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Updated on: 01/09/2023

It is time to properly talk about this Shounen Jump’s Next Big Three Manga. But why talk about this now? Well, I got my reasons. The main reason is that we have officially reached a point where every new shounen jump manga has become popular since the last big three….well last big two. One of those big three just doesn’t want to die. You know what series I’m talking about. Well back to the point, We have reached a point where every new popular Shounen Jump manga has now gotten an anime.

Because of this I now believe it is the right time to talk about the next big three. Both anime watchers and manga readers have gotten a taste of those sweet new and big shounen manga. Though there are 2 series I also want to talk about that haven’t gotten an anime because it’s super new but has the potential to be a manga that will join the big three in the future. But I’ll save that one for last. For now, let us get started on this topic. (

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Shounen Jump’s Next Big Three Manga

Honestly can’t really say the next big three while One Piece still exists but for this article let’s just ignore One-Piece for now and focus on those current big shounen. At the moment though it’s still a bit hard to gauge the next big three. Not because it is too hard to pick three or there is too little to choose from it’s the opposite. There’s too much to chose from. Too many new shounen manga are popular these last couple of years it’s kind of surprising. So the big three might not be the big 3 but the big 4 instead. But well let’s just list these 3 manga and talk about them a little bit.

Kimetsu no Yaiba

Kimetsu no Yaiba, Shounen Jump's Next Big Three Manga

So why am I putting Kimetsu no Yaiba at number 1 even tho it has ended? Well, there are 2 reasons.

#1. Even though the manga is over. It’s still selling massively well, Yes even outranking One Piece a few times. The manga is just doing so great popularity-wise and it’s staying number 1 for weeks on end even though the manga is over. Its second season anime has yet to come. So the series will stay popular until its anime is over. So as long as it continues to be relevant and continues to sell amazingly well. I’ll consider it one of the new Big 3 Series. Until it stops being relevant and ranking 1st. Similar to Naruto who stayed on top for a while even after it ended.

#2. It’s anime adaption unlike other shounen adaptions Kimetsu no Yaiba has a studio behind it that just instantly makes it even more popular. That studio being Ufotable even people who don’t care for anime studios know who Ufotable is, they are the guys with the unlimited budget just putting out visually beautiful anime, And just like the studio’s previous anime they did. Animation and Visually the studio is just giving its all into making the anime for  Kimetsu no Yaiba just look breathtaking.

With the Popularity in Shounen Jump that won’t die anytime soon and a powerful studio backing the series, the red carpet has been put out for Kimetsu no Yaiba. It’s set to be the “Number 1” series for this generation.

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Shounen Jump’s Next Big Three Manga

Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man is another manga that has ended but it has a sequel coming soon. Not to mention its massive popularity despite the anime not even being out yet. This series for sure qualifies for the Big 3 spot. The manga is one wild experience it is filled with blood and gore and sexual themes and all that stuff.

I had a hard time believing this was a shounen jump manga it just doesn’t fit any of the current tropes we have come to know within shounen manga. The series is really out there and that’s great it makes the manga one of a kind in this current generation of manga with how un-shounen this shounen manga is. And people are starting to notice that because the manga is really popular in Shounen jump and with its sequel coming out soon and an anime adaption. There is no doubt this series will be popular for many years.

Shounen Jump’s Next Big Three Manga

Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen, Shounen Jump's Next Big Three Manga

This series needs no introduction. It’s currently the most popular series worldwide, Every anime fan knows about Jujutsu Kaisen. So why didn’t I put it first? You’d think it would be number one due to its massive popularity at the moment but sadly it’s not. Hear me out for a second let me explain myself.

What Jujutsu Kaisen is experiencing now is something similar to One Piece. When Naruto and Bleach ended but with Chainsaw Man and Kimetsu no Yaiba. Both series have ended so naturally, the one that’s left will be number 1. But when Chainsaw Man and Kimetsu no Yaiba was still ongoing Jujutsu was always third. So the question is, Will Jujutsu Kaisen be able to maintain the popularity it has now. When the Chainsaw Man anime and Season 2 of Kimetsu no Yaiba air? or will it be overshadowed again by the 2 that were always ahead of it. Because even now Kimetsu no Yaiba is outselling Jujutsu. And that is why I have the series in the third spot. Because it’s unclear if this series will maintain its current popularity.

Well never mind what’s outselling what, All 3 of these series are amazing and are definitely the big 3 of this generation that’s what I believe. But now let’s look at the future of the shounen jump. Some up and coming stars.

Shounen Jump’s Next Big Three Manga

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Potential To Be One Of Shounen Jump’s Next Big Three Manga in The Future.

Undead Unluck


Mashle and Undead Unluck these 2 manga have the potential to be very big in the future. Both with pretty fun and interesting concepts make both these mangas immensely fun to read. At the moment though they are still pretty new, So it’s a bit hard to judge their future potential. All we know now about these mangas is the fact that they are ranking pretty high in the Shounen Jumps’ popularity rating. If these 2 mangas can maintain that high ranking for another year or 2. I can easily see them becoming really popular in the future. For now, though let us just hope shounen Jump doesn’t cancel them. If you haven’t read them yet, I highly recommend you check out this 2 manga. You’ll have a blast reading them.

And that pretty much wraps up this article about Shounen Jump’s Next Big Three Manga. If you don’t agree with the current 3 I chose out of the 5 and my reasoning for why I think they the next Shounen Jump’s Next Big Three Manga. Then be sure to share what you think are the 3 shounen jump manga that deserves the title of Shounen Jump’s Next Big Three Manga titles in the comments below.

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