Top 50+ Best Horror Anime Of All Time




Updated on: 30/04/2024

One of my definite favorite topics and genres among all anime is horror. Ever since I started watching anime I have been researching horror anime and watching them as much as I could. There is something in the horror that really attracts me towards watching it, and I believe there is something that attracts you as well. Otherwise, you would not be here researching for the best horror anime to watch. Well, you do not have to worry anymore, as I have decided to pull together all my knowledge of the horror genre and spook you a little bit with some recommendations.  Therefore, without waiting anymore, let’s jump straight to the list.

Disclaimer: I am sure you will find some anime on this list to either be boring/bad. Therefore I would recommend skipping those and going on to try some else, one of the main reasons I am adding this many anime to the list is to make it easier for you to find a good anime for yourself. Everyone has different tastes so some anime you like others might hate and vice versa.

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Top 50+ Best Horror Anime

55. Jujutsu Kaisen

Score: 8.6/10

This horror anime was a great hit of 2020. Yuuji Itadori is a highschool student who spends his day either in school’s Occult club or in the hospital beside his bedridden grandfather. However, his lifestyle soon changes when his friend unsealed a talisman in their occult club. This talisman is a rotting finger, belonging to the demon Sukuna Ryoumen, the “King of Curses.” It attracted Curses to the school. Yuuji swallowed the talisman to protect his friends from the cures and became a host of Sukuna, a mighty Curse host.

Despite being possessed, Yuuji is still able to retain control over his body for the most part. Seeing this, a sorcerer Satoru Gojō decides to take him to the Tokyo Metropolitan Jujutsu Technical High School to walk down a path he cannot return.

54. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou

Score: 7.3/10

This horror anime is another addition to the phycological horror Higurashi series. In June 1983, Rika Furude and her group of friends lived in the small mountain village of Hinamizawa. There they welcome a new transfer student Keiichi Maebara into their group. They used to play together after school hours, spending many hours together. Everything was normal until Keiichi begins noticing strange behavior from his friends, who seem to be hiding the town’s dark secrets from him.

Subsequently, a certain person watches these unsettling events unwind. He remembers all the times when such related stories have played out. And using that knowledge, this person decides to fix these broken worlds. Although, when the pattern changes, the individual has no idea of avoiding the impending tragedy.

53. High-rise Invasion

Score: 6.8/10

When Yuri Honjou witnesses a murder by a masked assailant, she had no choice but to flee from the scene. Trembling in fear, she reaches an abandoned building where she gets traped, for every door is mysteriously locked. Desperate searches for a way out makes her run to the rooftop, where all she can see was high-rise buildings with no sign of life.

Soon she learns that her brother is also tangled in this place, Yuri determined to find him and escape. Though upon learning that there are more masked murderers in the area, Yuri left with a question if they will be able to make it out alive.

horror anime

52. Kings Game

Score: 5.2/10

Nobuaki Kanazawa has just transferred to a new school, greeted by new classmates he refuses to talk to them.  Nobody understands why Nobuaki behaves that way, until one day they receive a text from “The King”. Whoever quits the game or does not obey the king’s orders will receive a deadly punishment after 24h. Nobuaki warns his classmates but they do not listen to him.

However, when the first victim dies, everyone starts believing in Kings Game. Nobuaki has already experienced this game in his past school, where everyone except himself died. Will he burn others to save himself again, or will he try to help them? If you enjoy survival mixed with some horror then this horror anime will be great for you.

horror anime

51. Mayoiga

Score: 5.6/10

Mayoiga follows a bunch of random individuals who got on a bus together in order to start a new life. Each one has their own reason why they want to start over, and mostly they do not know each other. They are traveling to Nanaki village. Nanaki village is a mysterious place that can not be found on the map nor does many people know how to get there.

Although it seems super suspicious they do not care. Upon arriving at Nanaki village, they see that their promised place is actually an abandoned village. Suddenly certain passengers start disappearing, and a lot of mysterious things befall the group. If you love mystery then this horror anime will definitely be the one you are looking for.

horror anime - ito junji

50. Ito Junji Collection

Score: 6.2/10

When speaking of Ito Junji collection  I would definitely recommend that you read the manga instead of watching this. The horror anime is compromised of a few of the best Ito Junji stories. Who is Ito Junji? One of the best horror manga artists ever and the manga are drawn in so much detail that it is really worthy of praise. However, the anime itself (created by Studio Deen) lacked a lot in recreating Ito Junji’s art.  The anime is still a decent watch, but if you want to see real horror, check out the manga.

