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Updated on: 08/01/2023

Hello everyone (✿^‿^)

Today, we will talk about the top 13 comedy webtoons that will brighten up your sad day.

Who doesn’t like to read comedy webtoons? When you have had a bad day, comedy webtoons are always there to save your day. Comedy webtoons always brighten up people’s days, and that’s why they are most popular. Not everyone can become a comedy webtoons artist. You need a really good sense of humor (like me- self-proclaimed joker) to get liked by thousands of people.

In this brutal world, everything becomes easy if you look at it from a comedy angle. And take it easy. ( I, too, took life easy, and maybe that’s why even my grades laugh at me. Well, the joke is on you. I am on my way to becoming the greatest comedian because everyone laughs at me without me uttering a single word.)

And of course, these comics not only make you laugh but also teach you some good life lessons too.

Now, are you ready to laugh your ass out? Then let’s start our list of comedy webtoons.

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Comedy Webtoons

1. Stalker x Stalker

comedy webtoons- stalker stalker

I know what you are thinking. No. It’s not killing stalking—that yaoi manga. Whenever I recommend this webtoon to someone, their first reaction comes as a – Ahem… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). And every time, I have to explain to them that I am not talking about killing stalking. Even those people who are not interested in reading also have read that manga. Lmao. It’s hilarious.

So no, this is a different webtoon and also my favorite webtoon in the comedy webtoons genre, and it totally deserves its first place in the comedy webtoons list.

This webtoon is about a girl named Junko and a boy named Yukio, who has fallen in love with each other. But here is a twist. They both are yandere. If you have watched Mirai Nikki, then you can guess what is coming next. It’s terrifying when there is one yandere in a series. And this series has two. But instead of becoming all gore and blood bath series, it turned out as a comedy series.

Just imagine two yandere people confessing love for each other by saying they will kill every woman and man who will lay eyes on their partner—also, getting fingers of the opposite gender who interacted with you as a gift from your partner. So romantic, right?

 It’s hilarious to read about their relationship. Even if they both are insane, their relationship is somewhat cute. It’s like a match made in hell.

You can read this webtoon here- Stalker X Stalker.

2. Boyfriend Of The Dead

comedy webtoons- boyfriend of dead

This is one of my favorite comedy webtoons. This story is about a weird picky-eating Zombie boy and a bold, fearless, and beautiful girl named Alex. Her nickname is Alex the great. Why? You will know that after reading the webtoon.

The Zombie boy is called N because he doesn’t remember his name and his past life. So when N gets transformed into a zombie, he, too, like other zombies, wanders places. But because of his picky eating characteristics, he couldn’t eat any human, and everything disgusted him. Maybe that’s why he came back to his senses and started acting human-like.

Then while roaming, he meets Alex. Alex was on the trip with her boyfriend. She lives in another country. But then came apocalypse. She kills her boyfriend because he gets turned into a zombie. (¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Well, she got good survival instincts.) She massacres hordes of zombies alone. You can call her a one-woman army. Even though the world has gone to hell, she still cares about her clothes, makeup, and shopping. Lol. She is my favorite webtoon female lead.

But unlike other humans, she has a delicious aroma that lures zombies towards her. N also gets lured. But he doesn’t want to share her with anyone, so he helps her from other zombies, and so on, they both decide to help each other. Of course, N didn’t tell her his intentions of eating her.

Its primary genre is comedy. But by reading the introduction, you can guess that it also has a romance aspect which comes a lot later in the story. But believe me, you will love this story.

3. Blue Chair

comedy webtoons-  blue chair

This is one of the most popular comedy webtoons. This webtoon is about the daily life of Shen, the author.

The reason why this is called blue chair is because Shen tells stories by sitting on the blue chair. But why Blue chair? Well, no one knows, and not even the author because he forgot about it.

This comic series is hilarious and has some very relatable jokes, and it takes unexpected turns. There are many jokes and even scary stories that are turned into funny stuff, and the author makes almost everything turn into a joke. Even a lot of hard stuff.

