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Must Watch Korean Dramas Of 2020 Before The Year Ends




Updated on: 02/09/2022

There is a well-said phrase by me – “there are so many dramas, and I have so little time”. I am sure many of you can relate to this feeling. So while deciding to watch a future drama, you probably do quite research about it. After all, you are putting your time and money into it. So here the list goes that can help you select your next gem of a drama from must watch Korean dramas of 2020.

The year 2020 was the year of many comebacks, the collaboration of big stars, and story adaptions. Hence without waiting further, let’s jump into the list of must watch Korean dramas of 2020.

13. When the Weather Is Fine

Starring heartthrobs, Seo Kang-joon and Park Min-young, When the Weather Is Fine is an adaption of a 2018 novel by Lee Do Woo. The pairing of the lead couple made this a must watch Korean dramas of 2020.

It is a story about emotional swings and love taking place around a small book store in the countryside. Hae Won is an ordinary woman who plays the cello since she was a child. She gets hurt emotionally by others while socializing through playing the cello. Due to that, Hae Won does not trust people and has close her heart to others. After a while, when Hae Won becomes sick and weary of her life in Seoul, she decides to move back to her hometown Bookhyun Village. There, she meets Eun Seop. He runs the bookshop “Goodnight Bookstore.” Eun Seop’s daily life is simple. He wakes up and drinks coffee, reads a book, and writes on his blog. Eun Seop’s daily life only began to change after he meets Hae Won.

12. Oh My Baby

Oh My Baby is among the must watch Korean dramas of 2020. Actors like Jang Na Ra, Go Joon, Jung Gun Joo, and Park Byung Eun are in the main role of the drama. The drama tells the story of an independent woman who is a deputy manager of a parenting magazine. She finds herself tired of dating after 10 years and only has one wish to have a child but without getting married. Then three men enter her life when she’s given up on love and marriage, and she has to choose among them.

Go Joon takes on the role of freelance photographer Han Yi Sang. Park Byung Eun portrays the role of a pediatrician who is also friends with our female lead. Jung Gun Joo is playing the role of a newbie employee in the company where our female lead works and possesses a bright attitude.

11. The king: Eternal Monarch

This list is completely incomplete without the mention of this drama in the list of must watch Korean dramas of 2020. The King: The Eternal Monarch was the show that tied hope in the heart of every k-drama lover. The reasons for such high anticipation were numerous, and every reason was important. First of all, this was the first project of Lee Min-ho after his return from the military. Second, this drama was the comeback of Kim Go-eun on the silver screen, after the Goblin. Third, it was written by the well-known Korean drama writer Kim Eun-sook.

The theme of this drama is a fantasy romance. The story shows two parallel universes, one which is a modern-day Korea, and the other one is an alternate universe in which Korea is an empire ruled by a single monarch. A deity unleashes a demon into the human world that opens a portal to the parallel universe. The emperor cross path with a modern-day detective to protect his loved ones from the danger brought about by the portal, and to shut the bridge between the two worlds. While fighting the evil and efforts of closing the door between their two worlds, the ruler of the Korean Empire and the detective who resides in modern-day Korea, develop feelings for each other.

Korean dramas of 2020

10. Flower of evil

Starting to the last, Flower of Evil made its fan tizzy all along. The drama was a concrete mixture of thrill, intense suspense, and action. As usual, Lee Joong-gi presents the different given roles very well. Other actors, too, played their part thoroughly.

The story portrays the life of a family man who is content with his professional and work life. He works as a craftsman and is an ideal husband and father. The only weakness he has is his past that he kept secret from his detective wife. But slowly, this past starts to come alive after her wife gets her hands on a new case where she is determined to give justice to the victim.

Korean dramas of 2020

09. Hi bye, mama

Hi Bye, Mama!, mark the return of Kim Tae-hee on the silver screen in almost five years. The drama is also the first drama where Lee Kyu-hyung is in his first lead role in a prime-time series. What made Hi Bye, Mama! a must watch Korean dramas of 2020 is not just its cherished on-screen cast, but the celebrated off-screen cast too. The series comes from the writer and director, who are behind highly appreciated dramas like Go Back Couple and Hundred Million Stars From The Sky, respectively.