horror anime

49. Kagewani

Score: 6.5/10

Kagewani kicks off with a video blogger who is trying to film a fake obscure scene. However, he did not expect that his whole filming crew would be slaughtered by a monster. At other locations, there are beasts attacking defenseless students who are fighting for their lives. A lot of mysterious things start going on in the town. Therefore, a researcher Souske Banba decides to investigate these mysterious occurrences.  If you like a combination of supernatural and mystery then you will enjoy this horror anime.

horror anime - tokko

48. Tokko

Score: 6.6/10

After graduating from the police academy, Shindou Ranmaru has been assigned to a special mobile investigation force. During his graduation, he meets a half-naked girl that used to appear in his dreams. Also known as Rokujo Sakura, she works for a secret group called Special Public Safety Task Force.

After meeting her Shindou decides to join the special group in order to avenge his families deaths and solve the mysterious crimes in his town. At the same time, weird creatures start appearing all over town as well as bottomless pits. This horror anime has a lot of blood and swearing.

horror anime - corpse party47. Corpse Party

Score: 6.9/10

The story starts when nine high school students gather at night to say goodbye to one of their friends. It is quite common for friends who depart in high school to perform a small ritual that would make them stay friends forever. And to do so, the group of friends uses small paper charms in shapes of dolls. However, unaware of the power of the charms, the students get trapped in an alternate dimension.

In a place called Heavenly Host Academy. The school no longer exists as it was destroyed after a series of gruesome murders occurred in it. Will they help each other? Or try to survive on their own? Well, the best thing to do would be to check out the horror anime and find out.

horror anime

46. Satsuriku no Tenshi

Score: 6.9/10

A 13-year-old girl named Rachel finds herself locked in a mysterious building. She wakes up not knowing how she got there or who she is. So she starts planning her escape and soon realizes there are a lot of things and people trying to kill her in the building. During her escape, she meets Zack who is actually a mass murderer and tries to kill her.

However, they soon start to get along and start planning the escape together. This anime came out recently, so you might have already heard about it.  However, if you have not, then I would recommend checking out this horror anime.

horror anime - happy sugar life

45. Happy Sugar Life

Score: 7/10

Another horror anime that came out this year is Happy Sugar Life. The story follows Satou Matsuzaka who is a crazy psycho girl (Yuno copy) that would do anything to protect her sweet little loli (Shio). Whenever she is with Shio she feels happy and warm inside, so she believes that it’s true love and that no one else besides Shio could grant her that love. In order to protect those feelings, she is willing to kill others, steal and commit all sorts of crimes (Yuki and Yuno flashbacks).

horror anime

44. Occultic Nine

Score: 7/10

Yuuta Gamon is a NEET who has alongside with his enthusiastic friend Ryouka Narusawa created a blog that is anti-supernatural. Their objective is to prove that supernatural things are not real and there is a reason behind everything. Unwillingly they soon start attracting all sorts of random people to their group and together decide to solve mysterious murders that can not be explained by reason.  This anime indulges more into supernatural than horror.

horror anime

43. Kurozuka

Score: 7/10

Kurzouka is a horror anime adaptation (by MADHOUSE) of Takashi Noguchi’s manga, which was an adaptation of Baku Yumemakura’s novel.  The story follows Minamoto no Yoshitsune (Kurou) who has escaped into mountains after suffering defeat from his brother Minamoto no Yoritomo (first shogun that ruled the whole Japan), Everyone was told that he committed suicide, however, Kurou escaped to the mountains where he found a mysterious woman. Unaware that she is keeping a dark secret from him, he fell in love with her.

horror anime - yami shibai

42. Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories

Score: 7.1/10

Yamishibai is a horror anime that has a collection of short horror stories with unique art. The stories are set in a storytelling way that incorporates unique visuals and very interesting sound effects. Really gives a great representation of spooky stories that you could hear from your friends. If you like spooky stories then I do think this anime will be great for you. There are some short stories that were not that good to me, but some were really great.

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horror anime - blue gender

41. Blue Gender

Score: 7.1/10

Blue Gender sets its story in the future, where humans have been enslaved by a new race. The “blue” is an insect-like alien race that has come down on Earth and colonized it. As a last resort, humans have built a space station called Second Earth.  On Second Earth everyone is safe from the Blue, however, they are not sitting quietly, as they are plotting how to take back their home. The story starts when a rescue team is dispatched to bring back Yuji Kaid who has been frozen for 12 years due to his illness.

