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16+ KDrama similar to Heirs You Should Checkout in 2021


Date: 25/10/2020

KDrama similar to Heirs!! We bet you just missed knocking yourself over! Missing Heirs, eh? Well, no wonder, it’s been over 7 years until we last swooned over Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye’s power duo! Everyone knows The Heirs is a legend in Kdrama world and it’s not a surprise if you’re pining for the same butterflies you felt in your tummy while watching the show. You might even be a new Kdrama “rookie” as we call it, desperately searching for a ray of hope after finishing this legendary and classic KDrama. Well, dear friend, no need to worry because this is why we exist! We’ve prepared a massive list of KDrama similar to Heirs that will be like a ray of sunshine for your weeping heart!

Before we begin, let’s talk about the three types of people that we come across when we talk about KDrama similar to Heirs :

1. People who absolutely loathe cliched plots and recycled storylines (hello, world!) but still watch it because the eye service with all the beautiful people is just too worth it.

2. People who love cliched plots, the fuzziness and fluttery feeling that they get as fan service and,

3. People who just don’t care.

Well, Good tidings to everyone because this massive list of KDrama similar to Heirs will keep every kind of viewer happy! From rich guy-poor girl cliches, cheeky dialogues and flat good-looking characters to wholesome flutter-worthy characters you wish you were dating, heart-warming storylines and some great performance, we have everything covered, so let’s dive right in! 

16+ KDrama similar to Heirs

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City Hunter 16. City Hunter

Lee Yoon Sung is an intellectual who graduated from M.I.T. in the U.S. As an I.T. engineer, he possesses elite skills and works at the Blue House. While working for the National Communication Network Team, he meets Kim Na Na, a bodyguard working at the Blue House. The two start to fall in love despite Yoon-Sung’s plans not to do so. 

While all this is happening, he is also carrying out an elaborate plan to get revenge on behalf of his father.  To carry out this mission, he goes undercover as “City Hunter.” Lee Min Ho acts in this drama as well, and you should give it a try. The chemistry between the characters is believable, and you get a great action drama out of it.

15. Secret campus

Due to a tragic traffic accident, Seung Jae is a highschool student who passed away. He was the boyfriend of a fellow student, Su Ah. A year later, Su Ah starts to receive emails containing Seung Jae’s secrets. Seung Jae was cheating on her while dating his friend’s sister, Eun Ho. Along with this, Dong Cheol, a student who aspires to be a football player, quit his extracurricular activities. This happened shortly after Seung Jae’s death, and he’s skipped school many times since the news.

As Su Ah receives the mails, the secrets are revealed slowly. Lee Min Ho stars the star in Heirs, actually worked in this KDrama as well. His acting skills are a treat in both as they are set in high schools. Students these days have a considerable amount of stress placed on them during their formative years. They have to maintain good presentations, good grades, personality, and natural athleticism. 

It doesn’t matter what the child dreams of or is made out for.  Secret Campus is a drama that is centered around these themes and displays the lives of 6 such students. Each one is struggling for their goals and dreams and has to survive the various trials and tribulations.

School 2017 14. School 2017

Similar to the themes described in the previous KDrama, School 2017 follows a group of high school students. These students aim to deal with the stress of continually being ranked by their exam grades. To add on, they have to face the problems of being a teenager in a world of high-pressure and corruption

The main character, Ra Eun Ho, is a cheerful and kind girl whose goal is to become a webtoon artist. However, she gets accused of being ‘Student X,’ a troublemaker in her school. This puts her dream of studying arts in university at risk since she faces a harsh consequence – expulsion. To prove her innocence, she has to search for the real culprit.

The two other leads in the KDrama are Hyun Tae-Woon and Song Dae-Hwi. Hyun Tae-Woon is the rich son of the school’s director, who hides deep scars while enjoying his youth. Dae-Hwi is an intelligent student who ranks 1st every time for school exams but doesn’t have the money to attend his dream college. Although there is no “rich guy, poor girl” trope, you will surely love this KDrama if you liked The Heirs.

The storytelling is cohesive and suspenseful as you root for Eun Ho’s innocence being proven. The soundtrack is excellent, and the budding relationship between Eun Ho and Tae-Woon is lovely to watch. A bonus is that Tae-Woon’s jealousy and devilish smile will make you swoon.

