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Yahallo People! On our channel, and the previous ones, we have had quite a few handwriting threads were we exchanged pictures of everyone's beautiful handwriting 🙂 But what we didn't do was analyze the hand writings and determine their personality.

So that is my topic for today ^~^ A discussion on Graphology. 

Handwriting Psychology : Graphology

Specimen from Unsplash

Graphology is the study of handwriting; rather, its an analysis to determine the writer's persona and traits or even their abilities and behavior. Stats say your style of writing can show more than 5000 personality traits o,o And this study is not useless, its used in medical field often in diagnosis on disease tracking. Amazing right?
So lets get down to it.

Size Of The Handwriting 

Specimen by Miss Unknown, a user on disqus.

The size of your handwriting determines your personality 🙂 Its classified as Large, Average and Small Handwriting. This tells us quite a lot about your personality. Words are a reflection of our mind, remember.

Large Handwriting - You are one Outgoing, Outspoken, Attention loving person. You are also quite oriented with people

Average Handwriting - You have no problem adapting and adjusting with anything.

Small Handwriting - The shy, studious person, you are also quite meticulous in what you do.

Spacing Of Words

Specimen by Raven, yours truly.

Wide Spacing - Freedom? Oh you love it, as a result you despise being overwhelmed or crowded.

Narrow Spacing - The opposite, you despise being lonely; you tend to crowd and be intrusive in personality.

Direction Of Handwriting 

Specimen by unknown source on Unsplash

No Slant - Two words, you are logical and highly practical. You don't let your emotions take the reigns of your life.

Right Slant - You love meeting people and new experiences are quite a treat for you!

Left Slant - You keep to yourself and you would rather work behind the scenes, you are fine with it. They say you are rebellious if you are right handed and end up writing with a left slant. ( Are you a rebel, my friend? )

Shape Of Letters

Specimen by Naomi, a user on disqus.

Round - Creative and artistic >.o ( If you are this, I'd get along with you >.< )

Pointed - Aggressive! But at the same time, your curiosity knows no bounds and you are said to be intelligent 🙂 Fair enough, right?

Connected Letters - Logic is your basis. This implies that you are systematic, thereby you give thorough thought to your decisions before implementing them.

The 'L' and 'R' Loops

L Letter - While narrow l loops state you are tense and restricting yourself, wide ones denote relaxed and spontaneous behaviour.

E Letter - Narrow Es mean you are skeptical, emotions don't have an effect on you; where as wide loops mean you are open minded to new ideas.

The Writing Method Of 'O's

Specimen by unknown source on Unsplash.

Open Os means you are quite an extrovert! You find it easy to open up to others. While Closed ones imply your introvert behavior, you prefer privacy, perhaps? The loops tell us quite a bit about that.

Writting Pressure

Specimen by Jimil, ex user on disqus.

Heavy - Commitment is pretty good >.0 You tend to be serious about things; but extremely heavy pressure can denote uptight behavior and being easily affected by criticism.

Light - You are sensitive, empathetic, which is a nice quality 🙂 But, vitality lacks in you, my friend.


  1. Does the above description go with your handwriting?
  2. How would your describe yourself?
  3. How do you tend to write?
  4. Feel free to share a picture of your handwriting.

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16 Replies to “Handwriting : Graphology”

  1. Graphology was a major fascination of mine during school years. I collected several books at good effort as they are mostly not in stock at major stores. Few people buy them & very few read eventually. But its potentially the most accurate way to find out about human characteristics & mental psychological condition if analysis is right. Since this is a subject most people are less aware about, I loved & shared the article. Thanks Raven 🙂

  2. wow, that’s interesting, im super lazy, my writing is so bad lol, but good article i like it, i like psychology, super interesting and incridible.

  3. this is interesting !!! this is a good article
    . thank you its help me a alot
    never thought that handwriting describe a person

  4. My handwriting tends to look really messy and small. I try to make it legible when im feeling productive, but its a short phase.

  5. Well, who would have known Graphology was a thing, I can kinda relate to the descriptions from the article.
    For example, the letters of my writing are small-medium-ish and the spaces between words are also small.
    However, I don’t think I have an established hand-writing , as I tend to change it a little bit from time to time, I don’t know why. The difference is not huge, obviously, but the change it’s also related to your spirit, how do you feel while writing, I guess… like stressed, nervous, happy, confident etc – those things can have a pretty big impact on your hand writing and even more.

  6. Amazing! I did not even know there was a science about it. Now I’m going to scratch with everyone’s writing …A pity not to be applicable to virtual friends 😛

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