Can You Name All Of The unOrdinary Characters In This Quiz?

This quiz does not only tests your knowledge of the unOrdinary Webtoon and its characters, but it also tests to see how good is your memory at remembering names. Are you up to the task of naming some popular and less popular characters from unOrdinary? Let’s see how well you would do! Note: On some older

Korean Movie Parasite Oscars Makes History

Korean Movie Parasite directed by Bong Joon-ho wins the Best Picture award at Oscars 2020. It is the first non-English film to ever receive the top award. It seems that the Oscar’s have finally found their call for making themselves open to diversity.  Along with that, Parasite won the Best Director, the Best Original Screenplay

Can you anwser 16/20 God of Highschool Quiz Questions?

If you love God of Highschool, then I’m sure you always wanted to test out your knowledge as a fan. I have created this quiz just for you, and it’s time to test out your skills and see if you can answer at least 16/20 questions correctly. This webtoon quiz is on hard mode, good

What Is The Ideal Webtoon World For You To Live In?

As a fan of anime, manga, and webtoons, probably such as you, I always like to dive into thoughts and think about how it would be living in different worlds. Because trust me, I do not think you would be happy to get stuck in Attack on Titan or any other survival apocalypse world-setting. But

Webtoons, Manga And Manhwa Similar To Winter Woods

When we say similar, we simply mean similar because well Winter Woods Is a prodigy in itself. And it’s a crime against it and others to say that anything feels the same as this very thing. Winter Woods is a webtoon that majorly dwells on the idea of connecting supernatural and real-life into one storyline.