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Updated on: 02/09/2022

As the acceptance for different sexual orientations is at its growing stage one might feel the need to explore the same. What better way than to read visual comics with characters you will fall in love with and relate to. Lesbian relationships are still a bit less discovered in comparison to gay relationships and thus have a comparatively unknown range to choose from. This, however, does not in any way deny the importance of relationships based on girl love. Consequently, here comes a wildly growing genre among comics webcomics, and webtoons that focuses on lesbian relationships.

Lesbian relationships focus a lot on the comparatively hidden elements relating to a girl which are often dismissed. From sporty to floral looks every girl might have a different sexual orientation and that’s where the idea of acceptance needs to be inculcated. Lesbian comics and webtoons help people get accustomed to the topics which they might not be able to fully discuss in our society. As well as, lesbian comics also provides a good homely feeling to the proud lesbians in our society.

In case you really need to check out comics, webcomics, or webtoons focusing on lesbian relationships and thus far have been unable to do so, then we have the exact information you need at bay. These lesbian comics and webcomics focus upon the emotional and practical aspects of such relationships whilst still satisfying readers with an awesome plot and characters.

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Top Lesbian Comics and Webtoons

Here are 20+ Top Lesbian comics that everyone, from every phase of life, needs to check out.

NOTE: It has been kept in mind that all the titles mentioned below do not include too many sexual descriptions. Even so, certain titles do have a fair share of the same. The viewer’s discretion advised.

24. Circuits and Veins

Author: Jem Yoshioka

What do you do when the cutie who moves in next door to you is an android? In a world where androids have won their independence, what’s it like to date one? Amidst the environment of automation, artificial intelligence, and reliable public transport, two awkward dorks try to work out how to date each other. Circuits and Veins is a science fiction romance lesbian comics about an android and a human falling in love.

23. Heartblood

Author: Jatta S. & Inn S.

It’s a story about what happens when you meet your twin flame but in a completely wrong time and place? Can love flourish between two women who are entirely from parallel worlds? Asta is a young and kind elf ranger, well versed with the land though still unfamiliar with its people. One day, she meets Teyeno; a proud warrior and a general to her people, who requests Asta’s help. But may get far more than she asked for from Asta. Both the ladies must struggle to find if there is a balance between your heart and your honor.

22. Carciphona

Author: Shilin

The story comprises those whose souls have been infected by an unusual demon spirit infection at birth and are doomed to live short and painful lives. These people are known as Carciphonas. They cannot survive past adolescence, but the few who defy this fact would bring the world to its knees.

In the set world, Demon magic was once used by people now is forbidden and despised. It is all because four years ago people believed that an infamous assassin a Carciphona, Blackbird left behind a trail of corpses. She grounded warriors and royalty alike, and in fear, and they give up Demon magic to prevent Carciphonas like her from appearing again.

21. Sesame But Different

Author: Chia & Poppy

This slice-of-life lesbian comic is based on the author’s lives together. It says ‘Chia and Poppy are two girls named after seeds who also happen to be dating each other. They are same-same (or sesame), but different.’

Chia and Poppy, two full-grown women who are still struggling with adulting and who also happen to be in a relationship with each other. In this webtoon, the author displays the day to day scenario of her lesbian life with her partner. It’s a sweet and cute webtoon which you should definitely try at least once. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find something relatable, helpful, or funny while reading this comic. The comic mostly have new scenarios in each episode, so you will remain free from the burden of long stories.

20. Wish You Were Gone

Author: Carbonara

This is an appealing comic from the beginning of it, mostly because of its uncommon love story development. The best part is that it has a new plot and without any clichès, which is not so common in other Lesbian comics. The creator has brought together many funny moments with serious and tender ones, perfectly. The creativity in the story can be seen from the very start.

The story starts when Chrissy—Chrysanthemum—Han (Guk-Hwa) met Jang-Mi, in a disturbing situation. Jang-Mi was the woman with whom Chrissy’s boyfriend cheated on her (Chrissy assumed). After the breakup, Jang-Mi decides to pay off the debt of Chrissy’s ex-boyfriend, after which Chrissy can’t help but slowly fall for her. Can a love like this last, or will she wish she was gone like all the rest?

