Summer 2019 Anime Worth Checking Out Guide

It’s that time again to make the Summer 2019 Anime Worth Checking Out Guide. Time sure does fly we basically already at the end of the year Just one more season after this and 2019 is done can you believe it. I have to say though for anime fans I think it’s a good time

Romance Movies Which Are Truly Timeless

Everyone loves a good romance movie. On a gloomy day or when you just want to believe that true love exists in this world, somehow or other you would always find yourself delving into the world of these timeless romance movies. Of course, there are many 21st century movies which are record-breaking. But we all

Goku Quotes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud And Motivate You

Fans of the revolutionary series Dragon Ball Z are aware of the fact that Goku is a source of a countless number of rib-ticklingly funny and motivating quotes. The personality and his honest character are what make him larger than life. Also, if you love this self-assured, voracious and innocent Saiyan you’ll have a lot

The Top 40 Best Manga of All Time: The Definitive List!

Before the anime even formulates, there’s always the successful manga. Japanese literary art has become one of the biggest forms of expression the world has ever seen. And, well, there’s no point delving into the history of something that almost every person verse with pop culture knows about. Let’s get right to it to check

Shounen Anime That will Make your Adrenaline Rush

Shounen anime, the most popular genre in the anime universe. It is generally targeted toward the young boys between the age group of 12 to 18. However, not just teen boys but fans of all ages and life are also greatly fascinated by this genre. Throughout its generations, it has shown us numerous legendary series

Here is why you should watch Fire Force in 2019

As a manga reader, I was really happy to hear that Fire Force is getting animated. A trailer was recently released previewing some of the scenes. The trailer itself has received a lot of positive comments from both manga readers and anime watchers. However, there are probably a lot of people who have not heard