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Updated on: 13/06/2024

Hello everyone (✿^‿^)

Today we are going to talk about the top 11 amazing metaverse webtoons which are gonna blow your mind.

Metaverse webtoons are the webtoons themed on virtual reality universe in which people interact with each other in computer-generated environments. The metaverse doesn’t exist in reality but lots of stories have already been written on them. And after reading them you don’t help but get fascinated by this idea. I still remember after reading my first metaverse webtoons, “Hardcore Leveling Warrior”, I too tried to search for the games which are based on the same themes only to get disappointed. I think I took birth 100-200 years early for that. What a waste. ~(>_<。) Do something, Mark Zuckerberg! Elon Musk!

We all are on the same ship. So let’s just read stories about metauniverse webtoons and be content with them.

Metaverse webtoons remind me of isekai anime in which the player gets resurrected into a new universe with unique powers. The only difference is metaverse webtoons has computer-kun instead of Truck-kun.

Are you ready to explore this incredible world of metaverse webtoons? Let’s go.

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Metaverse Webtoons

metaverse webtoons- hardcore leveling warrior

1. Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Unlike other metaverse webtoons, this one is unique. Because usually most of the stories focus on zero to hero themes. But this webtoon has a hero-to-zero theme. Yes, you heard it right. Our main character Hardcore leveling warrior is the most powerful character in this world. This webtoon has a game named “Lucid Adventures”. It’s a virtual reality game. And our main character is the king of that game. He is an arrogant and selfish prick who abuses his power and bullies other players.

But one day he gets tricked and killed by one girl. So now he has to start from the beginning. Even though he starts from level 1, he is still op due to all the previous experience he had gained. So by using his experience he manages to beat all of his opponents effortlessly. But unlike his previous life, he gets some friends to depend upon.

He has his real-life i.e. outside the gaming world. In which he gets in trouble because of debts he took from loan sharks for buying things in the game. He even gets locked up in the room as a consequence.

I liked and enjoyed this unique hero-to-zero concept. So I would recommend you guys to give it a try. Here is a link- Hardcore Leveling Warrior

metaverse webtoons- overgeared

2. Overgeared

Our mc is Shin Yangwoo aka Greed. He started playing a VR game, “Satisfy”. He invested so much time in the game that his all friends left him. His own family thinks that he is a waste of space. On top of that, he has to do manual labor because of student loans and gaming fees.

Then one day he gets S rated quest in which he has to find a book named legendary craftsman’s book. After knowing its legendary item which has secrets of legendary blacksmith Pagma, he decides to sell it by betraying Ashur who gave him that quest. Ashur notices his greed and decides to kill him. So he decides to open the book. Then his class changes into Pagma’s Descendant. But his all stats and skills reset and he ends up dying and gets -1 level as a penalty.

Due to his unique class, he can equip any items that require meeting certain conditions. Plus CC powers don’t affect him. This is why he is called Overgeared.

As Pagma’s descendant, he can make any items and those items will get any class from normal to legendary with extra buffs depending upon his luck. But he has the worst bad luck. It’s one of my favorite metaverse webtoons. Give it a try.

metaverse webtoons- strongest florist

3. The Strongest Florist

The main character of this metaverse webtoons is a big, buff, intimidating, and scary guy named Jaeho. His gamer ID is Althea.

He is always misunderstood because of his scary face. He wants to open a flower shop. But he sucks at growing plants and he is allergic to flowers. Plus his dad wants him to be an MMA player. He is totally against his idea of becoming a florist. (Nothing new. All parents are like that.) But Jaeho’s love for a flower is extreme. So he decides to play a game named “NewWorld” and open a flower shop there.

In this game, the choices you make shape your story. You can be anything from king to thief. There are no restrictions on players choosing any particular role. All your actions give you any skills and quests related to it. So choices are limitless and exciting. Capsules are used to play this game.

Althea chooses Luxy forest known as the paradise of elves which is considered the most dangerous place as his starting point. This area is considered forbidden because of powerful elves that live there and they hate humans. So, most of the players avoid it. But to achieve his dream he chooses it as his starting point.

He gains lots of skills related to florist which includes botany, plants status checker, plant journal, etc. It does sound lame but along with these skills, he gets lots of different buffs which help him in fights. But most importantly he ends up befriending elves which helps him a lot on different occasions.

He even gets an SSS level quest as his first quest and gets a legendary job named Grower of a Life. No player has ever received this level of quest in the game to date.

Now you can easily guess that even though he wants to open a flower shop, he is still going to be an op character as a result of all those unique buffs. I really enjoyed this story. You too give it a try. Believe me, you won’t regret it.

metaverse webtoons- winter moon

4. Winter Moon

Unlike all other metaverse webtoons, this one has a comedy genre. This story is about a gay sorcerer named Florence and Seducing Priestess Risa. Risa is a cute-looking girl who flirts with guys to get favors like gold, gifts, and loot. Our handsome sorcerer Florance is gay. He thrashes all girls who try to take advantage of him by flirting.

