Top 20 Drama Webtoon Titles To Check Out Right Now


Date: 02/01/2020

Drama, by far, is one of the broadest genres. It suffices romance, fantasy, thriller and all other without much problem. Well, the reason is obvious as every story can do better with slightly more spice and drama. In this article, we bring you a list of best drama webtoon titles.

From action engrossed with feelings to relationships where things continue to go turbulent. Check out all the following titles to find your favorite Drama Webtoon(s)

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Top 20 Drama Webtoon

Lumine - Fantasy webtoons 20. Lumine

Status: Ongoing

Dealing with mysteries and secrets scattered throughout the plot, this fantasy – drama webtoon is sweet and plot-driven. The chapter-length can be considered a bit short, but it is quite exceptional in the long run. The art is excellent, and the character development is great. Lumine is a werewolf who is extremely rare, and only weredogs exist in common. Though he is tiny and no one takes much notice of how he does things. Both werewolves and weredogs exist in human forms with ears and tail sticking out. However, they can transform into their primitive form whenever they desire.

Kody is a witch whose dad, Aiden takes in Lumine knowing full well who he is. Kody being an outcast at school, is a child with a temper and good all cold savage glares. Lumine becomes his bodyguard, and being the cinnamon roll he is, we see Kody slowly opening up to him. Though the plot gets more and more diversified and the cute artwork sure outlines secrets which are to be discovered as the series progress further. A delightful read for when you crave fantasy webtoons.

Castle Swimmer

19. Castle Swimmer

Status: Ongoing

This webtoon deals with a twisting fate and touching plot. The art style is descriptive and straightforward, with not too much background dominance. It portrays the sea world where all the fish-people varieties have prophecies that will help them grow to success in one way or another. In the middle of all the prophecies, an important aspect is the Beacon, Kappa, a fish with shining scales. All the prophecies tie him. Since his birth, he had been working ahead to fulfill them.

He enters the shark’s dungeon and is held captive. Their prophecy tells them to kill kappa so that they can escape the curse, which causes numerous causalities. When the shark prince, Siren (Yep! I found the name ironic) who is supposed to kill Kappa, sees him, he gets entranced by his beauty. He must look for other ways to save kappa. With conspiracy going on from other clans and soft blushes throughout, it is a beautiful plot.

Acception - Best Drama Webtoons

18. Acception

Status: Ongoing

This is different from all the other drama webtoons in this list as it takes more towards comedy. With small strips and hilarious events, the story focusses on Arcus, a student who is well different in many terms. His rainbow hair, independent thoughts, and belief in himself are noteworthy. The story might focus on Arcus, but everyone who has gone through phases where they thought that high school is the worst invention ever might need the energy of this webtoon to survive.

Live Forever - Best Drama Webtoons

17. Live Forever

Status: Complete

A webtoon with a comparatively lesser number of chapters than usual. The art style is unique and very enchanting. Black and white though not the typical manga style along with red dominating the scenes. The storyline progress, along with excellent planning and preparation. Sarah, our protagonist, recently lost her mother to cancer. The story tells us about her journey towards acceptation of fate with supernatural elements putting in the drama this webtoon requires. Sarah has now made it her goal to find the formula of eternal life. Additionally, when a clue lives in your neighborhood, things get pretty exciting.

top Manhwa - best action webtoons

16. Unordinary

Status: Ongoing

All the people in this action – drama webtoon has powers on a varying scale, which rules out how strong a person. Wellston High is the school for elites who have abilities that surpass the average tire with a serious hierarchy amongst the different tiers. John is a newly enrolled boy considered ‘cripple,’ I.e., someone with no superpowers. How will he survive in such a hierarchy? And what does the confidence he portrays have to do with being the lowest on the ranks?

