therians without prejudice “THIRDS”, an elite multicultural government organization consisting of human and therian agents was formed.

The story follows homicide detective Dexter (a human), who after testifying against his human partner in a murder case, was shunted out from his job in Human Police Force and transferred to the team in the THIRDS. There his first meeting with his team leader Chief Sloane (a panther Therian) went wrong who also turns out to be his new partner. But where will this relationship go in the end when your team lead cum therian partner is dangerous yet sexy while Dexter is fighting to be accepted in the team?

Why should you read it?

Based on a series of books “THIRDS” by Charlie Cochet. A manhwa you can re-read for the umpteenth time. Here, we have the presence of a plot that unleashes logically with an easy reading level but with a significant discrepancy with the original work, flown in an adequate and gradual rhythm. It has a particular style of art with a rough and sketchy feel that goes well with the plot.

The characters are beautifully written and well-revealed with depths and captivating dynamics and are full of personality. In addition to a well-woven and concise plot, we have a cute couple with off-the-charts sexual tension. And we can get wonderfully traced emotions through characters’ facial expressions. Don’t forget the uncensored healthy and satisfactory dose of sensuous smut.

You get a clean yet probable detective line of a story along with adequate fire-powered action, combat and chase scenes. But many parts were cut down or left out for brevity and compressed into a mere 28 chapters. More exploration, storytelling and chemistry were needed.

An absolute masterpiece action BL manhwa in so many ways with an iron grip on the readers. Read the novel for a follow-up plot of THIRDS universe which follows a slightly different route of story development and delves deeper. So, read this beauty ravenously and avidly.

Official Translation: https://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/books/hell-high-water-manga-by-charlie-cochet-11498-b

9. Core Scramble

  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Supernatural, Yaoi
  • Status: Completed, 3 Volumes (24 Chapters)
  • Creator: Euho Jun

Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault, Rape, Trauma


Set in a world where a dimensional outbreak occurred, plaguing the world “bugs”, a type of virus, crawling out through a two-dimensional passway: Hall. And to exterminate the bugs and halls comes a multitude of organizations, one of which is CO, the largest fighting group.

This is the fast-paced tale of the courageous and exceptionally hard-working Chaeun, a combatant soldier with mediocre abilities and his self-centred and domineering team leader Chief Gayoon from CO. Gayoon possesses an overwhelming and colossal special power but he’s a leader who lacks leadership skills, treating his team members like cannon fodder. But still, Chaeun seems to be fixated on him and admires him.

Work was never peaceful but to add more to it, comes leader Moonhoo and his core hunter group, who oppose CO, and they seem to have their own plans for the portals. And the ones hindering their way are Gayoon and Chaeun. In all the midst, Moonhoo seems to be intrigued by Chaeun and approaches him.

Why should you read it?

Core Scramble comes front as an exhilarating action BL. It did not follow the BL pattern with a standard plot with standard characters.

We get a well-executed plot with explanations with good composition but a hard-to-follow world-building. The theme comes in fresh with an unexpected yet interesting turn of events. Each chapter evokes the right kind of emotions that are embedded in it while letting us experience the feelings and sensations. Also, it builds nail-biting suspense and angst that will keep readers completely engrossed until the very end.

Expect mediocrity yet attractive art. Also, we get chunky, well-thought and impressive mortal combat against interdimensional bugs. Characters are well-moulded, charismatic and unusual. We also get to see interpersonal dynamics and development followed by a complicated love triangle.

The minus points are that the story itself is packed with panels and dialogues and the abrupt, fuzzy and crumpled yet lukewarm conclusion. A story that, despite being short, entertains and flies to my favourites. Strongly recommended.

Official Translation: https://www.netcomics.com/comic/18

8. Legs That Won’t Walk

  • Genre: Action, Adult, Drama, Mature, Psychological, Smut, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Ongoing, 87+ Chapters
  • Creator: black apricot

Trigger Warning: Rape, Heavy Violence, Abuse, Torture, Murder, Mind Break, Drug, Kidnap, Gore, Dubcon


Professional boxer Soo-Young’s life has been riddled with a series of unfortunate accidents and injuries, lost matches and constant beatings. Sustaining leg injury forced him to retire from boxing, leaving him crippled and relying on crutches. Misfortunes strike again when he finds out that his alcoholic and abusive father left him with a ton of debt racked up transferred in his name and Soo-young soon finds himself road down a path that leads him to be cornered by a domineering fierce usurer, President Tae-Seung. 

