These Top 30 Dark Anime Will Give You an Existential Crisis

Need some dark anime to make your weekend just a bit more depressing? Not getting that dosage of absolute existentialist horror? This list of beautiful pieces of storytelling will definitely challenge your sanity. Top 30 Dark Anime #30. Parasyte: the Maxim MAL Rating: 8.49 In a world invaded by parasitic aliens, Shinichi Izumi is struck

Which Solo Leveling Character Matches Your Personality

Are you a fan of Solo Leveling? If yes, have you ever wondered which character might resemble you? I think we all kind of look for some similarities with characters. Who does not love a relatable character? Take this quiz to find out who you would be if you were stuck in the Solo Leveling

25 Best Psychological Anime That’ll Scramble Your Brains!!

  Not all thrillers and horror stories need disposable tricks like jump scares to be successful. Some anime achieves that sinister, disturbing feeling by influencing your mind instead of your heart rate. Other anime choose drama over the thrill, telling an affecting tale that you can’t forget. These are the best psychological anime out there.

15+ Best Manhua Titles That You Need To Read

Chinese manhua is different from manhwa and manga due to their extreme historical importance and major art style shift in comparison to that of the previous ones. Much like manhwa and manga, there are many stories present in manhua format for readers. The different genres, styles, and several build-ups to help narrators make up unique

Top 20 Drama Webtoon Titles To Check Out Right Now

Drama, by far, is one of the broadest genres. It suffices romance, fantasy, thriller and all other without much problem. Well, the reason is obvious as every story can do better with slightly more spice and drama. In this article, we bring you a list of best drama webtoon titles. From action engrossed with feelings