This anime is quite an ab it old now, so I assume many have not heard of it. And you are probably thinking that it has a cliche story setting, well it kind of does. However, it still does a really good job of conveying that story, and the key point of the anime is its characters. If you like a bit of Sci-Fi mixed with drama and adventure, then this horror anime will be worth your time.

horror anime - terra formars

40. Terra Formars

Score: 7.1/10

In 21st century some “smart” humans decided to send algae and cockroaches to Mars to see how they will adapt there. A few centuries later and we are in the 26th century where those cockroaches mutated into Terraformars. Unfortunately, at the same time, Earth was hit by a deadly virus and had to send a rescue team to Mars. As Mars is the only place that has the cure for this virus.

If you enjoy action, gore and bloodshed then this horror anime will suit you, however, I can definitely say that it did lack a bit in the story. However, the action and horror do compensate for that, so if you got nothing better to watch. Do check it out and tell me your opinion down in the comment section.

horror anime - boogiepop phantom

39. Boogiepop Phantom

Score: 7.2/10

Boogiepop Phantom is one of my favorite horror anime, and I’m happy to say that it will be getting a new adaptation in the winter season of 2019. With that to look forward, it would be really good to take a look at the old one which was released almost 20 years ago. Boogiepop Phantom’s story reminds me a lot of Satoshi Kon’s works as it dives deeply into the psychological aspect of people, and also connects different string by string to the main point of the story.

However, some might find themselves confused when watching this anime,  I would definitely recommend it to you. The story starts when a series of murders begin happening again, and everyone blames the “Boogiepop Phantom”. Folks in the town talk about the stories and laugh at each other without knowing if Boogiepop actually exists. Although they laugh, one thing is certain, there is something dangerous lurking the streets at night.

horror anime

38. Requiem from the Darkness

Score: 7.2/10

Yamaoka Momosuke is a child riddle writer who is tired of his dull job. One day, he decides to travel through Japan in order to find 100 horror stories and compile them in his book. As he travels he encounters many supernatural occurrences and meets a group of exorcists fighting to erase the darkness in humans hearts.  This horror anime consists of gore, rape and brutal murder, but I assume that is exactly what you are looking for. So I assume you need no warnings about the scenes in this show.

horror anime - gantz

37. Gantz

Score: 7.2/10

The anime contains gore, violence, and rape shown, though these are just the elements used to portray the greedy and dark side of human life. You can expect everyone from kids to an old man being violated and assaulted. There is no mercy for anyone. Gantz does a really good job at combining Sci-Fi with action, Horror, Supernatural, Drama, and Ecchi (insert Lenny face here).

However, despite it being pretty violent, and having some pretty good action scenes. The story itself was lacking in my opinion and could have been done much much better. Although there are some downsides to the show, it is still definitely worth checking out this horror anime.

horror anime - tokyo majin

36. Tokyo Majin

Score: 7.2/10

Tatsuma Hiyuu is a transfer student who has just arrived at Magami Academy in Shinjuku. There he meets  Kyouichi, Aoi, Sakurai and Daigo, all people who have previously never talked to each other. One day, there is a disruption in the Ryumyaku (dragon stream), a flow of arcane energy.  This awakens supernatural abilities in the 5 students who have just met. After gaining the powers they have to battle demons.

The anime starts off well and gets you hooked on but also leaves you confused. It takes a while around 7-8 episodes to get to know the story better and the world setting. After that, this horror anime really delivers in many areas such as fantasy, action, and drama.

horror anime

35. Pet Shop of Horrors

Score: 7.3/10

In Chinatown, there is a strange pet shop owned by Count D. The pet shop sells strange pet creatures to those who want to have something special and unique. However, they are obliged to follow the rules of the contract signed with the pet shop. Otherwise, the pet shop cannot be held responsible for whatever might happen to them. Incidentally, a lot of brutal murders start going down and they all seem to be linking back to the pet shop. Leon Orcot (homicide detective) sets his goal on finding out why these murders are happening. Therefore he decides to investigate the pet shop.