“Would you rather toil like a dog or work under me and start from rock bottom to pay off your debt?”, proposed two alternatives, Soo-young chooses the latter. Will his decision drag him out of his miserable life or will make it worse? However, strange feelings manifest in the midst without them realizing things that lie beyond. A dangerous and deadly longing for each other, blooding in muddy life…

Why should you read it?

Caution: Hot tattooed beefcake daddy material ahead with red flags alert card!

Bare representation of the darkest alleys of the gangster world surrounded by dirt, bleak, sheer cruelty with bloody showdowns.

This action BL portrays a non-sugar-coated cliche and infuriating story, driven by the characters’ behaviour with a political side plot. Also, it has a high ratio of juicy brisket smut with hardcore kinks and drama slipping in the midst. The art is gritty and messy, textured with rough detailed pen strokes, coloured with grey tone and vivid expressions. Also, it has multiple yandere psychotic flawed characters with unfortunate pasts in unstable, highly possessive, and manipulative relationships.

At times it can be stretchy, scribbly, jumpy and cyclic with an unclear narrative that can make it hard to read. That said, a stressful and draining read with tension breaking through the screen and a high level of toxicity.

Official Translation: https://www.lezhinus.com/en/comic/legsthatwontwalk


7. Red Candy

  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Smut, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Ongoing, 95+ Chapters (Hiatus)
  • Creator: HANSE


Shihyeon (codename: Red Candy), an SS-ranked spy agent with skills that are second to none, is working for a private intelligence firm.

The latest undercover mission assigned to him turns out to be in his homeland Korea. He has to retrieve a blueprint for the new weapon from the target, Hajun, a 28-year-old Humanities professor at a University, who is presumed promiscuous gay. To extract the classified intel, he must operate in the shadows. However, due to an emergency situation, it’s Time for Plan B: “Operation Honey Trap but I’m trapped!”

One thing leads to another and they get into a relationship. Will Shihyeon be able to successfully complete the mission in the midst of a relationship with the hot professor and basking in his sweet embrace while withstanding the attack of upcoming enemies? 

Why should you read it?

It wraps us in with its non-convoluted yet a bit cliched and interesting concept with a sense of heart and humour hovering over the story. It has lots of suspense, angsty and well-depicted rising tension along with a love triangle angle that continues to entertain us.

The panel’s composition along with stellar action scenes makes it look like it is from a movie. An emotionally investing action BL with strictly zooming on romantic lines rather than on missions.

Here the characters are decently defined with distinct personalities and thoughts. Sexy masculine couple with good dynamics with fluff and cute moments. Also, the relationship didn’t feel shoehorned. And the heavy hardcore smut oozes through the screen.

It hooks readers further and further into the world view where they will end up rooting for the character. My gripes are with the stretched-up storyline and the feel of it being boring, inconsistencies and absurd in places. Either way, a truly frenetic and lowkey-addicting ride throughout. Get a badass power bottom, passion, linked past, and reunion with rip-roaring development.

Official Translation: https://tapas.io/series/red-candy/info


  • Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Supernatural, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Ongoing, 122+ Chapter
  • Creator: Mojito

Trigger Warning: Incestuous Relationships, Abuse, Trauma, Murder, Gore, Assault, Plethora of Violence and Prevalent Rape but not Romanticised, Paedophilia


Seth, the God of War, is a mighty formidable and notorious power-hungry tyrant. The reign of Seth over the once peaceful land of Egypt plunged to destruction of Egypt where Seth committed atrocities while spilling the blood of innocent humans, all for his own amusement. All Gods succumbed to his dark tyranny. Ultimately, to stamp out Seth’s hundreds of years of unchallenged and unrivalled bloody regime, Horus, the son of God raised a flag of rebellion to contest with the callous demonic Seth to usurp and claim the legitimacy of the kingship of Egypt.