Billion Dollar Heirs - KDrama similar to Heirs 13. Billion-dollar heir

Lu Zi Hao is from a wealthy family that has over ¥10,000,000,000. His father is a president who owns a large conglomerate. Despite this, he wants to have a relationship with a cheerful orphan. Due to this, he abandons his father, and his mother leaves him as well, leading him to become a playboy. When his father suddenly dies, he inherits  ¥3,000,000,000.

This completely changed the course of Lu Zi Hao’s life, who’s wondering what path he should take in life. Thankfully for him, Mei Leng, the angel of his life, comes to the rescue.  Mei Leng is initially full of contempt for him. Gradually, fate brings the two together, which leads to Zi Hao, becoming a distinguished and courageous man.

This is an upcoming KDrama that will hopefully live up to the expectations and blow us away, just like The Heirs did.

Extraordinary you - KDrama similar to Heirs 12. Extraordinary you

This unique series follows the story of a high school girl named Eun Dan Oh, who’s studying at a prestigious academy. One day, however, she finds out that she is living in a fantasy world of comics. She’s merely a character in a comic book called ‘Secret’ along with everyone else. This comic book is under the authority of the omnipotent ‘Writer.’ To her dismay, she’s only an extra character, and to make it all worse, she has a lame storyline.

She’s set up to become engaged to her crush who despises her, and she’s expected to die soon due to heart disease. Unsatisfied with this fate, Dan Oh embarks on a mission to change the story’s plotline and find her true love by forging destiny.

This urge becomes stronger when she meets nameless Student Number 13 in the story. However, Dan Oh and Number 13 slowly start to parallel the Writer’s previous work, ‘Neungsohwa.’ They soon find out that freeing themselves from the Writer’s control will entail a price to pay.

Now, of course, the plot is entirely different from The Heirs, but they are similar in some ways. Although it is a show that’s a satire of typical Kdrama romcom, it still employs some of the cliche stuff. For example, a love triangle is present, along with the second lead syndrome.

As you delve deep into how the rules of the comic world operate, the KDrama becomes interesting. As you witness the characters’ friendships, troubles, determination, and more, it all becomes genuinely inspiring.

Cinderella with four knights - KDrama similar to Heirs 11. Cinderella and four knights

This KDrama follows a young, poor girl who lives with her cruel stepmother and step-sister. She accidentally meets three rich bachelors who happen to be cousins.  Their grandfather hires the girl to live in their big mansion to rectify their bad behavior and hopefully teach them family values.

The two KDramas have similar plots but take different paths to reach that point. Some might say the comedy is better in this drama. If you’re looking for a fun time and good laughs, this drama might be for you. Filled with heartwarming moments, it’s got the right mix of actors and on-screen chemistry as well.

Cheese in the trap - KDrama similar to Heirs 10. Cheese in the trap

The show follows the life and complicated relationships of a group of young university students. In particular, they portray the problematic relationship between a junior and senior. The junior, Hong Seol, is a determined scholarship student. Yoo Jung, on the other hand, is her cunning senior.

Yoo Jung is a popular and rich heir to a large corporation that seems to have a perfect life. Although he pretends to be friendly and kind to everyone, he is quite devious and manipulative.  He wants to destroy those who irritate him, usually by using others.

When Hong Seol realizes this discrepancy, her life becomes so miserable that she is forced to take time off of school. She returns with the help of a scholarship that was intended for Jung. Due to this, Jung becomes nice to her and asks her to go out with him. Unsure of the kind of person he truly is, they begin a relationship that is awkward and complicated.

This becomes further aggravated by the arrival of Baek In Ho and Baek In Ha, siblings who were childhood friends with Jung. They’ve since had a falling out, however. Just like in The Heirs, the two main leads, who also happen to be childhood friends, fight over a girl in a stratified society. This is a refreshing KDrama that one should watch for memorable characters, and also for it is quite similar to Heirs on many grounds.