If we were to compare this horror anime to the manga, then I would be definitely recommending the manga. However, if you are not a fan of manga, then this anime itself will be more than good for you to check out. Each episode follows a different character while focusing on the main story and main two characters which are Count D. and homicide detective.

horror anime - umineko

34. Umineko no Naku Koro ni

Score: 7.3/10

Rokkenjima is a private island owned by the wealthy Ushiromiya family. Each year they gather on the island to discuss the financial situation and analyze their individual status. However, this year they have another topic at their hands. And that is who will be getting the inheritance of the head of the family (who has fallen sick).  To spice things up, the ill head of the family wants to reunite with his beloved Beatrice before he dies. Hence he commits dark magic and brings her back to life. This causes a typhoon calamity that locks everyone from leaving the island. Soon strange murders begin to happen and everyone struggles to survive.

33. High School of The Dead

Score: 7.3/10

Out of nowhere, Japan is infested by zombies, this situation throws the whole country into chaos.  The zombies attack a high school where our main character Takashi Kimuro is located. Takashi is forced to kill his best friend (who was infected) in order to survive. And as he kills his best friend, he swore to him that he will protect his girlfriend Rei Miyamoto. Together with a few of other students they successfully escape the school and decide to check upon on their families and friends. However, they soon realize that the whole country is infested by zombies. This anime is more of a zombie type than a horror anime, but it is still worth giving a shot.

horror anime - danganronpa the animation

32. Danganronpa The Animation

Score: 7.4/10

The story takes place in Hope Peak Academy, a prestigious school built only for the elites. Makoto Naegi is one of the rare few who has been chosen to enroll in this school. However, he is nothing special and does not pose any unique skills. Therefore he is titled “Super High School-Level Luck”. Naegi and his classmates are very happy that they joined this school. Until they meet Monokuma, the principle of this school. Monokuma forces them to kill each other, the winner will be the one who will successfully murder someone without being found out.  This is quite an exciting survival horror anime.

horror anime

31. Kabaneri of The Iron Fortress

Score: 7.4/10

During the industrial revolution, a virus is spread through Japan that turns people into Kabane. Kabane are undead zombie-like creatures that have a never-ending appetite for human flesh. The only difference between them and zombies is that their hearts are covered by a protective layer of steel. This makes them very hard to kill and as such, only the elite members of the army can fight against them. The story follows Ikoma who works on repairing steel heavily-armored trains used to transport people from one city to another.

One day Ikoma designs a weapon that he believes will be able to pierce through the hearts of Kabane. After creating the weapon he becomes eager to fight them, unaware that his chance is closing in on him sooner than he expects it. This is a great zombie/ horror anime for you to check out. Many people say it’s an Attack on Titan rip-off, but that’s not true. There are some similarities (resemblances), however, it is still worth checking out.

horror anime

30. Deadman Wonderland

Score: 7.4/10

Deadman Wonderland is one of those unique series that you just gotta love. Unfortunately, the horror anime series never received 2nd season. It was cut off on the first season, so if you want to watch this show, you have to be prepared to go read the manga afterward. Personally, I did not read the manga after finishing the story in hopes of it getting season 2, but it never did. And later on, I already forgot about the series, kind of.

Although it has it’s downsides Deadman Wonderland is still a very good show to watch. The story follows Ganta Igarashi after being convicted of murdering all of his classmates. Unaware of what happened, Ganta is sent to a prison. In prison, Ganta starts uncovering slowly the events that lead him to prison and tries to find the person who framed him for the murder.

horror anime - Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Tales

29. Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Tales

Score: 7.5/10

Ayakashi is a horror anime that is consisted of three classic Japanese horror stories.  The stories include Tenshu Monogatari (forbidden love between goddess and human), Bakeneko (monster cat with a desire for revenge), Yotusuya Kaidan (story of a wife betrayed by her husband). I have to say that if you are about to watch this anime then you can expect gore and horror and blood, however, only in 2 stories. Because, personally the tenshu Monogatari story felt more like a romance than a horror. Though it’s still worth checking out

horror anime - btoom!

28. Btoom!

Score: 7.6/10

The nostalgia really hits me when I remember BTOOM! It was really a long time since I’ve seen this anime. And it’s definitely one of my favorite horror anime series. Unfortunately, the anime has never got a sequel and was dropped. So if you are about to get into this anime, then do consider that you will have to switch to manga on halfway through the series. Although that might be true, I would still recommend this show to you.

