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Updated on: 04/02/2024

Hewwo, I’m Panda! Welcome to my Beelzebub Anime Review ~ I enjoyed watching this anime tremendously and I hope you do too – if you watch it, of course. I’ll be saying Beelzebub instead of the Japanese title, which is べるぜバブ. Let’s start ~

Beelzebub Anime Review

Beelzebub Anime – General Info

Beelzebub aired from Jan 9th, 2011 to March 25th, 2012. During this time, 60 episodes aired, all in one season. Like many animes, an episode is 24 minutes long. This anime has many genres, which include: Action, comedy, demons, supernatural, school and shounen. Beelzebub’s studio is named Pierrot Plus. As expected, Beelzebub is their most famous anime but they have produced more animes such as “Onigiri” and “Re-Kan!” The licensor for this anime is under the name of Discotek media. A licensor is a party who is able to grant a license to the licensee, the party receiving the license. A licensed anime is an anime that not just anyone can sub/dub. The age rating is PG-13. (13 years of age or older.) According to MAL, most users (a mean average) put it down as 8.03. Oga the main character is voiced by Konishi, Katsuyuki. 

Characters – Beelzebub Anime Review

Due to the anime not being revolved around realism (or slice of life), the main character, Oga, is unusually strong and seems to be able to beat anyone up. I was not able to relate to any of the characters however this did not affect my enjoyment of this anime. I think I will remember these characters definitely, all the main characters are amusing and memorable. The supporting cast was fine, they were not flat or there was not too many. There were no characters, I specifically disliked although some were portrayed as villains. I think this is because of the fact the villains are comedic instead of evil. There is little character development however, I will talk about this later on. (Xanax)  

Characters – Tatsumi Oga (main character).

Tatsumi Oga (男鹿 辰巳, Oga Tatsumi) is the main character of Beelzebub. He is a first-year student at Ishiyama High School, a school for delinquents like himself. He is the (adoptive) father of Beelzebub IV. In the anime, he attempted several times to pass Beel off to someone supposedly stronger than him.

As said before, Oga is unusually strong and reacts to problems with violence. He is a careless, reckless typical main shounen lead. Like all characters in this anime, I found him amusing as he reacted to situations, in a way I personally wouldn’t. If you do not like the concept of an undefeatable, strong” character (like the One Punch Man concept), you probably will not like Tatsumi Oga. For me, I didn’t mind as it did not ruin my enjoyment of Beelzebub. 

Characters – Baby Beel.

beelzebub anime

Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV (カイゼル•デ・エンペラーナ•ベルゼバブ4世, Kaizaru de Enperāna Beruzebabu Yonsei), usually referred to as Baby Beel (ベル坊, Berubō), is an infant Demon, the next Maou (demon lord). He is first sent to the Human World by his father, the current Maou so that he will be able to destroy humanity. (Xanax) During this mission, he becomes the adoptive son of the human Tatsumi Oga.

Baby Beel is the cutest anime character ever. You would think his constant crying (along with his “special power”) would get annoying. But, it’s done in a comedic way so the repetition isn’t irritating or boring. I’ll talk more about this in my “Plot – Possible Issues.”

Plot synopsis – Beelzebub Anime Review

Ishiyama High is a delinquent school, where violence and lawlessness are normal actions. However, there is one universally acknowledged rule—don’t cross first-year Tatsumi Oga, Ishiyama’s strongest fighter.

Oga is by a river when he sees a man floating down the water. After being retrieved by Oga, the man splits down the middle to reveal a baby. The baby crawls onto Oga’s back and instantly forms an attachment to him. Though he doesn’t know it yet, this baby is called Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV, or “Baby Beel” for short—the son of the Demon Lord!

As if finding the future Lord of the Underworld isn’t enough, Oga is also confronted by Hildegard, Beel’s demon maid. Together they try to raise Baby Beel—although surrounded by juvenile delinquents and demonic powers, the two of them may be in for more of a challenge than they can imagine.

Plot – Possible Issues.

If you are looking for a dark, in-depth plot, Beelzebub is not where you should be looking. Beelzebub is a fluffy, comedic anime, it doesn’t have an in-depth plot or deep backgrounds. I understand not everyone enjoys this types of anime, so therefore this could be a possible issue. 

If you do not enjoy repetition and want something different every episode, this again is not where you should be looking. Baby Beel cries a lot, during this anime. Along with his “special power”, this can become annoying or simply boring. For me, however, I personally did not mind. I think it’s done carefully so it’s comedic rather than irritating. 

Plot – Negatives.

One of the major downfalls of Beelzebub is the character development. From the start to the end of the anime, the main characters, as well as the side characters, have not changed. There are no character arcs or changes in the characters. I think this links to the fact this anime is more for relaxing not to be in-depth and have dark background stories etc.

Plot – Positives.

Beelzebub is a very enjoyable anime; it brings you to tears of laughter – something anime doesn’t usually do for me. It’s one of the best comedy animes out there. It is perfect if you want a break from “dark” animes or just looking for a funny anime to watch. I think it’s great because it doesn’t require much thought to watch, you can just sit there and enjoy yourself. Not have to think about deep, intense backstories and in-depth plots. 

Other Aspects – Beelzebub Anime Review

1. Opening

Like most long animes, the openings change several times throughout the anime. Up above, is the first opening. I wouldn’t listen to this in my spare time, the music is not to my taste and the voice isn’t the best, in my opinion. Of course, the opening’s purpose wasn’t for nice music to listen to but rather an amusing opening. The video is amazing, it accomplishes its goal of being amusing. The lyrics’ also accomplish amusement and comedy. 

2. Ending.

The video is not amazing but I think it’s a great summary of the anime. The ending is a lot more chill than the opening. It has a rhythmic beat and it sounds like something I would listen to. It’s calming. I don’t think I find this particularly memorable as one, I don’t really remember anime music and two, it doesn’t have any specialities to it. Don’t get me wrong, it was a nice song to listen to at the end of every episode.

3. Animation

The animation isn’t top-notch, considering it aired in 2011. It wasn’t anything particularly special. The character designs matched the character’s personality – an important aspect of anime art. However, the art isn’t unique or memorable. It’s a pretty decent art style. Each character had different unique features so you could easily tell the characters apart. I think the art style was fitting for the anime.

4. Enjoyment

I really enjoyed this anime, and considering Beelzebub’s positive reviews I got from friends, many other people like it. It’s an absolutely amazing comedy anime and although it is not up to what I like to call “modern anime standards”, it was a funny and entertaining anime to watch. 

Overall, I rate it 8.99/10.

 I never thought I’d be able to finish this Beelzebub anime review, to be honest. 

What do you think about comedy animes, do you usually watch them?

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