One day Risa and Florance cross paths. They get into a fight and Florance makes her his slave. To take her revenge she gathers all guys to fight him but both of them end up burning the whole city down. Due to some circumference they both form guild together named Winter Moon. Hence the story begins.

Their relation is like cat and dog. But this series never fails to make you laugh. Give it a try.

metaverse webtoons- leveling up by only eating

5. Leveling Up, Only By Eating

This webtoon is about a guy named Kang min hyuk. He is suffering from bulimia disease. In this, the person’s hunger is never fulfilled no matter how much they eat. They don’t care about what kind of food they eat. They can eat as much as 15 to 20 thousand calories per day. Because of this they usually suffer from obesity and other related diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

Even after doing an intense workout and only eating cherry tomatoes, our main character still is not able to lose weight as he consumes a large quantity. So his doctor recommends he play the Virtual reality game “Athens” as psychological treatment. In this game, users can taste the food they eat in the game.

In the beginning, players have to go through a training ground. It’s the first step designed for new players so that they get used to playing the game. After completing tasks player gets food and experience as a reward. But our mc do those training again and again in order to get food. As a result, he gets more experience and also befriends NPC trainers. Which later gives him unique quests and rare items. Even though Kang min hyuk’s goal is to eat whatever food he wants in the game, but still he ends up becoming powerful in the process.

But beware, all that delicious food in this metaverse webtoons make readers hungry. But do not lose control over your hunger else you will end up becoming the next Kang min hyuk. And we don’t even have VR technology. ಥ_ಥ

metaverse webtoons- murim login

6. Murim Login

Starting of this story kind of sounds like a rip-off of solo leveling. The main character Jin Tae Kyung is an F-level hunter. Seven years ago a portal opened in the world. Through which monsters raided the world. But at the same time, people started awakening their powers. Those awakened ones fought with those monsters. After killing the demon king, monsters stopped coming from that portal. Still, people entered into it to kill monsters to get loots and to sell them.

Our main character Jin Tae Kyung fought with monsters to pay the medical bills of his mother. Also, to take care of his little sister. But after getting fired from his guild, he tried to sell a capsule he found in the trash to his friend. But his friend refused it saying it’s trash.

After getting drunk, Jin Tae Kyung was sleeping at his friend’s house. He tried to use that capsule to sleep. During which he discovered the user manual. Which said it’s a capsule for VR gaming. And once you log in to the game you can not log out.  And if you die in the game, you die in real life too.

Jin Tae Kyung ignored it and slept in the capsule. When he was sleeping, the capsule automatically turned on and logged him into the game.

The next day when he woke up, he was sleeping right next to a very beautiful woman. It turns out that he was a son of a rich Jin family. But he is considered a shame to the family. Now he doesn’t know how to log off so he decides to play the game and try to find out how to log out of it.

At first, I was going to drop it thinking it’s a solo leveling rip-off. But except for the first chapter, it’s a completely different story. So you can give this metaverse webtoons try.

metaverse webtoons- bug player

7. Solo Bug Player

The next metaverse webtoon on the list is Solo bug player. This story is about a game named “Paradiso”. In this game, war has been broken between demon kings and humans. So the aim of the player is to defeat the demon king and become monarch of the continents. And then manage your territory.

The main character of the story has been playing this game for 10 years. He is also the number 1 blogger on paradise information. But then one day he died of overexertion while playing the game continuously.

But then he resurrected as the NPC in the same game named Jared and it becomes his real life. Jared is an extremely obese good-for-nothing lord of the Caribia.

He is resurrected 10 years before the great Nasu war. In which demon king attacks humans. So in order to survive, he decides to use all of his knowledge about the game and unify all continents and become its king. So that he can fight against the demon king.

By using his knowledge and bugs in the game he levels up and manages to take care of other problems like human trafficking, diseases, corruption, etc.

He makes deal with an evil soul named Isabella and gets one of the best skills called mind eye. This skill helps the user to see the status and all information about the next person. In exchange for this skill, she asks for the most important thing he has. And he cons her saying that the most important thing for him is his first kiss.

Like this, he uses all loopholes and bugs in the game to his advantage. He also knows all information about numerous foes which helps him to defeat them.

To be honest, instead of metaverse webtoons story, I felt like I was reading King’s story in which he solves his citizen’s problems. But it does have a gaming aspect when the main character uses all of his gaming knowledge and bugs to beat high-level monsters.

metaverse webtoons- no scope

8. No Scope

Our main character is a cutie named Doyoon aka Psychopomp. Who is a pro gamer in the game named Psionic Vegabond. In this game, people can choose any kind of power from magic to gunner. Some players have superpowers like psychokinesis, invisibility, teleportation, spatial morph, etc. And others are normal players who use a variety of weapons like guns, swords, spears, etc. Normals have super strength. Matches occur as a team of 5 vs 5. In each team, they have a tank, support, and dealer.