The company behind a popular game called BTOOM! one day sends out a spooky question to citizens. The questions ask them if there was any person they wish disappeared from the list. A lot of people suddenly get kidnapped and sent to an unknown inhabited island with no jurisdictions. The island works the same as their game, and people are forced to kill others in order to survive.

horror anime - ajin

27. Ajin

Score: 7.6/10

Ajin is one of the horror anime series that I recommend more than often. And the reason why I do it is mainly because many people avoid this anime. The reason why they avoid it is mainly due to CGI. Now I know that a lot of people dislike CGI. However, Ajin is really done well, it might look a bit different at first. But you get used to it really fast, and the CGI is not badly done. It’s really well done, and the animation overall is good. The anime has a dark setting and focuses on things such as demi-humans, death, immortality, terrorism, secret military projects and more. If you like such shows, then this is definitely another good one for you.

horror anime

26. Blood+

Score: 7.7/10

Saya Otanashi is a regular girl living a regular life, however, she can not recall her past. One day while in school, she is attacked by a blood-sucking monster. When all hopes seemed lost and Saya’s life was about to come to an end, a mysterious man Haiji came. Haiji forced Saya to drink his blood. After drinking the blood, Saya enters a trance state of mind and slays the monster without even realizing.

She slowly starts recalling her past but not fully. Haiji explains that he is working for an organization called Red Shield. Red Shiled was created with only one purpose, and that is to slay these blood-sucking monsters. Soon Saya joins Haiji and starts working with him for the Red Shield. If you like vampires then this horror anime is the one you have been looking for.

horror anime

25. Paranoia Agent

Score: 7.7/10

Paranoia Agent is a horror anime series directed by Satoshi Kon (one of my favorite directors). And you know that when Satoshi Kon is making an anime, that the anime will be exploring the psychological states of mind. Although most of his anime is focused on it, each and one of them are quite unique in the way they present the characters, problems and things they have to face. Paranoia Agent starts off to seem like a simple detective-story, however, it turns out to be much more than just a simple story. And as you dive into the story it might become confusing. Making you wonder what will happen next, or who the real culprit is. But do not worry if you do not understand some things, as everything is well connected and explained towards the end of the series.

horror anime Elfen Lied

24. Elfen Lied

Score: 7.7/10

Elfen Lied is a gore-filled horror anime with a lot of bloodsheds. Or at least, that’s what you would think, however, I have to tell you it is more than that. The reason I am saying this is because a lot of people call this show bad. And that is due to the extreme gore and nudity are shown in the first 10 minutes of the first episode. When a young girl named Lucy escapes out of a government facility.

Lucy is a special breed of humans, also known as Declonius. One of the main reasons why the government is performing secret experiments on her body. When she finally escapes, she almost dies and ends up washed out on a shore. She is found lying there by Kouta and Yuuta (his cousin). They decide to take her in their home and treat her, without realizing that their encounter would change their lives.

horror anime Garden of Sinners

23. Garden of Sinners

Score: 7.7/10

A series of random suicides begins happening in 1998. What would at first seem all unconnected soon starts looking like a series of not so random suicides. To investigate this occurances Mikiya Kokutou and Shiki Ryougi are dispatched to investigate the Foujou building. The Foujou building is  a skyscrapper from which all of the suicides took place, and all seemed to be high school girls. This anime is a series of 7 movies, it’s quite dark and gore so it dfefinitely deserves the title of a horror anime. And I have to say that it is also one of the best animated shows i have seen. The visuals are quite stunning and eye pleasing to watch.

horror anime - school live

22. School-Live!

Score: 7.8/10

Yuki Takeaya is in love with her school and never wants to leave. Megurigaoka High School is a unique school for Yuki to live a carefree life and enjoy herself to the fullest. She is a member of the School Live Club together with the president Yuuri Wakasawa, Kurumi Ebisuzawa, Miki Naoki, their dog Taroumaru, and the teacher supervising them Megumi Sakura. However, what seems to be a happy school life is just a lie created to cover the harsh reality. The world is flooded with zombies and the girls have barricaded themselves in order to survive.

horror anime - jigoku shoujo

21. Jigoku Shoujo

Score: 7.8/10

Hell Corespondence is a mysterious website that can only be accessed during midnight. And you need to have a really hard grudge against someone to be able to visit it. Once on the website, you can enter a persons name and that person will be taken to hell. However, as a price for taking that person to hell, you must also offer your soul. Meaning that anyone who uses this website is also condemned to end up in hell once they die. Ai Enma (also known as Hell Girl) is the one carrying out the tasks provided by the users of the site. Not much is known about her, except that she has successfully finished all of her jobs.

