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50 Kdrama similar to Heirs You Should Checkout in 2021




Updated on: 30/08/2023

Kdrama similar to Heirs!! We bet you just missed knocking yourself over! Missing Heirs, eh? Well, no wonder it’s been over 7 years until we last swooned over Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye’s power duo! Everyone knows The Heirs is a legend in the Kdrama world, and it’s not a surprise if you’re pining for the same butterflies you felt in your tummy while watching the show. You might even be a new Kdrama “rookie,” as we call it, desperately searching for a ray of hope after finishing this legendary and classic KDrama. Well, dear friend, do not worry because this is why we exist! We’ve prepared a massive list of KDrama similar to Heirs that will be like a ray of sunshine for your weeping heart!

The Three Types

Before we begin, let’s talk about the three types of people that we come across when we talk about KDrama similar to Heirs :

1. People who absolutely loathe cliched plots and recycled storylines (hello, world!) but still watch it because the eye service with all the beautiful people is just too worth it.

2. People who love cliched plots, the fuzziness, and fluttery feeling that they get as fan service and,

3. People who just don’t care.

Well, Good tidings to everyone because this massive list of KDrama similar to Heirs will keep every kind of viewer happy! From rich guy-poor girl cliches, cheeky dialogues, and flat good-looking characters to wholesome flutter-worthy characters you wish you were dating, heart-warming storylines, and some great performances, we have everything covered, so let’s dive right in! 

Kdrama similar to Heirs

50. She was Pretty

She Was Pretty is a KDrama similar to Heirs with its rich guy poor girl plot and its fair share of love triangles. The story is quite entertaining, except the female lead might irritate you sometimes. Nevertheless, it’s a light, fun drama to watch on the weekends when you need a simple, feel-good story.

The story revolves around two childhood friends who vow to meet when they grow up. The catch? Their fates have been reversed! Kim Hye Jin, a beautiful and rich girl, is suddenly thrown into the real world and struggles when her family goes bankrupt. As a result, she loses her beautiful face. Meanwhile, Ji Sung Joon, an unattractive sky boy, becomes a successful and handsome person when he grows up! What’s more? Ashamed of her face, Kim Hye Jin convinces her beautiful friend to meet her childhood friend instead of her. And there ensues a series of twisted relationships with major misunderstandings! Watch this drama here!

49. Cheese in Trap

Cheese in Trap is a KDrama similar to Heris with its chaebol characters and the rich guy poor girl plot, except the rich guy is truly messed up as a human being! Just like in The Heirs, the two main leads, who also happen to be childhood friends, fight over a girl in a stratified society. This is a refreshing KDrama that one should watch for memorable characters, and also for it is quite similar to Heirs on many grounds.

The show follows the life and complicated relationships of a group of young university students. In particular, they portray the problematic relationship between a junior and a senior. The junior, Hong Seol, is a determined scholarship student. Yoo Jung, on the other hand, is her cunning senior. Watch the trailer here, and if you get easily disappointed by endings and messed up stories, beware!

48. You’re Beautiful

You’re Beautiful is a KDrama similar to Heirs as it shares the rich guy poor girl plot where the guy is a music idol, and the girl aspires to be a nun. Alas, only if she could! While Heirs has a love triangle, You’re Beautiful has a love quadrangle with three guys liking the same girl! It s alight and fun drama and also shares Park Shin Hye with Heirs!

The story revolves around Ko Mi Nyeo, who lives in the orphanage until her twin brother gets accepted as a music idol. She aspires to become a nun, but her plans are shattered when she has to disguise herself as a boy and take her brother’s place for some time while her brother fixes his plastic surgery disaster! What happens next? To find out, watch the trailer here and start your journey!

47. Bride of the Century

Bride of the Century is some intense chaebol KDrama similar to Heirs. It shows family power struggles, rich guy poor girl plot,, and many cliches and plot twists! Our leading man is quite similar to Kim Tan of The Heirs, and we have two leading ladies, so that’s something interesting, isn’t it? What’s more, the chaebol family is cursed! Something worth a watch, isn’t it? With calculating characters and some really engaging plotlines, Bride of the Century is a decent watch, especially if you’re fond of such twisting stories!

Our story begins with Choi Kang Joo, a second-gen chaebol heir whose bride runs away right before their wedding. Why, you may ask? Because rumor has it that this particular family is cursed and that the eldest son’s first bride is bound to die. And she does not want to be a scapegoat, thank you very much. So what happens next? Is the wedding canceled? You wish because, in the KDrama world, you get a lookalike poor imposter to sacrifice! Watch the trailer here!

46. Princess Hours

Princess Hours is a classic KDrama similar to Heirs, which is still loved among many KDrama fans worldwide! It became a super hit in many Asian countries during its release and is considered one of the most important shows contributing to the Korean Wave. It became so famous that a similar spin-off series called Prince Hours was broadcasted after a few years too! Its a really lovely story and worth a one time watch! It has a similar rich guy poor girl plot where the rich guy is the crown prince! The story also has a high school where the male lead already has a girlfriend but gets engaged to someone else, which makes it very similar to Heirs.

The story is set in an alternate universe where South Korea is a constitutional monarchy. By sheer miracle, the crown prince gets engaged to a commoner, Shin Chae Kyung. The rest of the story would be a spoiler, so find out yourself! Watch the trailer here! Bonus, this drama is so famous that it was made into a Thai drama with the same name!