19. Serenade

Author: Keum Kyesoo

This Lesbian comics is an unusual combination of romance and thriller. Its story revolves around a young professor Seo Jin and her two students. Both the students of professor Jin are significant in their own way. One of the two students, Heo-Yeonju, is the one who is an outgoing, cheerful freshman majoring in piano and reminds Jin of her first love. Another student Hee-Un knows Jin’s secret. Professor Seo Jin constantly gets blackmailed because of her sexual orientation, and it makes her more careful around other female students and other professors.

At first, the story was a little slow, to begin with, but then things started picking up. You will also slowly start learning about everyone’s past, and how it influences their actions in the current. This comic also gives the message of how people’s present actions can be the subject of their past experiences.

18. Moonlight Garden

Author: Kang Unnie

Webtoon Moonlight Garden is a beautiful series in the section of Lesbian comics. It has gorgeous art and impressive creation. The relationships are shown in the webtoon, and character development makes it all the more interesting. The only thing to remember here is that the story may emit the wrong idea at first, but one has to keep going with the chapters to enjoy its full worth.

It is a story of a kingdom where flowers do not bloom, but the women who are more beautiful than any flower dwells in an ambiguous brothel, Moonlight Garden. The flower maidens are known to provide sexual pleasures beyond the imagination. Among them lives Dohwa, a young flower maiden who has not yet bloomed. Dohwa tries to formulate potions to escape her destined fate at the brothel. One night while she was trying to steal ingredients to create the potions, she gets caught by Lady Hyewon, the new mistress of the Garden. At that time, it turned out that Lady Hyewon has her own few secrets and Dohwa isn’t the only one with an agenda.

17. Her Pet

Author: Pito

It is a strange webtoon that will keep you engage from first to the last episode.  The characters were not very deep or sensitive, but their relationships with one another give the depth of the characters. This Lesbian comics takes place in a school and mostly shows story around the school.

The main protagonist Gayoon decides to enroll in a high school far away from home just to be closer to Soha, her middle school heroine, and idol. Gayoon is in love with Soha and can do anything to get her attention. She then finds out about Soha’s loss, her pet dog happy and decides to help her by filling the role of Soha’s dog as her pet.

16. Fluttering Feelings

Author: Ssamba

Fluttering Feelings stood out from all the existing Lesbian comics because of its innocent and pure storyline. It has a very simple story, but what makes it memorable is its message that- love will always find a way no matter what. The character development of both the protagonist Seol-Ah and No-Rae is notable. Warning: This comic is unfinished as its creator died while fighting from cancer.

The comic portrays the life of two Business-School University students, Baek Seol-Ah and Kim No-Rae, as well as the people around them. On the one hand, Baek Seol-Ah is beautifully captivating, and on the other hand, Kim No-Rae is an average slightly immature type. The two young ladies become so close that both start struggling with their relationship.

Blessed - Best Lesbian Comics

15. Blessed

Author: M. Victoria Robado

First on the list is a Webtoon which rather than dealing with only lesbian story plotting deals with all queer relationships. The art is really good. It has a very proper storylining and there are no loose strings in the plot. Joanna is the main character who thrives to have a good romantic relationship like her colleagues. As Joanna gives into her separation and starts on an online dating app her life gets baffled as she accidentally sweeps right on a whole Pantheon of Gods. The gender of most of the characters is unknown and only the pronouns are described. An off-beat plot in comparison to other lesbian comics gives it the proper boost to reach the top 15 lost. No explicit content is present anywhere in the comic. It is a new and not so known add among the present lesbian webcomics.