20. Mirai Nikki

Score: 7.8

Mirai Nikki is one of those shows where you will find a lot of haters, but also a lot of fans. I am personally a fan of the show and despite everyone hating on the character Yuno. I think that without her, the story would not have been the same as it was. Overall the anime is quite enjoyable to watch, it is action and thrill-packed. With a lot of bloodsheds, murder and sometimes psychological aspects of the characters.

This show will deliver on wild and crazy, and if you are looking for that, then this will be a great horror anime series for you. The story follows Yuki, one of the few people chosen as contestants in a death survival game. Each contestant is given a Future Diary, and they have to use it as wisely as they can. The last survivor will become basically a God-like being.

horror anime - another

19. Another

Score: 7.8/10

Another is “another” great horror anime series that I will be recommending here. Before I get to the main point of this anime, I have to warn you.  If you are looking for a spooky horror story with high schoolers involved, then this is definitely the anime for you. The show starts off when a new transfer student Sakakibara comes to Yomiyama North Middle School.

After his transferal, Sakakibara is intrigued by a mysterious girl Mei Misaki. Although Sakakibara tries to befriend her, he quickly noticed that the rest of the class and the teachers are all ignoring Mei. Not listening to their warnings, Sakikabara decides to hang out with Mei. Causing a series of tragic events happening in Yomiyama North Middle School. The reason why these tragedies are happening remains shrouded in mystery.

horror anime

18. Shiki

Score: 7.9/10

Megumi Shimizu has always dreamed of a fancy city life. She never expected that one day she would be the first victim of a horrible epidemic haunting Sotoba village. After her death, a series of strange events begin to happen all related to the unkown epidemic. And soon the village is shaded in red from people falling victim to this strange disease. However, the village doctor Toshio Ozaki believes there is more to it than just a disease. And with his doubts in minds he sets his goal on finding out what is causing all of this trouble for Sotoba. This horror anime focuses on the battle between good and evil.

horror anime - ghost hunt

17. Ghost Hunt

Score: 7.9/10

Taniyama Mai and her group of friends love to sit down and share stories of ghosts. And their school is especally famous for them due to an old abandoned building that is right next to it. There are many stories related to the abandoned building. One day, during their group talk, they are interupted by Shibuya Kazuya. Kazuya is the president of Shibuya Psychic Research Company while being only 17.  The principle of Mai’s school invited him in order for them to investigate the stories sorrounding the abandoned building. Due to a series of events, Mai gets involved with Kazuya and they start researching the building together. If you like ghosts, then this horror anime will be a great find for you.

16. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

Score: 7.9/10

Seikyou Private Academy has been haunted by a ghost named Yukko for 60 years. Yukko is a young woman who had experienced a mysterious death in the basement of the old school building. One day, she accidentally meets Teiichi Niiya, a freshman at the school who can actually see her and talk to her. Therefore, she decides to stalk him. Although it might seem scary, they become quite close to each other eventually leading to a friendship. In the hope that one day they will sove the mystery of her murder. This horror anime has a bit of a romantic side to it.

horror anime

15. Tokyo Ghoul

Score: 8/10

Tokyo Ghoul is a very famous series and you have probably heard of it already, but if you have not, I will explain shortly. Basically, this is a horror anime series that most people either hate or love (just like SAO). Personally, I loved Tokyo Ghoul season 1 but started disliking it after season 2. And then I switched to the manga, however, despite switching to the manga, I have checked out season 3 as well.

And I have to say I did not like it, not to mention the fact that the studio making TG is trying to fit 120 chapters into season 4. If you do not mind all of that, then I would recommend you check it out. If you do mind it, then go read the manga. The story focuses on Kaneki Ken, a guy who was suddenly turned into a half-ghoul half human.

horror anime

14. Serial Experiments Lain

Score: 8/10

Lain Iwakura is an introverted awkard 14-year-old who has little to no idea how to use a computer.  Chisa Yomoda is a classmate of hers who recently commited murder. Despite him being dead, people have started getting strange emails from him on their computers. One day, Lain receivs an email as well. Unaware of what might happen, Lain opens the email that plunges her into a cyber world (internet). Her life is soon turned upside down, and strange man in black start following her and questioning her everywhere she goes. The story soon turns out to be one of the best pychological horror anime that I have ever encountered.

horror anime devilman crybaby - best anime on netflix

13. Devilman Crybaby

Score: 8/10

Devilman Crybaby is a Netflix original adaptation of the old Devilman series. If you want to know the watching order, I will include a link below. I loved this series when it first aired due to many different things. The first thing that captivated me was definitely the music and the opening, it was really good and the opening was intriguing. However, when I started watching the episode, I was really surprised at how “bad” the art is.