Playful Kiss - Korean Drama 9. Playful Kiss

Playful Kiss is based on a Japanese manga and a Taiwanese drama. The rom-com covers the romance between Baek Seung-jo and Oh Ha-Ni.  Oh, Ha Ni is a girl from F class who fell in love with Seung Jo, a boy from A class. She’s liked him for a very long time and one day decides to confess. However, being the arrogant man he is, Seung-Jo rejects her. 

This doesn’t stop Ha Ni, however, as her heart is just as healthy as Seung Jo’s mind. The story continues with her chasing after him the best that she can. Although the girl lives in the guy’s house, the plot is quite different from The Heirs. 

With a light-hearted and whimsical tone, this KDrama won’t bore you. The characters are entertaining, and there is a fun mood throughout. The main characters did have fantastic chemistry, but the side characters had interesting stories as well, to compliment the entire story altogether. You’ll want more at the end of each episode.

Secret Garden 8. Secret Garden

Secret Garden portrays the story of Kim Joo-Won and Gil Ra-Im. Kim Joo-Won is an arrogant C.E.O. who is only concerned about maintaining his perfect image. Gil Ra-Im, on the other hand, is a poor, stunt woman whose body and beauty even the top actresses envy. 

The two accidentally meet one day when Joo-Won mistakes Ra-Im for Park Chae-Rin, an actress. This marks the starting of a tense, banter-filled relationship where the two are constantly bickering. Joo-Won attempts to hide his growing attractions towards Ra-Im that disturbs and confuses him. That’s not all, however.

After a strange sequence of events, the two end up swapping bodies! This KDrama pulls off the “rich boy, poor girl” cliche is much better than The Heirs. It’s more realistic and heart-warming. The action and humor between the characters make the KDrama amusing to watch.

This show gets better, the more it progresses. The ending (don’t worry, not a spoiler) has a strong dose of reality thrown in amongst a generally happy ending.

High Society - Rich Guy Poor Girl Korean Drama 07. High society

Jang Yoon-Ha’s family is extremely wealthy as they own a conglomeration. However, her family verbally abuses her every chance they get. Despite this, she develops a heart of iron steel and holds a part-time job at the market.  As she hides her true identity as an heiress, she attempts to find a man who will love her for her and not for her money.

Choi Joon Ki, on the other hand, feels equally trapped.  Although he’s worked hard to become the second-in-command to the Director at his company, he’s forced to do meaningless errands. Now, his only goal is to marry a rich girl and inherit her family’s wealth.

Both the KDramas, namely High Society and The Heirs, have a similar plot but with the genders reversed. They have a similar feel and charm as well! An additional plus point is the side characters’ stories. High Society’s complex characters and exciting relationships are a great selling point of the drama. With a fantastic cast, you’ll be immersed in the show.

Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me 06. Master devil, do not kiss me

Through a usual twist of fate, a poor milk delivery girl, Chu Xia, is brought together with Prince Charming, Han Qi Lu. The arrogant business heir is known as Master Devil to his schoolmates. After tragedy strikes, Chu Xia ends up homeless and orphaned. Chu Xia’s mother made one last wish, following which the Han family takes her into their home until she goes to university.

This news comes much to his dismay. That’s not all. Once his family insists that she must attend the same private school as him, things get worse.  Chu Xia’s classmates do not show much warmth toward their quirky newbie. Despite this, due to her street-smartness, she’s able to find her way and, in the process, make a few friends as well. 

Will Master Devil try to scare her away, or will she win everyone over with her personality? Most important of all, will the bitter relationship between the two turns into something sweeter? Just like in the KDrama Heirs, the down-to-earth female lead is thrown into the life of the egotistical rich boy. Both the shows feature a poor girl who’s forced to live with the boy due to unforeseeable circumstances. 

Both also show the leads in attending the same school as well. The male leads fall for the girl and then proceed to pursue her.  Additionally, there are external forces that try to break the two apart. Now, don’t you think that this show can be added to your watchlist under KDrama, similar to Heirs? It does, right? 

To the beautiful you 05. To the beautiful you

This KDrama tells the story of Kang Tae-Joon, a gold medalist in the ‘High Jump’ event. However, he’s been in a slump ever since he got an injury. To help her favorite idol, Koo Jae-hee disguises herself as a boy to enroll at his all-male high school. The two dramas are set in a high school where the male lead is very popular. Along with this, the love triangle is ever-so-present in both.

