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15 Best Korean Drama With Non-Human Main Characters




Updated on: 22/04/2024


Often we have seen that the world of Kdrama revolves around the leads who are “Non-human”. It is a risky job for the drama makers to take up this subject because if the portrayal is wrong, then it can become mediocre, or the audience will see it in the light of a caricature. Nevertheless, we have got some of the best production and temporary staff in Korea who have given us some of the most beautiful gems from the industry, based on a theme of a non-human being. Below is the list of a Korean drama with non-human main characters.

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Korean Drama With Non-Human Main Characters

Forbidden Love - best korean drama with non-human main characters 15. Forbidden Love

We got another Gumiho centric story on the list. The difference here is that this time our Gumiho is already living undercover in the human world.  The Gumiho Yoon Shi-Yeon has a dark past. She lives with two identities. One in the day, working as an employee at a natural history museum. Another by night, she’s a woman warrior in the Nine-Tailed Fox clan. Strange things started to happen when a series of murders took place where the internal organs of the deceased victims were hollow out. A detective gets into the investigation of this case, and he believed that this is an organ-trafficking case. He gets himself into a seedy organ smuggling ring where his cover gets away. Shi-Yeon and her allied warrior helped the detective to come out safe. However, this act shows their true identities as Nine-Tailed Foxes.


Being Korean drama with non-human main characters does not only make the listed shows unique. The message they carry within is precious too. These fantasy and sci-fic drama drive us to believe that yes, we can live our dreams even through the means of fiction. The shows also revive the value and morals we had received once in our childhood but forget to practice amid a busy life.

Circle - korean drama with non human main characters14. Circle

Set in the year 2017 and 2037 simultaneously, this drama is full of suspense, action, and thrill. The story starts with twin brothers and their father witness the arrival of a UFO, and a female humanoid alien emerges from the object. Family accepts and helps her partially out of pity and partly in curiosity. Twin’s father was a neuroscientist, and to study more about the aliens, he isolated himself with his family. He also took the humanoid alien along with him. One of his sons thought that the alien captured his father and started his search for the aliens.

In the year 2037, South Korea has now divided into two significant districts, i.e., General District and a Smart City. A detective tries to enter the smart city for the investigation of missing twin brother from the year 2017.

This drama deserves a lot more appreciation and attention from the audience.  It is a must-watch show with no dull moment, and every actor has done their job to perfection. Also, this series is an excellent addition to the list of Korean drama with non-human main characters.

The Bride of Habaek13. The Bride of Habaek

It’s a story of narcissistic water god Ha-Baek and his bride, who is a human being. The water god needed three powerful stones to claim his throne. In search of those three stones, he visited earth. He demanded help from Yoon So-Ah, who is his servant and the destined bride. Yoon So-Ah’s family is fated to serve the water god for generations. In exchange for Yoon So-Ah becoming his wife, the water god promise to bring the rain in the drought prolonged village.

Yoon So-Ah is a psychiatrist and does not believe in god. She mistakes Ha- Baek, a person suffering from delusions. The story further complicates when the wind god Bi-Ryum, the water goddess Moo-Ra, and the half-god Shin Hood-Ye show up to obscure things. This series has so many heavenly characters that it has to be in the list of a Korean drama with non-human main characters.

Angels Last Mission12. Angel’s Last Mission: Love

Angel’s Last Mission: Love is a fancy drama that is full of romance. It is a sole drama with an angel in the list of a Korean drama with non-human main characters.

The story features Dan, a carefree optimistic angel, who often finds himself in trouble. He has been given a mission to complete, to return to heaven. His mission is to find a love match for a ballerina Yeon Seon. Yeon Seon remains distant from the people and does not believe in love.

In the process of completing his mission, he falls in love with Yeon Seon. Further, the story proceeds with showing hardships and struggles of an angel to get together with his human love.

It is a highly recommended drama and received great reviews from the audiences.

