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Updated on: 01/05/2024

To find the Kdrama similar to Playful Kiss, let’s recap the original drama first. Playful Kiss has been a classic drama in the Korean drama world. It is a decade old but still famous among the audience of Rom-Com. Oh, Ha Ni is a clumsy high school student who falls for the overly perfect Baek Seung Jo. However, Ha Ni’s love was rejected, and all she received was a cold shoulder.

Meanwhile, Ha Ni’s house collapses, and she, along with her father, shifted into her father’s old friend’s house. Coincidence happens, and it is revealed that Seung Jo is the son of this house. This allowed Ha Ni to get close to the guy she likes. Later, Seung Jo finally opens his heart for Ha Ni after realizing that he, too, is in love with her and about to lose her.

Based on popular Japanese shoujo manga, this drama had many vogues that were in demand during the start of the previous decade. These were A cold-hearted or arrogant guy, a cheerful girl, a girl falling in love first, living in the same house, jealousy kindle the love, eventually marriage. So let’s get started with our list of Kdrama, which has these characteristics and is similar to Playful kiss.

Kdrama similar to Playful Kiss

Dont Dare to dream - Kdrama similar to Playful Kiss

13. Don’t Dare To Dream

Storyline: This Kdrama is full of chemistry, which can be seen between, the lead couple, female lead and second male lead, and the two male lead as well. Pyo Na-ri is a weathercaster and works for the SBC broadcasting station. Lee Hwa-shin is a star news anchor who works in the same station. Na-ri and Hwa-shin are long time colleagues, and she also had a crush on him. Things changed when Mr. perfect Go Jung-won, who is a chaebol heir and close friend of Hwa-shin, appears in Na-ri’s life. Hwa-shin gets jealous by seeing Jung-won’s closeness with Na-ri, and things start getting complicating.

Similarity: Pyo Na-ri has an optimistic personality, which is a bit similar to Ha-Na. She had a crush on our hero from the very start and sometimes acts cringy around him. Lee Hwa-shin never reciprocates her feelings before but seeing her getting away, his jealousy incarnate, and he realizes his feelings for her. All this makes it a Kdrama similar to Playful Kiss.

12. I Picked Up A Celebrity On The Street

Storyline: The story starts when Lee Yeon Seo accidentally hits the top Hallyu star Kang Joon Hyuk in the middle of the night. She thought he is dead, and to escape from charges of murder, she took him home to get rid of the body. But to her shock, Joon Hyuk was only unconscious and woke up to see the preparation of his decomposition. All these made Joon Hyuk think of Yeon Seo as an obsessive stalker fan. Now Yeon Seo had no choice but to keep Joon Hyuk hostage, so he may not turn her to the police. In keeping him with her, she takes help from her neighbor by narrating him a false story. She even tried to stow Stockholm syndrome into Joon Hyuk’s mind, so he shall not report her. But later they came to know what happens with them was an illusion.

Similarity: Joon Hyuk’s character was similar to Seung Jo’s. He was arrogant, show off, and prickly. The main leads had to live together most of the time, and the love development between the couple with the generous amount of comedy is visible clearly. These points make this Kdrama similar to Playful Kiss.

To the beautiful you - Kdrama similar to Playful Kiss

11. To The Beautiful You

Storyline: The story starts with Goo Jae Hee, a Korean girl who lives in the United States. She becomes attracted to one of the high jump competitors, Kang Tae Joon, after she sees him in a track and field competition on TV. She begins to idolize him so much that to help him, and she disguises herself as a boy. For this, she transfers to his high school, which was all boys, after he suffered an accident that could potentially end his career. This drama is a full iconic cast who played their respective parts well and left no stone unturned.

Similarity: Goo Jae Hee falls first for the hero and initially went after him like Ha Ni. Both Goo Jae Hee and Kang Tae Joon lived together like the other couple. These points make this Kdrama similar to Playful Kiss.

Boys over flowers

10. Boys Over Flowers

Storyline: Boys over flowers, is a cult classic when it comes to a high school Korean drama. This drama is a decade old and was hype up to a great extent during the previous decade. With a little difference, the show is based on the Japanese shōjo manga (comic) series Boys over flowers. This story is about an average hard-working girl who happened to get into a high-class private school where children of only the richest among the riches can come. There, she gets into the bad book of most famous and rich boys of the school, F4. She had her share of fights and arguments with the boys but eventually fell in love with one of them. Later the story shows how they take their love story forward with all the ups and downs.