In a whirlwind of brutal power struggles to ascend the throne, is there still a place for love? Into a relationship of hatred seeps in a besotted and crazy scale of obsession and deep desire. Romance and drama unfold against the backdrop of skirmishes, mythical battles and schemes weaved together in an unpopular setting of ancient Egypt. The unpredictable head-on confrontation begins whilst love-hate drama is brewed.

Why should you read it?

Buckle up for this high-quality action BL entwined derivative work dabbled in Ancient Egyptian mythology, its motifs and murals albeit bits reinterpreted and altered in a fresh feel way. The manhwa channels mix elements like resentment, vengeance, retribution, atonement for sins, betrayal, manipulation, gaslighting, melancholy, conspiracies, and curses.

Plot: A cleverly written deep plot and arcs, twisty on so many levels, packed with staple plot twists and touches of light humour. Strong dynamism of uphill battle and feud depiction. A fair amount of thoroughly researched history is incorporated into key points. But, the plot advances slowly in s2 diluted in rape with cyclicality infinitum in different locations.

Art: Art comes with exotic and mythological flavours with clean-cut smooth lines and accurate flat colour tones. Visually and vividly expressed with good compositions and lots of attentive foreshadowing with chibi modes and silhouette style going well.

Characters: Multifaceted characters with varying objectives, personalities and perspectives with complex backstories and psychological exploration of them. They come with appealing appearances dressed skimpily in unique outfits with masks and headgear with overflowing sex appeal. Above all, compelling characterization and development and A VILLAINIZED MC!

Tad confusing at times but skim through the neat genealogy for better absorption. Take large sips of fawked-up relationships with a faint feel of BL and romantic flavour. Bottom line: it’s exciting at times but emotionally draining, mostly for readers. So, read this unbearably stimulating and unputdownable manhwa while being a ball of anxiety.

Official Translation: https://www.tappytoon.com/en/comics/ennead-mature

5. The Big Apple

  • Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Smut, Supernatural, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Completed, 58 Chapters+2 Epilogues
  • Author: Harusari/ Artist: Hodot

From the  creator of “The Origin of Species”

Trigger Warning: Non-con, Dub-con, Imprisonment, Captivity, Yandere, Gore, Manipulation


Joachim is leading a double life. Behind the mask of an office worker for a small Swedish company, he is working as a sniper for the Secret Intelligence Agency (SIA), a government organization of people with special abilities. By day, he works as a sniper, executing assassination orders. And by nightfall, he indulges in hot boiling passion with his wealthy seductive banker cum lover Juergen. 

But happiness with Juergen didn’t last long when Joachim’s personal life was threatened due to the dangers of his professional life. Joachim decides to break up with Juergen before it gets too risky. But Juergen is more than a wealthy banker where he harbours some secrets of his own …  What is Juergen’s true identity?

Why should you read it?

This action BL manhwa reels you in with its immersive and angsty storyline seasoned with intense and mysterious vibes. Thurst onto a world of magicians, the Russian mafia, assassins, dragons, templars and many fantasy ones. But don’t expect too much from the plot as it is a bit undeveloped, a bit unstructured, with a lack of explanations and exploration.

Visually? Couldn’t be better. The art is indescribably beautiful and so is the low amount of action scenes. The art will be majorly the one to keep you interested. The ML is way too possessive and controlling with a yandere side. But their relationship gets a bit toxic at one point which drags the plot.

And get ready for some prolonged steamy next-level smut sessions with a touch of BDSM. But this steaminess scale of smut is dragged out and a tad longer than it needed to be in season 1. I recommend you read it in a single sitting. In short, a spy tension thriller which could have been better but is sure to please.

Official Translation: https://www.tappytoon.com/en/comics/the-big-apple-m

4. Shutline

  • Genre: Action, Drama, Romance, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Ongoing, 50+ Chapters
  • Creator: KYOU


A rogue street car mechanic cum a con is Shingun. Shingun is barely eking out a living by illegally providing his professional services on the mean city streets. Howbeit, his already misfortuned life got even worse when one day he stumbled upon a guy (Jake) with car breakdown trouble. Well-dressed Jake looked like a guy loaded with money. 

