Top 10 Shows Trending On Netflix India Right Now

So, you must have been binging on Netflix for the time this seemingly never-ending lockdown persists, which is why you need to we want to inform you about things like what’s trending on Netflix India. Of course! You can watch shows without looking at such a list, but well! It never hurts to get a

15+ Best Smut Manhwa To Check Out In 2020

Smut is defined as a style that is regarded as aggressive, especially related to sexual content backed by some great storyline. When talking about reading, it is also a popular and demanding genre in the manhwa. Smut manhwa is gaining popularity day by day, and I am sure that this given list will satisfy your

Which Hardcore Leveling Warrior character matches your personality?

Hard Core Leveling Warrior grinds day and night, for he wants to reclaim his position of the best. Everyone wants to be the protagonist of the story, but reality differs. Want to know which Hard Core Leveling character matches your personality perfectly? Then why are you waiting, start the quiz already? Note: On some older mobile

What is a Weeaboo?

Under this article, I intend to cover some much needed and organized information on the term “Weeaboo”. This includes its origins, definitions, and other things alike. First, let’s begin with the origin of the word. What exactly is a Weeaboo?  Origin The history behind the word is a bit twisted but still an interesting one.

Test your memory! Demon Slayer eyes are watching you!

Demon Slayer or Kimetsu no Yaiba is here to show you the world of humans trying to survive and lead a healthy life, and hungry for power, demons! The first season is out, and we want to test you! Test your memory to be more specific. Do you believe you remember their eyes? Let’s see

Which ‘The Gamer’ character are you?

The games depict a life story of  Han Jihan, who becomes a video game character in real life. Now, if you’re a gamer yourself, wouldn’t that be interesting? Definitely, without a doubt. Want to know which ‘The Gamer’ character matches your personality perfectly? Come on, start the quiz already. Note: On some older mobile devices or

Top 16 Best Shounen Webtoon/Manhwa to Read

Shounen (or “shōnen”) is one of the most popular genres. It leans towards young and teenage boys, but of course, reading a good manhwa regardless of its genre is our duty. It usually has a male protagonist who embarks in such a story plot that is adventurous and filled with challenges. Often shounen genre does