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Updated on: 21/04/2024

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The anime series Link Click, also known as Shiguang Dailiren which was released on Bilibili and Funimation made everyone go gaga over it in these past few months. With a story full of action, mystery, warm emotions, and the concept of time travel, this Chinese anime successfully captured the audience’s heart and top ratings on various charts.

Anime Link Click is complete, and we are sure to assume that audience is in search of a similar anime treat. So without stretching it more, we present you the list of 10 Best Anime Like Link Click/ Shiguang Dailiren.

Anime like Link Click

10. Kimi no Na wa.

The story follows the life of two different people, Mitsuha Miyamizu and Taki Tachibana, which begin to have a dramatic impact on each other’s lives. Mitsuha is a countryside high school girl who craves to live life in the bustling city of Tokyo. Whereas, in Tokyo, Taki Tachibana is a high school student who juggles his part-time jobs and hopes for a future in architecture.

One day, Mitsuha awakens in an unknown room and finds herself in Taki’s body in Tokyo. Subsequently, Taki finds himself living Mitsuha’s life in the humble countryside. In search of an answer to this unheard phenomenon, they begin to search for one another. This body Swap setting makes it an anime like Link Click.

Anime like Link Click

09. Violet Evergarden

After four endless years of conflict, the Great War finally came to an end. Broken in two, the continent of Telesis slowly began to flourish once again. Violet Evergarden, a young girl raised for the sole purpose of decimating enemy lines, was seized in this bloodshed. (heartfulness.org) Hospitalized and injured in the War’s final period, she was left with only words from the person she held the closest, but without the understanding of their meaning.

After recovering and falling out with her new intended guardian family, Violet starts a new life working at CH Postal Services. There, she witnesses the work of an “Auto Memory Doll,” amanuenses that transcribe people’s thoughts and feelings into words on paper. Moved by this, Violet begins work as an Auto Memory Doll, a profession that takes her on an adventure. It reshapes the lives of her clients and hopefully leads to self-discovery.

Violet Evergarden is very much anime like Link Click due to its warm, melancholic, and heart-touching theme.

Anime like Link Click

08. Id:Invaded

The system called Mizuhanome, is a highly advanced development that allows people to enter ‘the human mind’. When a perpetrator left behind the trace of “cognition particles” at a crime scene, detectives from the Kura police squad manifest the criminal’s unconscious mind as a bizarre stream of thoughts in a virtual world. They get a task to explore this psychological plane, called an “id well,” to reveal the identity of the culprit. But not just anyone can enter the id wells.

Here the catch is that you must have killed someone yourself. This is suitable for former detective Akihito Narihisago. Known as “Sakaido” inside the id wells, once he was a respected member of the police, but now on the other side of the law. Despite all, Narihisago continues to assist Kura in confinement. Discovering that not everything is as it seems in the investigation and behind the series of murder cases hides a much more sinister truth. Similarly how in anime like Link Click they solve mysteries.

Anime like Link Click

07. Death Note

A shinigami, as a god of death, can kill any person—provided they see their victim’s face and write their victim’s name in a notebook called a Death Note. One day, Ryuk, bored by the shinigami lifestyle and interested in seeing how a human would use a Death Note, drops one into the human realm. High school student and prodigy Light Yagami stumbles upon the Death Note and tests the deadly notebook by writing a criminal’s name in it. When the criminal dies immediately following his experiment with the Death Note, Light realizes how devastating the power of this could be.

Light decides to exterminate all criminals and establish a world where people worship him as a god. However, Police discover that someone is targeting criminals and try to stop the culprit. Considering such a reason, Japanese investigators demand the assistance of the best detective in the world known only by the name of L.

Manipulating with one’s life while using supernatural power is similar to anime like Link Click. Both are suspenseful, thrilling, intelligent mystery series. There are many psychological battles and truth in each story.

Shiguang Dailiren

06. Pet

From ancient years, mass researches were conducted on the human mind, but despite all, the human mind remains a mystery to this day. Hiding from the public exists the special individuals, who are able to dip deep into the minds of people. Even to the extent that they can even manipulate their memories.

Hiroki, Tsukasa, and Satoru are few with this ability. Under the orders of their leader, Katsurag, they are among those who use their power to commit crimes. All they need is three steps into the dangerous territory of the human mind in order to destroy their assigned targets while striving to keep their own minds and memories safe.