Shingun got greedy and wolfish after receiving ample pay from Jake for repairing his car. Reluctant to let him go to the point that he sabotages Jake’s car to suck more money off him later. But little did he know that he has messed up with someone he shouldn’t have… with Jake wanting more than just fixing his car…

Why should you read it?

Describing this action BL in three letters *inhales intensely* H.O.T. It has the underworld, gang, action, lust, and drugs with aggressively hawt and badass characters.

This manhwa comes to the fore with a decent plot laced with action which is balanced well with aplenty drough and extra spicy seggs scenes. One of the smokin hottest and most dizzying ones I would say. Well-written dialogues with dirty smooth talks.

Coming to the characters, this endgame power coupling is just so fine. Buzz Cut blonde Korean Eminem X hot-headed mechanic. Dominant leads but in their one way with intense yet pleasant dynamics to read. Also, it has one of the staggeringly hottest over-the-roof sexual tension with one of the greatest juicy chemistries along the way.

Spurred on a journey of toxic and thrilling scoop of manhwa, this comes in a delish and deeply wholesome way. But with that said, a dangerously charming gangster mafia-themed action BL manhwa.

Official Translation: https://www.lezhinus.com/en/comic/shutline_en

3. Peach Love

  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Mystery, School Life, Shounen Ai, Webtoon
  • Status: Completed, 64 Chapters
  • Creator: Fujoking

Another alluring creation by the creator of “Shame Application”, “Paid” and “Cairo”

Trigger Warning: Abuse and Violence


A misunderstanding landed Love in an unexpected encounter with Peach. 

Love is a naive guy with piercings and bleached hair and a dark history. He is the new kid in the district who carves wooden dolls as a hobby and uses sex toys as a reference for the same. He isn’t looking for trouble when he already has a lot of enemies and has been attacked numerous times. But trouble just seems to find him when he tumbles upon members of the Peach Club (a local gang that exterminates bullies from their territory) and their leader Peach. From there, Love ends up joining the Peach Club and somehow becomes the leader of the same.

A reckless plan begins by Peach to make his beloved Love, the school’s number one and make him untouchable where everyone is terrified of him! And hence begins the Love Army.

Why should you read it?

If you are looking solely for BL then you might skip reading this one. Because relationships, affection and sexual attraction are not the main focus of this manhwa. The emphasis is more on serious showdowns, feuds, strategies and gang politics of the high school gangs.

This action BL manhwa delivers a nicely developed quality plot device with a place for nicely built action scenes and good hilarity. Induced with a bunch of mighty good surprising plot twists and revelations thrown at us. It’s an investing read from the very get-go until the very end due to the edge-of-the-seat suspense. Starts out cutely weird with light comedy but gets serious and dark later on.

The character design is prettily inked which makes it quite pleasant to the eyes. But the art gets downgraded a touch later on. Also, it has amazingly well-fleshed-out developed characters with substance and personalities and unique messy backstories.

My only gripe is that there is no eroticism or intimacy and is low on the BL portion. Nonetheless, a fun, warm work you won’t regret reading. A heartfelt ride of a tale.

Official Translation: https://www.lezhinus.com/en/comic/peachlove

2. Wolf in the House

  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Romance, Smut, Supernatural, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Completed, 74 Chapters+ 5 Epilogues
  • Creator: Park Ji-yeon

Another masterpiece in its own way in the works by the creator of “Momentum”

Trigger Warning: Sexual Assualt


“During the day, I’m a dog but once the sun sets, I turn into a…”

Recently broken up with his boyfriend of a 10-year-old on and off relationship is Minsuk, an essayist. Looking for a turning point in his life and to fill his lonesomeness, he impulsively decided to temporarily foster a beautiful Siberian husky named Bexan. However, it’s not until nightfall when upon returning home after getting some dog food but never hoped he would return only to find a naked guy sitting on his couch and his dog missing. Who’s this naked guy and where has his dog gone?!