If you like to binge reading like me, then go for this webtoon. It has so many chapters. And series is still ongoing.

4. Everywhere And Nowhere

comedy webtoons-

If you are a history geek plus comedy lover, then this is the best webtoon for you. Anne Guildenstern and William Rosencrantz are the main leads of this story. Both of them live in the kingdom of Denmark in the year 1455. But one day, an accident happens while traveling on a ship, and everyone dies except Anne and William. But somehow, they get superpowers. They both can travel in timeline anywhere. And both get immortality. They also neither age nor die.

So they decide to travel the world as it was Anne’s dream. But they can travel not only the whole world but also all timelines. They can go to any place and meet any historical figure about whom we read in our history books.

They meet all historical figures, including Shakespeare to Einstein to Vasco da Gama. And all these historical figures are shown with unique designs and characteristics. Vasco Da Gama was so hot. ❤ But my favorite is Alcibiades. He was the funniest and most interesting one. This guy keeps seducing everyone, both girls and boys, wherever he goes.

I love this webtoon because of its unique concept. Give it a try.

5. Sarah’s Scribbles

comedy webtoons- sarah's scribble

Sarah Andersen is a bestselling author in New York Times. Sarah’s scribble is one of the most famous comics widespread on the internet. Later it also got on webtoon. Its art is unique, and this has the highest patrons count I have ever seen on the webtoon. Now you can guess how popular this webtoon is. And I think some of you even might have read her comic on other platforms.

This webtoon is about a girl named Sarah. This webtoon explores the evils of procrastination, the trials of the creative process, the cuteness of kittens, and the beauty of not caring about your appearance as much as you did when you were younger. Lots of topics are covered in this webtoon. So don’t worry.

I love her comics. I am a girl, and I like webtoons drawn by girls. Because they portray lots of problems, all-girls face, and I can relate to them at the eternal level.

If you haven’t read any of her comics yet, give it a try, and you will love it.

6. Brutally Honest

comedy webtoons- brutally honest

This is another day today webtoon. The thing I like most about this webtoon is its art. This webtoon is not colored, but its art is so cute. It will make you fall in love with this webtoon.

In this webtoon, Deya, the author of brutally honest, illustrates how she deals with her daily life and her problems. The reason why it’s called brutally honest is because Deya, the main character of the webtoon, gives opinions that are brutally honest.

This webtoon is totally underrated, considering its extremely entertaining content. I really liked it. So I am adding it to this comedy webtoons list.

7. Clinic Of Horror

comedy webtoons- clinic of horrors

This story is about a clinic which is in a strange world. Our main character is Doctor Albright and Nurse Bianca. Character personalities are great. Albright is a happy, easy-going person. And Bianca is tsundere. My favorite thing about this webtoon is its art, and I love it.

What makes this webtoon funny is its unique and strange world-building. This webtoon represents the time of the apocalypse. Due to this, the world has changed completely. People are having strange diseases like mutation, screaming brain, constant happiness (?), Etc.

And their modern healthcare system is fucked up because the government doesn’t pay attention to it. Just like ours. So simple pills are also expensive.

This world also has other things like depression plants that grow around depressed people. There are also monsters that live with humans. Running a clinic amidst an apocalypse is the hardest job. But this situation only makes the world more hilarious.

Interaction between Doctor Albright and Bianca and their patients will make you crack up.

8. Adventure Of God

comedy webtoons- - adventures of god

This webtoon is about God, Jesus, and Satan. In short, heaven and hell. If you can’t take a joke about religion, I will advise you not to read it.

But besides that, it’s a pretty hilarious comic. You will get to see the relationship between gods and mortals. Another central character is Gabe, a scientist who helps gods, and Ebag, a mad scientist who helps Satan.

