Test your memory! Demon Slayer eyes are watching you!

Demon Slayer or Kimetsu no Yaiba is here to show you the world of humans trying to survive and lead a healthy life, and hungry for power, demons! The first season is out, and we want to test you! Test your memory to be more specific. Do you believe you remember their eyes? Let’s see

Which ‘The Gamer’ character are you?

The games depict a life story of  Han Jihan, who becomes a video game character in real life. Now, if you’re a gamer yourself, wouldn’t that be interesting? Definitely, without a doubt. Want to know which ‘The Gamer’ character matches your personality perfectly? Come on, start the quiz already. Note: On some older mobile devices or

How well do you know Attack on Titan? (Anime)

Attack on Titan is an anime everyone needs to see. Well, at least those with stronger stomachs. It’s got it all – action, gore, drama and most importantly – hope. It catches your attention with never-ending battles, but it keeps it with shocking truths and build-up. It is an anime that values the quality of

Which Village From Naruto Do You Belong To?

So many characters live in Village Hidden In The Leaves, but you learned of others in this wondrous anime. Maybe you belong with Gaara in Village Hidden In The Sand or other villages. There is only one way to find out. And what way is that? Take the quiz! Note: On some older mobile devices or

Which Titan On “Attack on Titan” Would You Be?

There are nine titans with unique abilities and must be dying to know which one are you! We know that you are not the Pure Titan because your body can handle more! Take this personality quiz and find out which of the nine titans do you embody! Note: On some older mobile devices or with bad

Which Naruto Power Would You Have?

Watching Naruto made you fantasize about his powers as your own. It would be fun to transform yourself or use his famous Rasengan, wouldn’t it? Or even enter Sage Mode or Kurama Chakra Mode, right? You fantasized about saving your friends or your family or just proving that you’re just like Naruto, a strong person

Which Naruto Character Matches Your Personality?

People fall in love with manga and anime that pictures Naruto’s life and the lives of his friends, teachers, and enemies. Many generations grew up with numerous inner and physical battles. No one can remain cold to the drama that affected their lives and the lives of those who became fans. Take this quiz to

How Long Would You Survive In “Attack on Titan”?

It is a harsh world to survive in, but not impossible! People are readily waiting for new seasons to hit the screens, and the Attack on Titan’s got it all – action, drama, horror, and, most importantly – hope. Take this quiz and find out how long it would take you to survive. Would you

Which One Piece Pirate Crew Do You Belong To?

Have you ever wondered which pirate crew you would belong to if you were in “One Piece” anime/manga? Well, now you can find out! Solve this quiz, and we’ll tell you what pirate crew suits you the most. Is it Straw Hats, Red-haired pirates, Beast pirates, Big Mom pirates, Whitebeard pirates, Blackbeard pirates, Kuja pirates,