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Updated on: 01/08/2023

Manhwa has a way of delivering a newer and richer experience to the audience. One of the most famous and prominent genres with a large fan base is BL Manhwa. The combination of a well-developed storyline, smut and mush juicy scenes and pleasant art is the perfect secret guilty pleasure for the readers. Are you craving some hot-looking pure CEO-themed BL Manhwa with NO supernatural, yakuza or omegaverse element? You need to look no further. 

As I consider myself a certified fujoshi, here I tried my best to compile the best of the best pure CEO BL Manhwa. So, presenting you with the Top 25 CEO BL Manhwa. Let’s quench our thirst with some hawt CEOs!

And if you are looking for Lezhin Yaoi Manhwa to Read, here’s the link for that:

Top 25 CEO BL Manhwa

The list focuses on solely BL with 18+ Manhwas and less on Shounen Ai.

25.  The Boss Is Too Much!!!

  • Genre: Adult, Smut, Yaoi
  • Status: Completed, 41 Chapters
  • Creator: Dangeum

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Two muscular office workers? Check!
Uncensored Bara and No Light Sabers? Check! And Smutty af? Check!

Chief Taeho, 40 years old top, who has never had a successful relationship, had a dream of being fucked as a bottom. He then becomes determined to get into a relationship. And one night in a bar, he finds a hot guy (Kang Seojun, CEO) with a nice body and follows him to the room. But wait why is he being held as the bottom!!!

Decent art, a decent storyline with smut and drama.

CEO BL Manhwa

24. If You Do Not Obey Me/ Absolute Obedience (Manhua)

  • Genre: Action, Drama, Romance, Yaoi
  • Status: Completed, 31 Chapters
  • Story: Ranyou/ Art: Hishougetu

“I have been looking for you for 3 years. From now on you’ll stay beside me.”

3 years ago, Lee Geon caught the eyes of Jang Jiheon, a CEO, during a snooker game. After a forceful night with Jiheon, Geon desperately ran away the next day. But who knows that fate will make them have an unexpected reunion. Will Gian be able to escape the second time from the clutches of Jiheon or will get used to the pleasure?

Dark-themed CEO BL manhwa with a love-hate drama plot including rape, obsession, abuse, manipulation, mind break and confinement. It has a decent-paced plot with a rushed ending. Also, it has a mediocre art style and minimal character development. Overall, a decent quick read of a twisted and fucked up dark romance. 

23.  Chasing Mr. CEO

  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Smut, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Completed, 40 Chapters
  • Author: Leaf/ Artist: Sogun

Oh Deokhae is an otaku and also a regular office worker. He has been having a hard time due to the President, Minhee. It was because Minhee’s face resembles that of Deokhae’s favourite character, Cain, from an otome game. Clouded by lust, Deokhae decides to resign but Minhee doesn’t want him to!

It has a decent pace of development and storyline with mediocre art with some comedic elements. 

CEO BL Manhwa

22. When We Fall/ In for the Long Fall (Manhua)

Who would have thought a mistaken encounter with Ke Mingxuan would cost President Bian Yiqiu. Witness how they try to take each other down in business and also in *ahem* in the bedroom. A relationship that begins with a misunderstanding and revenge but ends up as…

Based on a novel by Tao Quain Sui and is the first part of the trilogy. The character design in this CEO BL Manhwa is pretty but a similar character design might leave you confused. Nicely developed characters with uncensored scenes topped with drama. It’s a good read nonetheless.

21. In the Private Room

  • Genre: Slice of Life, Smut, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Ongoing, 21+ Chapters
  • Author: Seobang/ Artist: Dasjwi

Seo Yeoho, a 27 years old guy, is one of the members of an idol group “Bestist”. To gain a role in a sequel, he got swept up in an illicit drug scandal. The only one who can help him get out of the mess is CEO Woo Hyungju who has lots of connections and influence on the press. But the favour from such an influential person comes up with a cost, that here is: Give me your body.