45. Boys over Flowers

With Lee Min Ho at the center, this drama resembles The Heirs quite a bit with the love triangle, wealthy high schoolers, and a poor girl who gets bullied. This is simply a must-watch for many Kdrama fans. For plenty of us, this happened to be our first Kdrama, and it’s probably the most famous drama as well. Some might say that the story is bland, but it’s a rewatchable show for many. It does tend to be melodramatic at times with its ‘chaebol’ clichés. 

The story revolves around Gu Jun Pyo, leader of F4 and a chaebol heir who meets Geum Jan Di, a dry cleaner’s daughter being bullied at their school. The drama progresses to show their love life and the struggles that they overcome together. Watch the trailer to this popular KDrama here!

44. Full House

Although Full House is quite old (released in 2004), it is one of the most popular shows in South Korea. It is literally all romcom clichés locked in one! And this KDrama is similar to Heirs with its rich guy poor girl plot, except the girl was tricked into being poor (long story). It’s funny and cute and stars globally famous Song Hye Kyo with Kpop star Rain! And just like with every wealthy character, Rain’s character has a difficult relationship with his father. Definitely worth it if you can watch old cinematography for some excellent butterfly content!

The story begins when Han Ji Eun, an aspiring writer, is tricked into selling her house to a popular Korean actor, works as a maid to repurchase her house, and enters into a contract marriage to protect it later on. And, of course, both our leads hate each other, at least initially *smirk*. Watch the trailer for Full House here!

43. School 2015

School 2015 shares similarities with Heirs. Firstly, the rich girl-poor guy plot, then the love triangle, and the high school set up in KDrama are common. Starring some of the most popular actors, School 2015 is worth a watch due to its interesting plotline.

This previous edition of the School series follows the story of twins, Eun Bi and Eun Byul. They were separated early on and are now living entirely different lives.  Eun Bi is bullied at her high school and lives at a home which is intended for orphans. Eun Byul, on the other hand, is adopted and is a trendy girl at her high school.  Their lives finally intersect when Eun Byul searches for her sister, running away from her school field trip in the process. However, things don’t go as planned. Watch the trailer here!

42. Clean with Passion for Now

Yet another rich guy poor girl KDrama, Clean with Passion for Now, is similar to Heirs. We have our rich guy suffering from mysophobia (germophobia) and is a cleanliness freak. No, wait, he’s obsessed. And his obsession is just too funny to ignore! The highlights mental disorders and is a treat to watch. And it is too funny to miss out on! Plus, it shares some hidden secrets and mysteries as in Heirs.

Jang Seon Kyul is a handsome CEO of a cleaning company with germaphobia due to his past trauma. Meanwhile, Gil Oh Sol is a cheerful, bubbly, positive girl who gets a job in Seon Kyul’s company. Everything perfect, right? Except she’s extremely messy and doesn’t really care about being dirty and messy. The story continues with these opposites colliding with each other! Watch their funny, lovely, weird love story unfold in Clean with Passion for Now. Catch the trailer here!

41. Introverted Boss

Introverted Boss is a super cute KDrama filled with misunderstandings between the characters and hidden secrets! It’s similar to Heirs as it has the rich guy poor girl plot and characters belonging to chaebol families. Unlike Heirs, it’s set in an office environment, and the characters are quite different from Heirs. It also highlights some sensitive social issues and mental illnesses. Overall it is a very sweet and entertaining KDrama, worth a watch!

Chae Ro Woon is a cheerful, passionate, and energetic girl who starts working in a public relations company. CEO of this company Eun Hwan Ki, an extremely sky and introverted person due to which people mistake, is personality to be rude and obnoxious. Meanwhile, Chae Ro Woon wants revenge from CEO Hwan Ki regarding her sister’s death and aspires to reveal the truth about him. Hwan Ki, too, hides a secret. Did Hwan Ki really murder her sister? Watch the trailer here to start your journey!

40. True Beauty

This KDrama is very similar to Heirs with its visually perfect characters, wealthy male lead going after the not so poor girl but one with insecurities, high school drama, love triangles, and men fighting over one girl. True Beauty stars super popular actors like ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo, Moon Ga Yeong, and Hwang In Yeop. If you don’t already know, this is the drama taking over the global audience! It’s based on a highly popular webtoon by the same name, and so you can guess just how popular it is. It shows how our twisted concept of beauty affects people and conveys a social message to love yourself as you are because you are worth it!

True Beauty narrates Im Ju Kyung’s story, who has an inferiority complex due to her appearance and often gets bullied by literally everybody she meets due to it. After being fed up, she transforms her looks by learning the art of makeup. This is one secret that she can absolutely not let out in her new school. Well, that’s what she thought until the school heartthrob, Lee Suho, finds about her secret. Watch the trailer here!

39. Playful Kiss

Playful Kiss is a KDrama similar to Heirs as it revolves around the guy and the girl living together, similar to Tan and Eun Sang’s situation. It also involves a high school set up, which is again similar to Heirs. This KDrama is based on the popular Japanese manga Itazura Na Kiss by Tada Kaoru. Although the story is quite cute, the cinematography and acting aren’t exactly very good, but they have garnered a huge fandom nevertheless!

Playful Kiss covers the romance between Baek Seung-jo and Oh Ha-Ni.  Oh, Ha Ni is a girl from F class who fell in love with Seung Jo, a boy from A class. She’s liked him for a very long time and one day decides to confess. However, being the arrogant man he is, Seung-Jo rejects her. However, this doesn’t stop Ha Ni, as her heart is just as healthy as Seung Jo’s mind. The story continues with her chasing after him the best that she can. Watch the trailer for this cute story here!