Fighting sequences usually portray dominance over the low tier. The power distribution and skill distribution are precise. One can find some pleasant surprises throughout the fighting scenes, and the versatility adds more to the flavor. Seraphina, John, and Arlo are one of the main characters in this diverse plot.  The characters are likable and have personalities that collide but collaborate.

Lalins Curse

15. Lalin’s Curse

Status: Ongoing

A bunch of teenagers, a boy who believes in all things supernatural, his best friend who gets sick by thinking of ghosts and a town with mysteries. What more do you want from a drama webtoon? Because literally, everything is in here. David is our main protagonist who, no matter how much judgment he faces, never let go of his belief in supernatural things, be it aliens or human-reptilians (The rhyme caught me off guard too). Felix, his best friend, does his best to keep him level headed while still supporting his claims. However, when evidence comes knocking David’s door, he surely won’t be hesitating, and this is just the starting.

Set in a fantasy town Lalin this webtoon supports AWE-some art and beautiful setting. The story does grab on you as you explore more of this webtoon. The comedy moments, suspicious acts, and frightening glimpses, everything is set at the right point. So plunging into this fantasy – drama webtoon shouldn’t be something you put off for much longer.

Witch Hunt - Fantasy Webtoons 14. Witch Hunt

Status: Complete

I believe this webtoon is slightly unpopular in aspect to what it has to offer. This is a story about Izzy, a witch who returns to life after significant trauma. The characters have various layers, which makes it touching and interesting. Throughout the webtoon, you have this anticipation as to what will be the ending. The art style is simple, but all the more conveys everything as it should be.

Gamin, a middle school kid, is who starts with his perspective as a window for us to understand the story. We get to know about the small back story regarding him and Izzy. Consequently, as Izzy’s perspective takes form, the story goes deeper. It is a great drama webtoon with emotions, fantasy, action, and storyline having their best portrayal throughout.

The Devil is a Handsome Man - Best Drama Webtoons 13. The Devil Is a Handsome Man

Status: Ongoing

As for the art style, this webtoon is one a kind. Also, the pattern with which the story progress is different from the usual. Every other character and every part of this webtoon is peculiar and way different than usual. The story takes a new turn towards the Hell world with it shown as modern, and the devil’s portrayal is on point.

The story follows Xo, a resident at the Hell world in simpler terms. Her demand from the devil and how she is trying to find out more about who she is. The story covers many layers and many characters you can mostly relate to. The author has also taken time to make proper maps and details of this fantasy world. One of the titles you will enjoy reading for all the intersecting plots, story and drama it has to offer.

Days of Hana - fantasy webtoons

12. Days of Hana

Status: Ongoing

From the author of Orange marmalade, this story has you quacking throughout either as you pray for some character to get deleted out or so that the leads realize what they feel for each other. Another title amongst top fantasy webtoons and manhwa, which deals with werewolves and humans. All the werewolves in this universe are taken in as pets even when they have a human form with ears and tail sticking out. The primitive form is often restricted and not called out by the werewolves. Submission of werewolves helps humans keep themselves safe from the mighty beasts, and one can point out how werewolves get discriminated against.

Haru, a werewolf is adopted by Hana’s dad Mr. Lee. Hana and Haru have always been close to Hana. Mr. Lee works as an ambassador fighting for equal rights to the werewolves. Things start turning towards a serious scene as werewolves earn the freedom to attend schools. This fantasy – drama webtoon takes deeper arcs, and the plot widens with details and character development.

Odd Girl Out - Best Drama Webtoons

11. Odd Girl Out

Status: Ongoing

Lives of four girls as they intersect each other incoherently at high school. The story majorly focusses on Nari, the main protagonist, even though almost all other characters are significant, and proper detailing is there. This webtoon sets with Nari’s perception, thus making her more essential to the story. The story is a tale with many intersects about Nari, her life, and other people in it. The art style is light and straightforward. The expressions make a huge difference throughout. The relationships take turns as they go through more revelation and ordeals.

