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Updated on: 02/09/2022

Asian countries are rich in diversity and cultures. They show a different perspective of Asia with their lens, and to be frank, all are true. Every country has its own way of storytelling, and all of them are expert in portraying so. In light of this, Taiwan has also contributed a significant amount to the world’s entertainment industry. For many years Taiwanese drama has proved their popularity by showing its increasing following among the international and local audiences. Taiwanese dramas are so popular that they even got their fan clubs beyond Asian countries.

Earlier, most of these dramas were made on romantic storylines, but time has changed, and so the pattern. Now, one can find a Taiwanese drama of any genre they want to. Most of these dramas are refreshing, and fewer episodes make it easier for the audience to watch them. So without any wait, let’s come down to the list of Best Taiwanese Drama popular among the public.

The Victims Game - Best Taiwanese drama

12. The Victims’ Game

MDL Score:  8.3/10

Genres: Suspense, Thriller, Mystery, Crime

The Victims’ Game is a 2020 Taiwanese dark crime drama that has taken over its audience’s hearts. It is also gained the reputation of Netflix’s Best Taiwanese drama series of 2020, till now. The drama revolves around police forensic investigator Fang Yi Jen. Even having Asperger’s syndrome, Fang Yi Jen is highly skilled at his work, which sometimes bothers his colleagues. His world flipped when one day, the police find a body dissolved in acidic piranha solution. While investigating the collected evidence from the scene, he discovers a fingerprint from his estranged teenage daughter.

Now Fang Yi Jen has no option but to track his daughter’s relation and this horrible murder. In this journey, he partnered with Hsu Hai-yin, a reporter trying to find more details about the same case. Together, the duo unwinds the mysterious chain of death and as they pursue the truth.

Meet Me @1006

11. Meet me @1006

MDL Score:  8.4/10

Genres: Mystery, Law, Romance, Supernatural, Investigation

Ke Zhen Yu is a successful lawyer who has never lost a case. When the prosecutor of a high profile case, Judo gold medal coach, accused him of fabricating evidence in the trial. His career sinks, and after losing everything, he moves into a mysterious, low-budget apartment. After moving into this apartment, Ke Zhen Yu encounters supernatural phenomena when he meets Cheng Jia Le. Cheng Jia Le is a reporter who was Ke Zhen Yu’s apartment four months ago. The reasons were unknown, but his present apartment merges with Cheng’s realm from four months in the past each night, between 10:06 and 10:52 pm. Ke Zhen Yu and Cheng Jia Le soon realize something is wrong, and they have to work together to fix this supernatural portal. Also, they have to meet at @10:6 pm to fix everything.

Someday or One Day - Best Taiwanese drama

10. Someday or One Day

MDL Score:  9.1/10

Genres: Mystery, Comedy, Romance, Drama, Fantasy

Another supernatural time gap drama on the list of best Taiwanese drama is Someday or One Day. The show presents two-time spans, one of 2019 and the second of the year 1998. In 2019 Huang Yu Xuan, a 27-year-old girl, waiting and yearns for her boyfriend Wang Quan Sheng, who has been missing for two years and is presumed dead. In 1998, Chen Yun Ru like a boy who does not reciprocate her feelings. She wishes to become the girl Li Zi Wei likes.

One day, Huang Yu Xuan receives an unknown walkman and a cassette and sleeps while listening to its music. After she woke up, she saw Wang Quan Sheng sitting beside her. Soon she learns that she has become a 17-year-old girl Chen Yun Ru from 1998. The person she assumes her boyfriend is just a classmate and crush of Chen Yun Ru. Now Huang Yu Xuan has to find a way to sort out this time gap mess or, Chen Yun Ru’s death in 1999 will be her death.

Someone Like You

09. Someone like you

MDL Score:  8/10

Genres: Romance, Drama, Melodrama

Someone like you is a romantic melodrama, which starts with a tragic car accident. Fang Zhan Cheng lost his fiancée and his eyesight in a car accident. His world collapse, and he becomes remorseful and inconsolable. He even refuses a corneal transplant to restore his vision. But unexpectedly, when the nurse hired for his care looks exactly like his fiancée, his life takes a turn. On the other hand, a young lady, Xu Ya Ti, who is the recipient of Luo Han’s heart in a transplant, begins to show many of Luo Han’s characteristics and personality. Now here is the question. What would Fang Zhan Cheng do, who caught between these two women?

Attention, Love - Best Taiwanese drama

08. Attention, Love

MDL Score:  8/10

Genres: Friendship, Comedy, Romance, School

This romantic Taiwanese drama is full of romance, love, and entertainment. It shows the bipolar love story of two-person Li Zheng(attention) and Shao Xi(at ease), A boy and a girl were destined to be together since birth. At the time of birth, their parent was the best friend, and these two were destined to be together. What’s more surprising is that these two grew with the trait of their names. Li Zheng grew to be diligent and paying extra attention to everything he does. In contrast, Shao Xi being more laid back and lazy in her approach to everything. Li Zheng lived in Japan until he returns to Taiwan in high school. There he met Shao Xi for the first time. Both were opposites of each other, but their fate brings them closer. Can they suit each other when their personality is contrasting?