Bong Soon - A Cyborg In Love - korean drama with non-human main characters11. Bong Soon- A Cyborg in Love

This mini-drama series depicts a bond between a robot woman and her inventor.

Kim Joo Sung, a computer programmer, fell in love with the cyborg he created. But the robot, Oh Bong Soon’s design is in a way that she shuts down whenever she feels the emotion of love. Her programming is in a format that the feeling of love goes against the emotional development system.

Although this drama revolves around an emotionless cyborg, it is full of the roller coaster of emotions. This drama can make you smile in a moment and get your eye teary in the next.

Having the episode of not more than 15 minutes helped the drama to maintain its rhythm and avoids rising of any dull moment. The drama is a must-try, and you can finish it in a day. Excellent addition to the list of a Korean drama with non-human main characters.

Arang and the Magistrate - korean drama with non-human main characters10. Arang and the Magistrate

The series is from the folk tale the Legend of Arang of the Joseon era. Arang is a ghost who died due to murder, but she is unable to remember who murdered her. Eun Oh is a government officer who travels the whole country to found out about his mother. He also has the power to see the ghost. As a result, kinds of spirits bother him frequently. This made him unafraid of ghosts anymore.

Arang asked for help from Eun Oh to find out about her murderer. Eun Oh agrees as he came to know that the ghost is a key to find its mother.

Hotel del Luna09. Hotel Del Luna

Situated in downtown Seoul is Hotel Del Luna. A mystical hotel that serves entertains and provides for spirits and prepares them for their journey to the afterlife. Jang Man Wol is the CEO of this hotel. Unfortunately, she had done something in her early life, which gets her stuck as the hotel’s CEO. (whitestallion.com)

Gu Cha Sung is the youngest hotel manager and has an exceptional qualification in his field. He gets hired by the hotel after Jang Man Wol came to know about his ability to see the ghosts. Cha Sung is timid and afraid of ghosts, but a new world opens up for him after he takes up this job.

The show became one of this year’s most-watched tv drama.

It also spiced up the things as there were many cameos by the renowned actors.

Thirst08. Thirst

This movie is from the South Korean master of the macabre, Park Chan Wook. Thirst is one of the fabulous works of the maestro.

The lead character of this movie is a priest. He volunteers himself in a dangerous experiment to find a cure for the disease which was taking place in Africa. Amid the experiment, he got an Eve Virus and became a vampire after he wakes up.

Later, he got along with his childhood friend’s wife and established a relationship with her. He asked her to run away with him, to which she suggested murdering her impotent husband instead.

W Two Worlds - best korean drama with non-human main characters07. W- Two Worlds

We, the people who love manga and manhwa, had at least once dreamt about living with our favorite 2D characters. W- Two Worlds is a drama that’s based on this plot. The male protagonist is a fictional webtoon character.

Oh Yeon Joo, who is a surgeon, is a fan of a comic series created by her father, who is a famous comic book creator. Thing happens, and she gets into the life of her father’s funny world. As the story proceeds, we could see how the dimension coiled. This enables both the character to visit each other’s aspects.

This drama is full of cliff-hangers and romance. The story keeps the viewer on the edge of their seats with the end of every episode, which makes this drama to get a spot in our list of a Korean drama with non-human main characters.

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My Girlfriend is a Gumiho06. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (Nine-Tailed Fox)

This show has become a classic. Whenever anybody suggests a drama revolving around any legendary creature of the Korean tales, this show tops the list. So how come this cannot be in the list of a Korean drama with non-human main characters?

The story starts with Cha Dae Woong unintentionally releases a nine-tailed fox (Gumiho) who was kept in a painting for about 500 years. Gumiho then gave him her most precious bead to share with him mystic fox strength when Cha Dae Woong got seriously injured while running in the jungle. The rumors regarding Gumiho made Cha Dae Woong frightened, and he tries to escape her. Gumiho finds him and asked him to teach her how to act like a human in exchange for the bead she gave him to save his life. Later we see how Cha Dae Woong helps the Gumiho to become human. Whereby their relationship grew, and they mutually fall in love with each other.