This webtoon gives a witty peek at God having drinking problems and causing all sorts of problems like nuking dinosaurs, Blaming Satan for the things he didn’t do, Causing catastrophe, etc. Also, God is trying to set up Satan with boys. (yes, God supports homosexuality.)

Chapters are shorts. And art is average at first, but it will get better after some chapters. It’s one of those webtoons where once you get into it, you can not leave it. No matter how much you try.

9. As Per Usual

comedy webtoons- as per usual

This webtoon is about a girl and author named Dami Lee. She illustrates her day-to-day life in funny ways, which lots of us can relate to, like her height problems, face blindness, worst memory, and other girly problems. It was fun seeing things from her perspective. And, of course, the comment section is there to make each episode more hilarious.

Art is cute and adorable. This is one of the webtoons that became my daily dose of the internet. It was devastating when it was ended. But if you haven’t read this webtoon, then do read it. It has lots of chapters, but they are short. So it won’t take much time.

10. Live With Yourself

comedy webtoons- live with yourself

Todd is our main character who works at the computer repair shop. One day he gets a job from a laboratory client to repair a computer. But while removing viruses from the computer, something goes wrong, and it causes a massive explosion. Todd survives the blast. But only to find out that the other three versions of him from different timelines are also brought to his timeline. One he names Tomo (short for tomorrow), who is from the near future. Another he names oldie that is from furthest future. And one is Babs, who is his past self.

 Now everything Todd does affects Tomo and Oldie. Be it drinking cigarettes or alcohol or something like working out. It all affects his future self.

I feel most bad for Tomo. Because he suffers the most due to Todd’s stupidity, and he always tries to warn Todd about things, but Todd never pays any heeds to his warnings.

You will get to read lots of his stupid adventures. But don’t worry, he has got his back.

But this comic also depicts how your actions, whether small like staying awake at night playing games, affect your future self.

It makes you conscious of your every action. Damn the author. I was wasting my time carelessly. But after reading comics, I am wasting my time anxiously thinking about the future.

11. Zomcom

comedy webtoons- zomcom

This webtoon is about a zombie girl and her daily life. In this webtoon, we will get a peek at the life of a zombie girl. It also has other monsters like a werewolf, Mummy, medusa, vampires, etc. This is canvas series. The story is mostly conveyed by art with very few dialogs, making reading fast and easy.

Because of its unique concept, this webtoon stands out more than other webtoons. It’s really fun to read about monsters and the problems they face, and how they deal with their problems. Well, just because they are monsters doesn’t mean they don’t get an existential crisis, and no one can escape from an existential crisis.

This webtoon is the perfect combination of supernatural and comedy webtoon.

12. Saphie The One Eyed Cat

comedy webtoons- saphie

This webtoon is about cute and silly things that cats do. This webtoon is named after Saphie. So you can say that she is the heroine of this webtoon. Saphie is a cute, fat cat who loves food a lot. She is a cat of focus, commitment, and sheer will. She has one eye because she lost another one due to an infection when she was a stray cat.

Saphie is a mischievous and intelligent cat. She always uses her cuteness in her favor to get food from her human Joho. And even if Joho tries to control her diet to make her lose weight, Saphie always finds ways to get more food and ruin Joho’s plans. She also messes around with her siblings, especially Sahn, because he is a coward of all four.

13. Meme Girls

comedy webtoons- meme girls

As the name suggests, it’s about memes. The author has turned memes from the internet into cute anime girls. Now, what else do you want? Meme + cute + anime girl. Can life get more beautiful! 

Art is beautiful and adorable. This webtoon has references to other anime like One punch man, Pokémon, Naruto, etc. You will get to read about all kinds of memes like iPhone vs. Android, Samsung sam, only fan chan, Discord vs. Skype, area 51 chan, etc.


So this was our list of top 13 best comedy webtoons. This list is based on my personal opinion and is a random list. So please don’t kill me over the ranking. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know which are your favorite comedy webtoons? And also recommend comedy webtoons that are not added to the list in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading. ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ

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