What makes Pet an anime like Link Click is especially its similar genre-supernatural, psychological, mystery, drama. In both shows, two male partners use their unique psychic powers to control others in some way. (richmondartmuseum.org)

Anime like Link Click

05. Death Parade

Heaven or hell is a fake concept after death. There only exist a bar that stands between reincarnation and oblivion. The attendants, one after another, challenge pairs of the recently died souls to a random game. In these games, their fate of either rising into reincarnation or sinking into the void is wagered. Dancing on the notion of the bar master, each person’s true nature gets revealed in the frightful parade of death and memories, whether it’s bowling, darts, air hockey, or anything.

Decim, the arbiter of the afterlife, welcomes everyone to Quindecim. He awaits every guest until a strange, black-haired guest causes Decim to begin questioning his own rulings.

Death Parade is an anime like Link Click. Both involve emotional and personal stories about other people. Both are full of thrills a sense of tragedy.

Shiguang Dailiren

04. The Girl Who Lept Through Time

Although Makoto Konno is in her last year of high school, she still having a tough time deciding what to do in her future. Amidst passing the time with her best friends and handling pressure from her teachers, her life took a 360 degree turn when she accidentally discovers that she is capable of literally leaping through time. The show follows the story of Makoto, who plays around her recently discovered power. However, she soon learns the hard way that every choice has a consequence, and time is a lot more complicated than it may seem.

Just anime like Link Click, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is an anime about returning in time to change the future. While driven in emotion, change something that will affect the future differently.

Shiguang Dailiren

03. Boku dake ga Inai Machi

Satoru Fujinuma was sent back several minutes before the tragedy was about to occur. Nevertheless, the aloof, 29-year-old manga artist has taken advantage of this powerful yet mysterious phenomenon, which he calls “Revival,” to save several lives. However, when he gets involved in a foul accusation of murdering a close one, Satoru is sent back to 1988, 18 years in the past. Soon, he realizes that a murder case from 1988 may be connected to the case of the latest murder case.

In 1988 his classmate, the solitary and mysterious Kayo Hinazuki, was kidnapped and murdered. Thus the story follows the mission of Satoru to uncover the befall of 18 years ago while preventing the death of his classmate while protecting those he cares about in the present.

It is a perfect anime like Link Click because both shows deal with time travel to help victims, investigations, and psychopaths. Each episode of this ends with suspense with a lot of similar aesthetics that make it a perfect anime like Link Click.

Shiguang Dailiren

02. Tokyo Revengers

In middle school, Takemichi Hanagaki’s life was a blessing. He received respect, had a girlfriend and group of friends that he could rely on.  But twelve years down the lane, he becomes a nobody. Children make fun of him, and he has to apologize to his younger boss. Piling up more mess in his life, the sudden news report on the Tokyo Manji Gang’s cruel murder of the only girlfriend he ever had alongside her brother came like an injury. Half a second before a train ends his life, Takemichi goes back to that same day twelve years ago, when he was still dating his girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana.

He relives that day again when things started going downwards for him. Takemichi meets Hinata’s younger brother and abruptly admits to his seeming death before flashing back to the past. Before returning to the future, Takemichi urges him to protect his sister. But, now here he is, not dead, and the future changed. Realizing his ability to alter time flow, Takemichi decides to fly through time to prevent his ex-girlfriend’s tragic death.

What makes Tokyo Revengers an anime like Link Click is that both anime include time travel. They use it as their main catch with full of action.

Shiguang Dailiren

01. Steins;Gate

Okabe is a mad scientist. He, along with his childhood friend Mayuri, and an otaku hacker Daru, established a Future Gadget Research Laboratory. Together they spend their days attempting to invent incredible yet generally flop, futuristic gadgets. However, their only invention that is slightly interesting is their Phone Microwave. This phone Microwave changes bananas into oozing some green substance. But strings of mysterious actions lead to discovering another truth about this invention. The gang discovers that the Phone Microwave can send text messages to the past that can alter the flow of history. Now the three of them have to bear the burden that comes with the power of affecting history.

Steins;Gate is the most similar anime like Link Click. The protagonist can interfere with past time and affect it, which is identical to Link Click.

We hope the above list of Anime like Link Click justifies your experience. Please do comment and tell us your suggestions.

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