The character design is freaking beautiful with distinctive characters corresponding to the cliche yet interesting storyline. Also, bless your eyes with uncensored spicy sensual scenes. I hope the plot delivers on its potential. 

20.  Zhou Cheng Yi’s Bumpy First Love (Manhua)

Zhou Chengyi, the second CEO of an investment company, is a cold, mean and workaholic guy. He finds his first love after 27 years of life. That turns out to be Dao Tian, an 18 years old, talented and cute model who cross-dresses to pay the debts. Chengyi becomes a fan and turned into an obsessive stalker. Love will blossom gradually..

Immaculate character design and a fluffy romance plot with minimal hint of smut. Overall, an adorable CEO BL manhwa read.

19.  Scandalous M

  • Genre: Drama, Romance, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Completed, 45 Chapters
  • Story: Kim Dan/ Art: WnB hair
  • English Official Translation:

Chanbit Han, an award-winning famous actor, is a kind and charming guy. A flawless public facade because he’s a twisted guy and a perverted masochist. Baekyung Suh, his road manager and best friend, knows the real Chanbit yet still has been in love with him. Before becoming a famous actor, Chanbit was in love with Youghna Do who introduced Chanbit to BDSM. But now, Youghna is back as the CEO of Chanbit’s entertainment agency. What type of relationship does it follow for the three of them?

Are you comfortable with plenty of angst, drama and abuse with hawt uncensored smut? If yes, then go ahead and read it. Trauma, abuse, rape, toxic relationship, and blackmail are displayed. Moreover, it has a decent storyline with decently developed characters. 

18.  Shh, You’ll Wake up the Child

  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, Smut, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Completed, 20 Chapters
  • Creator: Nung

What could go wrong on the first night of babysitting?

Lee Hwan, a college student, is short on cash. He was introduced by his uncle to a job as a babysitter. However, on the first night of babysitting, he was jumped on by a drunk guy and they ended up having a one-night stand. The next morning the drunk guy turns out to be the baby’s father (Han Na Bi: CEO of NJ Design) and his employer.

Single Dad CEO X College Part-Timer. A cute love story with a cute art style. Minimal drama and misunderstanding. But it was just too short, very fast-paced and seemed rushed. But we also have an adorable kid. Thus, a short yet refreshing one.

17.  Will You Subscribe?/ Subscribers Only

Choi Hanseok, the Director of the Marketing Office, is an ambitious and work fanatic person. He used to be a popular guy but turned into a lifeless person due to a certain incident 3 years ago. One day, his colleague friend showed him a video shot of a camboy Mil Tea, which captivated and aroused Hanseok. Little did he know that Mil Tea happens to be one of the new employees of their company… What will happen when Hanseok discovers the secret of the new employee?

*Incoming yummy office sex*. It has an interesting plot, endearing characters, drama, and gorgeous illustrations. Spicy sex in an office setting with a power bottom. Thus, a delightful read.

CEO BL Manhwa

16. Well Done

Sangwoo Yoon’s life was sailing smoothly up the corporate ladder until he was caught sleeping with his boss’s daughter and was fired. Two years later, when things were going downhill for Sangwoo, he witnesses Jaehyun Han, CEO of Sungha Corporation, in a compromising situation. Is it a perfect opportunity to succeed or will become a trap?

A fucked up and twisted relationship between two hawt characters. This dark CEO BL manhwa portrays power struggle, bullying, manipulation, ambition, blackmailing, obsession, and revenge. It has heavy drama with no character development which gave us an open-ended ending. But we do have striking character design with steamy sex scenes. Thus, a short fluff read.

CEO BL Manhwa

15. Love for Sale

“What if I offer you the money, would that make you happy?”. Lee Namwoo, a college student, is barely scraping by. One morning, he wakes up with money notes scattered all over his room with hazy memories of a handsome stranger (Choe Si-eon). Choe Si-eon, the CEO of a Publishing Company, offers Namwoo money in exchange for dating him. This is the beginning of a contractual relationship…

This manhwa has an interesting storyline, a nice character design with realistic characters. And how can we forget the steamy and intense scenes with cute chemistry! Overall, this CEO BL manhwa looks promising and is interesting thus far.