Doyoon is in the top 300 players having a rank of 285th. He is a gun master.

But here is a catch. He plays in North American server despite being from Korea. He is too naive so he doesn’t understand much about technology. So he didn’t even realize that he was playing on a North American server until recently. Plus he doesn’t have good pc equipment too. Now you can guess how op he is as despite playing at high ping and low-grade pc he still managed to claim 285th rank worldwide.

( If you have played high ping, you can understand how frustrating it is. I always had a bad internet connection so always ended up burning my house down in anger. That high ping is a reason I am not a pro gamer. It’s a different thing that I don’t have skills to. But let me just pretend I didn’t realize it for now.)

So when Doyoon started to play on the Korean server with his friend Suho he overpowered all of the opponents.

Also in this game, you can’t use weapons and other equipment from another server. So, he doesn’t have any good types of equipment. This is another metaverse webtoons I fell in love with.

metaverse webtoons- legendary moonlight sculptor

9. Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Hyun Lee has been living in poverty since his childhood. He had to sacrifice so many things because of that. He wants to escape this life at any cost. After getting an employment ID card, he decides to sell his old gaming account as he thinks he won’t get much time to play after getting a job. But to his surprise, when he checks the auction price the next day, he goes speechless. His account had the best character in that game. So it ended up selling for 3 billion and 90 million.

He thought he can finally get out of the poverty circle. But unfortunately, he ends up paying the debt of 3 billion that his father took from loan sharks. (

He decides to use his talent for gaming to earn money after that incident in the new virtual reality game named Royal Road.

This game allows real-life skills in the game. Desperate for success, he studies and practices combat skills for the whole year. By using the remaining money he buys a capsule used for playing the game.

He starts with a training ground where he has to train for 10 hrs. Due to the long period, most of the users skip this stage. But in order to become the best player Wid was ready to go at any length. In the process, he gets a quest from the instructor about the person who sculpted moonlight. In the end, he gets hidden Job, a Legendary moonlight sculptor. At first, he rejects it thinking it’s not that useful.

Later he goes to sage for getting a quest that will give him a unique job class. And as a result, he again gets the same job which he accepted in hurry. He regrets his decision but it was too late. Sculptors are considered trash as they don’t have any attack skills.

But he wasn’t a normal sculptor. He was the legendary moonlight sculptor who had attack skills only available for sculptors. Plus he gets numerous unique buffs that help him throughout the story.

metaverse webtoons- My Way Of Killing Gods In Another World

10. My Path To Killing Gods In Another World

This metaverse webtoons story is about a boy named Chen Zhi Li. He is a highly intelligent and skilled swordsman as he took training of Kendo. But he has zero experience in gaming. In order to impress his crush who likes playing games, he decides to play a VR game called “Cosmos.”

To play this game, you need to use a helmet. While playing the game, he gets struck by lightning and hence gets transported into this game. He gets transported to a desert that is not part of the server and he can’t log out or contact anyone. That desert is filled with numerous powerful monsters. So to survive he has to kill monsters and level up. Luckily, he gets access to a hidden mall system. There he can get food, medicines, weapons, etc. But it costs a certain amount of levels to unlock these categories and also to purchase items inside those categories. It’s a new webtoon so fewer chapters are available. But you will surely enjoy it.

metaverse webtoons- 1\2 prince

11. 1/2 Prince

The Last One in our metaverse webtoons list is 1\2 Prince. 1\2 prince is a Chinese manhwa. In this, our main character is a girl named Feng lang. Gamer ID is Prince. She decided to play this VR game called “Second Life” after it was recommended by her twin brother. Virtual reality game has realism rate of 99%. The player can even feel breezes and also 30% of pain in real life too. The game client is used to play the game. You can use it while sleeping too.

But her brother teased her that how all girls have it easy in games as all male players simp over them and help them to level up and give them free equipment.

So she decides to play as a male player to teach her brother a lesson and show him that girls can do better without getting any advantages. And complete quests. She chooses elf as her character. And with 30% more beautification. Due to which her character gets much more handsome. Even game moderator girl falls for him even though she knows it’s a girl.

As soon as our main character enters the game with this character design, all girls go crazy over her. And start fighting with each other. The same thing happens wherever she goes. Then she and the game moderator who came in search of her decide to play as a couple to keep all-girl players going crazy.

This manhwa is not colored. So it’s a bummer as most of the webtoons are colored and have very high-quality art. Still, the story is good so you can give it a try.


So this was our list of top 10 metaverse webtoons. This list is based on my personal opinion. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know which is your favorite metaverse webtoons? And also recommend any other metaverse webtoons that are not added to the list in the comment section below.

If you know any game which has the same concept as these metaverse webtoons, please let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading. ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ

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