Or that’s what I thought, what seemed to be “bad” art at first, actually ended up being a really unique form of animation. And that animation is one of the main things that make you fall in love with this anime, it gives it that unique vibe you can not find in any other show. The story follows Akira Fudou who under certain circumstances becomes a Devilman.

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horror anime - akira

12. Akira

Score: 8.1/10

In 1998 (Japan) a huge explosion occurs caused by a certain boy with psychic powers. This incident leads to third world war, however, they managed to capture the boy successfully and locked him away to prevent any further disasters. In 2019, Japan is already restored, and our story takes place in Neo-Tokyo. Neo-Tokyo is full of violence, gangs and terrorsim due to a bad goverment. Shoutarou Kaneda (main character) is the leader of “the capsules”, a motorcyle gang that is constatnly haivng battles with “the clowns”. One day Shoutarou’s best friend Tetsuo Shima gets into an accident inovling an esper. After this encounter Tetsuo begins to develop strange abilities as well.  This is one of my favoirte horror anime movies, so I definitely recommend it to you.

horror anime - when they cry

11. Higurashi: When they cry

Score: 8.1/10

Higurashi starts off when Keiichi Maebara moves to a new place, a quiet little village Hinamizawa. There he befriends his new classmates  Rena Ryuuguu, Mion Sonozaki, Satoko Houjou, and Rika Furude. The village annual festival is approachging so Keichi hears a lot of stories about it. To his suprirse,  he finds out that there have been several murders in the recent years all connected to the annual festival. Therefore, Keichi soon begins to realize there is a much more twisted and dark nature to the village than the idealistic lifestyle he was presented.  If you like lots of blood, murder, and mystery then this is the horror anime you have been searching for.

10. Perfect Blue

Score: 8.3/10

If you are looking for a psychological thriller, then there is probably no better anime than Perfect Blue. Directed by famous Satoshi Kon, this anime explores the depths and intrigue of the human mind. You can see how the character deals with several situations in her life that change her perspective of everything. And personally, there is nothing better for a horror anime series than realistic show and concept of human psychology.

Satoshi Kon does a really good job of delivering that to us. The story follows Mima Kirigoe, a member of a popular J-pop idol group CHAM!. Mirma departs the idol group in hopes of pursuing her actress career, and soon starts working on a criminalist drama series. However, she then discovers that her acting career is much more pressuring, taxing and harsh than she had expected. On top of that, a crazy fan decides to stalk her.

9. Mononoke

Score: 8.4/10

When you hear Mononoke, you are probably thinking of Princess Mononoke. However, that is not the anime we are here to discuss today. Mononoke is a strange artistic horror anime from 2007  that many people have already forgotten about. Mononoke is a collection of short stories related to evil mysterious spirits (also known as “mononoke”).  The “Medicine Seller” is the master of an occult which travels around in search of these evil spirits. In order to exorcism them, they have to find out their Form, Truth, and Reason for being in this world.

mind game anime - psycho pass

8. Psycho-Pass

Score: 8.4/10

Psycho-Pass does a great job of combining Sci-Fi with action and psychological states of the mind. It’s definitely one of my favorite psychological/ horror anime there is. In the world of Psycho-Pass, everyone is constantly evaluated by the Sybil System. Sybil-System explores the human mind in search for signs of potential criminal behavior. Based on this, everyone has their Psycho-Pass evaluated, and some are sent to prison without actually committing the crimes.

If the Sybil System determines when a person is about to commit a crime. All of the potential criminals are treated the same without being offered any chance of treatment or counseling sessions. The potential criminals are simply isolated from the world into the prison. Based on a persons Psycho-Pass they can also apply for better or worse jobs. The show makes you think what is right and what is wrong, and if the Sybil System is actually moral.

horror anime - shinsekai yori

7. Shinsekai Yori

Score: 8.5/10

I have to say that Shinsekai Yori was one of the few very weird and f*cked up anime that I came across. And it confused me a lot when I first started watching it. Honestly, I had no idea what was going on, and towards the end, I was still a bit confused. It took me 2 times of watching it to completely understand the concept and the message that the anime is giving.

