Best Horror Movies That Will Surely Make Your Body Shiver

The best horror movies aren’t just scary. Sure, that’s their main goal but the best horror movies are the ones that stay lurking in your grey matter indefinitely. The ones that even a good marmalade sandwich can’t fix. These are the movies that sidle into your brain just as you fall asleep, trying not to

Summer 2019 Anime Worth Checking Out Guide

It’s that time again to make the Summer 2019 Anime Worth Checking Out Guide. Time sure does fly we basically already at the end of the year Just one more season after this and 2019 is done can you believe it. I have to say though for anime fans I think it’s a good time

Romance Movies Which Are Truly Timeless

Everyone loves a good romance movie. On a gloomy day or when you just want to believe that true love exists in this world, somehow or other you would always find yourself delving into the world of these timeless romance movies. Of course, there are many 21st century movies which are record-breaking. But we all

Goku Quotes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud And Motivate You

Fans of the revolutionary series Dragon Ball Z are aware of the fact that Goku is a source of a countless number of rib-ticklingly funny and motivating quotes. The personality and his honest character are what make him larger than life. Also, if you love this self-assured, voracious and innocent Saiyan you’ll have a lot