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Updated on: 19/01/2022

Recently, I have suggested Durarara anime series to a friend of mine. Only then to have realized that the watching order is a mess. Even I have forgotten in which order to watch it, so I quickly skimmed through all of the series and specials that were released. And I got the final list for the watching order.  After sharing the Durarara watching order list with him, I have decided to create a blog post regarding it in case anyone else might be wondering the same thing.

Before we get to the list, what is actually Durarara? Well you see, Durarara is an action-packed mystery anime accompanied by a lot of supernatural elements and some dark slice of life.  If you have not seen it already, I do recommend watching it. The anime series might be a bit slow at the start, but it is definitely worth it in the end.  With all of that being said, let’s take a look at the Durarara watching order list.

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Durarara Watching Order

The first season of  Durarara!! has 24 episodes, however, two specials were released during the first season that covers episode 12.5 and episode 24.5. Are you required to watch them? Well personally, I skipped them as they were specials. However, I did later come on to watch them, and they were okay, so if you have time I do recommend going through Durarara in this order.  The second season of Durarara also known as Durarara!! x2 is what actually confuses most of the people. The series is divided into three main parts. Shou is the first one, followed by Ten and then Ketsu.

If you want to follow the Durarara watching order, then you will start off with x2 Shou and watch first 4 episodes. And, then switch off to the Shou Special which is official the 4.5th episode of the new season.  After watching the remaining part of the series you can jump to watching x2 Ten.  After finishing x2 Ten you have a special (unless you are skipping specials). And then we go for the grand finale which is x2 Ketsu and one special that was placed as episode 7.5 of the series. I have also added the complete Durarara watching order list below.

Durarara Watching Order List

  1. Durarara!!  (Episode 1-12)
  2. Durarara!!  Special 1 – Heaven’s Vengeance (Episode 12.5)
  3. Durarara!!  (Episode 13-24)
  4. Durarara!!  Special 2 – World at Peace (Episode 24.5)
  5. Durarara!!  x2 Shou (Episode 1-4)
  6. Durarara!!  x2 Shou Special: Watashi no Kokoro wa Nabe Moyou (Episode 4.5)
  7. Durarara!!  x2 Shou (Episode 5-12)
  8. Durarara!!  x2 Ten (Episode 1-12
  9. Durarara!!  x2 Ten Special: Onoroke Chakapoko (Episode 12.5)
  10. Durarara !! x2 Ketsu (Episodes 1-7)
  11. Durarara!!  x2 Ketsu Dufufufu (Episode 7.5)
  12. Durarara!!  x2 Ketsu (Episode 8-12)
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