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Updated on: 08/01/2023

Reincarnation Manhwa is one of the most appealing genres for many readers because of the variety of possibilities that it opens for a character and the plot. It suggests a new start, like the fresh morning dew, hope, and discovery of new worlds! So, if you are someone who thrives with this type of manhwa genre, we bring you reincarnation manhwa to enjoy that lazy, perfect weekend!  So, get your snacks in order and beverages in place as we travel through different worlds, storylines, and new lives, literally

12. Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with The Lamp

Reincarnation Manhwa

Author: Mini, Kidarient, Yuin

Genres: Fantasy, Historical, Medical, Romance, sekai

Fortunately for the Reincarnation manhwa fans, Doctor Elise is a kind of “reincarnated and reincarnated back” kind of a manhwa. Confused? Let me explain. The manhwa revolves around Dr. Song Jihyun, a medical prodigy known for saving all her patients despite their condition. But, why do you ask? Well, you see, in her past life as a jealous and greedy wife of the emperor, she was the reason for the death of her loved ones as well as herself. So, in this life, she vowed to be a good human saving lives instead of destroying them, how very noble.

Until she finds herself in her old life. Good for her since she retains her modern medical knowledge and is determined to help the empire as a medic. But, the problem? A certain prince who was the reason for her overflowing love and death. Read Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with The Lamp Here to find out if Elise has really changed or is she destined to die again the same way as before!

11. Who Made Me A Princess?

Reincarnation Manhwa

Author: Plutus, Spoon 

Artists: Spoon 

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Isekai, Romance

How would you feel if you are sucked into a random story only to find out you are about to die in it? Well sadly, something similar is in store for Athanasia, In this Reincarnation Manhwa our female lead of the story. Who Made Me a Princess is another popular reincarnation manhwa which revolves around our leading lady Athanasia who, weirdly enough, gets reincarnated into the female protagonist of a fiction novel,

The Lovely Princess. And if that’s not enough, her character is bound to die by the hands of her own father for poisoning a beloved princess of the novel. So now, our ordinary South Korean girl-cum-reincarnated princess is determined to survive by the age of 18. One hell of a ride, isn’t it? Read this beloved manhwa, Who Made Me A Princess, here!

10. La Dolce Vita di Adelaide

Author: Chae Habin 

Artists: Lee Suho 

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

In this Reincarnation Manhwa La Dolce Vita di Adelaide revolves around an ordinary designer who unfortunately gets into an accident and as a consequence gets reincarnated as Adelaide, a noble lady in a different dimension. Leading a monotonous life, it’s not a surprise when she hears about a rumored dimension traveler arriving at the imperial palace.

Well, no wonder the dimension traveler in question, also known as Susanne, did initiate some interesting events in her otherwise boring life! For once, somehow Adelaide finds herself making a deal with the handsome duke Felix:  become his fake fiancé to keep Susanne away from him!  So now, the excitement that she waited for to grace her life has finally happened! Read Adelaide to find out what happens next here!

09. Daughter of The Emperor

Author: Yunsul 

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Josei, Slice of life

Daughter of the Emperor revolves around Ariadna Lereg Ilestri Pre Agrigent, a murder victim from her previous life who gets reincarnated as the sole heir and daughter of a tyrant emperor. Sadly, even though she lives the life of luxury, her father is not the doting father figure as many would assume. Instead, she must fight for her life and survive the antics of her own father. But, will Ariadna remains as a mere piece of chess for her father’s empire or will she be successful in carving out a place of her own? Find out in Daughter of the Emperor here!

08. The Abandoned Empress

Author: YunA, iNA 

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo , Tragedy

How would you feel if the only thing you lived your life is snatched from you? This is what happens to our leading lady Aristia La Monique who was brought up being told that she will be the future empress. Surviving difficult training just to reach the only goal of her life, it’s no wonder when she finds out that due to the prince’s hatred towards her, she is made a meer queen in charge of governmental affairs instead of the empress.

Moreover, being executed by the very man she loved isn’t exactly how she had imagined her life to be. Until she finds herself reincarnated as herself from seven years ago. With the power of knowledge of future events, she is determined to gain everything she lost in her first life. But will she?  Read The Abandoned Empress here to find out if Aristia dies her cruel fate or she outwits it!

07. Refund High

Author: Lico 

Genre: Fantasy

What if you could be transformed into an ideal version of yourself? Be a billionaire CEO or a globally popular celebrity? Tempting, right? But all good things come at a great cost, here death. Something similar happened to our leading lady of Refund High, Aru. Aru is a high school student, dreaming to be an idol until…well until she dies. An unfortunate accident turns into an opportunity of sorts to fulfill all her dreams. Be reincarnated into a, well, fish or attend Refund High School in order to earn karma to reincarnate into a better version of herself! But, will she be able to do it? Find out in Refund High here!

06. The Scholar’s Reincarnation

Author:  Soo Yu Hyun 

Artists: Yum Jack Jack

Genre: Action, Martial, Arts, Romance , Shounen 

How would you feel if all of your power disappears with a click of someone’s fingers? Or if someone destroyed your castle of cards which took you all of your life to build? Well, In this Reincarnation Manhwa our main lead and an ex- martial arts god of dark arts feel.