Similarity: The characters in both dramas were so similar on many levels. Both the male leads were the cold-hearted or haughty guy. Both the female leads were cheerful girls. Jealousy helped kindle the love in the heart of male leads in both the dramas. These points make this Kdrama similar to Playful Kiss.

09. Cinderella And Four Knights

Storyline: Our main lead Eun Ha-Won is a smart, athletic teenage girl. She is a high school student who is good at sports and academics. Ha-Won hates her home life due to her stepmother and stepsister. She also works hard to pay bills and to save money for her further studies. Meanwhile, Ji-Woon, Hyun-Min, and Seo-Woo are spoiled cousins, who live together in the mansion Sky House along with their bodyguard Lee Yoon-sung. One day their grandfather orders his three grandsons to attend his 5th wedding. Hyun-Min hires Ha-Won for 3 hours and takes her to his grandfather’s wedding ceremony. He planned to create ruckus in his grandfather’s wedding ceremony with the help of Ha-Won, which she rebuffed. Upon witnessing this, the older man extends an unusual offer to her. He offers to hire her as a live-in butler at the Sky House and attend a prestigious high school.

Similarity: This Kdrama is similar to Playful Kiss because the main plot starts when Ha-Won moves to the house of the boys. It is also a rom-com which many times give the same vibes as playful Kiss.

08. Heartstrings

Storyline: This story revolves around the life of university students, Lee Shin and Lee Kyu Won. Lee Shin is majoring in modern music and is the vocalist/guitarist in the band The Stupid. He is known for his good looks and musical talent, but come across as cold and distant personality. Lee Kyu Won is majoring in traditional Korean instruments, especially the gayageum. She is a bright and outgoing student who was born into a prestigious family. To live up to his grandfather’s expectation, Lee Kyu Won immerses herself in training in traditional music. As Kyu Won’s friends are fans of The Stupid, they force her to go to the band’s concert with them. There she saw Lee Shin performing live and gets immediately fascinates by him.

Similarity: This Kdrama similar to Playful Kiss due to many factors. The female lead in this drama is cheerful and falls first for the boy like Ha Ni. Here the male lead also acts as a distant and cold guy. And this is a college drama as well.

07. Queen Of The Rings

Storyline: Queen of the rings is a 6 episode series of the trilogy- Three colours of fantasy. Nan Hee is a University student who has a crush on her batchmate, Park Se Gun. The handsome and most popular boy in the fashion department Park Se Gun is famous for his arrogant and cold personality. Se Gun also has a trait, that he only date pretty girls. This habit of Se Gun does not go well with Nan Hee because everyone, including Nan Hee herself, does consider her to be unattractive. One day, Nan Hee’s mother gives her a magic ring, a treasure to her mother’s side generation. Her mother explained that the ring could make her look like the ideal type, in the eyes of that person who puts the ring on her finger. What happened afterwards is all the chronicles of this ring.

Similarity: The leading characters in both the drama are quite similar. Both male leads are cold and arrogant. Both female leads are cheerful and fall in love with the hero first. It is also a school rom-com drama, and all these make it similar to Playful Kiss.

06. Goong

Storyline: Goong is the drama version of a manhwa with the same name. It is a story of Chae Gyeong, who is an ordinary art high school student. One day she got to know that she is supposed to marry a prince because of a promise made by her and the prince’s grandfather. The prince was an unemotional boy who goes to the same high school as hers. Chae Gyeong reluctantly marries him to help her debt-ridden family. While facing hardship in adjusting with the royal family, she met the prince’s cousin, who became her good friend and which eventually starts a love triangle.

Similarity: In this drama, Chae Gyeong is also a cheerful high school girl like Ha Ni. Both the main leads were cold-hearted and stern. Like, Seung Jo realized his love for Ha Ni when he saw her taken away by someone else similarly Prince realizes his love for Chae Gyeong. Couple in both the dramas were living in the same house and get married too. So these points make this Kdrama similar to Playful Kiss.