14.  It’s Not Like That/ You’ve Misunderstood Me

  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Smut, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Completed, 41 Chapters
  • Author: Limeho/ Artist: Gangtto

A renowned writer of BL novels is John Jal Nim aka Im Iro. Due to his parents’ pressure, he was forced to apply for a job vacancy by sending his resume. But he accidentally submitted an unreleased manuscript of his novel instead of the resume letter. This caught the attention of the company’s President, Baek Ho-ryeong. This resulted in him in getting the job. Will the newly employed famous BL novelist be able to survive corporate pressure? And is it the beginning of an office romance?

We have a mix of interesting characters, comedic elements, sweet romance, cute art and a fudanshi manager. Overall, a sweet light-hearted romance CEO BL manhwa.

CEO BL Manhwa

13. Love Me in the Wilderness/ Hot Retribution (Manhua)

Director Heyun Jian worked day and night his entire life to lead the multinational company built by his late father (Hongwu) and his best friend (Zhiyuan). But on the death of Zhiyuan, Jian was informed that all the property and shares will be inherited by  Ding Cheng, Zhiyuan’s wife’s younger brother. 

Fated reunion of two men with a love and hatred relationship.

It has gorgeous art with complex characters and a sweet solid storyline. It is packed with good dramatic development but a kinda rushed ending. Overall, a short but beautiful revenge-turned love story.

12.  Darling for Dessert

Jung Hyunho is a part timer. A major screw-up at work of 400 million won landed him with Director Pyo Seung-yun who surprisingly offered him an appetizing strawberry cream custard tart with his own hand. Thinking that it is going to be his last meal, he devoured the tart and even licked the cream off Director’s finger. Such seductive and erotic licking and expressions can turn anyone on, even our Director.. .

Director lost his sense of taste for sweets but finds Hyunho’s tongue sweet. So, Lick Lick Fall in love! A sweet cream and tongue love story.

A cute storyline, lush art, cute comedy and many misunderstandings.

11. Greeting You Strangely

  • Genre: Drama, Smut, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Ongoing, 48+ Chapters
  • Creator: DO.D

Kwon Yuwol used to be a genius cellist. Now, he’s working at a ski resort to earn money to pay off his parents’ debts. One day, he accidentally hurts his hand when an unfamiliar man approaches him and said he likes him. That unfamiliar man turns out to be Nam Yun Gyeol, the CEO of the ski resort. Nam Yun Gyeol’s reaction to Yuwol’s hurt hand realises Yuwol that the man knows him somehow….

The first 2 chapters were enough for me to get hooked up. The storyline is captivating and mysterious while the characters are hawt *Instant Nosebleed*. It is laced with dark drama and triggering issues, including PTSD, anxiety, depression, forced sex and trauma.

So, get ready because shit is about to get down.

10. Siren’s Song/ Sing on the Water

“Jazz for Two”’s author is back with another noteworthy work.

On a snowing evening, a song echoes from the terrace one floor below. 

President Jin Luan recently moved to his new apartment and standing on the terrace of the penthouse, he happens to witness Jo Yul singing one floor below. Not only his voice captivated his mind but also his body, as he *ahems* and gets an erection. Curiosity and captivation to Yul’s voice and existence. Will Luan be able to claim Yul for himself?

Unique art, a decent storyline with a sweet and spicy relationship with tooo many sex scenes. The story portrays manipulation, abusive relationship, possessiveness, a sad past, family conflict and mystery.