38. My Golden Life

My Golden Life is a long series of family drama that shares similarities with Heirs. The same old rich guy poor girl trope is at play in this drama except for the guy and girl, maybe siblings (chill, not a spoiler!), and the girl just might be a chaebol heiress in reality! (Again, not a spoiler, folks!). There’s, of course, family drama and not one but two love triangle in this drama. After all, it’s in our KDrama similar to Heirs list!

The story revolves around Seo Ji An, a cheerful, competitive woman who aspires to climb the social ladder. When she’s almost about to become a full-time employee, another person with wealth and positions get the job instead! Ouch. And just about when she’s at her lowest, a decades-old secret might just be her chance to overturn her fate! Watch the trailer of this drama is amongst the highest-ranking dramas here!

37. Marriage, Not Dating

Marriage, Not Dating is your typical rich guy poor girl KDrama similar to Heirs where our rich guy absolutely does not want to get hitched. So, what do you do to stop your elite parents from pressurizing you into one? You get a random person to pose as your girlfriend. Right. Marriage, Not Dating is a light, funny and sweet KDrama which you can enjoy when you feel like watching a no-brainer feel-good drama!

Gong Gi Tae is an elite cosmetic surgeon who never wants to get married. Meanwhile, all our starry-eyed leading lady, Joo Jang Mi, thinks about marriage and love. And the rest is the story about how Gong Gi Tae makes Joo Jang Mi pose as his girlfriend and the miracle that happens thereafter! Watch the trailer of this lovely drama here!

36. High Society

High Society is yet another KDrama similar to Heirs. It consists of the same old rich guy poor girl plot except for our girl here is a chaebol heiress, so the positions are exchanged. And just like most chaebol KDramas, there’s a lot of family drama in our girl’s life, but all she wants is a normal life. And of course, there are love triangles similar to Heirs! The vibe of this drama is also quite intense and similar to Heirs!

Jang Yoon-Ha’s family is extremely wealthy as they own a conglomeration. However, her family verbally abuses her every chance they get. Despite this, she develops a heart of iron and holds a part-time job at the market.  As she hides her true identity as an heiress, she attempts to find a man who will love her for her and not for her money. High Society’s complex characters and exciting relationships are a great selling point of the drama. With a fantastic cast, you’ll be immersed in the show. Watch the trailer here!

35. Are You Human Too?

Are You Human Too is similar to Heirs as it has the typical rich guy poor girl plot except our arrogant and annoying chaebol guy has an identical twin…no wait, identical robot! It isn’t straightforward. This KDrama will literally throw plot twists at you like it’s completely normal! And because we have chaebols amidst our midst, family power feuds are unlikely to stay away, similar to Heirs. This is an interesting romantic KDrama worth a watch, but we don’t guarantee the ending! Warning: To enjoy, kindly keep your logic at bay!

The story revolves around Nam Shin, who is taken from his scientist mother when he was a kid. Now, what would a powerless mother do against a powerful conglomerate? She makes a robot identical to her kid, of course, duh! So that’s that. And now, you may ask what the use of the robot is? A decade later, when the real Nam Shin gets into a fatal accident and slips into a coma, his mother sends the robot, Nam Shin III, to take his place to protect real Nam Shin’s position as the heir. Very motherly, isn’t it? So that’s when our robot hero meets Kang So Bong, Nam shin’s bodyguard, and the rest is yours to find out. Watch the trailer here!

34. Secret Garden

Secret Garden is a KDrama which is quite similar to Heirs with a really unique concept. If you’ve watched It’s a Boy Girl Thing, then you are going to love Secret Garden despite its old cinematography! It is similar to Heirs with its rich guy, poor girl plot, and elite family problems. And it stars Hallyu stars Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won!

Secret Garden portrays the story of Kim Joo-Won and Gil Ra-Im. Kim Joo-Won is an arrogant C.E.O. who is only concerned about maintaining his perfect image. Gil Ra-Im, on the other hand, is a poor stunt woman whose body and beauty even the top actresses envy. The two accidentally meet one day when Joo-Won mistakes Ra-Im for Park Chae-Rin, an actress. This marks the starting of a tense, banter-filled relationship. Watch the trailer here!

33. Never Twice

Another long Kdrama with around 72 episodes, Never Twice, is similar to Heirs in terms of the repetitive rich guy poor girl motif. Our poor girl also has a cute little baby. The drama also shows the family power struggle in elite families similar to Heirs. Our leading lady’s situation is also a bit similar to Eun Sang’s in Heirs. It is never twice a touching and light KDrama with many heartwarming and hilarious moments, so it’s definitely worth a watch!

The story narrates the story of a group of long-term guests at Paradise Inn, making them more like a family. Enters Geum Park Ha, a coastal city resident who moves to the city to unravel the mystery behind her husband’s sudden death. She meets Na Hae Jun, who helps her in her mission. This drama highlights the importance of second chances, new beginnings, and kindness, so waste no time and watch a snippet from episode one here!

32. Love with Flaws

Love with Flaws started with being pretty refreshing, considering the female lead hates men with pretty faces, but you know how KDrama is! But it does give a message to embrace your flaws and give love a chance. It s similar to Heirs as the male lead comes from a super-rich family. This KDrama is light but hilarious and a good weekend watch! Plus, the visuals are no joke, just like in Heirs!

Love with flaws tells the story of a PE Teacher who hates good looking men as being the sister of three godlike brothers; she knows they’re trouble. Meanwhile, Lee Kang Woo is a rich man obsessed with looks due to a traumatic experience. What happens when these two people who hate each other so much meet? Love with Flaws is a light, hilarious, and utterly enjoyable KDrama, but please put your logic to sleep before you begin! Watch the trailer here!

