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Updated on: 01/02/2024

High School is the time when we are mature enough to understand the world from the eye of an adult with the heart of a child. It is undoubtedly one of the most competitive times, but learning about the new world starts here. Hate it or love it; you can’t forget this time of your youth. Similarly, our Korean Drama world does not disappoint us in serving the gems in the form of high school Korean dramas, to ensure we can enjoy those blooming time of youth and teen.

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Best High School Korean Dramas

So here the list goes of 25 such high school Korean dramas which you should try once!!!

Hi! School: Love On25. Hi! School: Love On

It is one of the must-watch high school Korean dramas for a younger audience. It is a rom-com fantasy drama that involves a school student and an angel. Shin Woo Hyun is a popular boy in his school because of his good looks and singing ability, despite him being ignorant and cold. He lives with his grandmother after being abandoned by his parents, which is his emotional weakness. His friend Hwang Sung Yeol faces the same emotional scar resenting his stepmother, whom he lives with. An angel, Lee Seul Bi, left with no choice but to pose as human after she unintentionally saved a student from danger. She grabs this opportunity to interact with humans and learn about friendship, love, and humane. (Modafinil)

Moorim School - Best High School Korean Dramas24. Moorim School

Fans of fantasy this drama is for you. Moorim School is one of the two fantasy high school Korean dramas on this list. It is a cheesy drama but don’t we all love cheese!! The drama shows the story of Moorim School, which is ‘especially different,’ and its students. The school teaches its students values that are the requirement of one’s life. This high school is diverse as teachers and students at the school are of different lands, and each has their own stories.

Dream High23. Dream High

When it comes to high school Korean dramas, one cannot happen to remain unheard of this drama. Whether it is for watching the biggest star cast early in their career or storyline, this show gets the attention. Dream High shows the story of six students at Kirin Art High School. These students come from diverse backgrounds, and all of them have different stories. The only common thing in them is that they dream of becoming music stars in the Korean music industry.

Love Alarm22. Love Alarm

A new addition on high school Korean dramas list, the show is based on a webtoon, it is the story of a young hard working girl and her two admirers. A mobile application, Love Alarm plays the main part.“Love Alarm” is an app that “rings” whenever the person you like or have romantic feelings for is within a radius of about 10 meters. This is an interesting use of mobile technology, but it’s not just limited to social and personal interactions. For example, are you familiar with the concept of online casino mobile slots? Then read this article https://tarakan.org.ua/igrovye-avtomaty-na-ladoni-likbez-po-mobilnym-slotam-v-onlajn-kazino/. This is the same innovative feature that allows players to play their favorite casino games directly from their mobile devices, offering convenience and easy access anytime, anywhere. This app brings complications in the relationship between the three main leads. This show also focuses on the extra dependency of youth over mobile applications and new technology in the present time.

Secret Campus21. Secret Campus

If you want to see some of the established k-stars in their earlier work, then I would recommend you to watch this drama. This drama starts with Seung Jae, a high school student’s death due to a traffic accident. Su Ah was a fellow student whom he was dating during that time. After a year, Su Ah receives emails containing secrets surrounding Seung Jae. Eventually, it turns out Seung Jae at that time was cheating on Su Ah and dating his friend’s sister. Along with this, Dong Cheol, a batchmate who aims to become a football player, gradually stopped his extracurricular activities after Seung Jae’s death. He also ends showing up at school. As Su Ah receives the mails, secrets start revealing one by one.

Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy - Best High School Korean Dramas20. Hello my teacher/Biscuit teacher and star candy

This one comes in the list of new high school Korean dramas. Na Bori wants to be a teacher at a high school. Which made her leave due to a misunderstanding between her and the other staff. She got offers from other schools after getting her GED but refuses as she wanted to work alongside her high school crush and an art teacher from the school that kicked her out. Na Bori needs to sign a contract of ‘babysitting’ Park Tae In, a troublemaker who attends the same high school, to get into the school back. Meanwhile, Tae In is a lonely youth who became “king” of the high school and enjoyed playing cunning tricks on Na Bori, whose personality is easygoing.

Moment at eighteen - Best High School Korean Dramas19. Moment at Eighteen

The drama is about 18-year-olds taking a hardheaded view into the moments of their lives. Moments that all of us might have experienced at one time or another in our high school life. The three main characters display their growth throughout the drama, as we see in the real world. “Moment at Eighteen” is about the events that unfold when 18-year high school students Jun Woo transfers schools and enters into a new environment. It is a slow-paced series that develops at its own pace.