Hino san no baka

14. Hino San no Baka

Author: Kinniku Tarou

I put this on a comparatively lower number because the story is a bit too predictable. The plot revolves around the class president and a ‘good girl’ Koguma is extremely worried at how Hino, her classmate will do well if she keeps skipping her classes. Being an overly responsible person Konguma takes it upon herself to guide Hino down a successful path. Hino is a playful girl who forces down Konguma into her plays with one way or the other. There is a certain amount of uncomfortable scenes running along though no sexually explicit content. Overall it is a push and pulls story with Konguma still not being able to grasp the wind of her feelings. A sweet yet comparatively sometimes lewd to an extent title of this lesbian webcomics list.

Muted - best lesbian comics

13. Muted

Author: Miranda Mundt

This webtoon is much more than just a lesbian-romance genre. A story that talks about the witch fantasy aspect in an amazingly detailed manner. Camille the lead character remains in a dilemma as she feels left out in her family whilst her only hope usually accessible is her upbeat cousin. As Camille fails in the very first summoning or ‘acted’ so, things take an upbeat on suspense.

The comic thus far promises a very good future and strong characters. One can notice the ‘lesbian’ part coming up slightly into the starting chapters unlike how it is usually portrayed in other lesbian comics with instant revelation. It is a growing title in the webtoon world which essentially comes in the lesbian webtoons list. This comic is good for readers trying to find a good lesbian base in a story that grows further than just love triangles and romance. This is much more than just a lesbian genre and can be added into many categories that webtoons follow.

Power Ballad

12. Power Ballad

Author: Molly Brooks

Nothing like the ordinary. This quick read with only 26 chapters. The art is plain detailed. The color usage is limited to orange, white and purple giving it a unique vibe. Meera Verma is the personal assistant to Carina Peterson, an international pop star and the personal assistant of Los Angeles based masked vigilante. Carrie only wants to make music and fight some crime whilst Meera supports it throughout. The chapters are sufficiently long to fill up for the fewer chapter numbers. The plot is indeed well planned with a whole focus on how the story should be efficiently carried out.

The power ballad is a sweet story as opposed to it featuring action sequences. Some of the view angles in the drawing are vividly descriptive and takes you on a legit fantasy ride. This lesbian webtoon deals with many plot twists in the end phase yet everything falls smoothly in place as a result of the beautiful composition. This is a beautiful combination of lesbian and action genres in the webtoons list.

Bingo Love - Best lesbian comics

11. Bingo Love

Author: Tee Franklin

This is a beautiful story that takes place after 50 years’ time lag in the characters’ lives. Yeah! 50 whole years. This webcomic has a same-sex women-focused relationship which got blocked midway due to society’s thinking and family pressure. However, after 50 years they meet again at the bingo hall, the very same place where it all started. The story shows how both of them submitted to their circumstances and moved on in their lives. Yet even after all this the part of their heart which loved the other never died. This is a small story and one of a type among all the romance comics. The whole plot plays in the flashback and time transition between 1963 and the present time.

Both the characters have their whole life worked out as usually planned out by the society; they have had their share of children and grandchildren yet they still feel the lack of proper satisfaction. With a small length of chapters, this comic takes a new spin towards the lesbian comics present in the bare view. There might be some plot holes that one can notice throughout the plot but are they worth losing the experience this comic has to offer? Not in the slightest!

My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness

10. My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness

Author: Kabi Nagata

I cannot comprehend how well this webcomic conveys so many mental health issues yet still keeping them interesting and relatable. This webcomic deals with acceptance, depression, eating disorder and life as a lesbian in general. The author who is also the main character of this novel did a splendid job in narrating her story through this visual write-up. The story’s subtlety focuses on all the issues surrounding the author’s minds while keeping it light. The emotional baggage is not so much on the head of readers rather it is extremely inspiring. Rather than putting it up like some of the self-help books, the author did a great work in addressing her journey by making it enjoyable and brutally truthful. This talks about a journey from confusion to self-assurance and fighting for the much-required acceptance from parents. A beautiful step aside from usual lesbian webcomics and webtoons.