My Love From Another Star - Korean drama with non-human main characters05. My Love from Another Star

My love from the star has become one of the incredibly popular drama among the various others of this decade. It showcases the emotional rollercoaster between an alien who landed on Earth 400 years ago during the Joseon Dynasty period and the biggest Hallyu star in Korea.

Wandering on earth for 400 years, the alien intensified his abilities in vision, hearing, and speed. When he had only three months left on the planet, he met Hallyu Star and happened to become her neighbor. This Hallyu star was in a bad situation with the elder brother of her childhood friend who tries to harm her. He fails to do so as our alien rescues her each time.

Alien then tries to keep his distance from her but eventually falls in love with her.

Spoiler: This drama will leave you with a robust second lead syndrome.

Are you a human too04. Are You Human Too?

The story revolves around an AI robot, Namshin III. When a renowned scientist Oh Laura was made to part her ways with her son Namshin, she made AI robots Namshin I, II, III, in the memory of her son. Years later, when the real Namshin slipped into the coma after facing an accident, Namshin III was made to take his place to run Namshin’s part in the company.

The story changes as the robot found himself falling in love with a girl who was acting as his bodyguard. It further evolves when the real Namshin wakes up and tries to secure his position while eliminating the robot.

With lots of action, thrill, and a love story, this drama shows us how an innocent robot can survive in this mean world while developing human emotions.

A werewolf boy - Korean drama with non-human main characters03. A Werewolf Boy

A werewolf boy is a movie about friendship that can make even the hardest of people drop into the puddle of a sobbing mess. There might be plenty of movies that offer you beautiful tales of affection and loyalty, but this movie has a little more to provide, which is hard to explain in words. A childlike relation between a girl and a half human-werewolf boy has been shown in the movie with the utmost delicateness. The story could have taken a romantic turn, but the unnamed bond showcased in this movie is far beyond that. Talking about the actors of the film, you might want to give them a standing ovation as soon as you reach its end because Park Bo Young and Song Joong Ki blew life into their roles.

A role as such could have lead to being a laughing stock, though not even for a second, the acting and soothing cinematography will let you stray away from the plot. A must watch if you like Korean drama with non-human main characters.

Legend of the blue sea02. Legend of the Blue Sea

Legend of the Blue Sea was the last drama of Lee Min Ho before his military enlistment, starring opposite the magnificent Jun Ji Hyun.

The plot gets its inspiration from a classic Joseon legend from Korea’s first collection of unofficial historical tales.  It is about a fisherman who captures and releases a mermaid. As the story proceeds, it showcases both the past and present life of the characters simultaneously. In history, it shows the love story between the son of a noble family in the Joseon era and a mermaid. Meanwhile, in the modern-day, we can see how the mermaid survives in the present scenario. However, everything changes when a cold-hearted but charming con artist catches her. The con artist looks precisely like the son of the nobleman from the Joseon Dynasty. This drama is one of the best in the list of a Korean drama with non-human main characters.

Goblin the lonely and great god - best korean drama with non-human main characters01. Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

Goblin is a fantasy drama about a cursed goblin of the 21st century, Kim Shin. Shin is in search of his human bride, who can end his curse of being immortal. He happened to live with a grim reaper that is in charge of taking deceased souls and has no memory of his past. Meanwhile, a high school student Ji Eun Tak who is optimistic, hardworking, and lives with a secret of seeing ghosts, falls in love with the goblin. Sunny, an owner of a chicken shop, is a confident and attractive girl who managed to cross paths with the grim reaper, which brings a change in her life.

This drama has everything- drama, comedy, action, romance, sadness, and life lessons. With a great cast and renowned writer-director duo, this drama has received positive reviews from the worldwide audience. Goblin is a drama that you cannot afford to miss. Hence, this drama easily makes it to the list of Korean drama with non-human main characters.

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