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Review: The Dusk Maiden of Amnesia




Updated on: 02/03/2024

Welcome to the review of The Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

The Dusk maiden of Amnesia is a Anime that came out in April 2012 Made by Silver Link studios. It contains of 12 episodes and 1 special. It’s tagged as a Romance, Supernatural, Horror, Shounen, school.


Dusk Maiden


Dusk Maiden is about Yuuko, Teiichi and also 2 other characters called Kirie and Okonogi. Together they make the paranormal investigation club. First of all lets talk about Yuuko is a ghost that is living inside of a school for the past 60 years. (https://theshabazzcenter.org/) Yuuko is a happy ghost and seems to have no problems but that is not the complete truth. Yuuko has a case of amnesia the reason she has amnesia will become clear later in the series. In the first episode you will immediately notice she is not your usual ghost that haunts you. She is a ghost who loves is more human than you might think.
The second person i am gonna talk about is Teiichi. Teiichi while he is a normal boy can see Yuuko but also can touch her and talk with her. While this may seem odd he is not the only person Kirie can also see her and talk with her. And will Teiichi likes Yuuko and the other way around. they’re not lovers in the beginning.
Kirie and Okonogi are 2 characters who play a role in the anime but Okonogi is dismissable. While Kirie has a real meaning and supports Teiichi. There is not much to go on except that she is the granddaughter from the sister of Yuuko.


The Plot

Dusk Maiden starts as typical rom-com normal boy and a ghost fall in love. But it has more interesting genres than only the rom-com. Later in the anime we will find the Horror and Psychological that makes this show complete. In Dusk Maiden they are searching for what happened in Yuuko’s past. And solving mysteries of the school. trying to find out why she has amnesia. While Yuuko helps them out trying to find more of her past and messes around with Okonogi. While this is all fun in the starts things begin changing. After a couple of episodes you start to notice there is more than meets the eye. There is a way darker story involved in Yuuko’s live.
The past will not be completely revealed till episode 10. But before episode 10 you will start to notice a lot of horror and little bits of the past. There is something called the shadow Yuuko. The shadow Yuuko is the evil part Yuuko . It holds the memories of her past but also hate, regret, sadness all the thing she disassociated herself with. This shadow Yuuko also tries to get a hold of the Yuuko that we see.
If we skip to episode 11 we can see that the shadow Yuuko is not evil but the counterpart we all have. As human we also have anger, sadness etc. The shadow Yuuko inherited all the parts that Yuuko didn’t want. She needed Teiichi to show her that they’re both her. In episode 11 you get a big climax where she in the fuses with the shadow Yuuko and they become one. This results that she is content but this raises another problem, she is starting to fade away and this is where episode 11 ends.



Episode 12 starts with a happy vibe and that continues for half of the episode. But you can see Yuuko knows what gonna happen and Teiichi doesn’t seem to notice what’s happening. The other half of the episode you get a rollercoaster of emotions thrown at you. Yuuko first wants to break-up because she is going to fade away. But Teiichi doesn’t want that to happen and holds on for as long as he can. But then she fades away and he is alone. He finally comes to accept it.
Now it should end here but in the clubroom there is a box that wasn’t there before on the box is a label, the label says open me and i’ll curse you. Teiichi opens the box and Yuuko speaks to him. She is with him there in the room. The theme song starts playing and you get the information why she is there.
So the Dusk Maiden ends on a happy note. Now there is the special but it ads nothing to story so i would not bother with it.



I would give Dusk Maiden a 8/10. for the simple reason it’s has a lot of good aspects. Besides I found Dusk Maiden quite enjoyable. The good aspects of this show are the visuals fits good with the anime in my opinion. while there is not a lot of background music when they put in the music it fits there could have been more to break the silence. They mix the romance and horror well. They could’ve toned down on the comedy a bit but it doesn’t break the anime for me. So all in all i liked it and Dusk Maiden is a good series to watch. And i personally would recommend it to all who haven’t seen it.
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  1. Ah Yes. The Dusk Maiden of Amnesia. I didn’t realize the story was this much interesting so I just put it into my On-Hold category of MAL. The first episode was intriguing too.
    I guess it’s about time I finished this anime.

    P.S. Interesting post, MadHouseFire.

  2. 4.5

  3. I read a lot of anime but haven’t come across this one, sounds interesting, will definitely watch this.

  4. Not really an anime fan, but I like supernatural shows. Maybe I’ll give it a try since it’s only 12 episodes.

  5. I never heard about this before now. Thanks!

  6. The epilogue it is shown that Yuuko is with Teiichi in school and the Paranormal Investigation club is being restarted is like happy end, the end for me is even better from the plot! Car Reviews

    • The end is really a rollercoaster on the end but i was very pleased witht he execution.

  7. For me the anime had a lot of funny scenes even though its main focus should have been a bit more dark