The Scholar’s Reincarnation narrates the tale of Hwang Jin Woo, a powerful martial arts god of dark arts who is killed by a monk in his previous life. So, now Jin Woo gets reincarnated as the son of the local lord. With a new and loving family to protect, will he be able to turn over a new leaf? Or will he continue the killing spree he is used to from his previous life? Follow Jin Woo’s journey in The Scholar’s Reincarnation here!

05. The Reason Why Raeliana Ended Up at The Duke’s Mansion

Author:  Milcha 

Genre: Comedy,  Fantasy,  Mystery,  Romance,  Isekai

The Reason Why Raelina Ended up at the Duke’s Mansion narrates the tale of Park Eunha, This Reincarnation Manhwa follows an ordinary girl in modern-day Korea, who unfortunately dies only to be reincarnated as a mere plot device in one of the novels that she had read! She is fated to be murdered by her fiancé for the events of the novel to take place.

And so, she is obviously not happy about it. Determined to survive her cruel fate, she strategizes her survival plan: change the story and aim for the male protagonist. She strikes a deal with the handsome Duke Noah Volstaire Wynknight, the leading man in question: pretend to be her fake fiancé in exchange for information about future events. But Duke isn’t one to be bossed around now, is he? So, will she be able to achieve her goal or will she get entangled in a web of Duke’s fansies? Find out more about their journey here!

04. The Youngest Princess

Author:  Saha 

Artists: Doldae

Genre: Fantasy, Manhwa, Romance, Shoujo

The Youngest Princess begins when the archmage of a magical kingdom in this Reincarnation Manhwa gets reborn into a chaotic royal family as a third royal child. Imagine a powerful mage trapped in a tiny body, annoyed by the unnecessary amount of attention that she receives from everybody around her.

Kind of reminds one of the movie Boss Baby. Even though the series is quite new, the art is absolutely adorable and the storyline, characters, and events are hilariously engaging especially the little princess’ internal monologues! So, if you are looking for a fun reincarnation manhwa then read The Youngest Princess here!

03. The Beginning After the End

Author:  Aman

Artists: Aman

Genre:  Comedy, Slice of Life, DramA

This Reincarnation Manhwa The Beginning after the End revolves around King Grey who is reincarnated as Arthur Leywin and born into a new world full of humans, elves, beasts, and magic. In his past life, Arthur led a woeful life as a king, devoid of a purpose to live and people to live with. Thus, in his new life filled with magic and loving family and friends, he vows to protect those he loves and this new world.

But when a looming shadow appears over everything that he has vowed to protect, will Arthur be able to lead this new life while healing the mistakes of his past, or will the incoming storm sweep his happiness away? Thus, to find out, read The Beginning After the End, the beautifully drawn and narrated reincarnation manhwa here!

02. Solo Leveling

Author:  GEE So-Lyung, JANG Sung-Lak

Genre:  Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen

Unlike the traditional Reincarnation manhwa, Solo Leveling is one of a kind. The story begins when mysterious portals called “gates” start appearing in present-day South Korea. And so, these “gates” are portals that link the world of humans and that of monsters.

As the monsters wreak havoc in the human world, only a chosen few are successful in acquiring superhuman powers to fight against the monsters. Thus, one of these few “hunters” as they call themselves is our male lead Sung Jin Woo. But, Jin Woo, unfortunately, belongs to the lowest and weakest rank of the hunters.

So, when Jin Woo gets trapped inside a dangerous dungeon manages to complete all the trials in the dungeon despite “dying”, he is reborn as a “player” who can see the stats and levels along with the ability to grow stronger. Moreover now, our weakest hunter might just be the strongest of them all. Follow Jin Woo in his quest to become the strongest hunter in the world as he tries to unravel the mysteries and secrets of the world of the monsters in Solo Leveling here!

01. Reminiscence: Adonis

Author:  Duo Yun Wenhu

Artists: Duo Yun Wenhi

Genre:  Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Manhua, Martial Arts, Romance

One of the most popular Reincarnation Manhwa is Reminiscence Adonis. With an interesting, encapsulating storyline, stunning art, beautiful characters, and a badass female lead, Reminiscence Adonis has become a people’s favorite. The story revolves around our leading lady Ianna Roberstein, a noblewoman who, abused as a child, becomes the most ruthless swordswoman in the country.

Until, she meets Arhad, the Emperor of Bahamut kingdom, who defeats her in a battle. Since then, Ianna and Arhad become obsessed with each other, Ianna for Arhad’s submission and Arhad for Ianna’s warmth. Tangled in a web of an ill-fated relationship, Ianna is killed by Arhad’s words before vowing to serve him in the next life.

And her wish comes true as she finds herself reborn…as herself! But wait, things are not how they should be. Why was she reincarnated as herself? Why is her childhood different from what she remembers? Can she really fulfill the vow she made? Will she be able to free herself from the demons that haunt her? Follow Ianna and Arhad’s story as they discover the truth about themselves in Reminiscence Adonis here!

That’s it folks, hope you like our recommendations. Comment down and let us know which is your favorite! And if you love the topic of experiencing adventure and stories with similar themes. Check out Top 11 Amazing Metaverse Webtoons

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