Shut Up Flower Boy Band18. Shut Up: Flower Boy Band/ Flower Boy Band

The focal point of this drama is friendship. We have seen until now that most of the high school Korean dramas are more love centric in their storyline. However, this drama is mainly about friendship and its importance. The story displays the struggle of a high school music band, Eye Candy, who had to change school and loose its main member. Now the remaining members have the responsibility to make their band successful while keeping their friendship alive. This drama will *hit* you hard and will remain in your memory for a long, long time.

Boys Over Flowers - Best Rich Guy Poor Girl Korean Drama17. Boys over flowers

Boys over flowers is a cult classic when it comes to high school Korean dramas. This drama is decade old and was hyped up to a great extent during the previous decade. With a little difference, the show is based on the Japanese shōjo manga (comic) series Boys over flowers. This story is about an average hard-working girl who happened to get into a high-class private school where children of only the richest among the riches can come. There, she gets into the bad book of most famous and rich boys of the school, F4.

She had her share of fights and arguments with the boys but eventually fell in love with one of them. Later the story shows how they take their love story forward with all the ups and downs.

Playful Kiss - Korean Drama16. Playful Kiss

This Korean drama is based on the popular Japanese shoujo manga. Oh, Ha Ni is a clumsy high school student who falls for the overly perfect, Baek Seung Jo. However, Ha Ni’s love was rejected, and all she received was a cold shoulder. After a time, Ha Ni’s house collapses, and she, along with her father, shifted into her father’s old friend’s house. Coincidence happens, and we find out that Seung Jo is the son of this house. This allowed Ha Ni to get close to the guy she likes.  This drama is a decade old, still famous among the audience of Rom-Com.

Adolescence Medley - Best High School Korean Dramas15. Adolescence Medley

Adolescence Medley is one of the short high school Korean dramas that you can finish in less than 5 hours. Its story revolves around students of village high school. Choi Jung Woo is a part-time teacher at Namil High School, which is his alma mater. Being there, he remembers his teen years in this school and how he gained instant fame in the school. Meanwhile, he also receives emails from his former classmates.

Sassy Go Go14. Sassy Go Go/ Cheer up!

Set in a highly competitive school that emphasizes achievement and scores above all else. The drama will lay bare the improbabilities and hypocrisies of the education system. While also featuring the character development of the students who struggle to move forward, one step at a time. It is one of the highly recommended high school Korean dramas as it exhibits many aspects of today’s education system.  It’s a blend of friendship, affection, hate, jealousy, competition, and corruption within the education system of today.

Princess Hours - Best Rich Guy Poor Girl Korean Drama13. Goong/ Princess hours

Goong is the drama version of a manhwa with the same name. It is a story of Chae Gyeong, who is an ordinary art high school student. One day she got to know that she has to marry a prince because of a promise made by her and the prince’s grandfather. The prince was an unemotional boy who goes to the same high school as hers. Chae Gyeong reluctantly marries him to help her debt-ridden family. While facing hardship in adjusting with the royal family, she met the prince’s cousin, who became her good friend and which eventually starts a love triangle.

School 201712. School 2017

Ra Eun Ho wants to date a college boy she likes. She is a bright and hard-working student who remains in the top 10 students in the whole school. She is also talented in making webtoons. One day, while trying to find inspiration for her comics, she somehow gets caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and gets marked as a delinquent student. This only starts off her troubles shortly in high school.

Jungle Fish 2 - High School Korean Dramas11. Jungle Fish 2

Jungle Fish 2 does not follow the cliche of love and hate relationship in a high school, but it shows the dark side of Korea’s high school life. It shows the struggle of high school students that most of the time gets unnoticed.

This drama is for you if you are into good acting. Every actor has excelled in its roll and portrayed the given character very strongly. It’s an emotional, thrilling heart-wrenching drama that you should try.

School 2013 - Korean Drama10. School 2013

There is no way this drama should not be in any high school Korean dramas list. With iconic cast and storyline, this drama is a must-watch from KBS’s School series. The drama focuses on a school that ranks as one of the worst of the 178 high schools in Seoul based on academic scores. To better their performance, the schools appoint a new teacher, which affects the school initially. This series has tried to show every side of school life, with the POV of staff and students.