This drama webtoon focusses on may social issues and the perceptions of the young child. The characters are incredibly relatable and likable. A story as the characters deal with their insecurities and mistakes without running from it anymore.

a good day to be a dog - best romance webtoons

10. A Good Day to Be a Dog

Status: Ongoing

A Good Day to Be a Dog is amongst the sweetest webtoons I have come across. The pacing in the starting chapter is slightly slow and might feel boring though it gets hugely better. Hana is a teacher, and things swirl down as one party-night she ends up kissing another teacher in place of her crush. It’s not the end of drama present. Hana’s family has a curse, which leads them to turn into a dog every night after they kiss. The only way to break it is by kissing the same guy again in dog form.

Jin, the male teacher who Hana ends up kissing, is an introvert and is aware of Hana’s feelings for their colleague Bogum. To sum up, this is a push and pull romance – drama tale as we anticipate every moment for something to work out. A heart-warming webtoon but able enough to give you cliff hangers and shocks now and then.

Random Chat - Best Drama Webtoons 09. Random Chat

Status: Ongoing

Joonwoo is a loner, not precisely the victim of bullying, but he hates school. No friends and no one to talk to, so his refugee is an online anonymous chatting platform, Random Chat. With weirdos to older people hanging out there, it is always something new from him. It is all games, and no emotions connect until one day, his match turns out to be his classmate. Joonwoo must decide whether he should tell her that he is her random chat partner or let things go usually. Though change is going to happen, as many things are coming his way.

The art style does proper justice to this drama webtoon, simultaneously marking the crucial elements in each panel. The setting of the story is suitable, and it goes smoothly with all the chaos in Joonwoo’s life. A new title with a lot of potentials.

My Deepest Secret - Best Drama Webtoons

08. My Deepest Secret

Status: Ongoing

This is a psychological drama story. The plot is still not very clear because the series is new on Webtoon. The depth of the plot is apparent, and one can quickly note the tone it is set in. At the same time, I like that the first three episodes are enough for someone to realize what the story has to offer. The art style is clean and crisp.

The webtoon is about Emma, a high school student, her boyfriend, Elios, and her batchmate, Yohan. The three of them have quite different personalities, but in a broader sense, all are somewhere having secrets. Emma works part-time at a coffee shop, and that’s the place where she meets Elios, the perfect boyfriend. Though there is a lot behind this ideal set up and Yohan is the best part to fuel the drama.


07. ReLife

Status: Complete

What if you get another shot at life to do things again? Do you think you will be able to make changes? Well, even if you feel so, I believe right now you can’t so positively look further. Though, for Kaizaki Arata, it is a different case. After a traumatic experience in his past job has never been able to get a job. Dealing with PTSD and trying to hide the fact that he lost his career from his mates makes it harder. However, one day after an intimidating party with his colleagues, he tries to reach for his home only to be met by a stranger.

Then, Yaoke Ryou, the stranger, tells him about the ReLife research institute and how they give you a chance to redo your high school year. Based on one-year high school, the person gets opportunities to get into a job and back to their life. The plot is exceptionally new and all the details make sure that readers do not get caught in confusion or plot holes. This manhwa shows how bonds amongst people can help them grow. Throughout his journey Kazaki makes friends, and there are also very supportive side characters that support the story. All in all, you are going to enjoy this drama webtoon.

Purple Hyacinth - Best Drama Webtoons

06. Purple Hyacinth

Status: Ongoing

An officer who can detect lies and an assassin who has never been caught, and the inescapable fate. Drama is bound to happen in this webtoon. The authors put a lot of hard work into this webtoon, and it shows. Amidst the tense environment, there are facial expressions and comedy moments that keep you enjoying. Lauren Sinclair, the officer with an ability to detect lies, is hell-bent on solving decade long mystery. Though things go down when you know, people are lying, but you don’t have proof to put them behind bars.