9. Girlfriends

Author: Milk Morinaga

Drama and pure romance are the key basic to this lesbian webcomic. A friendship blooms between Kumakura Mariko a top but shy student and Ohashi Akko, a free-spirited girl who wants to befriend Mariko and help her out of the introverted shells. The story grows with a lack of acceptance towards the feelings and hence provide with burn to the readers due to constant frustration over them not getting together. What follows is the fact that after realizing her gradual feelings towards Akko, Mariko went ahead and tries to push away such intentions by accepting the proposal from a guy.

Even though the frustration sometimes reaches the verge of crossing the line yet it is still comfortable to say that the slow pacing suits the sweetness in the comic. Being one of the classic lesbian webcomics the story is undeniably pleasurable. The character development is gradual and fulfilling. The presence of a bit of sensual stuff is there in the comic.

The Third Party - Best lesbian comics

8. The Third Party

Author: Enjelicious

Gu Jeong Hui, a girl who has always been forced into accepting decisions made by her father for her to acquire a good political status ultimately leads her into a marriage with no strings attached to Kang Sang-Hun. Jeong changes her name as she finds a bit of freedom and gets into her father’s company as an intern under Kang. The story takes the hit when Moon Hae Jin, usually mentioned as P.D Moon enters the life of Jeong who is a dummy of her father’s and yet unable to make big decisions in life. A new love triangle sequence in the list of top lesbian comics and webtoons.

Kang is the side character who is into the marriage just because of politics whilst P.D Moon, an open romantically unattached lesbian with good looks and Jeong addresses their unfamiliar feelings. P.D Moon is a character who yet do not know how to deal with emotions like love. She often uses sex to her advantage. The story does not contain such open explicit scenes yet the description is sensual enough for readers to be warned about. The art is totally beautiful and misty. This author is now working on a romance Webtoon named Age Matters.

Mage and the Demon Queen

7. Mage and The Demon Queen

Author: Color_LES

A mix of comedy, drama, romance, action, fantasy, and whatnot. This webcomic is a must-read. The whole Malori character is incredible. She is a mage who just wants to marry the demon queen, Velverosa. Everyone in this total fantasy universe wants to kill the demon queen the same as in RPG games. In the center of all this is Malori who is totally in love with Velverosa. The art style is incredible and side characters are hilarious. This story has good potential to be considered in the top lesbian webtoons.

The character of Malori comes out as a bit of clingy and overly obsessed with her love interest types yet the comedy covers it up. The cliché of only one person putting in too many efforts is taken further. The uniqueness, however, is something which makes this webcomic so likable. This webcomic is in the generic top lesbian webtoons list due to its growing fan base and new turn of events.


6. Lily

Author: Yy

Bit of a usual story with YinLin a high school student sights a tom-boyish – ‘handsome’ waitress, Rouxi Lan and later realizes her to be the new transfer student. The feelings gradually grow up as a cautious YinLin gravitates towards Rouxi. The story gradually paces with no questioning of content insight. There is a bit of problem in finding the translated to English version though searching around a little will help. As a whole, it is a light slice of life themed lesbian comic which does progress its main genre needs properly. Being a light story it is good for new readers looking for lesbian webtoons.

What does the fox say - best lesbian comics

5. What does the fox say?

Author: Team Gaji

Next comes up, this is a story with a dark twist to the lesbian comic world. Throughout administering the plot with the presence of three main female characters (Ahem! Total lesbian genre, Yeah) Ju Sungji, the newcomer in the workplace set up comic, Sung Sumin the team manager above Ju Sungji and Baek Seju the on and off partner of Sung Sumin.