31. Rich Man, Poor Woman

Rich Man, Poor Woman, is another KDrama similar to Heirs traversing the same lines of rich guy poor girl (obvious from the title!) trope but like I’m Not a Robot, which you will across soon, being rich sucks if you can’t recognize faces, yeah? Well, this is the situation our CEO-nim Lee Yoo Chan, played by Kim Jun Myeon aka Suho of Exo (Erie alert?). And don’t you think our leading lady is any less? Kim Bo Ra, played by Ha Yeon Soo, has a picture-perfect memory. What happens these two collide?

Lee Yo Chan is a prodigy programmer and CEO of a company called Next In. He suffers from a facial recognition disability, and not only that, his personality isn’t exactly likable. While Kim Bo Ra is a recent college graduate on the lookout for job opportunities, Next In on a short term contract. And she might just be the woman Yo Chan is looking for all these years! Watch the trailer here!

30. Backstreet Rookie

Another KDrama similar to Heirs with the classic rich guy poor girl trope except the guy isn’t rich, but the girl is too poor. It also has characters belonging to chaebol families and the family drama that arises from being part of one. It’s not exactly the best Ji Chang Wook drama, but it’s still watchable if you are thoroughly bored and out of stuff to watch. Kim Joo Jung’s character is fun and bold, so that’s a refreshing watch, quite similar to Strong Woman Do Bong Soon except for the superhuman strength.

The story focuses on Jung Saet Byul, a great fighter, and athlete, who’s trying to make ends meet, and just at that time, she gets robbed in a real estate scam. Trying to survive, she gets a part-time job at her childhood crush, Dae Hyun’s suffering convenience store. Bonus: it does have its funny moments! Watch the trailer now!

29. Liar and His Lover

A heartwarming, cheerful, brainer – Liar and His Lover has the recurring rich guy poor girl trope, except the girl is a gifted singer. The drama is based on a popular manga, Kanojo was Uso o Aishisugiteru by Kotomi Aoki. It’s a lovely KDrama, starring Red Velvet’s Joy and Lee Hyun Wo, which is quite uplifting and a perfect weekend no brainer to de-stress!

The story revolves around Kang Han Gyul, a talented bass player and composer who quit his group right before their debut. Now, he’s a popular composter under the name ‘K.’ Meanwhile, Yoon So Rim is a cheerful, happy go lucky gifted singer who gets scouted by the CEO. While on one of her vegetable deliveries, which she does to help her grandmother’s vegetable shop, she meets and falls for Han Gyul. Watch the trailer of this sweet Kdrama here!

28. School 2017

School 2017 is yet another KDrama similar to Heirs. It follows the classic trope of rich guy poor girl love story but complicated! Our rich guy has issues with his family, too, just like Kim Tan’s difficult relationship with his family members in The Heirs. The drama also revolves around a high school’s backdrop, just like in Heirs, which makes it a must-watch for all Heirs lovers!

The main character, Ra Eun Ho, is a cheerful and kind girl whose goal is to become a webtoon artist. However, she gets accused of being ‘Student X,’ a troublemaker in her school. This puts her dream of studying arts in university at risk since she faces a harsh consequence – expulsion. To prove her innocence, she has to search for the real culprit. What will happen to her? Watch the trailer to start your School 2017 journey here!

27. I’m Not a Robot

I’m Not a Robot is a KDrama similar to Heirs with it’s the recurring trope of rich guy poor girl although the girl isn’t poor, the guy is too rich to compare (chaebol alert?)! But alas, being too rich isn’t exactly favorable if you can’t touch anyone. And, it doesn’t help if the robot you wanted isn’t the robot you were delivered!

The story revolves around Kim Min Kyu, an extremely intelligent and wealthy shareholder of the country’s largest financial company. Though he has everything he would ever need, he suffers from a deadly allergy that’s triggered when he touches another person. He also owns a robot called Aji 3, and what do you do if the robot that your boss wanted to test gets damaged in an accident? You replace it with a human until you fix the real one, of course! So, that’s how he meets Jo Ji Ah, a talented inventor, and that’s when his life changes. Watch the trailer here!

26. Wok of Love

Wok of Love is KDrama similar to Heir. It has a similar love triangle as in Heirs, though instead of chaebols, we have a talented chef, a former gangster, and a bankrupt former chaebol heiress. Wok of Love has great chemistry among the leads, just like heirs, and a motivating plot with a message of never giving up. Keep some snacks with you, though, and all the food ASMR will make you hungry!

Wok of Love narrates the story of Seo Poong, a talented chef who is unfairly fired from an expensive hotel. He vows to take revenge and become the best. Meanwhile, our leading lady, Dan Sae Woo, a chaebol heiress, becomes bankrupt in a single day and finds the Chinese restaurant Seo Poong works at after being fired. And she wants to help! The problem? she hasn’t cooked once in her entire life. Follow their story and find out if Seo Poong and his amateurs team can take revenge on elite professionals! Watch the trailer here!

25. Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life

Another long series with 100 episodes (fear not, it’s around half an hour each), Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life is very similar to Heirs. For starters, two male leads belong to chaebol families. So, another rich guy poor girl plot, this time literally. Our leading lady Kim Cheong Ah is living a difficult life similar to Eun Sang in Heirs. And of course, it has your regular love triangle but doubled! If you can watch through this long series, it’s actually very entertaining though some characters are quite problematic.

The story follows three sisters’ lives and their struggles to establish a career, find love, and heal their wounds of the past. This is a story of love and deception, secrets and lies, betrayal, and healing. All in one package! Watch the trailer here!

