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A couple of days ago I finished re-reading a book by one of my favorite authors, Jane Austen. The book was Pride and Prejudice. I remember, when I went through Chapter XVlll, I came across a theme. It was something that I had, long ago, ignored. Probably because I thought it was an issue that people already knew. Much like it was too much of a common knowledge. The theme is about the famous 'Imagination'. However, I do not hesitate to encourage me to write a couple of words that ended up becoming the basis of this article.


Imagination is probably the most unexpected and unconscious mental manifestation to which we are unintentionally destined from our earliest years. It seems obvious that this is the most successful falsification of life. As a parallel dimension through which we let our desires, fears, phobias and other emotional components flow freely. Or at least, with the freedom that our cultural, social and intellectual determinants leave us.

Human beings could never have been conceived imagination without the existence of reality. This is a bare truth that we must realize. Its greats role, hence, lies in taking us to where reality cannot reach, the flight to a obvious fiction.

The limit of the imagination lies in believing it.


Its nature is infinite and it will die when the human being does it, it is the eternal state of things. The imagination takes us a lifetime of advantage from the moment we are born. It is also curious how the imagination does not age, only dies in those who do not keep it alive. The ability to imagine is the last sign that we have left innocence.




Reality and imagination, are two sides of the same coin that feed and empty each other, dancing intertwined in an insecure ritual between love and hate, tense and petty that keep an aura passionate, so much so that on few occasions we feed our imagination in such a way that our reality remains empty, hungry, creating when imagining a reality to measure. So much is the impact, that in our day to day one can ask oneself what it was before, whether our reality or our imagination.

Sometimes the it does become a reality and in these cases its magic lies in trying to retain, despite this, its inherent charm and mystery. A task too complicated, but well executed. It should also be emphasized that reality is the adaptation of the mind to the world: a particular perceptible invention no less false than the imagination.






Imagination is the ultimate proof that what matters is always the journey. No matter the origin, no matter the destination; it is the "during", the lively expression of the journey - in this case given the curious circumstance of moving without leaving ourselves -, an emergency exit to nowhere or, if we take it to the extreme, a dead end.



Although it sounds incredible, the imagination also forces us to cease to exist. When your reality is a lie, the imagination is to commit a crime.

It is worth remembering that it is not necessary to confuse it with the distortion of reality. Insofar as they are voluntary alterations of the facts, in essence, they could be considered the same. Care must be take as making imagination part of a conscious deformation of our routine generates fatal expectations of life that will never be achieved.

Something that has always caught my attention is that, despite imagination being an unreal process, it is very interesting. This process belongs to us since we are children. Although in that time we do not have enough capacity or knowledge to be able to differentiate it from reality.

Of course, there are different factors that can influence, whether external or internal factors. External factors are those that come from the environment that surround us and the internal are those that come from us as the feelings. All these at the end of the day are fundamental to experience the impossible, to walk without a platform and to go beyond the physical experience.




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1. What does imagination mean to you? 

2. Can one have imagination without any kind of experience/input from real life?


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  1. 1. What does imagination mean to you?
    This is like my life, my work, my creativity and my everyday.
    2. Can one have imagination without any kind of experience/input from real life?
    Maybe or maybe not. I don’t know.

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