Seju is happy as long as Sumin comes back to her after the usual offs in their relationships and here enters Sungji in the plot diverting the attention of Sumin wildly in favor of herself. A LOT of sexual content is present in this comic. This whole comic plots at how cold Sumin will further act upon her feelings. Flashback and Baek Seju portray the different perspective on the character Sumin who is an extremely cold person in general to like EVERYONE. It is, however, a big NO-NO for people with light-hearted story preferences (myself included) and about to be a first-time lesbian comics reader. An evergreen classic amongst drama lesbian webcomics.

pulse - best lesbian webtoons

4. Pulse

Author: Ratana Satis

An interesting webcomic that keeps you hooked till the end. You might find a bit of extravagant depiction of sexual scenes. The art is simply breath-taking and extraordinary. The story revolves around a surgeon, Mel who uses sex as a kind of refreshment rather than connecting it to the emotional aspect. Now enters a girl in her life who in conclusion changes Mel’s perception of life and love as a whole. In case you have never tried lesbian comics before it does not qualify as an appropriately light read.

The character description by the author makes sure that the plot summary does not turn this into a cliché story. Additionally, the lack of side story plotting sometimes makes the drama overwhelming. All in all, for fans of sexual depictions it is the very best pick for. A classical proclaimed webcomic with a huge fandom. It certainly takes the readers on a ride full of cliff hangers and drama. An undeniably famous title among the lesbian webcomics available. This webcomic won the Lezhin’s 2nd World Comic Award.

Bloom into you - best lesbian comics

3. Bloom into You

Author: Nio Nakatani

It is a story about two high school girls as the main plot. Yuu always has been looking for romance in her life. Though, as one of her classmates asks her out she feels nothing special regarding the feelings. Nanami enters the plotline as a supporting figure Yuu finds in her new high school. Further, the romance from Nanami’s side blooms up as she confesses to Yuu. The story pacing is slow in this webcomic yet goes well with the dialogue. No unnecessarily sexually descriptive scenes are present in this webcomic.

Additionally, this comic is a realistic approach towards the emotional waves people go through when recognizing their feelings and trying how to act upon it. This comic does proper justice to its high placement in lesbian romance comics even though it is a bit slow. The comic portrays many aspects that lay unnoticed in many other lesbian comics thus making it a light and sweet read for the audience. An anime is also present with the same title. The anime got good reviews and did well as an adaptation of this story.

Their Story

2. Tamen de Gushi; Their Story / SQ: Begin with Your Name

Author: Tan Jiu

In the top three comics, this one is my personal favorite. This webcomic is about a high school lesbian couple. It properly portrays the relationship of Sun Jing the sporty- tall girl with her male friends. This webcomic has a very good grasp over the comedy element and the facial expressions are to die for. A particularly eye grasping art and all the more relatable high school life makes it extremely worthy of being in the top lesbian webcomics. This thus far has been my favorite comic even if it does not get the same position when reviewed with other worthy titles.

The comic has short chapters however; one can notice the depth of storyline increasing as it progresses further. Qiu Tong the comparatively shy girly one shows good character progress. It does not deal with anything explicit and is a slice of life comic. I believe it is important to stress that this title in the lesbian webcomics/webtoons list is a must-read even if you are not into the lesbian comics. It will certainly keep you hooked with itself.

Always Human - Best lesbian comics

1. Always Human

Author: Ari Walkingnorth

Based on the genre fantasy and romance this comic right away pitched the first place for itself. It includes a touch of futuristic plot depiction. Roots of this fantasy world’s set up are Nano-bots and genetic engineering. It introduces the characters in a usual style if not so cliché pattern. Being set in a futuristic phase people have the option to continuously modify their appearance and many other bodily functions. This pattern is mentioned as mods in the storyline.

Sunati keeps changing her mods apart from her skin color i.e. dark South East Asian. She notices Austen, a girl with extremely natural looks at a train station and gets intrigued by her bravery of being so natural. Not so later it is told that apparently, Austen deals with a genetic disorder that does not allow her to access mods. What follows further is pure sweetness and love. The author has an amazing grasp of the plot. This webtoon consists of stunning artwork and beautiful background music on Line Webtoon adds to this stunning webtoon. An essential and comparatively latest title in the list of lesbian webtoons and webcomics.

Now we come to the end of this list. Many titles might have not been mentioned here due to them being old and not so in the competition now. I hope you surely enjoyed and give your suggestions in the comments.

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