24. My Father is Strange

My Father is Strange is a 50 episode drama of one hour each and revolves around family struggles and secrets similar to Heirs but not as serious. It also portrays the rich guy poor girl trope similar to Heirs. It’s a very heartwarming drama revolving around the ordinary lives of the members of a middle-class family. It is extremely loved and cherished by KDrama addicts all over the world.

The peaceful life of the Byeon family consisting of the father, mother, their three daughters, and a son comes to an abrupt end when a famous celebrity shows up at that doorstep claiming to the second son of the family. It smells like some family drama! Don’t be scared by the number of episodes, its a worth watch. Plus, it is hilarious! Watch the trailer here!

23. Cinderella and the Four Knights

Cinderella and the Four Knights is a KDrama similar to Heirs with its rich guy poor girl plot, except instead of one, we have three! Well, technically four, but the fourth one doesn’t show up a lot. All the three guys belong to a chaebol family, and thus, it is very similar to The Heirs story set up. And all our gorgeous rich men have personality issues. So, unlike a love triangle in Heirs, our leading lady, Eun Ha Won, gets herself a love quadrangle!

This KDrama follows a young, poor girl who lives with her cruel stepmother and step-sister. She accidentally meets three rich bachelors who happen to be cousins.  Their grandfather hires the girl to live in their big mansion to rectify their bad behavior and hopefully teach them family values. If you’re looking for a fun time and good laughs, this drama might be for you. Filled with heartwarming moments, it’s got the right mix of actors and on-screen chemistry as well. Watch the trailer here!

22. Radio Romance

Radio Romance is a drama similar to Heirs mainly due to its rich guy poor girl plot. The drama set is also quite refreshing as it revolves around a Radio show and stars popular actors like Kim So Hyun, Yoon Park, and Yoon Do Joon.

The story follows Song Geu Rim’s life, a passionate assistant writer at a radio station who aspires to have her own show. When her only show gets canceled, she strives to make a place in the radio station by casting a top star names Ji Soo Ho who is known to have a perfect life. The problem? Soo Ho is used to acting based on scripts, but life at the radio station is as unpredictable as winning a lottery! Will Geu Rim and Soo Ho manage to keep the show afloat, or is it already a sinking ship? Watch the trailer here to find out!

21. Tempted

Tempted is very similar to Heirs regarding its student chaebol characters and their family disputes. It has a similar Heirs vibe, but a bit darker, and the relationship between the male and female lead characters is also a bit similar to Kim Tan and Eun Sang’s. It does not have the rich guy poor girl theme, so that’s a bit refreshing, isn’t it!

The story follows Kwon Shi Hyun, the sole heir of a chaebol family who participates in a bet to seduce a hardworking, cheerful student, Eun Tae Hee. Everything is a façade and a game of love until Shi Hyun starts developing feelings for her. And tragedy strikes when Tae Hee finds out that she was a mere bet in the world of the chaebols. Watch the Tempted trailer starring Woo Do Hwan, Redvelvet’s Joy, Moon Ga Young, and Kim Min Jae here!

20. Thirty But Seventeen

Thirty but Seventeen is another KDrama similar to Heirs but with a unique storyline. The female lead is from a well-off family until she goes into a coma for many years, and when she wakes up, she absolutely has nothing – no family, no money, no education, no prospects, and no home. The drama depicts her struggle to adapt to her new life.

Imagine being 17, falling asleep, and finding yourself to be 30 when you wake up. That’s difficult and terrorizing but imagine you wake up to find yourself 30, completely alone, with no parents, family, money, or a home. And you didn’t graduate from high school when you went to sleep. That’s exactly what happened to our female lead, Woo Seo Ri. The KDrama follows her story and her relationship with Gong Woo Jin, a set designer who keeps himself isolated from people due to childhood trauma. Watch the trailer here!

19. Chocolate

Chocolate is a touching KDrama about food, travel, and life similar to Heirs. Just like Heirs take place in two countries, the story in Chocolate revolves around two different countries: South Korea and Greece. The male lead belongs to a chaebol family, while the female lead is not so well off even though she is a famous cook. Our female lead’s life is also quite similar to Eun Sang’s in The Heirs. It has some really well-written characters, each with their own struggles in life, and the drama makes them very relatable to viewers.

The story follows the life of a neurosurgeon, Lee Kang, who is aspired to become a chef but then, well, life happened. It also narrates the tale of Moon Cha Yeong, who became a chef because of Lee Kang. Take a step closer to their heartwarming journey by watching the trailer here!

18. Extraordinary You

Extraordinary You is a drama extraordinary in every sense! This KDrama is similar to Heirs as the characters belong to chaebol families. The set is a high school, which is similar to Heirs. Of course, there’s also a love triangle, and the female lead, Dan Oh’s situation, is quite pathetic similar to Eun Sang’s in The Heirs. All in all, such a storyline is unique for a KDrama and is quite entertaining!

This series follows the story of a high school girl named Eun Dan Oh, studying at a prestigious academy. One day, she finds that she is living in a world of comics. She’s merely a character in a comic book called ‘Secret’ along with everyone else. To make it all worse, she’s only an extra character. She meets nameless Student Number 13 in the story. Dan Oh and Number 13 slowly start to parallel the Writer’s previous work. They soon find that freeing themselves from his control will entail a price to pay. Watch the trailer here!

17. Do Do Sol La La Sol

A heartwarming KDrama similar to Heirs is what Do Do Sol La La Sol is. It follows the trope of a rich girl becoming poor after her father’s death and her struggles to survive in the real world. The male lead also has trobles with his family, similar to Kim Tan, and well instead of being exiled like Tan, he runs away from home. This KDrama has a cheerful, lovely, and refreshing vibe like a really bright summery yellow. It’s a much watch for anyone looking for a good vibe, uplighting, light KDrama.