There are plenty of romantic tensions between the two leads as fan service to viewers. Although he finds out early on that she’s pretending to be a boy, Jae-Hee doesn’t realize this.  The SHINee member’s acting isn’t the best in this drama, but he’s very likable with his dorky, fun scenes. The show’s underlying theme of preserving to achieve your dreams is emphasized in the second half, which lets the KDrama leave a good impression.

Meteor Garden - KDrama similar to Heirs 04. Meteor Garden

Shan Chai is a poor girl from a family who’s barely able to pay bills and make ends meet. Due to a sequence of events, she gets accepted into the most prestigious school in the country. As the school only accepts the upper-class elites, she does not fit in, and her personality immediately clashes with her classmates. 

Despite becoming the target of pranks at the hands of people who want her to leave the school, she remains defiant. However, just as she’s about to give in, a boy named Hua Ze Lei shows up to lend a helping hand. Hua Ze Lei is part of an exclusive group called F4, consisting of the wealthiest and best-looking boys in school. The other members include Dao Ming Si, the bully who torments Shan Cai, Xi Men, and Mei Zuo.

Pretty soon, F4 decides to acknowledge Shan Chai while she also begins to see the boys for they are. This paves the way for new friendships and potential romance to evolve. This Chinese drama is based on Boys Over Flowers and is a remake of the Taiwanese drama of the same name. It also contains forbidden love, to some extent. Despite being pretty long, the beautiful visuals will keep you entertained. If you’re looking for a KDrama similar to Heirs, then this could be your pick for sure.

Who are you - School 2015 03. Who Are You: School 2015

This previous edition of the School series follows the story of twins, Eun Bi and Eun Byul. They were separated early on and are now living entirely different lives.  Eun Bi is bullied at her high school and lives at a home which is intended for orphans. Eun Byul, on the other hand, is adopted and is a trendy girl at her high school.  Their lives finally intersect when Eun Byul searches for her sister, running away from her school field trip in the process. Things don’t go as planned, however.

She wakes up with amnesia while her sister committed suicide and is found dead.  The story now revolves around her fight to obtain her identity and her memories back. Both KDrama focuses on the alienation of the main lead and her bullying. Both transfer to prestigious high schools at the beginning due to unchangeable circumstances.

The actress, Kim So-Hyun, does a fantastic job of creating two distinct identities for the twins. This dramatized high school story does a great job of bringing out tears and heartache.

Boys over Flowers 02. Boys over flowers

This drama has the same synopsis as Meteor Garden as its the Korean version. With Lee Min Ho at the center, this drama resembles The Heirs quite a bit with the love triangle, wealthy high schoolers, and a poor girl who gets bullied. This is simply a must-watch for many Kdrama fans. For plenty of us, this happened to be our first Kdrama, and it’s probably the most famous drama as well.

Some might say that the story is bland, but it’s a rewatchable show for many. It does tend to be melodramatic at times with its ‘chaebol’ cliches. However, the acting, music, and exciting stories of the side characters, the drama is not bad by any means. It’s easy-going and makes for an enjoyable watch. And also, it’s on the top of the list for KDrama similar to Heirs for some reason, which means you need to check it out for sure.

1. Goblin

Goblin is one of the most acclaimed KDrama which is quite similar to Heirs. Although it is more on the fantasy spectrum, it still has the rich guy-poor girl plot (despite the age difference) and really sweet romance. The cinematography is top-notch and the characters are mind-blowingly well written. Just like Heirs, this KDrama has incredible chemistry, rivalry and bromance between the male leads and some really hilarious comedy! It’s quite unique regarding its plots and its overall performance is memorable.

Goblin follows the story of Kim Shin played by Gong Yoo (fan mode on?) who is a general in Goryeo Dynasty. He is framed as a traitor and killed along with his entire family. Due to Kim Shin’s sins (as he killed countless people), God punishes him by making him an immortal goblin, cursed to see his loved ones die. He can only be saved if the sword lodged in his chest is pulled out by his bride. To end his miserable life, he keeps searching for his bride while helping others. Goblin is an absolute must-watch, you can watch its trailer here. Tip: Keep some tissues on the side and don’t watch it on a weekday!

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