Kdrama similar to Crash Landing on You

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Updated on: 01/09/2022

Drama like Crash Landing on You is hard to forget but let’s revive the story to find more Kdrama similar to Crash Landing on You. So it is a story of two forbidden lovers, Yoon Se-ri, a wealthy South Korean heiress, and Ri Jeong-hyuk, a North Korean elite and an army officer. The two meet when Yoon Se-ri goes for a short paragliding ride in Seoul, South Korea, and a sudden tornado taps her out and sweeps her across the border.

Unconscious of this accident, when Se-ri awakes, she finds herself in a DMZ forest in North Korea. Here she meets our hero, North Korean army officer Ri Jeong-hyuk. Jeong-hyuk gives Se-ri shelter and originates certain plans to help Se-ri return to her homeland quietly. But we all know falling in love is necessary and thus these two people of the foe country, fall for each other.

Yoon Se-ri, played by Son Ye-jin, and Ri Jeong-hyuk, played by Hyun Bin. With the big cast and exquisite outdoor sets, Crash Landing on You has been a most enjoyed and high rated drama from the end of the previous decade to starting this new decade. It aired with a high note on Tvn, as viewers expecting, before its airing. Now the drama is over, but its craving is still lingering with the fans. To give the fans a treat, we are here with our list of other Kdrama similar to Crash Landing on You.

Kdrama similar to Crash Landing on You

Kdrama similar to Crash Landing on You

10. Faith

Storyline: Story of drama Faith surrounds a modern-day doctor from the 21st century, taken to 700 years in the past. When the new queen gets fatally injured in the attack, during her way to Goryeo, King Gongmin orders his Captain of the Royal Guard to bring “heaven’s doctor.” Captain of the Royal Guard, Choi Young pass through a mystical portal (“heaven’s gate”) and travels to the future. He brings back Yoo Eun-soo, a modern-day doctor from Seoul, with a promise to return her to her world once she saves the queen’s life. But the royal advisor schemes and persuades King Gongmin to force Eun-soo to stay as she can be useful. Eun-soo and Choi Young gradually start loving each other. But problems arise when Eun-soo becomes a pawn in the conflict of politics. Will Choi Young keep his promise to protect her from foul strategies and send her to her world?

Similarities: Eun-soon gets into a new world. Choi Young tries to protect her send her back to her place. Even though their love is forbidden, but both leads fall in love eventually. And all the points make Faith a Kdrama similar to Crash Landing on You.

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Kdrama similar to Crash Landing on You

09. My Love from the star

Storyline: The drama showcases the emotional rollercoaster between an alien who landed on Earth 400 years ago during the Joseon Dynasty period and the biggest Hallyu star in Korea. Wandering on earth for 400 years, the alien intensified his abilities in vision, hearing, and speed. When he had only 3 months left on the earth, he met Hallyu Star and happened to become her neighbor. This Hallyu star involves in a situation with the elder brother of her childhood friend, who tries to harm her but fails to do so as our alien rescues her each time. He then tries to keep his distance from her but eventually falls in love with her.

Similarities: The male lead saves the female lead from danger. The female lead is rich and popular. One person in the pair hides thing about self from the other person. The pair were forbidden lovers, and these elements make it a Kdrama similar to Crash Landing on You.

Kdrama similar to Crash Landing on You

08. Myung Wol the Spy

Storyline: Myung-Wol was a North Korean agent who suppressed the rising Hallyu culture in North Korea. She goes after people who watch South Korean dramas, movies, or pop music. Her dream was to become a special agent like her father, but she fails in her test. She has then accompanied the daughter of a high ranking officer to Singapore, where she entangles in South Korean star Kang Woo’s business. On her return to North Korea, she again got rejected to become a special agent. This time it was due to the incident involving Kang Woo. To correct things in her order, she went to South Korea, where she accidentally saves Kang Woo’s life. She got media coverage and then gets the assignment of marrying Kang Woo and bring him to North Korea.

Similarities: The most visible similarity that makes it a Kdrama similar to Crash Landing on You is that it is a story between North and South Korea. Both are romance between a North and a South Korean.

Kdrama similar to Crash Landing on You

07. IRIS

Storyline: IRIS is a superhit action-thriller. Its story started when analysts Park Sang Hyun and Choi Seung Hee brought two best friends Jin Sa Woo and Kim Hyun Joon, into NSS, a top-secret organization. Choi Seung Hee initially profiles them, and they both fall in love with her too. Later, Hyun Joon was given a solo mission in Hungary where he finds out that fellow agent Sa Woo betrayed him. Seung Hee tries to help Hyun Joon, but a car explosion separates the two, and both are misled into believing that the other is dead. He learns about a secret organization, IRIS, when an unknown voice rescues him. After a year, Hyun Joon returns and tries to determine who set him up and figure out what IRIS is and wants.

Similarities: IRIS is a drama like Crash Landing on You because both the dramas have the story set up in different countries. However, the plot is entirely different.