The drama follows the life of our cheerful, blissfully-ignorant-about-real-life protagonist Goo Ra Ra, who belongs to a very wealthy family. Well, until she doesn’t. This tale follows her journey from riches to rags and her beautiful friendship with a part-timer Sunwoo Jun. With Jun’s help, she opens a small piano institute, La La Land, in the countryside. Watch the trailer to follow her journey here!

16. My ID is Gangnam Beauty

My ID is Gangnam Beauty is a really fun KDrama to watch. This is eIt is especially because it has a similar rich guy poor girl plots (at this point, assume all of them have it) as Heirs, but it delivers an extraordinary social message of accepting who you are. It also revolves around college student life, which is a refreshing change from high school romance KDrama. My ID is Gangnam Beauty, has a very cheerful, happy go lucky vibe while simultaneously addressing some serious social shortcomings.

The story revolves around Kang Mi Rae, who undergoes cosmetic surgery after being bullied for her appearance for years on end. And when things were looking good for her, with a new life at college, people discover her secret and ridicule her as a “Gangnam plastic surgery monster.” The story goes on to show her struggle with self-acceptance and self-love. Watch the trailer here!

15. Start-Up

Start-Up is another KDrama similar to Heirs with its rich guy poor girl motif, but this time the rich guy is responsible for our second lead syndrome (cries in Kim Seon Ho). Our poor girl, aka Seo Dal Mi’s sister, is the second generation chaebol (it’s complicated), so there you have the chaebol trope. And, of course, family issues similar to Heirs. Start-Up is that motivational KDrama that makes you feel like becoming the next Elon Musk or the next JK Rowling. Although many people felt like some characters were a bit irritating (Nam Do San alert), it’s a great drama nevertheless, and you’ll be in awe about what a great character Han Ji Pyeong is!

The story revolves around a fictional Silicon Valley situated in South Korea known as Sandbox. The KDrama follows the story of the characters trying to make their mark in the world of start-up companies. Watch the trailer here!

14. Legend of the Blue Sea

Another KDrama similar to Heirs is Legend of the Blue Sea. It shares its rich guy poor girl plot only difference being that our rich guy is a witty con artist and our poor girl is a mermaid! Plus, she cries pearls! It also shares our lead actor Lee Min Ho with Heirs and the same old family power struggle. One of the most popular KDrama out there, Legend of the Blue Sea, is a unique story with similar unique characters and many hilarious incidents!

The story follows our quirky leading lady and Joseon mermaid, Shim Cheong, who follows her lost love into modern-day Korea. She meets her reincarnated lover, Joon Jae, a con artist, and conducts scams on wealthy people. The story narrates their tale of love as they try to change their ill-fated relationship, which separated them centuries ago. Watch the trailer of this hilariously magical KDrama here!

13. 100 Days My Prince

100 Days My Prince is a KDrama similar to heirs with its rich guy poor girl plot (this time literally) with a bit of a twist. Although it is a historical KDrama, the story is sweet, the characters lovely, and the humor impeccable! It is also similar to Heirs in terms of the family power struggle and conspiracies.

The story revolves around Ye Sul, a crown prince who loses his memory and becomes a man of low status. He gets married to Yeon Hong-shim, a low-status woman from Songjoo village whereby due to the crown prince’s decree (yes, you got that right) to marry off all single people to alleviate the drought in the country. The story follows their life as mysteries and secrets start to unfold. You’ll laugh your head off with this KDrama, and the music is just royally brilliant! Watch the trailer here!

12. More Than Friends

More than Friends is a KDrama similar to Heirs with its frustrating yet very realistic love triangle, jealous male leads, rich guy poor girl (but not so poor) plot, and a brief high school set up. It is a KDrama that you will either voluntarily enjoy or frustratingly enjoy, but you will like its very realistic characterization and plot. The KDrama consists of popular actors like Ong Seong Woo, Shin Ye Eun, and On Joon Soo.

The drama revolves around Kyung Woo Yeon’s 10-year long crush on Lee Soo. Woo Yeon is an outgoing carefree woman until Lee Soo rejects her multiple times. Every Single Time. Ouch. She aspires to become a calligrapher but struggles in her journey while Lee Soo becomes a famous photographer. Amidst their, I like you-I like you not, enters CEO of a publishing company, On Joon So. So, now a game of thrones begins for the post of Kyung Woo Yeon’s boyfriend. Watch the trailer here!

11. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

This KDrama is similar to Heirs with its (yet again!) rich guy poor girl plot, super cute romance and bromance, love triangle, and jealous male leads. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon has a cute star cast with Park Bo Young as Do Bong-soon, Park Hyung Sik as Ahn Min-hyuk, and Ji Soo as In Guk-doo. The drama is sweet and interesting with a unique character and an enjoyable plot!

The story follows the life of Do Bong Soon, a woman born with superhuman strength. As much as it is cool, it serves as a huge problem for Bong Soon as she wants to be a normal, elegant, and delicate woman, the ideal type of her crush, In Guk Doo. Enters Ahn Min Hyun, a rich heir, and CEO of a gaming company who hires Bong Soon as a bodyguard. The story continues with a series of kidnapping cases, which tests Bong Soon’s physical and mental strength. Watch Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’s trailer here!

