Big monthly giveaway: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Big monthly game giveaway

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Big monthly game giveaway

We are excited to announce the first in the series 'Big monthly giveaway.' Every month we will giveaway a top and popular game loved by many. This month's giveaway is PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds!

About the game

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a multiplayer online battle royale video game developed and published by Bluehole. The game is based on previous mods that were developed by Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene for other games using the 2000 film Battle Royale for inspiration, and expanded into a standalone game under Greene's creative direction. In the game, up to one hundred players parachute onto an island and scavenge for weapons and equipment to kill others while avoiding getting killed themselves. The available safe area of the game's world decreases in size over a match, directing surviving players into tighter areas to force encounters. The last player or team standing wins the round.

Overall Reviews: Mostly Positive (159,344) (Steam)

Genre: Survival, Shooter, Multiplayer



Game play

You land, you loot, you kill, you win die, rinse and repeat. Your death is the end of the line. No respawn, no revive, no retry. Make a mistake and they'll drop you. No other gamemode. There's a constant being on the lookout feeling present and nowhere is safe. At times this adrenaline rush feels good, especially when you're doing well meanwhile. It's nice to move tactically and pick people off here and there whilst maintaining and communicating with your teammates (if any).

The guns are also satisfying to use in both first- and thirdperson mode. They look and sound good, are fun to customize and always spark hope and thrill whenever you find a good one. The gunplay and tactics are enjoyable too. You can use various angles and assisting buttons to scan the area around you and peek around corners.

Each match starts with players parachuting from a plane onto a map area approximately 8 by 8 kilometers in sizeThe plane's flight-path across the map varies with each round, requiring players to quickly determine the best time to parachute out. Players start with no gear beyond customized clothing selections which do not affect gameplay. Once they land, players can search buildings and other sites to find weapons, vehicles, armor, clothing, and other equipment. These items are procedurally distributed throughout the map.

Certain high-risk zones typically having better equipment. Players can opt to play either from the first-person or third-person perspective, each having their own advantages and disadvantages in combat and situational awareness.

The challenge

The playable area of the map begins to shrink down towards a random location. This happens every few minutes. Any player caught outside the safe area will be taking damage over time. Players will be eliminated if they do not enter the safe zone. The players see this boundary as a shimmering blue wall that contracts over time. This forces players into a more confined area, increasing the chances of encountering other players.

At random, a plane will fly over various parts of the playable map and drop a loot package. It would containing items which are typically unobtainable during normal gameplay. These packages emit highly visible red smoke, drawing interested players near it and creating further confrontations. On average, a full round takes no more than 30 minutes.

At the completion of each round, players gain in-game currency based on:

  1. How long they survived,
  2. Number of other players they had killed, and
  3. The amount of damage they dealt to other players.

The currency is used to purchase crates which contain cosmetic items for character customization.

The game is quite fun, especially when playing with a friend, or friends.

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