This is a story of a gloomy guy and a dog aka his new furry halfwit and slightly childish and dramatic roommate who isn’t ordinary from any angle. Insight into the strange and greasy daily life commences.

Why should you read it?

Plot: It rides on a well-presented gripping and addictive multi-layered non-cliche plot, accompanied by subplots where the solid backstories and plot mesh together seamlessly well. The story travels from a fluffy lighthearted slapstick plot to an angsty thriller noir action BL trajectory combined with an emotional, humorous and wholesome romance plot. It has well-narrated and mature storytelling. The unique worldview is internationally spread.

It gets gritty and heavy with dark tones showcasing LGTBQ+ and serious social issues as time goes by. Also, it has enough comedic relief. The action scenes are well thought through and are introduced in Season 2.

Art: It has a basic, distinctive and strange art style with smooth and neat panels with a confined understated and muted colour scheme. The certain charm of this artistic style will grow on you soon. Also, the art here manages to convey emotions and chucklesome expressions.

Characters: It has serious eye candy, super deep and rich characters with endearing personalities and naturally flowing development with meaningful and complex relationships. Along with enough screen time for side characters.

Smut: The short amount of sex scenes is far from being smut/explicit with no action itself. They are elegantly drawn sensual consensual eroticism which is up to the roof.

So? It’s a straight-up 10/10 binge-able read. It draws you in and does not let you go until the end and makes you consume it unstoppably in one breath. You will be soon weeping with happiness, joy and sadness with how it turns out in the end and still can’t get over it! One of my absolute favourites. Overall, an underrated one-of-a-kind action BL with substance.

Official Translation: https://www.lezhinus.com/en/comic/wolf_en



  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Dark Fantasy, Mature, Mystery, Romance, Smut, Supernatural, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Ongoing, 130 Chapters+ 29+ Extras
  • Creator: Pluto

Trigger Warning: Rape, Abuse, Gore, Suicide


“I need to get inside of you to recharge my mana”

My duty is to keep this town peaceful and catch criminals. I am Kyungjoon, an ordinary law enforcement officer living the simplest life. I was investigating an active tattooed religious cult. Never in a million years had I thought that I would inexplicably get entangled with Lord Cain (a rather bizarre yet mighty demon king from hell), who suddenly descended upon me while I was tracking down the cultists. Cain is in desperate need of mana to survive. And due to an almost inevitable transition of events, somehow my body became his ”door”: portal/gateway to the hell realm to replenish his mana. However, to open the door Cain has to get INSIDE me…

Teaming up with the demon king, a human is thrusted into the unworldly world with Cain, at war with Satan, who’s infiltrating the human realm. Seems like a match made in heaven… and hell.

Why should you read it?

Plot: It has a thicc and cohesive yet weird and cliche lore plot with the dynamic development of events and a lot of momentum. Exaggerated comical, goofy and absurd elements with chibis added to tone down the angst and drama. It gives off shonen vibes fueled by a rush of adrenaline battle scenes.

Art: Drawn as a fairy standard unusual comic-style art with a simple outline yet succeeds in surfacing with extra hot, expressive-vivid character design.

Characters: It gives well-portrayed and detailed-out round characters with diverse sets of personalities, backstories and development. It has multiple couples with cute and chaotic dynamic angles along with swoon-worthy romantic, tender and fierce moments, interactions and developments.

Smut: The high on diversely hot explicin-ess aggressive and hardcore smut scenes with different angles with tentacles to add to its appeal.

The plot struggles due to its layered yet sometimes confusing storytelling which stuffs readers with piles of new information. A manhwa that will make readers experience a whole gamut of emotions engulfing their hearts and soul while keeping them sated and entertained. Thus, this action BL manhwa is an unmissable widest delight in a hot way with one of the healthiest relationships and worthy of the anime adaptation.

Official Translation: https://www.tappytoon.com/en/comics/deardoor-m

A section of Notables action BL manhwa and manhua not listed but certainly worth checking out

  • Thick as Thieves
  • Dinghai Fusheng Records
  • Heaven’s Official Blessing
  • The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation
  • Breaking Through the Clouds 2

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