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Top 50 Best Tragically Sad Anime, Movies and Series of All Time

Today I’ve decided to take on a very sad topic among anime topics. You probably could not have guessed it, but yes, it is sad anime. And not only sad anime, but we will also be talking about the saddest anime of all the sad anime ever. Some will probably be a little bit less

Top 10 Cutest Anime Couples

Valentines just passed, cute couples everywhere, and I’m sure you’ve gotten a nice box of chocolate or a love letter. If you have not already, do not worry, there is always next year. All of the romantic talks during the last couple of days reminded me of some of my favorite anime couples. Therefore, I

Vinland Saga First Animated Promo Video Reveals Anime Cast

Vinland Saga first animated promo video has just rolled out revealing to us the main cast for the upcoming TV anime series.  I’m glad WIT studio is adapting the manga of Vinland Saga. By taking some looks at the Vinland Saga first animated promo video I can say that the animation is going to be

Top 20 Strongest Devil Fruit Powers That Exist In One Piece

Talking about the strongest devil fruits has always been a hot-headed argument between fellow One Piece fans. And how could it not? There is no scale in the series which we could use to describe strong devil fruits. However, we can guess about our experience and personal opinions. Therefore, this list is based on my personal

I wish you all a Merry Christmas uwu

Hey, there fellow otakus, gamers, anime fans, and manga freaks. I hope you are enjoying Christmas time with your families and friends. Some people are spending the time gaming, while some are reading a manga or watching anime. What am I doing? Well, that is a good question indeed. Unlike most people, I like to