Mixed with darkness, lies, and deceit Shinsekai Yori gives us a unique story about Saki Watanabe. A 12-year old girl who has just awakened her psychic abilities. She is accompanied by Satoru Asahina, Mamoru Itou, and Shun Aonuma. They live in a secluded village where everyone has psychic abilities. The village is shrouded in darkness and mystery. The story ends up portraying the dark side of humanity and leaves a rather peculiar message.

horror anime

6. Hellsing Ultimate

Score: 8.5/10

For fans of action and vampire, we got Hellsing Ultimate. A perfect horror anime series for those who want to sit back, relax and enjoy some gruesome action, bloodshed, gore, horror, sexuality, violence and darkness. However, what this story won’t give you is the main character that grows as the series goes on. And character progression that most anime give you, you know that weak type of characters that grow stronger.

Instead, you will see a badass main character, that can practically destroy almost all villains in the story. And often at times, you end up sympathizing with the poor villains. The main character is Alucard (which is basically Dracula spelled backward). Alucard works for an organization that deals with vampires and ghoul extermination. So you can expect to see Alucard attacking and fighting against other vampires quite often.

horror anime - parasyte

5.Parasyte: The Maxim

Score: 8.5/10

Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu also known by its English name Parasyte the Maxim is a horror anime series that might actually be more f*cked up than Goblin Slayer. If you are not prepared for weird creatures (let’s say alien invaders) and a lot of gore, then you should not watch this anime. However, if you don’t mind it and are a fan of good action anime with gore, character development, and hype story, then this is definitely the adult anime series you are looking.

One day, Earth is invaded by an unknown life force that came out of space. They are called Parasytes, they invade human bodies to make them their hosts. The story follows Izumi Shinichi who is one of a kind human that actually prevented a parasyte from taking over his body completely. However the parasyte took over his right arm, Shinichi now has to survive with Migi.

4. Berserk

Score: 8.5/10

If you are unaware of this already popular manga series then you should definitely check out its anime adaptation. Unless you prefer manga. This horror anime series is actually quite old (1997). However, there are newer adaptions, although, I would not recommend them. Why? Well for starters the original is the best adaptation Berserk has ever had. The movie trilogy is bad for 2 reasons, 1) pacing and 2) animation. However, it’s still better than 2016 and 2017 adaptation (due to bad CGI).

Additionally, the old Berserk has no problem with pacing and it was completely hand-drawn, to match Miura’s art, The story follows Guts who was born right out of the womb of his dead mother. Born into a battlefield, Guts had no chance but to fight for survival. Although it all changes when Guts enrolled into Griffiths troop. ( While also questioning what is right and what is wrong?

horror anime

3. Shingeki no Kjoyin

Score: 8.6/10

Shingeki no Kjoyin (Attack on Titan)  is an anime I think almost everyone has heard. Nonetheless, I could not ignore it and not add it to our list. As it really is one of the best horror anime series there is out there. Blood, gore, violence, and fight for survival. Who could ask for more? The show is very thrilling and exciting to watch. I remember binging the first season when it finished airing,

And I could not stop myself, I went straight for the manga. But then I dropped it because the animations are really a notch higher than other anime. Not only is this one of the best adult anime, but it’s also one of the best-animated series. The story starts when titans breach the wall of a peaceful city, and invade and start eating people. Will humanity prevail, or will they be eradicated?

horror anime - death note

2. Death Note

Score: 8.6/10

A classic horror anime series that I would expect most people to know, or have at least heard about. Nonetheless, I will still add it, for those who have not seen it yet. The anime is really great, it makes you think about what is right and what is wrong. The thoughts that mostly went through my head, were about thinking what I would do in the situation of the main character. It really is an interesting story, and it touches on that dark human side.

The story follows Light Yagami when he accidentally comes across a Death Note. Anyone whose name is written in it shall die, Perplexed with what to do with the Notebook, Yagami takes it home. The story then becomes much deeper, however, I will not talk more about it. If you have not seen it, check it out, it will be worth your time.

horror anime - monster

1. Monster


Monster is a classic among horror anime series. Although it’s or better say, was quite popular, a lot of newer generations have not seen this anime, or they don’t want to. The reasons could be due to old animation, or slow pace at the start. However, I would still recommend you to give this show a go. It will be a rollercoaster of psychological changes and states of what a person can go through. It really makes you wonder at times.

The story follows doctor Kenzou Tenma, a talented doctor, who one day, refused to save the Majors life, in order to save a patient that came in earlier to his hospital. Leaving his boss furious, he loses his position and his fiancee, and slowly his life starts going downhill. Not knowing that the young boy who he saved would change his life forever.

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