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Updated on: 22/03/2020

Hewwo, I’m Panda! Today, I’ll be writing a Kuroko no basket review and I hope you enjoy it.

General info about Kuroko no basket.

Kuroko no basket is a sports and comedy genre anime and I think they balance sports and comedy well. However, obviously, sports is more emphasized compared to comedy. The anime is three seasons long, each season being 25 episodes. This is an ideal size for me, so I can actually finish the anime but not feel like I haven’t gotten enough at the end. The studio is named Production I.G and the anime has been written by Noburo Takagi. 

Characters – Seirin. 

Seirin team including bench-warmers.


 You have the Seirin basketball team. The starters for a game include Kuroko, Kagami, Hyuga, Izuki, and Teppei. The rest of the team are bench-warmers. I love the Seirin team because they all trust one another deeply. Also, the friendships and obstacles they overcome are everything. Kuroko and Kagami are the perfect matches. Kuroko calms Kagami, who tends to be hot-headed and angry. Hyuga and Teppei have a close friendship and go way back. Therefore, they trust each other, which means Hyuga and Teppei’s plays in their games are top-notch. It is later revealed Izuki is often underestimated by his opponents. Compared to the other guys, he has to work harder and longer to achieve a move. I really didn’t care for him much, but I soon came to admire him as a character. The bench-warmers cheer their team on even though they’re not playing themselves. It makes me smile how amazing their team and friendships are. 

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Kuroko no basket character – Generation of Miracles.

Generation of Miracles and Kagami and Kuroko.

The Generation of Miracles. 5 guys, or 6 including Kuroko, who are specialists in basketball. Insanely good and ll born in the same year, who have attended Teiko middle school. The Generation of Miracles, include Akashi, Aomine, Kise, Midorima, and Murasakibara. Each of these characters, have something special to them. Personally, I like Aomine over the rest. I thought he was an absolute bastard as he said things like ‘The only one who can beat me is me.’ To be honest, he had a reason for that. Then, the anime showed flashbacks. His opponents gave up and had no will. How can you have fun like that? It must do something to you mentally. He had a brilliant character arc. I’m going to go as far as saying he is one of the best characters in anime for me.

While these may be some pretty interesting characters, I also believe that Death Parade, Yuri on Ice and Dusk Maiden of Amnesia had some pretty interesting characters and developments.

Character – Issues.

Issues may be a bit of a strong word. The characters are quite a tricky thing. For some people, having no clear protagonist is a massive issue. Personally, I don’t mind. By simply looking at the title, one would easily assume the protagonist is Kuroko. However, he is left out occasionally for a couple episodes. To be honest, I think, the anime focuses on more than one or two people. It really depends if you mind or not. There are several characters so I have gone over the main ones, who appear the most in the anime.

Kuroko no basket plot.

I really like the story/plot. It’s original and interesting. The idea of a phantom sixth man is unique and I haven’t seen anything in anime like it. The resolutions of conflicts, conflicts being hard basketball games, are not just based off of spirit/friendship.However, I won’t deny the fact that the team get a boost in spirit and start thinking of ways to defeat the opponent. But, it’s not anything overboard and not very unrealistic. When you finally stop being negative, you have a lot more chance. 

Plot – Issues.

If you are a basketball fan, be aware that basketball has only so many things you can do. Therefore, ‘powers’ or ‘moves’ were added. For example, ignite pass, ignite pass kai or vice claw. So, if you’re looking for a realistic, basketball anime, you’re not in luck. However, the anime does include realistic basketball moves too. It’s not all unrealistic and superpowers. I didn’t mind, if anything, it adds to the anime.