Page Turner - High School Korean Dramas09. Page Turner

This is a story of Yoo Seul, a student of an art high school. She is a talented pianist and who won various contests. Yoo Seul’s mother wanted to become a pianist when she was younger. One day, Yoo Seul has an accident. Yoo Seul may never play the piano again because of the accident. With the help of her friend Cha Shik and Yoo Seul’s rival Jin Mok, Yoo Seul begins to live a new life.

This is a beautiful and inspiring drama that you can watch in one go. This is the reason it makes it to the high school Korean dramas list.

Class of Lies08. Class of lies

The drama is about a highly successful lawyer who faces a hard time due to one case. To regain his honor, he becomes a temporary teacher at a high school that connects to that case. There he begins to see the crimes that take place. To protect and help victims from their peers, he takes matters into his own hands. The drama will shine a spotlight on the reality of bullying culture and teenagers who do not bear any consequence after committing a crime just for being teenagers. This does not protect those who become victims of these crimes.

Sweet Revenge - High School Korean Dramas07. Sweet Revenge (season 1)

This web drama is a super cute and short drama that you can binge-watch on the weekend. Ho Goo-hee is a high school student who went on to become a pushover due to her kind and timed nature. One day she gets a hand on an application on her phone, which offers to take revenge from anyone whose name she writes on it. The story forwards with her character development and how she helps people around her with that application.

To The Beautiful You - High School Korean Drams06. To The Beautiful You

The story starts with Goo Jae Hee, a Korean girl who lives in the United States. She becomes attracted to one of the high jump competitors, Kang Tae Joon, after she sees him in a track and field competition on TV. She begins to idolize him so much that to help him, and she disguises herself as a boy. For this, she transfers to his high school, which was all boys, after he met with an accident that could potentially end his career.

This drama is full iconic cast who were excellent in their respective parts and left no stone unturned.

The Heirs05. The Heirs

This is another classic high school Korean dramas on the list. The story starts with how our female lead gets involved with a super-rich boy and ends up in his home where her mother works as a maid. She also makes it to his school, where she gets involved in a love-hate relationship with the students. Our female lead was a hard-working girl, so she works hard to get a better life for herself and her mother. During this time, our main lead fights from the world for his love and restore his friendship with his best friend turned enemy.

The cast of this show was huge. One can witness the early days of current brilliant and popular actors of the industry in this drama.

Extraordinary You - High School Korean Dramas04. Extraordinary You

Extraordinary is the latest addition in the high school Korean dramas list and is based on a webtoon. It is a story of a high school girl Eun Dan-oh who attends a prestigious school. She suffers a particular heart condition, which means she cannot live past her teen years. By chance, she discovers that her world is a comic book, and she is a supporting character. With her newfound knowledge of the world, she lives in, and she will try to find true love in her plot-line. She also tries to outwit the author’s plans for her character by utilizing the flashes of storyboard she alone can see.

Reply 198803. Reply 1988

It is the third installment in the Reply series of tvN.

So, the plot revolves around five childhood friends and their family, who lives in the same neighborhood. This drama shows the problems of a lower-middle-class family in the 1980s. And the difficulties faced by the students of that time. The series is full of comedy, life lessons, steamy romance, and values. This is a highly recommended must-watch high school Korean dramas, and you will regret not seeing it. P.s- The Second Lead Syndrome in this is very extreme.

White Christmas02. White Christmas

It is a story about Susin High School, nicknamed “Prison High.” It is an elite school where the top 1% of students in the country go. Their unmatchable marks are the result of continuous pressure and a strict discipline and punishment system, to the extent where students avoid any non-studying activities. During one winter break, seven students and a teacher remain at school. Later, psychiatrist Kim Yo Han joins them, who had no option but to take shelter with after he met with a car accident nearby. During this time of Christmas Eve, students received anonymous letters that raised a question: Are monsters created, or are humans born monsters.

Reply 1997 - Best High School Korean Drams01. Reply 1997

This is the first installment from the tvN’s Reply series. Set in the 1990s, the drama revolves around a female high school student, who was a fangirl of boyband H.O.T and her five school friends in Busan. Now they are 33 years old and met at their high school reunion dinner in 2012. The drama flashes back and forth between their past high school days in 1997 and presents at their reunion dinner in 2012.

They were successful high school Korean dramas, showing the rise of Korean-pop group culture and was a smash hit among the audience.

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  2. Can you post some good high school k dramas

    • Hi, these are some of the good high school k dramas to watch.