The plot of this fantasy drama centers on a mother (Tae-hee) who gets the chance to be with her family again for 49 days after she passes away due to an accident 4 years ago. Her husband (Kyu-hyung) is a thoracic surgeon, who faces problems in being a single father for two years and struggles with the death of his wife. He got married again a couple of years before. Watch this drama to see how this reunion turnout for this family.

Korean dramas of 2020

08. Stranger2

With the little change in the off-screen members, the award-winning thriller series of 2017 Stranger, aka Secret Forest, is back with its second season. It still has its original lead actors, such as Cho Seung-woo and Bae Doo-na. Supporting actors Lee Joon-hyuk and Yoon Se-ah are also still not changed. Baeksang Arts Award for Best Screenplay winner original writer, Lee Soo-yeon, is still in charge of the script. On the other hand, PD Ahn Gil-ho was replaced by PD Park Hyun-suk.

The first season shows the story of an emotionless prosecutor who together with a detective, uncovers the corruption of the prosecutor’s office while solving a serial murder case. The second season sets two years later, where a moral dispute arises inside the Prosecutors’ Office and the National Police Agency. The prosecutor’s office demands discretionary power over all investigative proceedings, whereas the Police Agency seeks an independent authority over the cases. Despite all this, Hwang Si-Mok and Han Yeo-jin come together to conduct an investigation on their own a hidden case.

Korean dramas of 2020

07. Hospital playlist

Hospital Playlist gains much positive attention from people this year. With its direction to its story, everything was highly praised by the audience, making it among the must watch Korean dramas of 2020. This medical drama centers on the daily lives of ordinary hospital employees and patients. In director Shin’s words, it’s a story of people “who live through an atmosphere filled with birth, old age, sickness, and death.” The series stars Jo Jung-suk, Jung Kyung-ho, Yoo Yeon-Seok, Kim Dae-Myung, and Jeon Mi-do. They play long-time friends who attended the same medical college in 1999 and now work together in one hospital.

Drama displays the present situations of our generation of people living through their days that are ordinary but special. All this at the hospital, which is a place with mixed feelings. It is also a story about friendship and professionalism as the five doctors are long time friends, and now they are co-workers in the same hospital. The doctors are friends of 20 years since they started their undergrad in 1999 in the same medical school. They also form a group band that will be part of the drama’s story.

Korean dramas of 2020

06. The World of Married

Winning many awards in prestigious categories, The World of the Married is a must watch Korean drama of 2020. It deals with greed and cheating in human nature.

From the outside, everything seems to be perfect in the life of the successful family doctor and the associate director, Ji Sun Woo. She has everything: a successful career, a handsome husband, and their teenage son. However, her world shatters when she discovers that her husband is having an affair. To make it worse, she finds that their mutual friends help him to cover it. Here the image of her happy family life destroys, and she sets on a journey to seek revenge and recollecting her broken self.

Korean dramas of 2020

05. Extracurricular

This teen-centric drama is such that it will even leave adults in awe. The list will be incomplete without mentioning this must watch Korean dramas of 2020, aired in the first month of the year. Extracurricular show us the truth that facades are strong, and one should not make judgments about the people just by knowing one side of them.

The story revolves around the life of high school students who gets involve in criminal activities. Ji Soo is a model student and topper of the class who lives and deals with his hardships alone. Ji Soo’s classmate is Gyu Ri, a wealthy student who is outgoing and liked by many. Min-Hee and Ki Tae also study in the same school as Ji Soo. Their life intervenes with each other because of their ‘Extracurricular’ activity.

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Korean dramas of 2020

04. Crash Landing on you

With the big cast and exquisite outdoor sets, Crash Landing on You has been a most enjoyable and high rate drama from the end of the previous decade to the starting of this new decade. It air with a high note on Tvn, which was expected, before its airing.