10. Love Alarm

Love Alarm is a KDrama which is very similar to Heirs. It shares its high school plot, rich guy poor girl plot, a love triangle, and the bromance between the male leads with Heirs. The male and female lead characters have a similar relationship to Kim Tan and Eung Sang’s. He has a very difficult life, similar to Eung Sang’s. This KDrama is very popular and has a huge fanbase due to its star cast, unique plot, and great chemistry among all the actors.

Love Alarm revolves around an app called “Love Alarm.” The app becomes viral in the hypothetical world of the KDrama as it notifies its users when someone has a crush on them if they’re within a 10-meter radius of the app. The story follows an orphaned girl, Kim Jo-Jo, who has to work to pay off her parent’s debt. She gets entangled in a love triangle with the rich and handsome Sun Ho and his best friend, Hye Young. Catch the trailer here!

09. A Piece of Your Mind

Another KDrama similar to Heirs is A Piece of Your Mind. It’s similar in terms of its (yet again) rich guy poor girl plot but better! It’s a touching story with a great cast, marvelous characters, and a complex yet simple (made sense?) storyline. Our beloved Jung Hae Instars are the male lead Moon Ha Won, and an AI programmer with beautiful and talented Chae Soo Bin as Han Seo Woo, a classical recording engineer.

The story follows the relationship between Moon Ha Won and Han Seo Woo. Despite being a successful founder of an AI company, Moon Ha Won is tormented by his past and his unrequited love for his childhood sweetheart Kim Ji Soo. Romantic? Plot twist: Kim Ji Soo is married with her own share of mental struggles. Chae Soo Bin is a cheerful, optimistic woman who harbors a painful past as well. Along with Ha Won, she begins a journey towards love and healing. Find the trailer here!

08. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Moon lovers is an immensely popular KDrama which shares similarities with Heirs despite being a historical drama. The plot is fierce, and the characters are intense. This KDrama is similar to Heirs as it shares the rich guy poor girl plot (here the prince and an ordinary girl), many male characters like the female lead, and a power struggle between family members just like in Heirs. It’s an emotional roller coaster that will take you on a conspiracy, assassinations, and powerful ride.

The story begins when our leading lady and 21st-century woman, Go Ha Jin, mysteriously transports back in time to the Goryeo Dynasty’s era in mid 10th century CE. She gets entangled in the lives and rivalry of the royal princes and the palace politics. Will she be able to survive? Or will she give up her life in the process? To find out, watch the trailer here right now!

Ps: Did we tell you that it has a swoon-worthy star cast? Find out who in the trailer!

07. Romance is a Bonus Book

This KDrama is similar to Heirs because of its rich-guy poor-girl plot but a bit more heartwarming. The female lead, Kang Dan-I’s life, is quite similar to Heir’s female lead Eun Sang’s. Romance is a Bonus Book is that KDrama that makes your day and uplifts your spirit. It’s a great motivational KDrama. Plus, calling out to y’all book worms, this one is for you.

Our story revolves around Cha Eun Ho, a popular author and senior editor at a publishing company. Kang Dan-I was a successful advertising copywriter who gave up her professional life to support her family. Eun Ho and Dan-I met when Dan-I saved Eun Ho from an accident while becoming injured in the process. Both of them share a close bond and have remained friends for many years. Fast forward to the present, Dan-I is an unemployed divorcee with no house and no income, trying to enter the professional world. But life is hard for a single mother with a large work-gap. Watch the trailer here!

06. Run On

Another KDrama similar to Heirs in terms of its rich-guy poor-girl plot is Run On. But unlike most cliche’s this KDrama is well written and portrayed with beautiful characters and character development. One of the female leads, Seo Dan Oh, is a chaebol heiress who is similar to the depictions of chaebol families in Heirs. The stellar cast with their fantastic portrayal of characters and a heartwarming plot makes this KDrama a must-watch for all those who liked the fuzzy, fluttery feeling they got from The Heirs. (www.secolarievoo.com)

The story revolves around a simple-minded former sprinter Ki Seon Gyeom, who gives up his career to help a junior being bullied. He belongs to a very wealthy family but lives a lonely life. He meets Oh Mi Joo, a bold, cheerful translator with an outgoing personality. Meanwhile, Seo Dan Oh is the CEO of a sports agency and the rightful owner of a chaebol group called Seomyung. Due to her gender, her male sibling is made the next heir. While fighting to regain her rightful title, she meets Lee Young Hwa, a talented university artist. All of them find their lives intertwined as they embark on a journey of love and new beginnings. Watch the trailer of this beautiful KDrama here.

05. Reply 1988

Reply 1988 is similar to Heirs for its rich-guy poor-girl plot, and it’s high school characters. Though it’s the overall vibe is quite different from that of The Heirs, it’s still a gem to watch. Reply 1988 has a great cast, wholesome characters, and swoon-worthy romance. It is a KDrama that will make you cry, laugh, love, and live life to the fullest.  So definitely keep a box of tissues with you.

The story is set in the year 1988 and follows the lives of five friends and their families. Sung Duk Soon is the middle child in her family, famous for coming at 999th in her school. Choi Taek is a simple-minded, lovable genius Baduk player. Sun Woo is the student council president. Jung Hwan is their sarcastic, smart, basketball-loving, rich friend. Ryu Dong Ryong is a carefree and mature friend in the group. The story revolves around these five characters, their families, friendships, and their struggles in life. Watch the trailer for this heartwarming drama here.

04. Crash Landing on You

Crash Landing on You is another KDrama similar to Heirs. It has similar characters belonging to chaebol families and the rich-poor plot but a bit twisted! It’s also similar in terms of the female lead Yoon Se Ri’s difficult relationship with her family, especially her siblings, just like Kim Tan in Heirs. There’s also a similar Kim Tan – Yoo Rachel situation with the male lead, Ri Jeong Hyuk, and his fiance, Seo Dan, chosen by his family. Seo Dan’s character is also quite similar to Rachel’s. All in all, Crash Landing on You boasts of a stellar cast, characters, and an excellent storyline and is a definite must watch!