Fated to love you

05. Fated to love you

Storyline: Drama Fated to love you is a nice package of excellent performances, chemistry, and lots of funny moments with a pinch of teary episodes. Lee Gun is the heir to a large company run by his family. Kim Mi Young is an average-looking secretary in a law firm where everyone treats her as a pushover because of her inability to say no to others. This earned her the nickname Post-It. Life happens, and these two got tangled with each other after drinking a drugged drink, separately. This drink made Kim Mi Young confused, and she goes into the wrong hotel room, which was also the doing of the person who drugged their drinks. She ends up in a one-night stand with Lee Gun. This one-night stand made Mi Young pregnant, which she finds out later. This also leads to their shotgun wedding. And this all starts the chaotic comedy.

Similarity: Lee Gun is a cold and prickly guy for strangers just like Seung Jo. Mi Young is not a very cheerful but naive girl like Ha Ni. Both had marriage too and had to live together with each other. The rom-com plot of this drama is excellent. These points make this Kdrama similar to Playful Kiss.


04. Jugglers

Storyline: It may seem that this drama is like another office romance drama from the surface, but the actors and cinematography made this office drama cliche in something worth to get immersed with. The story goes around an office and its employee’s lives. Here Jwa Yoon Yi is a secretary to the director of a company’s video department. She is a hard-working, loyal woman with a sweet personality. Nam Chi Won is the new director and the boss of Yoon Yi. He is a person who is cold and remains disconnect with the people nearby him. One day when Chi Won rents the room where Yoon Yi lives, the fun begins.

Similarity: Many things are close enough in this series that makes it a Kdrama similar to Playful Kiss. Like- the female lead falls for the male lead first. Male lead had a cold and disconnected personality. They both were living nearest to each other possible. And gradually they fell in love after accepting their feelings.

My love from another star - Kdrama similar to Playful Kiss

03. My Love From Another Star

Storyline: My Love from the star has become one of the incredibly popular dramas among the various others of the previous decade. It showcases the emotional rollercoaster between an alien who landed on Earth 400 years ago during the Joseon Dynasty period and the biggest Hallyu star in Korea. Wandering on Earth for 400 years, the alien intensified his abilities in vision, hearing, and speed. When he had only three months left on the Earth, he met Hallyu Star and happened to become her neighbour. This Hallyu star is involved in a situation with the elder brother of her childhood friend who tries to harm her but fails to do so as our alien rescues her each time. He then tries to keep his distance from her but eventually falls in love with her.

Similarity: The points which make this Kdrama similar to Playful Kiss are, both the female leads were fallen in love first with the hero. Also, the male lead was giving the silent treatment to the girl in this drama too.

Oh my ghost

02. Oh My Ghost

Storyline: Na Bong-Sun works in a fine-dine restaurant as an assistant chef. She has been a timid person all her life with low self-esteem. However, coming from the family of shamans, she can see the ghosts since her childhood. One day, a seductress spirit of Shin Soon-Ae possessed her. Shin Soon-Ae is a spirit who thinks she cannot leave Earth because her wish to escape her virginity is not fulfilled. She needs a man of “Vitality” to end her virginity.

On the other hand, Chef Kang Sun-Woo is a star chef and the boss of Na Bong-Sun. Once when Shin Soon-Ae was in the body of Bong-Soon, she found out that Chef Kang is the man of vitality. Now how things will go when Soon-Ae wants to get Chef Kang, and Bong-Soon reveals to her that she also has a crush on the Chef.

Similarity: Although not cold, but Chef Kang was as proud as Seung Jo. The female lead had a crush on him, and when possessed, she approaches him desperately like Ha Ni. The couple in this show lived together at the same place for half of the series as well. These points make this Kdrama similar to Playful Kiss.

Because This is My First Life

01. Because This Is My First Life

Storyline: This drama is something that will grow on, leaving behind its roots for a long time. The story revolves around three couples with majorly focusing on the leading couple Nam Se Hee and Yoon Ji Ho. Nam Se Hee is a computer designer and a single man in his late 30’s who owes a home on EMI. He thinks marriage is a waste of time, and he only cares for his cat. (safeanimalshelter.com) Yoon Ji Ho is a screenwriter and a single woman in her early 30’s. Due to some situation, she had to move out of her family home and desperately searches for a new place on rent. She also has given up on dating due to her financial struggles. After some misunderstanding, Yoon Ji Ho begins to live at Nam Se Hee’s house on rent, and their story started.

Similarity: In this drama, the leads become housemates too. Here the male lead also acts as a distant and cold guy. Even the lead actress of both the drama is the same, Jung So-Min. These points make this Kdrama similar to Playful Kiss.

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