Autumns Concerto - Best Taiwanese drama

07. Autumn’s Concerto

MDL Score:  8.6/10

Genres: Romance, Drama, Family

Autumn’s Concerto is a classic romantic best Taiwanese drama that is still popular among the audience. The decade-old drama has an amnesia element in it, which somewhat makes it a melodrama as well. The story revolves around Ren Guang Xi, an overweening college law student. He seems to have a comfortable and perfect life as he was the sole successor to a big business house and a skilled ice hockey player. But in reality, he was alone and had a lack of joy and compassion. One day he meets Liang Mu Cheng, a new bento seller at his college canteen. A naive college bet brings the two closer, and she teaches him how to love and be happy in life. Tragedy befalls on them when Guang Xi has to go through a major brain surgery from which he loses his memories. Will they going to be together at the end?


06. Bromance

MDL Score:  8.1/10

Genres: Friendship, Romance, Drama, Family

Bromance is a story about a girl who has to live 25 years of her life pretending to be a boy. When Pi Ya Nuo was born, a fortune-teller announced that to survive and bring prosperity to her family, and she needs to live like a boy for 25 years. One day, she unexpectedly saves Du Zi Feng and his sister Du Zi Han. His sister falls in love with Pi Ya Nuo, and things get complicated when Du Zi Feng becomes “sworn brothers” with Pi Ya Nuo. Now, her 26th birthday is near, and she has to decide whether she wants to finally start living as a woman or continue to be Du Zi Feng’s best pal. This gender-blender is a must-see Taiwanese drama.

Just You

05. Just You

MDL Score:  8/10

Genres: Office, Comedy, Romance

Qi Yi is a young man who is a discipline maniac and has germophobia. He returns to Taiwan, turning down an opportunity in New York. Here he decides to own a small marketing design company called GAZE and his old childhood home. Chen Liang Liang is the tenant in that house and refuses to move out. Conflict starts between the two when Qi Yi discovers that Chen Liang Liang also works in his new company. What more problematic is that Qi Yi is a dictator boss, and every employee is having a hard time with his new office regulation policies. His new anti- office romance policy makes everyone distress in the company. Chen Liang Liang’s coworkers give her the responsibility to breakdown the rude boss wall and make him lift this policy. Twist here is Qi Yi starts to fall for Chen Liang Liang.

In Time With You - Best Taiwanese drama

04. In Time with you

MDL Score:  8.2/10

Genres: Friendship, Romance, Family

In time with you is a romantic drama that also symbolizes a strong friendship bond. It is a story of Cheng You Qing and Li Da Ren, who are fast friends of 14 years and now in their 30s. Cheng You Qing receives an e-mail from Li Da Ren on her 30th birthday about ‘symptoms of premature aging.’ This mail annoys her even more because it is true that she is becoming like grape to raisin, but Li Da Ren has become like fine wine as he ages. She makes a bet with him to see who will marry first before they turn 35, and their spouse hunting mission starts.

During her time of finding her Mr. Perfect, she came across unsuitable candidates only. On the other hand, Li Da Ren believes that any girl he had dated ever is not a match for him. They both liked each other, but the problem is they both swore that they could never be romantically attracted to each other.

Before we get married - Best Taiwanese drama

03. Before we get married

MDL Score:  8.2/10

Genres: Romance, Drama, Mature

Drama Before we get married is an adaption of the hit novel of the same name by author Ayamei. Zhou Wei Wei is in a relationship with Lee Hao Yi, who works in the same company. Their relationship is a secret in the office as the office has a no-dating policy. Chu Ke Huan is a stock trader who lives with his girlfriend of 10 years. An unexpected meeting between Chu Ke Huan and Zhou Wei Wei lead to flame romantic feelings between them, and things got complicated. Despite their intentions to keep things simple, they give up on involving each other.

The World Between Us

02. The World Between Us

MDL Score:  9.1/10

Genres: Crime, Life, Drama, Family

The World Between Us is 2019’s Best Taiwanese drama. Its popularity can be measured by the positive reviews and high ratings it has received since the primer of its first episode. The series is 10 episodes long and follows the aftermath of a mass shooting where the fates of all parties involved (the killer, the victims, the victims’ families, the media, and the defense teams) are intertwined. The show displays Taiwan’s democratic structural standards with a gripping and engaging story. It also explores the varied raw human nature in the situation of strife. The remarkable thing about the show is that there is no particular protagonist here. Everyone was the main character in their part, and every role has an important contribution.

01. Back to 1989

MDL Score:  8.2/10

Genres: Romance, Drama, Sci-Fi, Family

Back to 1989 is the story of a guy in his mid-20s, Che Chen, and his family. Che Chen is a successful man with a stable life, but he always misses his father’s presence. He doesn’t know who his father is, and he cannot ask this with his family. A wired accident transports him back to the year 1989, a year before he was born. There he met Zhen Zhen Ye, his mother’s best friend, who helps him move around in this new world.

Che Chen also learns about why his mother keeps shut about his father and who his father could be. But the main dilemma is that anything Che Chen did here for his mother can affect his existence in the future. The drama is filled with life lessons, an engaging story, and good acting that it has to be on the top of the list of Best Taiwanese drama.

I will be waiting for your comment on your favorite among these and other Taiwanese Dramas.

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