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Kagami and Kuroko – Kuroko no basket

Like many animes, the music changes a lot. For the majority of the time, it was very upbeat and intense, which I think represents the anime’s basketball games. I liked all the videos, some more than others as some were simply just showing the characters. The videos I liked were the ones, which showed moments of the show. I know people who think that’s just a lazy way of putting together a video. And to be honest, I think that too. But, they didn’t just jumble some parts of the anime together. They actually put effort into it. Would I listen to it in public? Yes, if I liked listening to anime music in public. You might also wanna know about 5 Korean animations that have interesting music and content in general.


The animation is pretty good. For animes, which move around a lot or are active, then it’s a lot harder to animate rather than a quiet, chilled show. This is usually animes in the sports genre. Kuroko no basket animated decently and I have no complaints regarding animation and I’m pretty happy.


Okay, so I really love this show. I watched one season a day, I haven’t done this in a while. I can’t stand re-watching animes and surprisingly, I loved re-watching KnB. It brought back memories and I enjoyed this show thoroughly despite the fact I dislike sports. I think this proves how you don’t have to LOVE basketball, to watch it. 

The conclusion of Kuroko no Basket. 

Kuroko no basket Japanese title.

Kuroko no basket Japanese title.

In conclusion, I enjoyed this show and finished it quickly. There are a few negatives but they don’t affect me much. My rating is 9/10. Due to the fact I realized no one knows my rating system well, I’ll quickly sum it up. 10, I doubt I will ever give a rating of 10. This is because 10 is a perfect anime, no negatives or flaw what so ever. 5 is ‘I didn’t really enjoy it, but I see why people would like it.’ 0 or 1 is ‘Absolutely disgusting, I refuse to even call it an anime.’ Again, I doubt I will ever give that rating but yeah, it’s an option. 

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Feel free to answer my questions! 

  1. Have you watched this anime? 
  2. What are your opinions on the sports genre? 
  3. How can I improve my reviews?
  4. What are some animes you would want me to review?

Thanks for reading this blog post and look out for my next reviews!




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  1. 4.5

  2. 3

  3. Good anime, good review.

  4. I would like to see you cover a very stroy driven hard to cover story, Mabe parasyte or btoom as alot of your current reviews focus on more simplisitc storys and characters. (That can be a good thing though so it’s not a insult, I don’t value Depth over simplistic at all)

    • Btoom was lit

    • Alright, I tend to review simplistic animes because those are the ones I watch and enjoy. However, I get what you mean and I’ll look into that.

      • Awesome! 😀

  5. Honestly, Simillar to my hero academia it’s not unique in many ways, But non the less it’s good.

    The animation with non annoying characters (For the most part) make it a fun watch, And the “phantom six man” isn’t really worthy of praise as it coulda easily been a ass pull after he wanted to change something, It’s not to remarkable a feet to have added that, Though it does add to his character a little bit it was overall a little ridiculous how no one noticed.

    As for the “Team spirit/friendship” It didn’t need as much as it had but i’m willing to bet it helped with it’s success. Though I’d argue that it was cheap shoe in for a connection to the characters it worked well enough.

    I’m very strict with my ratings as I gave Fma:b 9/10 and hxh being the only 10/10 I’ve ever given and probably ever will with the rest of the best shows i’ve watched getting 8 but my mean score is actually 6 and I still need to die down some of my ratings yet.

    So I think the 7/10 this series is fair, Putting on the level of most of the watches I enjoyed but not quite one I would consider giving a rewatch.

    • Hm, yes, I agree it’s a little ridiculous. But it’s not a realistic basketball anime in the first place. Oh, I must be the only one who would never think of the phantom sixth man concept xd

      • Well I feel like it only holds any weight in a setting with distinguished rules involving listed members, Such as any sport or team compitition. It also requires there to be a pre-existing part where there was a team so really it’s so niche it has next to no uses that woul matter in other shows.
        Thats my analysis anyway.

  6. 1-Have you watched this anime?

    I’ll have to deny that,its appeal and my interest for basketball do not collide,leaving an utter yet usher disinterest over the series,thought I ought to try it sometime around,when I’m in the mood for sports.

    2-What are your opinions on the sports genre?

