Play This Quiz And We’ll Guess Which unOrdinary Character You Are!




Updated on: 05/03/2020


Have you ever wondered which character you would be if you got hit by a truck and isekai-ed into the popular Webtoon unOrdinary? Answer a few of these simple questions, and we’ll try to guess which character you would be! Let’s hope that you don’t get hit by a truck because chances of going to an Isekai world are slim.

Note: On some older mobile devices or with bad internet connections, this quiz might take up to 10 seconds to load. If the quiz is not loading for you on the first try, please refresh the page and try again.

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Can you name all of the unOrdinary characters in this quiz?

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  1. Uhu

  2. Cool quiz

  3. Urmom

  4. bruh

  5. ..

  6. lol

  7. I got john

  8. Woohoo! I got Seraphina!

  9. Bitch

  10. Nice quiz. Fine. 🙂

  11. Ahrr

  12. I knew I’d get John! Hell yes!

  13. This quiz was awesowe

    • Thank you for the feedback, I’m glad you enjoyed it. There will be more quizzes coming in the future.


      • Heck I got cecile

  14. Who is that SERAPHINA??

    • Never thought I’d be John lol

      • Seems nobody likes getting John

    • Her nickname in unOrdinary is Sera