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Tower of God, Noblesse Anime Adaptations Announced In Seoul Comic-Con




Updated on: 04/08/2023


According to a new announcement by Yonkou Productions, two webtoons are getting an anime. These webtoons are none other than Tower of God and Noblesse. And it appears the news broke as Seoul Comic-Con!

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Anime enthusiasts are always counting on for the upcoming great thing to watch. This announcement has surely pumped up the spirits of anime watchers. While manga flourishes in Japan, it has grown across the borders to encourage and motive other young creators. Now, two of South Korea’s most admired ‘manhwa’ titles are set to get their very own anime adaptations.

Tower of God, Noblesse Anime Adaptations Tweet

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Hardly any details have been announced about the two adaptations. Yonkou Productions did say the projects would be done by Japanese anime studios, but there is no information on how the projects will premiere. Fans are anxious to watch what sort of cast the shows will come together, and anticipation for the anime.

After all, Tower of God and Noblesse are two of the most famous manhwa titles to emerge of South Korea. Developed in 2010, Line Webtoon introduce SIU’s Tower of God to fans for the first time. The anime follows a boy named Twenty-Fifth Bam who lives isolated in a cave under a strange and weird tower. When his companion Rachel goes missing, Bam slips into the Tower to learn where she has gone, and he must demonstrate himself worthy of answers by climbing each level of the mortal structure.
As for Noblesse, the series debuted on December 2007. Author Son Jeho and illustrator Lee Kwangsu wrote the script for the series. The series follows a noble named Cadis Etrama Di Raizel. The series sets in motion with him recovering from unconsciousness in the future after 800 years. Reconciled with his friend Frankenstein, Rai applies in a local high school and makes companion with a group who vows to help Rai reveal his lost past.

A new beginning for webtoons?

For fans, this statement is an exhilarating one as South Korea has generated dozens of world-popular manhwa titles. So far none of the popular ones have managed to get anime adaptations. (valium online) While live-action series has handled certain stories, audiences have always demanded anime adaptations for both of these series. Now, fans will have to wait and see how these projects turn up to be and whether they’ll flicker a trend of manhwa-turned-anime adaptations.
If all goes well we can expect more manhwa to receive anime adaptations and just imagine how exciting this would be. Do let us know your views on the upcoming adaptations in the comments.
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