CEO BL Manhwa

09. Paid (Fujoking)

Another great work by the author of “Shame Application” and “Peach Love”

Yeon Heejae, a 29 years old chaebol, is the executive director of Jinhwa group. His life was going smoothly until the evidence of public fund embezzlement done by him was mistakenly found by an accountant student, Yoo Taekyung. Now, Heejae sets out to get the documents back without exposing the embezzlement. He started pretending to have a crush on Taekyung and dug his own grave. But Taekyung isn’t just an accountant student…

The story slowly uncovers manipulation, tragic backstory, complex relationships, family drama, resentment, amnesia, and many misunderstandings. Thus, a drama train wreck CEO BL manhwa. Moreover, the artwork and the hawt characters are a chef’s kiss. It is topped with suspense and beautiful smutty scenes. Though the ending was a little unsatisfying, but overall an enjoyable read.

CEO BL Manhwa

08.  Wish Me Love

Seo Yijin has been working in the company of one of the most influential figures, Kang Joohyuk, the President of Hill & Food. Yijin always admired the charismatic and competent boss until he discovers that Joohyuk is a playboy and gay and started detesting him. 

But when Yijin’s father falls victim to a moneylender scammer, Yijin turns to Joohyuk to seek his help. Joohyuk agrees however in return demands a physical relationship for the favour.

The beginning of the story might compel you to drop it with all the angst and a homophobic yuke. But don’t! Because gradually it becomes warm and adorable and love blossoms eventually. Moreover, it has a nice character and relationship growth and development. 

The story addresses some sensitive issues, like trauma, dark past and struggles faced by those from the LGBT community. The art is pleasant along with a cute chibi art style. Also, we get to see a lot of sex scenes and many heart-fluttering ones as well. Hence, this one is worth the time.

07. How Sweet is a Sugar Daddy

Junyoung, a college student, is barely making ends meet. One day, he stumbles upon Vice Director, Sihoon Kim. Sihoon is an established plastic surgeon. He’s classy, elegant, rich, and handsome. But why is Junyoung having sex with Sihoon!

Junyoung is not gay, that’s what he says! And on top of that Sihoon is married… apparently. And he’s having an affair with Junyoung’s best friend…apparently. Will the age gap and misunderstandings become a barrier in their relationship? Of course, it will.

Wanna witness misunderstandings of the decade awarded manhwa emerged due to a single word “Oppa”? Read this! Interesting plot and characters with nice pacing with a stir of drama, tension and relatable life problems. Also, it has a distinct art that gets better over time. Overall, a good read being not a cliche BL.

CEO BL Manhwa

06.  Exotic Love

  • Genre: Drama, Smut, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Completed, 29 Chapters
  • Author: Lee Gyong/ Artist: Taboo

Jung Jaehan, the Director of TY Entertainment, is a third-generation chaebol. He is bored with his life. Even drugs, sex and alcohol aren’t helping his tiredness and insomnia. He meets Yoon Heegyeom who quit being an actor due to his involvement in a drug scandal and recently became a movie director. They meet again and the dark and toxic smut begins…

The art is stellar and the character design is mature and dark. Also, it has an interesting plot and characters with angst and drama. And how can we forget the uncensored delicious smutty scenes! 

This CEO BL manhwa also shows glimpses of the reality of the film industry and drug addiction. Thus, a skillfully done manhwa.

05. Hold Me Tight

President Giovanni, a 32 years old guy, has a numb body that is incapable of feeling warmth. This resulted in him suffering and shivering despite the season. But Giovanni’s body felt warmth for the first time when Felix Gi touched him. The closer he gets, the warmer he becomes. Eventually, he ended up hiring him as his personal bodyguard. But Felix’s motive to approach Giovanni is not the same as it looks like…

The story begins with a smutty scene right off the bat. We have a beautiful character design, uncensored smuts, an intriguing plot and a lot of spiky drama and angst on the plate. Also, the character and relationship developments are interesting shrouded with nice chemistry and sweet and spicy asf scenes.

I felt the smutty scenes overshadowed the main plot but overall it’s a cute read.