Purple Hyacinth is the best assassin working for an organization that aims at royals and is the reason for Lauren’s traumas. What will Lauren do when she has a chance to join hands with the Purple Hyacinth himself?

Spirit Fingers - Best Drama Webtoons

05. Spirit Fingers

Status: Ongoing

This is a complete series. However, Webtoon Naver is currently publishing it in English. The story is about, said ordinary high school student. She accidentally gets in the way of a club, Spirit Fingers, and how it changes her life. The webtoon is about recognizing your true colors. The author keeps the story funny, full of drama, and still provides many touching emotions and tales. The art style is also elegant and colorful. The essence of social issues and all the topics are. Every character has his/her back story, and it gets to revelation with time. An exceptionally heart-warming webtoon, which, along with the portrayal of character growth, also helps you grow.

Lookism - Best action webtoons 04. Lookism

Status: Ongoing

Lookism is a wholesome webtoon title that falls under the drama genre. The story involves action, romance, suspense, and all possible genres interwoven perfectly. Daniel Park is a high school student, prone to bullying, and our main protagonist. With this in mind, he leaves his previous school. With the growing exploitation by his bully in an attempt to run away from his problems. Though everything catches to him soon enough. The story doesn’t only focus on the lead but also on the side characters. Each character has a reason as to why they are, the way they are. The drama comes from all the plots intersecting and mystery build-up. You sure don’t want to miss this if you are into scenarios that discuss social to emotional issues all in width.

Daniel Park is a loner ‘ugly’ boy who deals with many financial and social problems, including bullying. Daniel Park’s life is exhausting, and to escape it, he enrolls for a far off high school. His personality is typically set back, childish, and lacks confidence for the majority. The character growth, the involvement of more characters as the story goes by, and relationships between people grow very well. This webtoon portrays action and emotions in such a miscible manner that it is almost impossible to hate it. I like all the bridges there are to join the whole masterpiece in one.

top Manhwa 03. I Love Yoo

Status: Ongoing

I did just put it here that this is one of my favorites and not be obsessing over it further. Regarding, I Love Yoo; it is a high school story that focuses on romance and drama genre. Both the genres align properly, leaving space for detailing, character arcs, and theories.

The webtoon is about Shin Yoo, a high school girl, fierce and so not your typical girl and her life. After a small accidental bash with a group of boys, her life pretty much turns around with a lot coming her way. The description might seem cheesy, but the webtoon sure is not. The author gives extreme importance to the plot to make all ends connect. The art style is also exquisite and is slightly different than the usual manhwa-manhua art style.

true beauty - best romance webtoons 02. True Beauty

Status: Ongoing

True Beauty follows an average looking girl. Who, after some accidental embarrassing sessions, gets the hang of makeup. Jugyeong Lim’s look after makeup sure is different. Then comes majorly two male characters, Suho Lee and Seojun Han, having idol looks and intersecting back story. You stay for the expressions, you stay for the art, you stay for the story, and you stay for everything this webtoon has to offer. So try it out and engrossing yourself into this drama – romance webtoon won’t take long.

cheese in the trap - best romance webtoon

01. Cheese in The Trap

Status: Ongoing

The drama in this webtoon sure is one of the best, and a k-drama in its name gives it all the recognition. The relationship Seol, our main protagonist with everyone, and Jung are brilliant. The story mainly revolves around Seol, Jung, and Inho. A group high school students, their past, truth, and emotions. Throughout the webtoon, the unique art style helps you in grasping the minor details and reactions. It is undoubtedly one of the significant features that make this webtoon so much better than the others.

The plotline sips on the drama at every point. In every moment, you know another plot twist or part is awaiting you. The best part is that it never gets boring or predictable at any pint. The official translation on the Webtoon app is still ongoing, so we are still not sure about the ending the character growth and arcs till now are great. Indeed a must title in the list for drama webtoons.

Further, we come to the end of this article. Do give all these a chance to enter your reading list.

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