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10+ Kdrama Similar To Playful Kiss You Were Searching For

For finding the Kdrama similar to Playful Kiss, let’s do a recap about the original drama first. Playful Kiss has been a classic drama in the Korean drama world. It is a decade old, but still famous among the audience of Rom-Com. Oh Ha Ni is a clumsy high school student who falls for the

15+ Best Smut Manhwa To Check Out In 2020

Smut is defined as a style that is regarded as aggressive, especially related to sexual content backed by some great storyline. When talking about reading, it is also a popular and demanding genre in the manhwa. Smut manhwa is gaining popularity day by day, and I am sure that this given list will satisfy your

Top 16 Best Shounen Webtoon/Manhwa to Read

Shounen (or “shōnen”) is one of the most popular genres. It leans towards young and teenage boys, but of course, reading a good manhwa regardless of its genre is our duty. It usually has a male protagonist who embarks in such a story plot that is adventurous and filled with challenges. Often shounen genre does