Kdrama similar to Crash Landing on You

06. Healer

Storyline: An illegal “night courier” with the codename “Healer” is given a task to protect Young Shin by his client. Young Shin is a reporter from a second-rate tabloid news website who dreams of becoming a top reporter someday. A famous journalist at a major broadcast station is the client who hires Healer. These three people come together due to a decades-old case involving a group of five friends who ran an illegal pro-democracy broadcasting station during the Fifth Republic in South Korea.  While trying to uncover the truth from that 1992 incident and a series of present-day mysteries, they evolve honesty in their work, even if that means fighting media leaders. Also, while working together, Healer and Young Shin fell in love.

Similarities: The way the relationship formed between the couple is very much in the drama like Crash Landing on You. The vibe of comedy romance is also kind same in both shows.

drama like Crash Landing on You

05. Korean Peninsula

Storyline: The story takes place in the future, where North and South Korea’s relationship is flourishing. Both countries have co-built a development station for methane hydrate off North Korea’s coast during this time. Seo Myung Joon is a South Korean scientist, and Lim Jin Jae is a North Korean scientist. Both are part of the team developing an alternative energy source together. Two of them are in love with each other for a long time. But when Myung Joon unexpectedly becomes the president of a reunified Korea, political tensions rise as a massive struggle for limited natural resources continues to divide the country.

Similarities: It is a Kdrama similar to Crash Landing on You as it shows the love story between a North and a South Korean. The drama presents both the country’s life and how the love between the couple is forbidden because of their respective country’s conflict.

drama like Crash Landing on You

04. Road No.1

Storyline: When Lee Jang Woo’s childhood love, Soo Yeon’s family, falls on hard times, he joins the army to earn money to pay for her tuition. While Jang Woo was away on his duty, Soo Yeon studies hard and treats his injuries as a doctor. She awaits Jang Woo’s return, but she receives word that he has died in combat one day. Later, Shin Tae Ho comes into her life. Soo Yeon was unable to forget Jang Woo but decides to leave her past and marry Tae Ho. A day before her wedding, Jang Woo returns, revealing that the death notice was a mistake. The next morning – June 25, 1950 – the North Korean army invades South Korea, beginning the Korean War. Their lives and love are already in turmoil, but Jang Woo and Tae Ho are sent north to the battlefield.

Similarities: Although the plot is entirely different, it has military, the romance between civilian and army men, making a Kdrama similar to Crash Landing on You.

03. The King 2 Hearts

Storyline: The story takes place in an alternate reality where a monarchy governs South Korea in the 21st century. Lee Jae Ha is the small brother of the King and prince of South Korea. He has no interest in pursuing politics. To ‘grow him up,’ the King tricks him into joining a joint military collaboration with North Korea.  On the other hand, Kim Hang Ah is an excellent female instructor and a perfect soldier working for North Korea’s elite special forces unit. She is on top in her career but desires to fall in love and marry. She meets Jae Ha in the joint military collaboration. Abruptly, when the ruling King and Queen were assassinated, Lee Jae Ha finds himself on the throne amid negotiations between North and South Korea for ending the war. As part of the negotiation process, he and Hang Ah find themselves betrothed to each other.

Similarities: We can clearly say that this Kdrama is similar to Crash Landing on You. It has a soldier from North Korea who develops a romance with a Prince of South Korea. They had to share spaces and go through military life together in some way.

02. The Legend of the Blue Sea

Storyline: The plot is inspired by a classic Joseon legend from Korea’s first collection of unofficial historical tales, about a fisherman who captures and releases a mermaid. As the story proceeds, it showcases both the past and present life of the characters simultaneously. In the past, it shows the love story between the son of a noble family in the Joseon era and a mermaid. In the modern-day, we can see how the mermaid survives in the present scenario and how everything changes when she is caught up by an indifferent but charming con artist, who looks exactly like the nobleman’s son from the Joseon Dynasty.

Similarities: Both the lead couples are star-cross lovers. The female lead was far away from her home as well as hid things about herself. The male lead was usually introverted and less interested in others, except the female lead. And these all factors make this Kdrama similar to Crash Landing on You.

01. Descendants of the Sun

Storyline: Makers of this popular drama series have done a commendable job in every aspect of this magnificent drama. By gathering the best possible cast, reaching out to the best shooting locations, and producing the most excellent OST, they have raised the Korean drama standard on another level. It is the story of people working in the army and hospital. Shi-jin is a high ranking soldier and member of Special Forces. He meets doctor Mo-Yeon when he was on his leave and develops an interest in her. Due to their nature of work, they got busy and drifted apart. But fate brought them together in a foreign country during harsh circumstances. Will they come together, crossing difficulties around them?

Similarities: What makes DOTS a Kdrama similar to Crash Landing on You is- Male leads were in the military. Female leads are successful and career-oriented with a similar personality. Their chemistry starts with arguments. The drama includes traveling in between two countries.

Hear our list ends. Do comment and tell us your favorite drama like Crash Landing on You!!!

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