Crash Landing on You is a story of two forbidden lovers, Yoon Se-ri played by Son Ye-jin, a wealthy South Korean heiress, and Ri Jeong-hyuk played by Hyun Bin, who is a North Korean elite and an army officer. The two lovers meet, when one day Yoon Se-ri goes for a short paragliding ride in Seoul, South Korea, and a sudden tornado taps her out and sweeps her across the border. Unconscious with this accident, when Yoon Se-ri awakes, she finds herself in a forest of DMZ in North Korea. Here she meets our hero, North Korean army officer Ri Jeong-hyuk. Eventually, Ri Jeong-hyuk gives Yoon Se-ri shelter and originates certain plans to quietly help Se-ri return to her homeland. But we all know falling in love is necessary and thus these two people of the foe country, fall for each.

Korean dramas of 2020

03. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

It will not be wrong to say that mid of 2020 was all about Korean drama ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.’ The drama did exceptionally well among national as well as international audiences. The impact of the show was high and deep. Some even it a tag of ‘human healing drama.’

Moon Gang-tae lives with his autistic elder brother Moon Sang-tae. They often settle in different towns, where Gang-tae takes up the job of a psychiatric ward caretaker. Once, he meets a famous children’s book writer Ko Moon-young who has an antisocial personality disorder. Moon-young develops romantic feelings towards Gang-tae and follows him to Seogjin City to start his new work. Later it is revealed that all of them lived in this same city when they were young. Their past also intertwines with each other, which has been haunting them.

Itaewon Class - Korean dramas of 2020

02. Itaewon class

Based on a popular webtoon of the same name, Itaewon class was one of the most anticipated Korean dramas in 2020. Park Seo Jun is playing the role of the lead protagonist Park Sae-roy, along with the other main and supporting cast. The focal point of drama is revenge and competition. It became top grocers of 2020 and thus getting a spot in the list of must watch Korean dramas of 2020.

The story starts when our lead punches a spoilt brat who was bullying fellow students, on his first day of high school. Coincidently, this brat’s father is the restaurateur and the boss of our hero’s father. As a consequence, he gets fired from the job, and Park Sae-roy gets expelled from the school. After this, that brat Jang Geun Won causes an accident in which Park Sae-roy’s father dies. Park Sae-roy spitefully beats Jang Geun Won for which he gets arrested. Now upon release from the prison, Park Sae-roy’s mission is to destroy Jang Geun Won, his father, and their business. For this, he opens a restaurant in Itaewon, Seoul which is joined by Jo Yi Seo, who is popular on social media and works there as a manager.

Korean dramas of 2020

01. Kingdom 2

The Blockbuster Kingdom is a fictional period drama horror series. It is an adaption of the webtoon The Kingdom of the Gods. The series has two seasons, and both received an overwhelming reception from the audience. It set a few years after the Japanese invasions of Korea (1592-1598), during the Joseon period in Korea. The first season starts when Crown Prince Lee Chang falls into a life-threatening political conspiracy and teams up with physician Seo-Bi and Yeong-Shin. Season 2 continues the story where it was left in season 1. In an attempt to save the people during the plague, the crown prince Lee Chang returns to the palace. Only to find the source of the disease and uncovers other secrets and plots within the palace. Undoubtedly, this drama deserves to be on top when it comes to the list of must watch Korean dramas of 2020.

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Special Mention

Korean dramas of 2020

Sweet Home

Personally, I am a big fan of this thriller webtoon Sweet Home. Now when it is coming as in the form of drama, I am more excited. Its announced cast members are- Song Kang, who will be playing the main character and joined by Lee Jin-Wook, Lee Si-young. Collaborating with a different screenwriter and director this time, this series is the latest project of PD Lee Eung-bok and set to release this December.

The story starts after an unexpected family tragedy. A reclusive high school student is forced to leave his home, only to face something much scarier. He has to face a reality where monsters are trying to wipe out humanity. Now he must fight alongside a handful of reluctant heroes to try and save the world before it’s too late. Meanwhile hoping to see the last cut of anime Maria.

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