    There is a lot to be said about this genre,this old yet uprising genre has been over the anime industry for almost 80 years,still it doesn’t see its true astonishing glory that it deserves,be it for appeal,causing disinterest over the community,this fact was fairly reckoned to be with early,yet only a few studios tried to pick good and quality manga that had the originality with the potential to go further,be it using a fully new original,brand new concept or a used concept made by several different ways to relate to the show,with all that being taken into consideration,only a few studios adapt the ways and need for a change on the sport genre revolution.

    Which is why,you only see a few animes with the sport genre up in the top,take an example,Hajime No Ippo,is undoubted on its remark,yet it is still under the shounens that get all the hype from the majority of the community.

    My serious opinion is that the Sport Genre can be very underrated and rewarding,or it can be very repetitive and tiring,which makes viewers drop the anime at the start,a common fact in anime’s that revolve around this genre,is that they have a weak start but a strong medium/end to make up for it,that’s the big flaw about this genre,I can’t blame it though,it’s the nature of the theme itself to blame,you are never good at sports from the start unless you have a gift or a talent that can make you superb at it,if,however you do not possess that ability you have to train and gain experience through countless matches.

    Every Sport Anime can be so rewarding,yet the thing is,what most viewers lack on this genre is patience,making this theme fragile.
    It’s underrated for sure.

    3-How can I improve my reviews?
    Reviews, Tech blog
    Be more profound about it,is what I would say,but keeping it simple is the key to quickness and simplicity at its finest,try to elaborate each step more well,not adding words,but words that can serve of usage to give a deeper understanding of your review and point towards it.

    I might be selfish requiring this,but try to explore more points that are up and down,while still explaining the basic concepts of an anime,which are plot,characters,art,sound and enjoyment,you did all this,but if you look at it again,you didn’t do a plot synopsis really,which can be a lethal mistake or just a fact about the anime,there are anime which are episodic instead of having a general plot,they love exploiting each character for making up for a non.existent plot,also the mentions on the articles,it’s good to do 1-2 times,but just leaving them at the end might just do enough,you don’t want people to not understand your flow of process because of other article,each to its own,supposedly.

    Aside from that,your reviews are solid,room for improvement is always open,so don’t fret within that march towards it,solid doesn’t mean its bad,in fact it means that it is simple,which is good under the audience you present the reviews,that’s a good thing you do,considering who you will be presenting this towards.

    4-What are some animes you would want me to review?

    There is this one anime I can’t get out of my head,yet with certainty I want to watch it and get a taste for it myself,it’s called Saint Seiya Omega.
    I basically couldn’t watch the Original Saint Seiya due to its old animation,but Omega on the other hand is a 2012 animation that contains around 100 episodes I think.

    If you prefer an alternative and shorter anime,I also have a request on Nurarihyon No Mago,it has 2 season both containing 25 episode,so it should be fairly watchable in terms of the episode length in a sense.

    Anyways,I’ll give this a try in the spring or summer,”The OtherSelf” is addicting as an opening,so that’s going for it,thanks for the information still,I’ll look forward to more reviews from you soon.

    • Thank you for the feedback, I’ll look into the animes asap.

  7. 5

  8. You niggas should watch real basketball

  9. Will definitely be looking forward to watching this season. The hype is on!

    • never seen the anime
      only read the manga
      heard it has nice graphics and action though

      • When it comes to reading the manga I’m not really a fan. I guess its because the way they present it makes it difficult to read and I keep getting lost. Lol

        • confusing when most authors do left to right while some do right to left

          • I appreciate the culture, but Its a shame they didn’t Americanize these into ways we can read it. Because not only that the artwork is really beautiful, Reviews. but I’ll finally be able to understand where I’m at.

    • Weeb shiz.

    • I hope you enjoy it ^^

  10. Yeeeeeee boi. Love Kuroko no Basket.
    Ball is life man x)

  11. 5