The story revolves around Yoon Se Ri, a chaebol heiress, and a prodigal businesswoman, crash landing on Ri Jeong Hyuk, a North Korean elite soldier. Literally. Romantic, isn’t it? Well, the problem is that Se Ri is a South Korean citizen. Oops, not a really ideal place and person to land on after a paragliding mishap. Now, she is dirt poor, living off the kind Ri Jeong Hyuk and trying to get back to South Korea before being blown off to bits. This KDrama is hilarious, engaging, sweet, and romantic. Watch the trailer here!

03. Its Okay to Not be Okay

Its Okay to Not be Okay is a healing KDrama, unlike Heirs, but it still shares many similarities with it. This KDrama is similar to Heirs in terms of its portrayal of rich and poor characters. Instead of a rich-guy poor-girl plot, this time, we have a rich-girl poor-guy plot. The female lead’s character is also quite similar to Kim Tan of The Heirs but much more intense and has more depth. Instead of men fighting over a woman in The Heirs, we have women fighting over for the male lead in Its Okay to Not be Okay. This KDrama is one of the highest-rated KDramas and has an incredible plot and characters, and messages of the importance of mental health. 

The story revolves around Moon Gang Tae, a psychiatric caretaker who, along with his autistic older brother, Moon Sang Tae, keeps moving from one place to another ever since their mother’s death. When they come back to their native city after years, they meet a famous children’s book author Ko Mun Young. All of them hide deep, painful scars. They embark on a journey of life, healing, and happiness while confronting their demons. Catch its trailer here.

02. Memories of Alhambra

Another KDrama similar to Heirs is Memories of Alhambra. Despite being a fantasy KDrama, it has the same rich-guy poor-girl plot similar to Heirs. Park Shin Hye is in a similar role to a poor woman, trying to make ends meet. The story is very unique, and the cinematography is mind-blowing. The overall drama exudes perfection and thrill and is a must-watch for all viewers. Also, Hyun Bin is the male lead, and you know what I mean!

The story is set against the backdrop of the gaming industry. Yoo  Jin Woo is a rich CEO of an investment company and a talented game developer. He receives an anonymous letter about a groundbreaking AR game and travels to Granada in the hope of meeting its creator. In a turn of events, the creator mysteriously disappears. Jin Woo comes across his sister, Jung Hee Joo, played by Park Shin Hye, who is the owner of the hotel which he stays. Mysterious events start to occur when the line between the deadly gaming world and the real world starts to blur. Watch the trailer of this magical KDrama here.

01. Goblin

Goblin is one of the most acclaimed KDrama which is quite similar to Heirs. Although it is more on the fantasy spectrum, it still has the rich guy-poor girl plot (despite the age difference) and really sweet romance. The cinematography is top-notch, and the characters are mind-blowingly well written. Just like Heirs, this KDrama has incredible chemistry, rivalry, and the bromance between the male leads, and some really hilarious comedy! It’s quite unique regarding its plots, and its overall performance is memorable.

Goblin follows Kim Shin’s story, played by Gong Yoo (fan mode on?), a general in the Goryeo Dynasty. He is framed as a traitor and killed along with his entire family. Due to Kim Shin’s sins (as he killed countless people), God punishes him by making him an immortal goblin, cursed to see his loved ones die. He can only be saved if his bride pulls out the sword lodged in his chest. To end his miserable life, he keeps searching for his bride while helping others. Goblin is an absolute must-watch; you can watch its trailer here. Tip: Keep some tissues on the side, and don’t watch it on a weekday!

Bonus Recommendation

Meteor Garden

Although it is a C-drama and not a KDrama, Meteor Garden is difficult to ignore due to its stark similarity with The Heirs and Boys Over Flowers. It has a similar rich guy poor girl plot, the same set of elite students, female lead being bullied, and love triangles.

Shan Chai is a poor girl from a family. Due to a sequence of events, she gets accepted into the most prestigious school in the country. Despite becoming the target of pranks at the hands of people, she remains defiant. However, just as she’s about to give in, a boy named Hua Ze Lei. Hua Ze Lei is part of an exclusive group called F4, and other members include Dao Ming Si, the bully who torments Shan Cai, Xi Men, and Mei Zuo. Pretty soon, F4 decides to acknowledge Shan Chai while she also sees the boys for who they are. This paves the way for new friendships and potential romance to evolve. Watch the trailer here!

Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me

Just like in the KDrama Heirs, the down-to-earth female lead is thrown into the life of the egotistical rich boy. Both the shows feature a poor girl who’s forced to live with the boy due to unforeseeable circumstances. Both also show the leads in attending the same school as well. The male leads fall for the girl and then proceed to pursue her. Additionally, there are external forces that try to break the two apart.

Through a usual twist of fate, a poor milk delivery girl, Chu Xia, is brought together with Prince Charming, Han Qi Lu. After tragedy strikes, Chu Xia ends up homeless and orphaned. Chu Xia’s mother made one last wish, following which the Han family takes her into their home until she goes to university. That’s not all. Once his family insists that she must attend the same private school as him, things get worse. Follow their journey and watch the trailer here!

So, did you like our massive KDrama similar to Heirs list? Comment down below! And do you know any other KDrama similar to Heirs? Let us know! If you’d like to view more such K-culture-related articles, click here!

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