CEO BL Manhwa

04.  My Suha/ My Subordinate

Suha Lee is a 32 years old competent secretary. He is a choosy picker who wants a sex partner without any flaws and ahem.. One who needs to be big down there. After a hookup ( a small dick) gone wrong, he runs into none other than his perfect boss, Director Park Jiwoon in the gay bar toilet. This might be enough reason for him to get fired or to maybe to get laid?

Uncover love drama, family drama and childhood drama.

The plot is decently written with slow pacing and some subplots. Also, the art and character design are gorgeous with lots of smexy scenes on the way. It got some good character development topped with sweet romance. Thus, a wholesome one.

03.  Walk on Water

  • Genre: Adult, Drama, Romance, Smut, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Completed, 62 Chapters
  • Story: Jang Mokdan/ Art: JAXX

Ed Talbot, a 24 years old guy, is working as a security guard. To pay off his grandfather’s debt quickly and get some fast cash, he applied to be a model at a gay porn studio. Secretly, he started working there under the alias “Tommy”. There he meets the charismatic Glen Mcqueen, the company’s President. One day, he was asked to film as a bottom and that too with Glen as the top as his partner!

Walk on Water comes up with a well-written plot and beautifully crafted storytelling, narration and monologues. Along with that, it has distinct and flawed characters with amazing character development with raw emotions. Plus we have eye candy spicy and steamy scenes. Amazing chemistry with a healthy relationship with intense sexual tension.

This CEO BL manhwa portrays mature tones with heavy topics, including a realistic portrayal of characters, society and the porn industry, rape, abuse and drugs. It’s one of the best BL manhwas I ever read. It’s immerseful, it’s addicting, it’s engaging and thus leaves a lasting impression.

CEO BL Manhwa

02. Undercover Partners/ Smurf’s World

  • Genre: Drama, Romance, Webtoon, Yaoi
  • Status: Ongoing, 116+ Chapters
  • Story: JayJay/ Art: Otae&Luvloo

“I’m your kidnapper and you will be held captive until you sign the contract”. 

Kyohe Je, a Managing Director of a multinational conglomerate corporation, wants out. In order to do that and make money quickly, he kidnaps Kangha Nam, a skilled smurf and an expert in money laundering. Kangha was offered a contract to become Kyohe’s private smurf and also to pretend to be his boyfriend. To add on cuteness and comedy, we have another couple on the loose in season 2.

A forced contractual relationship. Where will it take them to? A heartwarming CEO BL manhwa. It has interesting character development, cute dynamics with no toxicity and an adorable and funny plot. Also, the art is cute with chibi illustrations and smexy and saucy scenes.

Thus an entertaining read of exhilarating love stories.

CEO BL Manhwa

01. On or Off

Ahn Yiyoung, a 23 years old ambitious guy, started a startup with his college friends. They got an opportunity to present their proposal to one of the leading companies, SJ Corporation. However, everything doesn’t go as planned. In the meeting room, Yiyoung instantly fell in love with the handsome bachelor Director Kang Daehyung. Smells like the beginning of a sweet office romance.

The story begins a little off. But hold up! Because it gets better gradually. A great storyline, lovable characters with good character development and decent art with warm colours. Also, we have too many second-hand embarrassing moments, a gigantic lightsaber, angst, and cute inner dialogues!

A greatly balanced CEO BL manhwa of drama, romance, comedy and smut. Thus, a heartwarming and sweet light read. So, we welcome you to the department of office and romance.

The End.

Here are some of the CEO Manga to Read:

  1. Kuchizuke wa uso no aj
  2. Okane ga nai
  3. Kayashimashi no Yuuga na Seikatsu (Yaoi) manga
  4. Ren’ai Nenrei (Yaoi) manga

We finally reached the end of the CEO BL Manhwa list! Compiling the list was a tough grind but Phew! I managed to gather the best in here. And if you have any other worthwhile BL Manhwa in your mind then do let me know in the comments section down below. I’m open to new recommendations. And please do share it with your fujoshi, fudanshi and manhwa fan friends.

Spread Happiness, Spread Peace!

Chibi art style from the Manhwa “Undercover Partners”

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